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Everybody comes to learn Cantonese course 1 - 6 tonese Introduction

teacher avatar Shui ying Ko, Cantonese teacher, hand craft teacher

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Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Everybody comes to learn Cantonese course 1 Introduction to 6 tones

    • 2. Lesson1 which one is Cantonese

    • 3. The simple four tones

    • 4. The two raise tones

    • 5. Do you need to sing like me

    • 6. Here is the project

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About This Class

A beginning course for Cantonese. This is an introductory course for Cantonese tones.

Some systems can have 9 or 11 tones. 

In my courses, the system that I use for this course is Jyutping ( jyut6 ping3粵拼)

Jyutping uses 6 tones. They are from number 1 to number 6.

This is just let you know a little bit of the tones. I will have courses for each tone later.

The following table is the way that we sing the six tones.  :)


Below is my course outline.


Meet Your Teacher

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Shui ying Ko

Cantonese teacher, hand craft teacher


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1. Everybody comes to learn Cantonese course 1 Introduction to 6 tones: Hi everybody. Welcome to my costs. This cause is named Everybody come to learn Cantonese cost 16 times introduction This is a cause for introducing six times in continous. Welcome to my first Clinton ease Cost my pen. Tiny's is home Call tendons. My name is shaking cold. You can call me Go seeing son Go seen son Go is my last name since on this me, Mr O Teacher in pensions When a cut this term in two words that is seen means first son means London So the worst together also perfect off Cosenza is only a person that learns before you Let's try gold seen son All the times are in time one This is the tone that you used to speak Go, go Seen seen Sung Sung Go seen son I hope everyone in the world could all speak twenties Lessing in countries by 2. Lesson1 which one is Cantonese: Hi, everybody. Welcome to my costs. Cantonese is a tonal language with fanatic Tom's. So that's why I always said sink nothing Cantonese. There are many system for Cantonese. Some system plan have nine or 11 times, sometimes 13. It really depends on the system. They are not wrong. But some off the tongues we know always use it. That's why I want to go for the easy one first. What about you? You see my system Because the system that I use yes, you pain so you can see the link under there. And you can find a in information if you want. Eight years from Hong Kong, this system used six times. They're from number one to number six. So let's funnel which one sounds like Cantonese for the next lie. Okay, You have to find out which one. Yes, the will. What? That you listen to the Cantonese that I say the meaning off that is, everybody come to learn Candies. So the 1st 1 is coming. Di di Lai ho, Wong Tung wah, I I, uh lie hot. Wong don't watch. Do you feel this? Sounds like Cantonese ness here. The 2nd 1 2nd 1 I done. Lie! Ho Wong Don't watch I got lying. Ho Wong don't watch. So the 1st 1 I I, uh lie, huh? Wong one second Die Die like hot warm Deng Wa Which one is the one that has Tom's? Can you tell me your answer at three. You can write the answer that the coming first or second. Thank you. This is the end off the lesson. You will have the answer in the next lesson. 3. The simple four tones: welcome toe. The lesson to do You have your answer for the last lesson. Did you send me your answer? Let us hear the question again. The question Yes. Which one? Yes. The one with Continis tops. 1st 1 Di Di Lei, huh? Won't. One second. I don't like how long. Don't want which one has to wait for one. Tell you the answer now It used the second I got a How long? Don't want to get right. Cantonese is like a song. Let us hear the tops. This year's for four tops. Tenderly storms are not hot. We can thinking off saying Don't run me for So So for me read dough. But they is no far by yourself in Clinton's is in Rai stones. No, we learned the high, middle low and the chain middle and low comes you paint. They are someone some free time for. And Tom? Six. Let us use an example. What about using J not J? I got home. I mean, then we can hear all the times with Jay J in pain. This sounds like English wine. Yes, and I yes, English. Lisa. So when we say this one will move our mouth toe both sides e me the next one. Yes, the tone table for he. This is a table that decide for new students. It help new students to say what's in sentence. First roll. Yes, DM heading off the table Tone is for both to car so you can see it. Two columns together, Heidel. So one needed home tone free. This is the middle and low tongue Tom. Six low tone tone Salt on this one. You can thinking off Identify which don't miss for G I here the photos need he This is the high tone. He I put the X on the Coram in the high tone area. Next one e e d. System Mid autumn. The X is on the fourth column. Middleton area Next one is the middle and low times The the X is in the middle movement. Next one? Yes, The long tongue. I mean, the X is in the total area you have here or for Tom's. What about we hear them putting using the J I Hi. Told me. Be next One. You, You. You. Yes, this miracle. Then between Middle and Noto. You next one is the low time together. So you know this one, right? What about another example? This I s in You paying songs like English? That's on this e So we can put it together. See, in hiding so disused. See table so you can see gate I you come the 1st 1 I told c See c c mid autumn. Si si. This is teaching middle and low Seen. See? Little si, si, si Si. Yeah, no. Hot. But so what about We hear them together? Hope at first here by suffers. So I don't see. See, you don't see. See middle and photo. See Cee Lo toe seen. See? So we hear both together. He see We see. This is the height on. Meet at home. See? You see So he see you see? You see mean sea See? What do you think? I'm ready for the too rye stones. Let's go for the licks. Nessen 4. The two raise tones: Welcome to a lesson free Will have heard four times in lesson to let us. We will them this time. Are you ready? Fun. Try it. Okay. A still use? Yes. Using e be he. Hi, Tom. We middle the you need the tone pitch in middle and bottom. Mm. Last one, I mean. Mm. Now will listen to the last two right storms. So I still using the foot. And next one, you can see the new table. So, like that free columns on that you can see they rose on it. So it is the y store. So instead, off two columns are footing free comes so you can see the those simple full Tom's in the middle. And the last two years, the Reston's So one is higher than the other one for the sign the last two years for the right stones too. That's here. The 1st 1 The high Russ meet. When I say slow me next one Nawas. When they say slow, you can hear right? Do you hear? One use higher than the other one. Do you want to hear them again? So this time I say fuss. He so this one use the see what meet? See Si, Si See? So we come by them together. See me? See e c. I see. Are you ready for try another one? Which one? Yester high, right stone and know what's told this sentence you know before die. Duh. Like cool. Well so what? By Deng Like Hope Wong Don't walk. Can you send me the answer? Thank you. 5. Do you need to sing like me: Hi. After the terms, there's a question to ask you. Do you need to sing like me first? See the band Safest. The sentence is Dida like hot warm The one like I made hot, warm the watch. So you see all the X on that and also your seat to Arabs. But so the fifth under seventh, brother. High rice toe. Do you get them? Right? We will learn each tongue in the next causes. I don't really Okay, now you hear autumns. The question I asked you before. Do you need to sing like me? Do you have an answer? Nesting Cantonese is that's all. Okay. I used jump funding as example. He is a piece off. Oh Chun's music. You heard it before. This is in once upon the time. Once upon a time in China they used this one. That's a music less heat. Go seem, son. Second the go see son. Which one you can sing on your tensing Both So also, when you say things you can hear different board for that too. For example, if we're happy was a hot Let this goes is up goes and so on. So this is happy the normal one. You say go see Sign. Go! Seize on. This is the English Stone We always say to So for the set time then what do you say? Cho Seon? So, huh? Go seems on So you can say no. Go. Since that course needs So after a truce loss, peace. Go on. The next lesson for the project. Thank you. 6. Here is the project: Lesson five Polyta ton Now he used the term to try the foreign Is your project for this costs I give you our little project Before we go, you can get the table from the No Put the X on the work place Some? Yep. Go see Link a lot Some yet Go say length a lot. Have you finish? Do you want me to say again? Some yet? Go say ling lock Let us have a pit at the Knicks Costs This is the table for see the six terms are in order from 1 to 6. Si, si si Suit C c In the next cost we can hear more words and save them goats. You can send it for me for your project. I will saw the answer later. You also will use them all the time too. Thank you for two Came to costs and see you soon