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Everyday Affirmations To Upgrade Your Programming & Life

teacher avatar Kristen Becker, NLP Practitioner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Everyday Affirmations Introduction

    • 2. Everyday Affirmations How It Works

    • 3. Everyday Affirmations How To Do It

    • 4. Everyday Affirmations Project

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About This Class

You were born extraordinary. What if you could unlock the extraordinary parts of yourself every day? Everyday Affirmations is a course about how to use everyday language choices to update your subconscious programming so that you can live a higher quality of life. It's like exercising your brain & habitual language patterns so you can show up in life as your best self on autopilot!

You Will Learn:  Why and how your affirmations, or more simply, everyday language choices work to create your subconscious programming and how to update your everyday language so you can achieve your biggest goals in life.  


No prior knowledge or experience is needed to master everyday affirmations. Jump in and start putting this into practice in your life today!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kristen Becker

NLP Practitioner


Success Mindset, Manifesting, Law of Attraction, NLP 



HI, I'm Kristen!

Once a mind has been stretched, it never goes back. Pebbles on the pile, one course at a time, discover how much power you truly have within you!

I am a Certified Neural Linguistic Programming practitioner, author of FreeLark, and Founder at Brillane. I have over 20 twenty years of experience as a college educator and am a lifelong entrepreneur. More importantly, I have personally explored and found great success in all of the topics that I develop courses in. My goal is to empower you to start living your very best life by understanding and leveraging the power and ability that is already within you!

Let's stay connected on Instagram too!

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1. Everyday Affirmations Introduction: When people hear the word affirmation, they tend to have one of three responses. They either say, now, sounds kinda woo-woo to me or yeah, I love affirmations. Or if I don't know, I don't know anything about them. In this lesson is for all three of those people, we do understand why and how affirmations work. And as you understand that, then you can really easily put them to work in your life. Understanding why they're working right, and how to choose the right things to say. Now, I like to use what I call every day affirmations because we're talking every day. We're having conversations with people, we're having inner dialogue with ourselves. And this is the absolute best time and the place to update your beliefs, to update your subconscious programming, to update your self image simply by the words that you choose. And as you learn which words to choose and then start using them, that will become automatic. It's really, really, really powerful, but also really easy. So let's go ahead and get started. 2. Everyday Affirmations How It Works: Let's talk about something I like to call every day. Affirmations. Affirmations are indeed incredibly powerful. A lot of people, I get the I roll him, but I mentioned the word affirmations. But what we're gonna talk about today is a very powerful way to use language or every day language to create a foundation for success, to create a foundation for manifesting and for bringing the things that we want into our lives. And I'm going to explain exactly what it is, exactly how it works, why it works, and how you can do it. So let's begin with what's NY? Language is literally one of your superpowers. It is an every day success habit. And when I say language, I'm talking about specifically the words that you choose to use, the broader overall ideas behind these words. And both in your outer dialogue with others and in your self-talk. I'm telling you it's simple, but your mind is going to be blown and you're going to start using this everyday and be like, Wow, that's so simple, but it has such a huge impact. And why does it have such a huge impact? We're going to get into this just quickly, but a little bit more deeply because I do want you to understand what is working under the surface, you know, behind the scenes when you got to pull back the curtain and see how everything works, you're like, Oh, okay, that's easy. And we have a subconscious programming. We all have this. It's here to help us. It runs 95% of our lives on autopilot so that we don't have to think about things all the time. You know, we can do things automatically. And it is based upon our current subconscious programming. So it is this language that we are going to use to update our programming, to be lined with what we actually want in life. What we want to be capable of, how we want to show up in our own lives. So what is an affirmation and how does it work? Well, very simply, it is a collection of words that is intended to upgrade our programming, to change our ideas, to change our beliefs, which also changes our emotions, right? Our underlying emotions for the better, so that we can feel more confident, have more self-esteem. And so that we don't have to deal with anxiety and worry and fear. And I want to say really quickly about fear. It's got its purpose. It is to protect us from dying or being entered. So when that is a potential thing that could really happen, of course, you're happy to have fear on the scene. But more often than not, our anxieties and our worries and our fears are really about ideas and about things that are probably never really going to happen. So affirmations are a really wonderful way and just also using your language to change that, to change your feelings and your emotions so you don't have that fear so that you are confidence so that you are helpful and you're optimistic. Say you hear the word affirmation and you might be the IAM role person. That's okay. I don't mind. I've done it too because we're like, ad doesn't work. You know, that hope. Wealthy, beautiful. Oh, I didn't spell it's item in a loving relationship. And the reason we don't like it is because we see all of this evidence around us of that not being the case, and that's what we do psychologically. We look for evidence to prop up our current beliefs and therefore were like, No, no, no, I am not going to believe that right. So if you just try to willy-nilly throw in these affirmations that are just one statement that you say throughout the day, they do have their place. Yes, we're going to use them in this course. But more often than not, what's really going on under the surface is this negative feeling, right? This resistance to it, and we don't want that. So that's why this every day affirmation process is so helpful and so wonderful, but also super easy. Now let's take a peek behind the curtain and talk about our reticular activating system. Everybody's got one. The reticular activating system is simply a bundle of nerves at the base of your brainstem. Now we are all bombarded with tens of thousands of pieces of data every second of every day. We can impossibly stop and consciously process all of this. So our friendly little reticular activating system does it for us. But here's the catch. It does it based on our programming. So our reticular activating system is literally letting in all of the things that align with our current beliefs, with our current programming. And what that means is, yes, you are missing opportunities, right? You're missing evidence of good things we all are because it's only letting in what is aligned. Now on the flip side of that, when you have really good beliefs that serve you, right, that are really supportive of what you really want and higher capable of showing up in life because you are capable of showing up all those dreams you have. You are both capable and deserving of all of this. So as we use these affirmations that everyday language affirmations to update our programming. Then our reticular activating system is going to bring into our conscious awareness all the things that are aligned with these new beliefs. And suddenly we're like, Wow, It's crazy, like these people just opportunities and support and showing up, right. So that's one element of why this is so important and how it works. Another important underlying element is the idea of labels. When we have beliefs we label ourselves, we make a label on the people that we know around us. And these labels come with a whole, entire preset set of expectations and ideas. And what do those expectations do inside of us? They create emotions. And generally speaking, those emotions are either host-based or they are fear-based. They're in some range of one of those two emotions. In our emotions guide our behavior, our choices, and even the physical biology in our bodies. So when you can use something like affirmations and every day affirmations to change your labels. Then you get all the upgrades that come along with that, right? Switching from fear to hope and switching from negative expectations to high expectations. And the juicy vibrational emotions that come along with it. Now we could be talking about any type of goal, any way in which we would like to evolve or level up our lives, relationships, vitality, body goals, career, business, you know, big life dreams, anything. And I just wanted to use this kind of physical body vitality example, um, as like a case study or something to talk about. Now, first of all, you may have heard of Bruce Lipton is a wonderful book. It's 10 years old now, which is so hard to believe, called the biology of belief. And he explains expertly in his book, because he is a doctor or biologists, how our beliefs actually create the chemical and neuropeptides, signals that go to ourselves and actually affect physically how we show up in the rug. And I just love this study that Ellen Langer did. It was back in the seventies. She wrote a book about it called counterclockwise. And in a nutshell, they took a lot of, not a lot, a couple of elderly gentlemen and they put them into a home for I think it was a week that everything was set back 20 years earlier at the pictures, the things that we're playing on the radio, they weren't close from back then. They had pictures of them from 20 years prior. And they had all of these biological tests that they did before they went in and when they came out. And they were greatly improved after just a week of being in this mental environment, right, of thinking of themselves as they were younger. Now again, I'm giving this as an example, but the same thing applies to our relationships, to our ideas about what we're capable of with our career goals and other life goals and just generally about ourselves and our self image. And the reason I chose this idea, because I have this friend and I'm like, I know she's never gonna see this class. But she posted this thing on social media and it kinda blew me away. I want to share it with you. Okay. So I'm just going to read this off. She said, thanks everyone for the birthday. Love. I'm 35 now and I don't remember the last time I was carded. Does that mean I'm officially old also, it's almost 11 PM on a Friday and it feels like I stayed up too late. Yep. I'm old. Now. The reason this just blew me away is because I know this woman right? And she does have a very old vibe to her. And, but you see she's telling herself this story. This is her affirmation. This is her every day affirmation. Now, I'm not gonna say anything towards not my place, you don't. But I'll be very curious to see what happens. She's already looks so much older than her agent acts so much older than her age in a limiting way, right? Not that there's anything wrong with aging and all the wisdom and all the wonderful things that come along with that. But I'm just using this as an example that she's literally creating an everyday affirmation in her life. That is guiding her choices, guiding her behaviors, guiding her emotions, and even directing her cells and her biology. So it's that important, it's that critical. And here's the last element that I want to talk about for you to understand why this language, these word choices, these affirmations, have so much of an impact on your life. Now, in the top-left picture, I have that to just represent our neural networks. Now, imagine, I'll go back to my neighbor as the example. She's constantly saying these things yourselves. They're very emotionally, right? She is creating literally a crap ton of juicy neural networks in her brain that all go to this idea that all build this belief. And the more she talks about it, the more of those words pass through her mind and her lips and into a marginalized dialogue with other people. The more neural networks that she is creating around that idea, and the more she is propping up that idea and that belief in her own beingness right, in her own brain. And in the lower picture, if you see there's a couple different colors, sticky notes, and there's only one green one. So let's say you are, we'll switch to a relationship example in and you're out there in your day-to-day and you think, okay, I can do this, I can do this, but you only have one little green sticky neural network note and says, Yeah, I could do this, this is good, I'm capable of this, are worthy of this. And then you have tons of orange ones that are like your two all are at, you miss the boat or everybody's taken, right? And and then all the blue ones like, Oh, you don't even deserve that, right, but you only have one green one that says yes, I can. So you see why these affirmations are so incredibly powerful and important to you. And they're so easy. So let's just jump into that. 3. Everyday Affirmations How To Do It: Step number one, simply stop and think about your word choices and connect those word choices to the programming that's going on inside you. When you really stop and think about a specific choice of words that you're about to say and you realize, do I want to live that? Do I want that to be my reality? And if the answer is no, then you need to choose different words. And here's the thing when you first start doing this, okay, First of all, you're going to be a major gonna be like, I can't believe I almost said that you felt like, Well, you know, sometimes, uh, somebody would come out of your mouth. You're like, No, no, no, cancel, cancel, cancel. But the wonderful thing is then you get in the habit of it and you more naturally use and gravitate towards these other words. And that's building all of these wonderful neural networks around the better ideas, creating the stronger, more supportive subconscious programming. So if step one is to become aware, step two is to actually rewrite that code. Just think of it like a computer. Your subconscious programming is just code and the words are like coding a computer, it's exactly the same thing. It's a perfect analogy, it's a perfect parallel. So you simply choose better words. Choose different words. Choose words that create the belief that you want to hold inside of yourself. And as I mentioned, as you do this, gradually it becomes permanent, it becomes habit, it becomes effortless. And I absolutely promise you, because it's happened to me. You will get back one and you're like, I can't even believe I used to believe those things. I can't even believe a subtopic that way or engage people in certain conversations or let people engage me in certain conversations. So this is that every day affirmation practice. So now let's get to that big bold mantra, what we traditionally think of as an affirmation. And yes, it has its place. I went to give you some tips about how to use it. Now, first of all, don't play small, right? So let's say you wanna make a crap ton of money. There's nothing wrong with that. That's fabulous. You deserve to make a crap ton of money and you could do amazing things out in the world and impact so many lives with a crap ton of money, right? So don't think small, don't think like okay. So let's say you're just a regular office worker and you're like, I am the manager. I am the manager. No. I run my own company. Right? Big bold affirmation. When you decide on what this affirmation is, it needs to be something that like at first trick I like, I wouldn't really tell anybody that, but yeah, that's what I want, right. See how I feel, I think about that, right. Get that feeling. And this is your life. It is perfectly okay for you to have these big bold dreams and you can achieve these big bold dreams. But you have to bring them up onto the surface. You have to start getting comfortable with them. You know, it's like when you put on an outfit, you wouldn't normally where the first time you feel a little self-conscious, you're like, I don't know who do I think I am. But then you start wearing it out and you get more confident, you're walking around, more confident people are like You are styling, right? And then you take ownership of it, you own it. So just I want you to recognize that it's a process, okay? And I'm going to share with you my big bold, juicy mantra. Now let me think. It's probably been three years now since I came up with this. And I'm here to tell you when I very first came up with it, I was like, Yeah, right. And now I love telling people and it's really funny because when I tell people a lot of times they're like, I like it, right? And my mantra is this. I am a divine, spiritual goddess with infinite power, having the most amazing time in this physical playground. And if you just think about every part of that, how empowering that is, how that shifts my perspective of life. This is just a physical playground. I'm having a wonderful time. I'm running around doing things. Many people thought out a puzzle, but I don't know. No worries, it's a playground and just having a good time. So as you can see, I just love it, I live it. And some tips. Number one is, sing it. Now, maybe not at the grocery store. But when I'm writing in my car, I'm like, I'm a divine spirit took. And this actually uses our vagus nerve, which I'm not going to get all into that, but it is a very important part of this process. It feels good. It raises your heart energy. In SEO animated, I am, you know, get into it, sing, dance around, put on your favorite song. And really emotional eyes that affirmation inside of you. In the more that you do it, you're no longer going to feel that resistance and that who am I? And that's not really mean. Look at all this evidence, you're going to be like, You better believe it, because I do. And so I do want you, in addition to using the everyday language, the everyday affirmations, to choose for yourself a big, bold, juicy mantra to be your affirmation and to use it every single day. See, I told you it was going to be easy and fun. And I am very, very excited to hear about your affirmations. Write your mantra how you're changing your everyday language. So be sure to comment in the comment section or post in the project. And I will see you in the next course. 4. Everyday Affirmations Project: Okay, It's project time. Now this is incredibly easy and has a huge, huge impact. So what you wanna do is get yourself a little notebook that you can carry with you throughout the day. Notebook and a pen or pencil. And as you have conversations either with other people or even in your own inner dialogue in your head. Jot down the major themes, what was talked about? Any specific words that really jump out to you. Now these can be both empowering themes and words and also disempowering themes and words. And just by looking at it, you're going to definitely know the difference and they're really going to jump out to you. Just simply all throughout the day, jot them down. And then what you want to do is at the end of the day, make a little list. What were some primary themes that came up again and again? And specifically some words, what words really jump out to you as being important? Now, next to each of these themes and words, I want you to simply put a Y for yes or an N for no. Are these serving me? Are these empowering me? Are these helping me to show up in the world as my best self? Do? I want to live this code, right? And I do this myself every so often again and again. And even with all the practice that I have, I'm always surprised, sometimes pleasantly surprised like Yay me early turned my inner dialogue or my language choices around a support myself or see places where I still have some work to do that will help me grow. So after you do this, then what you want to do is come up with some better words, some better language patterns, some better sentences. And this is called pre rehearsal, and it can be used in all sorts of areas of life. But in this case, you are developing neural networks around these responses, these replies, these new words that you have chosen because they serve you, they empower you. They help you to show up in the road as your best self. They create code that is empowering to you. And because you frequently revisit these, then when this dialogue or this conversation comes up again, you'll already have kind of like a pool populated right, of things that you can say of better responses. And then as you do this more and more, you will find that becomes your natural conversation. And it's really crazy because you do the safer week, right? And then you've rehearsed and then you have new conversations. And what you find out is like, wow, I really, I'm doing this. I am taking these conversations and a whole different direction. I am using whole different words and language that really supports me and serves my subconscious programming and creates code that I actually want to live. Now, as you can see, it could not be easier and it has a huge, huge impact. But the most important thing, like anything, is simply that you do it, that you put it into practice. So grab your notepad, get out there in the world and assess your words. And do you want to live that code and come up with better words? Pre rehearse them. And notice what the results are. How differently do you feel about yourself? What are the actual differences in results that you're experienced in your life? Come back into our project area and let us all know. I'm really looking forward to seeing your results and hearing about your words and ideas and topics and how you have changed your own code.