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Everyday English Idioms

teacher avatar Joe Madrid

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Idiom Intro (LP)

    • 2. Idiom Set 1

    • 3. Idiom Set 2

    • 4. Idiom Set 3

    • 5. Idiom Set 4

    • 6. Idiom Set 5

    • 7. Idiom Set 6

    • 8. Idiom Set 7

    • 9. Idiom Set 8

    • 10. Idiom Set 9

    • 11. Thank You Edit

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn useful idioms that can be used in real-life situations. The use of idioms in English interactions and conversations shows the other person you have a good grasp of the English language. These idioms can also be useful in social situations to break the ice and help the conversation flow more freely. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Joe Madrid


Joe Madrid graduated from the University of North Texas in 2005 with a Bachelor of Business Economics.


He proceeded to work in the financial services industry in various capacities, including Credit Risk Analyst and Vice President of Operations.


In 2015, Joe moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to volunteer with an international organization aimed at helping underserved youth.


His online teaching career started in 2017 with a top-tier Chinese company.  Today, Joe is a recruiter for an international online teaching company and is in the process of building his own online business.

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1. Idiom Intro (LP): Have you ever been hanging out with a group of English speaking friends? And someone in the group says something strange, something you don't quite understand, Something you have never heard before. Someone says one of these strange phrases, and then everyone in the group starts laughing. But you're sitting there wondering what just happened. Chances are you just heard an English idiom that you haven't heard before. In this course, you will learn some of the most common idioms in the English language. And after this course, you should be prepared to surprise your native English speaking friends. Whenever you drop one of these phrases, please enjoy the course. 2. Idiom Set 1: big hit. This phrase is used to describe something or someone who is very popular, successful or that many people are interested in the Netflix movie. Bird Box has been a big hit with over 45 million. Hell, was that What was that? Did you hear that? All right, let's check out some or examples. First. Example. K Pop is a big hit in Southeast Asia. Second example, Aqua Man has been a big hit at the box office and last example Convo. Joe hopes to become a big hit with all his Facebook followers. We are going to talk about the phrase he or she's got a lot going on for him or her. This phrase is used to describe someone that has a lot of good qualities or characteristics . Things like being very smart, handsome, beautiful or having a great job. This phrase is usually used as a standalone sentence staying Peter Smart, handsome and all the girls love him. He's got a lot going on for him. Let's check out a few Mawr examples, All right. First example. Shelley is not only beautiful, she just got a high paying job at Facebook. She's got a lot going on for her second example. Tom just graduated from Harvard University last week and has already received five job offers. He's got a lot going on for him and the last example. Bridget has two lovely Children, a handsome husband and a beautiful house. She's got a lot going on for her. I want to talk about the phrase act on So this phrase act on means to take action on something. So let's say, guys, you have some information about someone or something over here, so you decide to do something about it. You decide to act on it. Do Jeff. What else do you need, man? She was smiling at you the whole time at the bar. I gave you her phone number. She gave you her mother's full number. Men. You need to act on it. Call her man. 3. Idiom Set 2: were you trying to stab me in the back? Yes. Hey, guys, today we're gonna talk about the phrase stab in the back. This phrase means to do something harmful or hateful to someone who trusted you. Man, I can't believe my best friend has been texting my girlfriend. He really stabbed me in the back. Let's check out a few more examples. All right, guys. First example I wouldn't trust Bill. He's known to stab people in the back. Second example, Mary told John my secret. She really stabbed me in the back. And the last example. Her ex is a riel. Backstabber. So we use backstabber here as a noun. So back stabber describes a person who stabbed you in the back. All right, guys, today we are gonna talk about the phrase to be into something or someone. You can use this phrase when you are interested or really like something or someone. I think Helen is into Mark. She won't stop talking about him. Let's check out a few more examples. Okay, First example She must be into hot yoga because she goes three times a week. Second example. I have been into photography since I was a child. Last example. Jose is really into the new girl at school. He thinks she is beautiful to bite your tongue. The phrase to bite your tongue means to not say something that you really want to say usually because it will upset someone or hurt their feelings. Example. I had to bite my tongue when I saw a picture of my friends based to blow up the phrase to blow up means to suddenly become very angry or very mad. Think about it. Here's a bomb and it's just sitting here and then all of a sudden it blows up. So now think of a person they're sitting there perfectly normal. And then all of a sudden they become very angry. They blow up. Let's check out some examples. Alright, guys, let's look at some examples. The 1st 1 Dude, I was joking about kissing your girlfriend. You didn't have to blow up on me. Don't kiss your friends, girlfriends, guys. Bad idea. 2nd 1 the man blew up on the whole lady after she hit his car when parking. We all know old people can't drive. So be careful and also notice the past tense of blow is blue. In the last one, Cody forgot it was his girlfriend's birthday and went out drinking with his friends. She is going to blow up when she sees him. What is that? All right, Butter four. And what? Since windows. Butter Going your hair? Yeah, but your hands are dirty too. Yeah. So you put butter in his hair too? No, you look beautiful. Your smile is amazing. You look like an angel from heaven. You smell amazing. Today's phrase is butter up. The phrase butter up means to say nice or charming things excessively to someone so they can do you a favor. Oh, your Children are so beautiful in Billy. God, He's amazing. By the way, can I borrow $20? Let's check out a few more examples. I need to butter up the boss before I ask him for a pay raise. Second example. My girlfriend is trying to butter me up, so I will take her to the mound eaves and last example. Stop trying to butter me up and get to the point 4. Idiom Set 3: call it a day. The phrase call it a day means to stop working and to go home. Yeah, that's about it. Time to go home by. All right, let's check out a few mawr examples. I've been working on this report since 8 a.m. It's time to call it a day. Second example. I'm going to call it a day around 5 p.m. So we can meet at the bar at 5 30 and last example . I'm so tired. I think it's time to call it a day. The phrase to let the cat out of the bag means to tell someone's secret on accident or by mistake. Man, I can't believe Visa is in a relationship with our bus. Did I just say that out loud? Holy cow leases in a relationship with our boss. All right, let's check out a few Mawr examples. All right, guys, First example. I was trying to keep the party a secret, but Rob let the cat out of the bag, and now everyone knows about it. So I told Rob a secret about a party and he accidentally told someone, and now everyone knows about it. Second example, I want to tell you my secret, but I'm afraid you'll let the cat out of the bag. So here I want to tell my friend a secret. But I'm afraid if I tell them, they will tell other people. And the last one? I can't believe Elsa told everyone I'm pregnant. I didn't think she would let the cat out of the bag. So here someone told her friends she was pregnant and she didn't want everyone to know about it. But her friend told other people her secret. She let the cat out of the bag. Hey, guys. So this morning I was online trying to make a reservation for something and the stupid website was broken. It just wasn't working. So I thought about it. And guys, I want to teach you the phrase chick back. So, guys, the phrase check back means to ask someone about something at a later date or at a later time, or to check on something at a later time or date. So, back to my example, I decided that I will wait a few days and check back to see if the website is working. Yeah. Hello. I would like to make, uh to reservations for the weekend of the 15. What? What do you mean you're fully booked? This frickin ridiculous. All right, whatever. I will check back next week to see if anything changes. Thank you. You're not very smart. You're not very good looking either. No one likes you. Your breath stinks. I am surprised you even have friends. Just kidding. Two days. Phrase is cold hearted. The phrase coldhearted is used to describe someone who is very mean, unkind or someone who lacks affection. Hey, I told you to put it over there. Stupid. Uh, stupid. Let's check out a fume or examples. I can't believe he broke up with his girlfriend on her birthday. What a cold hearted man. Second example, it takes a cold, hard person to make someone cry in public and last example the world would be a better place. Less cold hearted people come to a decision. This phrase simply means to decide something easy. Hey, have you come to a decision yet? Are we going to New York or we go into Los Angeles? Come on, I need a decision. Alright, guys, here are a few more examples. After reviewing your job performance. We have come to decision to fire you. What? What would you say you do here? Well, look, I already told you I deal with the customers, so the engineers don't have to. I have people skills. I am good at dealing with people. Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people? My girlfriend and I have come to decision to get married in Los Vegas. Yeah. Congratulations. Do you got married? Is this'll be happening? 5. Idiom Set 4: easy peasy, lemon squeezy or short, easy peasy. The phrase easy peasy, lemon squeezy or easy peasy means that an activity or a job is very easy example. Come on, learning English is easy peasy. Lemon squeezy. You can do it. Hi. Fight fire with fire. The phrase to fight fire with fire means to fight an opponent using the same methods or tactics they are using against you. Uh, he keeps spreading false rumors about me. You know what? I'm going to start creating false rumors about him. I'm gonna fight fire with fire. All right, let's check out some or examples. Okay, First example. Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire in order to beat your opponent. Second example country A arrested country B's ambassador after country be arrested. Their ambassador. They are fighting fire with fire in the last one. James's girlfriend, she cheated on him after she found out he cheated on her. She is fighting fire with fire came forth This So your family is rich, filthy, rich, touchy. The phrase filthy rich is used to describe someone that has an extreme amount of money. Not just your normal rich person. Someone like Jeff Bezos. As of 2000 and 18 Jeff Bezos's net worth is estimated to be at $112 billion. To put that in perspective, if you had $112 billion you could spend 3,068,000 $493 and 15 cents every day for the next 100 years. Dolla dolla bills, Y'all dollar dollar Bill Joe Example. I wrecked my lamp. Oh, trying to impress some women. But who cares? I'm filthy rich. Finger licking good. The phrase finger licking good is used to describe very tasty or buried delicious food. Alright, guys. So here is delicious food. Right? But here is finger licking good food. Oh, yeah, baby, just look at that. Ah, that steak looks finger licking Good. Okay, guys, let's check out some examples. Alright, guys, let's look at the first example. Many Thai restaurants offer finger licking good food. This is a true sentence. Second example, I'm getting fat because I can't stop eating my mom's finger licking good food. This is also a true statement and the last example. Pizza is my favorite food. It's finger licking good. A fish out of water. The phrase a fish out of water means for someone to be in an uncomfortable situation or in a situation they are not fit or suited. For example, I was like a fish out of water at my friend's wedding in New Delhi. Tell me about a time when you felt like a fish out of water, you can say I felt like a fish out of water. Win. Something happened. Fresh start. The phrase fresh start means to try something again in a new and completely different way after you failed the first time. This'll relationship is not working out. I need a fresh start. That's not true, Guys, I love my girlfriend. Let's check out some or examples. Alright, guys, First example. Each morning is a fresh start in life. So no matter how terrible the day was before, you can always have a fresh start in the morning. Second example, I really hate my job. Working at the bank. I could really use a fresh start and last example. Chris and Nancy have a really terrible relationship. They need a fresh start 6. Idiom Set 5: Oh, get even The phrase get even means to do something bad to someone who has done something bad to youth. I can't believe he did that to me. I can't wait to get even. All right, let's check out a few Mawr examples. Tiffany said she will get even with her boyfriend after she found out he was texting another girl. Second example. My manager is so mean. I will get even with him someday. Last example. She broke his car windows to get even with him after he ended their relationship. The phrase to get over something or someone means to get past something or someone that is bothering you or upsetting you. Okay, let's look at some examples. So first example, we need to help James get over his ex girlfriend. So in this example, we need James to get past and move on from his ex girlfriend, right to get over her 2nd 1 I know you lost the game, but you need to get over it already. So apparently this person is still sad, and we need them to move on after losing the game and the last example she needs to get over him already because he is married. This says a bad situation. Guys, uh, she's in love with the married man, and we need her to move on because it's not going to happen on a side. Note. Guys, this phrase should Onley be used with close friends. And don't try to use it with your girlfriend or your boyfriend. If you are fighting bad idea. Head above water. The phrase head above water means to keep yourself out of trouble in a difficult situation . All right, we have writ WiFi electricity. Oh, man, that's not good. I might need to find another job just to keep my head above water. Let's check out a few Mawr examples. Her makeup business is in trouble, but she's keeping her head above water. Second example, I'm having difficulty paying all my bills each month. I will need to get another job to keep my head above water and last example. We have struggled to keep our heads above water this year to hit the gym. The phrase to hit the gym simply means to go to the gym. It's a commonly used phrase in America example. I think I'm getting fat. I need to hit the gym hit the sec. The phrase hit the sack means to go to sleep. Example. After watching eight hours of hormones, it's time to hit the sec. Holy cow head guys, Today's phrase is holy. How the phrase holy cow means to be very surprised about something He's peeing right now. He's being It's OK. The phrase holy Cow is an exclamation of being surprised about something. Basically, guys, when you say Wow, just change. Wow! With holy cow! Let's look at some examples. Alright, guys, let's look at some examples. 1st 1 holy cow that Bart stinks. We all have that one friend who always farts. All right. Number two Holy cow! Taylor Swift is coming to Bangkok next month. Who doesn't love Taylor Swift? Come on, guys! And the last example. Holy cow! There's a snake and the Holy Council 7. Idiom Set 6: Hey, guys, I'm here at a shopping center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I just finished my tie class for the morning and I started walking around and the security guard stopped me because he heard me speaking Thai. So we got into this long conversation and I really needed to go. So I'm going to teach you a phrase that you can use whenever you are in a long conversation , and you need to get out of it. So the phrase is I I need to run. I need to run. Example. Someone's talking, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Hey, John, nice to see, but I need to run. Talk to you later. Turn myself into a pickle. Morning boom. Big reveal. I'm a pickle. What do you think about that? I turned myself into a pikko. I'm pickle red in a pickle. The phrase in a pickle means to be in a difficult situation. Dating. I don't have money for rent this month. Crap. I am in a pickle What I do. Let's check out a few more examples. First example. Jeffrey will be in a pickle if his girlfriend reads his Facebook messages. Second example. I just lost my job and I don't have money to pay my bills. I'm in a pickle and last example. I will be in a pickle if I don't keep my Facebook followers happy to kiss and make up the phrase to kiss and make up means to become friendly again after an argument or a fight, usually between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Example. No canned her for wrong boyfriend haven't spoken to each other in over five days. I wish they would just kiss and make up so we can all go to Muka Tot on Friday. Oh no, What is wrong with my face? The phrase to lose base means to lose the respect of others or be embarrassed and public. Example. I lost face when I let out a loud, stinky ford at the restaurant like riding a bike. The phrase like writing a bike, means once you learn how to do something, you will never forget how to do it. Example. Teaching Children how to use the toilet is like riding a bike. Once they learn they will never forget. She really needs to go 8. Idiom Set 7: pain in the neck. The phrase pain in the neck is used to describe someone who is very annoying or difficult to deal with. Ah, Frank is always complaining, man. He is a real pain in the neck. All right, let's check out a few more examples. My friend keeps asking me for money. She's a riel pain in the neck. Second example, my neighbor is a pain in the neck because he parties every night in the last example. My dog is a pain in the neck because he keeps eating my shoes. Party animal, The phrase party animal. Describe someone who goes to many parties and drinks a lot of alcohol. They are also very loud and act crazy. I used to be a big party animal during my college years and a few years after. Let's check out a few more examples. First. Example. Jeff drink over 15 bottles of beer on Friday night. He's such a party animal. Second, my parents think I'm a party animal because I drink alcohol every weekend and last example . Our parties aren't the same without Cosmo. He's a riel party animal pig out the phrase to pig out means to be a lot or too much of something kind of like a pig. Example. This girl is pigging out at the hot dog eating contest you play with fire. The English phrase playing with fire means to be doing something that is very dangerous that can result in serious harm. Example. Having a tiger girlfriend is like playing with fire. OK, OK, that's not true, but it's a good example to use plenty of fish in the sea. The phrase plenty of fish in the sea means there are many other people in the world in which you can start A relationship with this phrase is usually used to comfort a friend after a very hard or difficult break up. Please, I beg you. Example. Don't worry, Pete, I There are plenty of fish in the sea. You will find a new girlfriend on a side note when picking a new fish from the sea. Don't pick a fish that looks like this. Pick a fish that looks like this 9. Idiom Set 8: scared to death. The phrase scared to death means to be extremely scared. Like on a whole other level. Like this is scared. And this is scared to death. Example. This poor girl is scared to death of spiders. Theo and the Mother of the Year award goes to that mother to sweep someone off his or her beat. This phrase is used to describe falling in love with someone very quickly. Do Jimmy swept Jennifer off her feet just after one date? Let's check out a few more examples. All right, guys. First example, James swept Susie offer feet and now they're getting married. Second example, girls dream about meeting a man who will sweep them off their feet. And last example. She said she loved me. After our first date, I really swept her off her feet on this example. She might be crazy as well. If she loves you after the first date, she might be crazy. So be careful to give a lift. The phrase to give a lift means to take someone to somewhere. For free example, I had to give my friend a lift home after a long night in Bangkok. Where are way good, Louis. Three bottles. Yes, Yes. Yes, man, A Yes, man is someone who always agrees with their bus. Excuse me, Joe. I need you to work Christmas and New Year's Day. Is that okay with you? Yes, sir. I would love to. Also, we need to lower your salary a little bit to save money. Is that all right? That sounds fantastic. All right, let's check out a few Mawr examples. First example, the president surrounds himself with a bunch of yes men. Second example, Sean always agrees with his manager, even when his manager is clearly wrong. He's such a yes man. And last example stopped being a yes man. And tell me what you really think. Tha eyes zip it. The phrase to zip it or zip. It means to shut up. No, no, no, no, no. I don't want to hear it anymore. Just zip it. Zip it. No, no. All right. Let's check out a few more examples. The child next to our table at the restaurant needs to zip it. Next example. Can you please zip it for a moment so I can listen to my favorite song and last example? Sometimes it's better to zip it rather than argue with someone about politics. This is a true statement, guys. 10. Idiom Set 9: missing the boat. Don't listen, Teoh. That guy definitely didn't miss the boat. The phrase to miss the boat means that you had an opportunity to do something. But you missed your opportunity because because you were too late. Approach family. Alright, guys, let's check out some examples. All right, guys. The first example He should have kissed her during the movie, but he missed the boat, so he had an opportunity to kiss her. But he missed his opportunity because he didn't act two. There were black pink tickets available last week, but I missed the boat by waiting till today to try and buy some. So I can't buy black pink tickets because they sold out. So I missed the opportunity to buy them last week. I missed the boat and the last one. If you don't buy this stock now, you will miss the boat here. They're trying to say that this stock price is going to skyrocket. And if I don't buy today, I'm gonna miss a great opportunity. I will miss the booth to never burn bridges. The phrase to never burn bridges means to never leave a situation, a relationship or job in a disgraceful manner where you will never be welcomed back again. Example, I told my friend Todd to never burn bridges at work. But that didn't work out so well. Hey, guys, real quick. I want to teach you a slang word that you might hear sometimes in the West. But it just came to my mind. I just finished having this amazing massage here, and I want to teach you the slang word off the chain. Basically, guys off the chain means super good. Very good. Amazing. All those things. An example. If you just ate a very delicious mill, you can say day, man, that meal was off the chain, or I like watching movies. So if you went to the cinema and you watched an amazing movie, you could say, Whoa, that movie was off the chain. The on the ball. The phrase on the ball means to be alert, active, attentive or always on top of things. You are always making sure things are getting done. You are on the ball. Excuse me. Joe, I need you to make sure you complete your paperwork by 5 p.m. Today. Yes, sir. It is already done. Wow. Amazing What about Monday's report? Have you had a chance to look at it? Yes, sir, I finished. That yesterday is well, Dane Joe, you are on the ball. Let's check out a few more examples. First example. Managers want to hire employees who are on the ball. Second example, Terror always completes her homework in school assignments on time. She is on the ball. And last, I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm not on the ball today on thin ice. The phrase on thin ice means if you make another mistake, there will be serious trouble. This phrase is usually used at work or in a relationship. What example? I'm on thin eyes after I got caught drinking beer at work. I'm just kidding. I don't drink beer at work. Or do I let it go up out of nowhere? The phrase out of nowhere means appearing or happening suddenly or unexpectedly. Example. President Trump's election victory came out of nowhere. Donald Trump is president 11. Thank You Edit: Congratulations. You have completed the course. Now make sure you use some of these idioms. When you're speaking with your English speaking friends. I hope you enjoy the course and thank you once again. Goodbye.