Evaluating Podio - Project Management Software

Rich Peterson, Online Teacher with 20,000+ happy students :)

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2 Videos (11m)
    • Evaluating Podio Project Management Software

    • Podio Full Review & Evaulation


About This Class

Welcome to our Evaluation Series! By the end of this class you'll be able to evaluate whether Podio is a good fit for your business or project. In this class, we'll look at: Podio - Who is it for? Podio - Pricing Podio - Main Features Podio - Look Inside Podio - Setting Up Podio - Common Tasks Podio - Alternatives Whilst not being a Podio tutorial, this class is useful for saving you time as you compare the top project management software systems and their alternatives. ---------------------- See all our courses






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Rich Peterson

Online Teacher with 20,000+ happy students :)

Rich Peterson is the founder of Great Freelancers & Online Survey Co.,where he helps people create meaningful, profitable and highly useful businesses through innovation & design.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, marketplaces, collaborative consumption, design that works and, of course, his family. When he's not consulting, teaching, selling over $1.8 million dollars of books or lending money to people in third-world countries (through Kiva), you'll find him reading, playing beach volleyball or mastering the art of surfing backwards.


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