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Event Timeline for Event Success

Hanna Ashcraft, Events Manager | Travel Blogger

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13 Videos (57m)
    • Event Timeline Introduction

    • Thorough Timeline

    • Timeline Framework

    • Assigning Actions

    • Action Reaction Part 1

    • Action Reaction Part 2

    • Adding Schedules

    • Ceremony

    • Reception

    • Final Visualizations

    • Draft and Final Timeline

    • Day-of Timeline Use

    • Timeline Pride and Thank You!


About This Class

The event timeline is the cornerstone of event and wedding planning to ensure your event runs smoothly. In one document you will see all the pieces come together. All the vendors you’ve booked and orders you placed will find their home on the timeline. Then on the day of the event, you can use this document as a master checklist to ensure everything gets done in a timely manner.

In the course, we will build a thoughtful and thorough event timeline step-by-step. I will be sharing my personal tips for timeline structure that has been successful time and time again. It will take a number of layers and many follow-up emails, but by the end of this course, I believe you will be able to create document and event that you are proud of. One that is so organized it will seem effortless from your guest’s perspective. It will be our secret the insane amount of hours that went into confirming each detail.

As the main example, I will be building a wedding timeline for a wedding that has about 120 guests and different ceremony and reception venues. If you can build a wedding timeline, you will definitely be able to build a timeline for all kinds of events, including cocktail receptions, birthday parties, and etc. because the process of thinking through the different segments will be the same.

I am so excited for you to get your entire event or wedding onto one document!


P.S. Here are the credits:





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Hanna Ashcraft

Events Manager | Travel Blogger

HI! I'm Hanna and I believe in thoughtful, organized, and beautiful events that delight guests and give them a warm feeling for months after. Small touches and purposeful execution will almost always lead you to success. Given enough lead time, I think anyone can plan a spectacular small or large scale event.

More recently, I began working on a passion project - my travel blog. My experience planning events effortlessly transitions into planning incredible trips. I will also be...

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