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Everything About FREE Stock Photos and Videos

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. FREE Stock Photos

    • 3. FREE Stock Videos

    • 4. Attributions

    • 5. How to search for Photos & Videos?!

    • 6. Wrap Up

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn everything about FREE stock photos and videos, including:

  • Where to find free stock photos and videos;
  • How to download them;
  • How to properly search for them;
  • Everything about attribution;
  • And many more.

At the end of the course, you will have a full understanding of FREE stock photos and videos and how to actually use them.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction: Hello there and welcome to our course. My name is Nick Nickson and I will be your instructor in discourse. In this course, we will learn everything about three stock and video, including how you can find the free stock photos, how you can find the free stock videos, how we can use this free stock photos and videos. And most importantly, you will learn about attribution, which is incredibly important for free stock photos and videos. Oldies he would learn in a coming, lecherous See you there. 2. FREE Stock Photos: so well again. And in this video a lesson. We are going to go through the stock photography websites that I myself personally used for a different reasons and for different applications. And I'm going to show you all of them right now. So let's go through them one by one. I will tell you are about what are these stock photography Web sites about and where Actually, you could use those stock photos and actually, how to use it. Well, how to search some before photos on this stock photography websites First website that we're going to visit will be pack sells a dot com is P e x e l as dot com, which is pretty pretty popular website. A lot of people are using this website because it is it has a really good integration with a lot of ah websites. And you could just directly used these photos like Ah, in WordPress, for example, War press has the native integration with the pack cells. You can just choose whatever you want. Baxalta is a pretty good starting website for you. You can find a lot of different photos here, and it will get you through in the very beginning off your stock photography journey. All of the photos are absolutely free to download and to use, so we could just go and search for the photos that you want that how we're going to search . We're gonna go to different Let's listen and just download the photos that you wish. Next to upside will be picks obey dot com. It's very, very similar toe pixels, and in some cases people are just confusing these two with each other. But the difference between this and Peck salts is that Picks Obey has the separate sections for the vector graphics and illustrations. So if you want to search for some vector graphics like from here, you just can go and search for vector graphics as well. It has really good vector graphics that you can just download immediately and use for a your of purposes. Overall picks. Obey is pretty huge website, with 11 million plus stock photos that you could use for basically a new reason that you want. Ah, and it's a really, really good choice to start with alongside with pixels next website that is my favorite, the most favorite of mine, that I use all the time. It's called on splash dot com and on splash and like pixels and ah picks obey eyes not ah, how can I say it is not Maura theme focused for roast more like it's a own on special find photos more like with a character So it itches like a compositions year which are of the photos themselves are really, really nice and beautiful As you can see This is the last photos uploaded now and they all look really, really, really beautiful. And you will find our great a beautiful photos on this website that there are again absolutely free to use. I have no idea how this website is managing. Do you work for free? Because the photos on this website is absolutely stunning. And this is this all this you can use for your reasons Next one is the stock snapped that I owe this ah website I use when all the previous three websites did not satisfy my needs. And for that reason I come here, maybe I will find some better photos here. This is not better than or previous websites, even though this is pretty pretty good one and you will find some photos that you cannot find on the other or produced three websites so you can just find the surge, some photos that you want for yourself here and maybe you will find something really good. Last but not least, is the burst by Sure Shopify. So it's burst. Start Shopify dot com It's Shopify eyes. Uh, if you don't know Shopify is a platform or off on land shop creation and it provides its users with the free stock photography as well. Ah, and now from now one you get all of both people who want to use stock photos can ah used this website as well and this is pretty, pretty great website where he has a really great division. Ah, by the categories as well and it it is own part, if not better. The previous three website, the 1st 3 website that I said that I used on splash pics, obey and pixels snap stock daddio again. I'm using as an additional source if I couldn't find anything else on the produce through websites and if the last resort I'm going to the shop if I website, even though I should probably use this one even more so. This was a short lesson on the stock photography our websites. In the next video, we will go through how to find free stock videos. 3. FREE Stock Videos: so hello again. In this video, we will be going through free stock video websites that you can use right now. Okay, starting with something for Miller that we talked about in the previous video pixels dot com has actually a free video stock videos as well that you can use right now and for absolutely free. All you need to go. We just go to the pixels dot com slash video and you will go to the video push portion off the website. Did they have quite extensive library off videos that you can use for absolutely free? But, ah, it is pretty limited there, Not a lot of videos. And you have to realize that that with free stock videos, it is not like the free stock photography where you can find basically anything you want. Any stock photo you want for absolutely free. With the video, it's a bit more different, and it's a bit more difficult because the stock videos are actually not as abundant as stuck photos. So this is what we got. So you should realize that, and you should just leave with with it because otherwise you have to purchase the paid plans for the stock videos on a different website. The next website is, of course again from the previous one pixel by dot com. Pixel has obits. Ah, bigger choice, larger choice of videos on like a pack cells. And you can find a lot off great and stunning videos here that you can use for your videos or for you any footage that you want to reform for your websites. Ah, lot of videos are in four K, so if you are in really high quality videos, you can find good. Call the videos here, but all of them are in HD, so any video will be pretty high quality for your usage. The next newcomer here will be very evil dot net, which is pretty good website there. There are a lot off free stock of videos and audios here, but unlike the previous two where everything was free, this Ah, this website is giving you some paid options as well. So it is not absolutely free and most of the videos here are with an attribution is and what is the actual business? Of course we are going to talk in the next lecture. You can see here that they're not all of for owes. A lot of videos are free, and you can see this one's premium. That means that it is part of a pig plan, while this one is free and there are a lot of premium and a lot of different free videos as well. Overall, video video is a great, great choice if you will be able to find the video that you need for free here next one. We have something with same story called Vesey dot com, which is exactly the same story that has the free and pro virgins as well as you can see if there is a pro written on their left corner. That means it's a part of the paid plan. While if there is nothing within that means, it's absolutely free. You could just press this one. And, as you can say, this is the great video here. Unlike ah, the video dot com. At a majority of the videos, three videos does not require any attributions, which is ah, pretty a good for you because attributions can be ah, lot of pain. Finding this lot of different creators of this videos and writing their names and descriptions off your videos can be a bit daunting. So in some cases, so thankfully, attributions here are not necessary in the most of the videos. But just in case, check this description of all the stock videos that you're downloading again about attributions will talk in the next video. Last but not least is life off vids dot com, which has pretty great videos. Ah, and their portfolio. All you need to do just go to the life of is that Come and go to collections and you'll have a great collections that you could choose. But it's mainly limited with a few of the themes like city clouds, thrown food, nature office people and water. You could just press view old videos here. This website that has really nice design, really beautiful design and all of the videos here are in a really, really great quality that you can view when you press played it just around it in the video . And it's amazing quality videos that you could use that is actually pretty good for conversational videos, because these backgrounds will be quite quite beautiful for that videos. So this was five free stock video website that he could start using right now in the next reader will be talking about attribution and I will teach you what you should pay attention and how you can properly attribute different videos, stock videos in your own video footage. See you there. 4. Attributions: so hello again. In this lecture we will be going through attribution is and will be discussing what actual retributions are and how you must properly use attributions in your own videos and footage . Okay, as an example off the attribution Differences on different website We're gonna use the video dot com because the most of the videos are here based on different attribution. So, first of all, we are going to search for some video. Let's search for clouds, crowds right here and we're going to search for footage. And as you can see, while searching the footage, we have different options. Here in the search bar, we concert for only free clips. We can choose the license and this is where we're going through a different license this year. So we have a royalty free license which all the stock photography Web site that told you in the previous lectures We're store royalty free. That means I will read You allowed 20 for you used for other in an unlimited number off projects. No need to credit the author. So this is to think that you're going for you need a realty free photos and videos in order to Nada, tribute author. And just not Colorado clutter your the video description or your end titles that if you want to. If you are making this, the next video attribution is visible. A tradition license in this case, it doesn't matter. It's video or not. It's just attributions license. It means you can use forever. But you must credit the author. You must say that. Okay, this footage was used and this footage was made by they sent that. So you need to do that in your video description. It can be tedious. I try to not use this type of videos if, unless I need Teoh, unless the videos are actually really, really good. And I couldn't find anything better. So I'm using this one last but not least. But in this case it's attribution 3.0, that you can use in a limited number of projects and reduced redistribute. Ah, and you must credit. The author is basically the same as an ATTRIBUTION license, but it's about the redistribution as well. So that means that you can just go when put these videos and photos on different stock for websites as well. Just don't do that don't ever do that. Don't try to you put the stock photography stock photos that you find the stock video to find on other websites. Because no matter what they say they they may. They may write it wrong. And if they found out that you're using their stuff photography on the different website, an actual trying to make money or something, you're gonna get in trouble. So just don't do that. Just ignore this one. This means that you need to attribute Author, That's it, that's all. Just forget about it. Do not use attribution Even if it's said that he could use another stuff. Oracular upsides, it's It's banned everywhere, so just don't do that. And this is the attributions that is provided by video. Be development. It's pretty good attribution List because in all the for free website, you just need to just pay attention on the attributions so you can go and see, like in this case, for example, pack cells just press the license and see what is allowed and what is not. So just just in case on every website, just check what website is allowing you to do for in my case when I do a search on video. I just tried to place only three clips, and that's a thesis. Videos are just absolutely free, but in this case, it it gives you free and attribution is also just license relatively and free clips boom. And it turns out there there are no free clips that are royalty free on the video. So this is bad. There's no club clips, actually, so you can go and find something else or somewhere else, like on a picks, obey or in pixels because they're all completely free. You can go on life of wits in this case to go to collection and just search for the clouds right here. And that said, you have a lot of different cloud videos that are pretty beautiful by themselves. So you don't need that one again. If you cannot find something on one website, just go and search on a different website and by the way, how to we are going to learn how to search for exact stuck for or video that you want in the next lecture after that? So that was it about the tradition. Just just pay attention If the author off the photo or video is willing to give you fourth royalty free. And if it's demanding attribution Office for Owen with video on in your footage or in your failed warning, your video. Just pay very close attention to that and try to find the photos and videos that does not require any attribution. Because this will be the best case scenario for you if you have no other choice. Always credit author in the description of the video or in the video itself, like as a small taxable print on the corners. Always because otherwise it might get you in trouble that you don't want. So in the next lecture, we will learn how to actually search for the stock photos. I'll see you there. 5. How to search for Photos & Videos?!: okay in this lecture will be I will be teaching you how we can actually search for different free stock photos and videos coming up. Let's start with searching of the photos because you are most likely to search for a stock for roast and videos. I don't know for whatever project that you want, but photos are in this case more important because you can actually transform some photos into videos later. But this is the topic for the other courses. So let's try to search different photos. In this case, we're going to use through websites. You'll be pixels, it will be picks obey, and it will be on splash. So only this three websites that we don't need anything else in this case and we are going to try to find something that we want to give in our video or in our content. So in this case, we are going to try to find something Ah, photo that conveys emotion. So let's say in this case we are going to find a photo that gives us strength. Eso In this case, we're going to find the word strong and the first we're standing with the pixels So, as you can see, there is a lot of great photos that convey strength. But we want something that gives us, ah, the strength off the will or rather than the strength of the muscles. So I think I'm not gonna use this. Were photos I'm going to search for and picks obey strong. Some of the photos may just be there. I'm searching video, so let's go search for photos. Okay, This photos arm or like it? I like this more than the previous ones. That the pixels because pixels are weighted generic and the way to bland this one's Theis Photos of mawr emotions. Ah, like this. Okay, this this this one is not that good. Okay, let's search for something really good, Okay? They're more or less better, but I could go search for in on Splash as well. Strong. Okay, this photos arm or like it, Like this woman climbing on Iraq is giving me, like, really good viable strength, especially for the women here, which looks pretty nice. This photo it was available in picks. Obey as well. You can see here because a lot of photos will just repeat between themselves and this for always great as well. This photo was giving me some strength as well. So overall I could use a lot of different pictures to just do. You has used them as a representative off true strength, which is pretty great. So a lot of great photos that a main take away from this is that you need to search in all the different platforms. So in this case, I start doing three platforms. But I will give I highly suggested to find in all of five platforms that provided before in the previous lectures. And if you will be able to find more stock photography websites search there as well because you never know where the best photos are available. In my case, I think that in the photos that I actually ah, used I think the and Splash is the best representative off the emotions that I want to use . And if I want Teoh, convey some or project since, like just right, just work with objects. I'm going with the pixels and picks obey on splash for the emotions, pixels and picks obey for the objects and the Shopify stock photography as well you can will find four objects. Emotions, in my case are more important in my videos in my work, So I am using Unspool Ashmore and Nice Child suggested to use on Splash Maura's Well, if you want to convey emotions like see some or emotions in the photos, all the search techniques comes to the videos as well. You need to actually know what you're looking for in order to find the great photo or the video for your footage or your project. This will be eat for this lecture and we will be wrapping up everything in the next lecture . See there. 6. Wrap Up: so welcome to the last a lecture off our a small course this lecture wind this lecture. We're not gonna I'm not gonna be teaching you anything else because you already know everything about searching for free stock photos and videos. And in this case, I want to give you a project. You probably already know what's written, but I want to see what you will be able to find. I want you to go through all stock photography Web site that was mentioned in this course or any other websites that you want to do. You will find that has free stock photography and find the best moves like the best looking stock photo you will be you ever found that is absolutely free. And most importantly, it must be a royalty free and posted in the project file because I want you to find some really great photos. And what's most importantly, important at this photo must convey the great emotion. I must understand what emotion is conveying through this picture. It's must be very strong. Their emotional photos that looks absolutely stunning. Thank you for being with me. I hope you learned ah, lot from this of course, you can check our my other courses if you want and learn more about creation, off photo of video and, most importantly, about creation of the content for your social media. Thank you and see you there.