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Every Illustrator Effect Explained

Dawid Tuminski, www.dawidtuminski.com

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27 Videos (1h 42m)
    • 1What are effects and how to use them

    • 2How to use the Extrude and bevel effect

    • 3How to create a 3D text

    • 4How to use the 3D Revolve effect

    • 5How to use the 3D Rotate effect

    • 6How to use the Map Art Effect

    • 7How to use the Convert to shape effect

    • 8How to use the crop marks effect

    • 9How to use the Free Distort effect

    • 10How to use the Pucker and bloat effect

    • 11How to use the Roughen effect

    • 12How to use the Transform effect

    • 13How to use the Tweak and Twist effects

    • 14How to use the Zig Zag effect

    • 15How To use the Offset Path effect

    • 16How to use the Outline Object effect

    • 17How to use the Outline Stroke effect

    • 18How to use the Pathfinder effect

    • 19What are the Pathfinder effects

    • 20How to use the Rasterize effect

    • 21How to use the Drop Shadow effect

    • 22How to use the Feather effect

    • 23How to use the Glow effects

    • 24How to use the Round Corners and Scribble effects

    • 25What are SVG filters and how to use them

    • 26How to export SVG files

    • 27How to use the Warp effects


About This Class

Have you ever stuck with your design project in Illustrator, because you wanted to apply a certain effect, but it was just too confusing? And aren’t you tired of trying to figure them out on your own, because the more you try to understand them, the more overwhelming they get? If you like simple solutions to things that seem too complicated to make real use of them, then you will love this course. Because inside you will find only the practical, straight- to-the point yet thorough answers to all your questions about Illustrator’s effects. Take a look at just a humble fraction of the Illustrator goodies covered by this course: More than 50 (yes, fifty!) effects explained in a thorough yet easily digestible manner, so you can use what you learn straight away. Tons of supporting material, including design files for you to follow along and learn in the most efficient way. All the sections and lectures are neatly organized so you can jump straight into that particular lesson that interests you at the moment. You don’ need to go through all the lectures one by one to benefit from the course. If you want to take your Illustrator knowledge up one level (or even two levels up) and finally learn all the effects that will make your designs and design skills stand out on the market, you have to give this course a shot. And I know that many designers are put off by Illustrator thinking that it’s too complicated to learn. Let me tell you something: It’s easier to learn than Photoshop! You just need the right instructions. And you will get them in this course So if you want to know how to Create amazing 3D effects in Illustrator (I admit, they look awesome!) Transform shapes so they get that professional hand-drawn feel, even if you don’t how to draw Or how to stylize your designs to give the modern look Enroll in the course. Note that this course is not for absolute Illustrator newbies. This course is a perfect fit for you if you already know some things about the software. You already know how to use the essential tools, layers etc.





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