Everyone Can Weave: Make A Loom! | Katherine Matos | Skillshare

Everyone Can Weave: Make A Loom!

Katherine Matos, Come Create With Me!

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8 Videos (30m)
    • Welcome Weavers

    • Vocabulary words

    • Materials

    • Cardboard loom: Warping

    • Cardboard Loom: Weaving Time!

    • Cardboard Loom: Finishing

    • Chair Loom

    • Show Me the Weavings!!


About This Class

Learn how to bring weaving into your home with these easy to follow steps. Weaving is fun, creative and oh so relaxing! In this class you will learn how to weave on two types of homemade looms using the plain weave technique. These looms will be created using easy to find objects around your home. This is your opportunity to show your creative fiber side and practice a cool skill using few materials and spending very little money. 





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Katherine Matos

Come Create With Me!

Hi there!

I'm super excited to have Skillshare as another amazing platform to teach the creative skills i'm proud of! I'm an Art and Education graduate form Pratt Institute and am currently pursing another degree in Textiles and Surface Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I've been creating since I was a little girl and am currently in love with textiles and most especially weaving! I Love drawing patterns, making dolls, painting flowers, and all around crafter. I love l...

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