Event Planning: Where to Start | Hanna Ashcraft | Skillshare
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    • Where I even begin to plan an event?!

    • Know Your Event

    • Basic Budget

    • Date and Venue

    • Catering

    • Audio Visual

    • Rentals

    • Event Specific Items

    • Class Project

    • Good Luck and Thank You!

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About This Class

Congratulations! You’ve just been handed the logistics for an upcoming retreat, the lead on an future fundraising event, or just got engaged! This is an exciting moment, filled with ideas of what could be. It can also be stressful. Where do you even begin?!

This course is here to help you get started on the right foot and on track for successful completion of your event or wedding. I will give tips and things to think about so you can confidently book the big ticket items (venue, catering, etc.). Together, let’s work on nailing down those big ticket items, so that you have enough time to get into all of the smaller details.

The big ticket items are tough because the are usually the most expensive and have the biggest impact to your event. But once these are booked, you will have a framework from which to work out all of the other decisions for your event or wedding.

I believe that you can get the momentum going and cannot wait to see what you can accomplish early in the event planning process!


P.S. Practically every photograph in this presentation was shot by Natalie Thomson. She is an amazing photographer, so check out her work! Music credit: Backbay Lounge, Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com), licensed under Creative Commons: By Attributions 3.0 Http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/





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Hanna Ashcraft

Events Manager | Travel Blogger

HI! I'm Hanna and I believe in thoughtful, organized, and beautiful events that delight guests and give them a warm feeling for months after. Small touches and purposeful execution will almost always lead you to success. Given enough lead time, I think anyone can plan a spectacular small or large scale event.

More recently, I began working on a passion project - my travel blog. My experience planning events effortlessly transitions into planning incredible trips. I will also be...

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