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11 Videos (1h)
    • Welcome! Market Research and Branding

    • Photo Basics

    • Editing Your Photos

    • Using Picasa to Create Your Shop Banner

    • Basics of SEO on Etsy

    • Opening Your Shop & Creating Your First Listing

    • Filling Out the Seller Bio, About Page & Policies

    • Intro to Keywords and Keyword Phrases

    • Etsy Search Bar

    • Marketing on Etsy and Beyond

    • This is just the beginning!


About This Class

Want to be your own boss, make money doing what you love, and work from whatever location you choose? Of course you do!

I opened my Etsy shop with a box of embroidery thread, a handful of beads and a digital camera. Two months later, I started making enough money to pay some of my household bills, all from the comfort of my living room/studio! Today, I can count on a steady income from my Etsy shop, with a nice boom during the holiday season.

Your level of success depends only on your desire! You can work on Etsy part-time, like me, and make a great side income, or you can devote full-time energy to Etsy like Alana Rose Abbott from Miss Rose has evolved her business, and personal brand, to the next level of success!

Don't worry if you aren't a pro photographer, or don't know anything about editing software, SEO, keywords or marketing. This class is perfect for beginners, and anyone who wants to know how to improve their Etsy shop. If you’d like to sell handmade or vintage products, or craft supplies, on, this class is a must!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn if you ENROLL:

  • How to define your ideal customer base, and your brand
  • Product photography basics
  • How to edit your photos for free online
  • SEO and Etsy – how to get found in search engines
  • Navigating your first listing
  • Marketing your shop both inside, and outside of Etsy

By the end of this course, your brand new business on Etsy will be available to the public! Your shop won't be one of the hundreds with dim, unfocused photos, or items that no one will ever find because of poor descriptions or tags. You will have a shop that conveys your spirit to customers, with quality pictures, and relevant titles, descriptions and tags. You will also have the tools to begin creating a solid marketing strategy.

Starting a new business online can be fun and fulfilling. Enroll today, and start earning an income doing what you love!

Select student shops will be featured weekly on my blog,!


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Just enough , not too much at a time. Some things just magically happened, like taking the photo, and then posting the do you do that ?....not all of us are savvy to even the simple tech things...I really liked the overview though....
I have had an Etsy shop for a while but recently started trying to make some money at it. This class was super helpful in explaining some basics that I wasn't aware of and teaching me about Etsy SEO and getting your listings found.
Great information for first time Etsians.
Andrew Smith

Designer. Marketer. Strategist.





Ella Birt

Life & Business Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Greetings, I'm Heather Ella Birt, aka Existential Ella. I have two successful Etsy shops, and a corresponding blog for my bracelet shop. On a weekly basis, I juggle marketing via social media accounts, blogging, customer service, product photography and creating beautiful crafts for Etsy lovers to purchase.

When I'm not crafting, I love being outdoors with my dog, Thoreau, creating fancy vegan meals, and standing on my head.