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Etsy, Printify & Printful - Start a Succesful Print on Demand Business as a Complete Beginner

teacher avatar Mihai C., Work Smart & You Will Achieve Everything

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating Your Store & Connecting it to Printful

    • 3. How to Add Your Listing with Printful

    • 4. How to Add a Product with Multiple Variations

    • 5. How to Create a T-Shirt Mockup with Photoshop

    • 6. How to Use Printify & Connecting it to Etsy

    • 7. How to Find Winners, SEO Tips & Tricks, Copyrighting

    • 8. What Products to Sell & Setting the Right Profit Margins

    • 9. Etsy Ads & Product Ranking

    • 10. How to Modify, Cancel & Refund an Order

    • 11. How to get your first reviews quick, Invoices, Extra Income Sources

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About This Class

Are you ready to start a succesful Print on Demand store with Etsy, Printify & Printful ?

Etsy with Printify &  Printful is the easiest POD business model that you can start today. Why ?

  • It doesn't require a high budget to start

  • You can even make sales through organic traffic without paying for Ads (if your product is in high demand)

  • Built-in Advertising Platform That is Easy to Use

  • Off-site Ads (Etsy Will Advertise Your Products On Google & Facebook Automatically And You Will Pay a Fee Only If This Leads To a Sale- 12-15% Fee)

  • You Can Easily Find Winning Products From Your Competition

  • It's a Great Platform That is Easy to Manage

  • Once You Grow You Can Drive Your Followers To Your Own Website

How I started & My Background

In 2017 I started to work as a Digital Marketing Consultant for Google Digital Hub where I taught over 300 entrepreneurs how to run their Ads for their business and build their online presence. As years have passed I started to love eCommerce and how the entire space works.

Fast-forward, in 2019 after watching lots of YouTube videos and reading forums I started my First Etsy Store in February. I bought hundreds of designs from random websites thinking that these designs look great and they will sell. Guess What ? I was WRONG.

These designs are saturated, everyone is buying them and everyone will try to sell them. I was uploading 20 designs a day, I was spending lots of HOURS everyday hoping that I will sell these designs. After 2 months I started having a few sales but none of these were from the designs I bought, they were all coming from designs that I found through research.

As of May 2020 I have made over 57500 EUROs / 64000$ in sales (20% Net Profit give or take).

This is not a huge figure, but if you want another source of passive Income this is a great choice! I live in Eastern Europe and I'm making 1000$+ a month right now from ETSY alone (~6k$ in sales a month). You can make even more than the figures that I achieved so far but I also work as a freelancer in Web Dev & Digital Marketing and this is taking most of my time therefore I'm not trying to work harder on Etsy right now (I barely upload 1-2 designs a month right now).

How Will This Course Be Presented To You ?

I'm a very practical individual, and I do not like rambling and wasting time just to make others think that some made up info will make you milions. I will explain everything that I learned so far and I'll get straight to the point with each subject that is presented in this course.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Store Up and Running ?

If you know Photoshop or any other Photo Editing software at a Basic level you will be able to start your store in a few hours and you will save A LOT of money by doing the designs yourself.

This course includes all the information you need to start a succesful store. Consistency and Hard Work are the key to your Success!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mihai C.

Work Smart & You Will Achieve Everything


Hi ! :)


In 2017 I started to work as a Digital Marketing Consultant for Google Digital Hub where I taught over 300 entrepreneurs how to run their Ads for their business and build their online presence. As years have passed I started to love eCommerce and how the entire space works.

Currently, I'm an Entrepreneur & Freelancer in Digital Marketing & Web Development.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, in this course, I will teach you how to create a successful at historic we've print for last year. I said my first datastore, and so far I made over $64 thousand in sales, over 20% profit margin. Now, these are not high numbers, but you can definitely increase these numbers if you set daily goals and if you are consistent in avoiding potential winners everyday. Now, who is this course for? If you are new to the George spin space, this will probably be one of these as b small Ceasar. Why you don't have to set up your store from scratch like you did with Shopify, and you don't have to use Facebook ads at all. We have fully automated that from Etsy, which are pretty easy to setup. Now, if you're a graphic designer, you already have the mainstream for this and this will be pretty easy for you. And if you are experienced in the e-commerce space, or if you love ecommerce. And it's again, a great business model to start. Now, all my results were achieved through trial and error. I made this course quick and efficient, and I will teach you everything that I have known so far. So thank you for watching, stay safe and see you in the course. 2. Creating Your Store & Connecting it to Printful: Hey everyone, my name is me. Hi, and welcome to my course. Now, before we get into it, you will have to create a new email address for your business. You can pick when Gmail or whatever you like. It doesn't matter. After you do that, you will have to open for websites that is ETC, rainfall, TM and E Then we will go back to Etsy. You'll click signing, which will be right here. You'll connect to your new e-mail address. And after that, you will have a new button here, sin saying sell on Etsy. You'll click that. Once you click that, you'll have another button right here, where my cursor is saying opening energy stored. Once you do that, you'll be redirected right here where I am right now. So after that, you'll pick your shop language. Shop country has to be United States and the shop currency, US dollar. Which of these best describes you can pick whatever here. It doesn't matter. This is usually used by them as a statistic. So let's say that outbreak, this 11, click Save here, you can pick your store name. It doesn't matter that much. Why do you choose? I've seen stores that have random name that are doing really, really well. So it doesn't matter that much. Just pick a name that you like and make sure that it is available by clicking here. Then we will proceed. You will have to add your first listing once you create your new store. So you'll click on Add a listing. At a photo. Will pick a random photo. It doesn't matter. We will delete this afterwards. Okay. Title I'll say there's 1-2-3. Who made it? I did. Want to see the finished product. When did you make it made-to-order? Aisle saying shirt right here. Okay. We'll proceed to that description which is down here, says that there's 123. Again. Here we will add our production partner, right? We just print fall. I'll say print fall. It's a North Carolina us. It's actually Charlotte, North Carolina. Yeah, this one. And here we will type the following fulfillment warehouse and shipping service for small retailers. Why are you waking with this partner? I don't have the technical ability. What is your role as a designer from myself. And they do everything for me. We'll save that. We'll pick that option. And here we'll add the tags. This is what someone types when they are trying to find our product, right? You, you shouldn't overthink this too much. You can type your keywords together like this, let's say. Or you can type them. This individually. So it doesn't matter that much how you do it just you'll have to add the specific keywords. Okay, you'll have to add up to 13. I'll show you how to pick keywords later in this course. Right now we'll just add a listing to create our new store, right? Okay. I'll say the price here, $22 and just add the price at random. Okay? United States processing time. Usually rainfall will make this automatically for you so you don't have to set this up manually. I'm just doing this right now. Just greatly account. So you don't have to mess with this afterwards. And say priority and free shipping, OK. Doesn't matter. Ok. So I have to add, if we've got something right, let's see. Shipping variation prices manually. It actually works. That was a bug or something, I guess. Ok. And I'll click Save. And here we'll choose our country and we will have to add our bank account. Algaes mine. You'll have to fill all this info. And then we will finish the billing and we will sync Print Full. We've add c. After you fill that information, you will have to verify your ideas. So make sure that you take a picture of it right back in Romania. Id, and you'll have to take a picture of it. Once you uploaded your ID, you will have to verify your email address. And after that, you'll have to enter your credit card infos, right? And then we will continue with sinking up printable NNT. Now that we have our store created, we will delete the listing that we added a few minutes ago, right? Let's go back. Listings. Simply remove this one and go back into dash word. And now we'll go on principle. Will have to sign up. Okay? And doesn't minority peak here? And just pick one of them will have to come from our email address again. Now for bringing four, it took about five minutes for me to receive this e-mail from them. Now that I activate my account would have to go to billing. And bidding methods. You'll have to add a credit card here so it can make the payments from baneful. Now that they added a credit card. And we'll go ahead and similar platforms and go to stores. Chose platform. At seeing go down, connect. Allow. Just be sure that you're connected on your email to an existing account. Connect again, you don't have to wait a bit. Okay, now this is done. We can go ahead and configure our Etsy store. So we'll go back into 81. Click here. And now we'll go ahead and configure our store will be going into chop. Choose a logo and made one a few minutes ago. We'll save this one. Here. We'll click on the banner blindness. That big banner looks way better. I'll just pick this one, an image. If you can make this on your own, you can go to a satellite fiber type logo design here. And you'll be able to find a lot of people that are doing this and they are pretty cheap Also. I'll go back, I'll say this one. Here. We will add our shopped idle. You should say exactly what you're selling is the best way to describe, the best way to describe this. I save this. Here will set the same location that brings Will has. Here in the ano, an indie announcement category. It should say the sale that you're running. Here, we will add a few pictures of principles factory. They look pretty professional, so this should look pretty good. I just type something random is complete. This one. Here you have a title. You should just tell you a story. Basically. Here you should add your entire story. If you already have a website or a Facebook page, you should link these right here. I suggest creating a website later on when your store gets big enough to drive the traffic to your website. Shop members, you should that yourself right here or your business partner. And just added a few galleries. Now will sit this part. Now it depends a lot when you're searching restore. This course was created during the covert 19 pandemic. So the shipping times are quite different right now. It is somewhere from three to ten days for North America, for Europe, it's one to two weeks, and for the other areas it's 1-2-3 weeks. But usually when this pandemic will be over, this will be like five days on average, three to five years on average. Europe will be free to five days again, and Australia would be like one week civility. They wanted two weeks max. On returns and exchanges, you should and dissolve both of them on cancellations. Check this one. And you should choose request cancellation within one hour of purchase. If you choose a longer period, it is possible that the order that was placed by your customer that it should be or it is going to be fulfilled. If that's going to happen, then you won't be able to cancel the order. So just check within an hour of purchase. This is the safest way. You'll say this. Now when it comes to the FAQ, I already made a list from one of my stores. So I'll just go back. You can pause the video and just type. If a goal is that I added right here. Once you're done with your front page, you should go back in the dashboard, will click settings in front appearance. And here we'll have to set our post purchase message. So the message that your planned or customer where receive once they place an order, you can type a discount code here, for example. Alright, so something, something, something simple like this. Save. And if you want to set on create a coupon, you'll just go to marketing, sales and coupons. And special offer, greater cobol percentage off or free shipping. It depends on what you want to offer. Let's say 15. You can make this coupon trigger on a specific quantity or, or low total. I'll just said this turn-on duration, let's say for one month. And here you'll type that, right. Once you click Continue, here, you'll select your products right now have none, but we'll add a few. Re-listen. I'll just cancel this right now. Now will go to shipping settings. And we will set free shipping for the most purchased products. And these are T-Shirts like Cody's desktops, mugs, and hats. These are the most virtuous. Now click on edit. As you can see, everything was imported by print false, so you don't have to set this up. Once you connect your principal and Etsy count, all of this will be here. Now we'll click on that. It is the processing time right now during Govind 19, usually it is like two to seven or two to ten days. There were gender, there's four, you don't have to change them. This will update to automatically. Now, here we'll set free shipping for the us. These were most of your purchases will be coming from that set free shipping here. You can leave everything else as is. Or if you wanted, you can give free shipping to Canada as well, but shipping costs are a little higher than the one in the US. Let's save this. And don't forget that all this free shipping prices, you should include the shipping price, your product cost. That's how everybody does it. 3. How to Add Your Listing with Printful: Hey there. And this video I will show you how to add your first product from rainfall. You can do that from Etsy as well. But right now I will show you the easy way. We'll click on add product. And we'll select a t-shirt. The golden 64 thousand. I recommend using this t-shirt because it's high-quality and you can also make $10 per sale with this one. Just leave everything as is. You can choose your design or add some text. I'll just add some text for this demo. As you can see, the platform is pretty self-explanatory and easy to use. You can easily make a text design on their platform, but I do not recommend this. You should do this in a specific software like Photoshop and make it look more professional lenders. Go ahead and proceed to mockups. And here we will choose our first picture. This picture will appear in our store as well. I'll choose this one. Will proceed. Here we have the same fields that we had, the NSC, the product title, the description. You can leave it the way it is. The size chart. You should do one on your own, which will look more professional. And I'll show you one of my stores and how it looks and say but deliver here as well. I won't fill all the tags. This is just a demo. Display my product, we're free shipping and we'll proceed to pricing. And you can sell this shirt usually with 22 to $24. I'll say 24 here. Keep in mind that these two sizes have higher prices. Associate set your price higher as well. And we'll submit. Now we'll click Edit, energy will come back. And it denouncing. As you can see, everything was imported. And this I shot as well. You should check the print for Mark as well. The price is very important as well as you can see in ETC. We also have the option to add personalized products. So how does this work? Your customer will type a text in the following box. Once they do that, this will be redirected to your principal order and you will have the option to edit that order and modified model go in detail in another video. Now, down here we have the shipping profiles, the one that I showed you in the previous video. So if you want, you can add it each specific profile, even here in the listing dashboard. So if you understand this shipping profile, for example, that is for t-shirts and other products, the free shipping, you can do so, but you can just choose the Print Full free shipping profile that they offered. Now, we will publish our product listing fee is $0.2. Okay? And now if you go back to our star, will sit, this new product will just refresh the page. And here it is. We have free shipping included. I'll just change the currency down here at the bottom of the page. I forgot to do that. And now everything will be displayed in US dollars. 4. How to Add a Product with Multiple Variations: Now I'll show you how to add a product with multiple variations. So for example, if you want to add just one listing for one design, but you want to add this design on a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a tanked up. You can do so. So we will just complete the fields right here. Here I will type shirt. I cannot type shirt, hoodie and tanked up. I can choose only one category, but they all fit in the clothing sections, so it's fine. Now we will add a description for our shirt. We will grab all this description from here. Just delete this part. You can keep it if you want. And we will do the same thing for the hoodie and that we will be using is a golden 18,500. And for the top will go with the American Apparel 2408. Now, I will take the print full box and I will add the branding variations. And we'll add just one tag here just for the demo. Now, we will be going and variation, Create a new variation. And we will create a variation for color, and the other variation will be for type and size. Don't forget to check the box that the price will vary for each type and size. Now we will manually add all the product sizes. Yes, copy on bases to make this faster. And check all the sizes that are available for hoodies. I will choose black and navy because I know that these two colors are available for all these products. Now, I will end the prices for each specific product and usually charged $47 for the first sizes. Because I forgot to edit previously. I will go back and check the sizes for this as well. The price that I'm usually using is for $2. And of course we will use free shipping port all of them. Now, I will add a random picture yes, to complete all this. And then we will save this listing as draft. We will not publish it. Now, I'll go back in the dashboard and vector listings so that our draft will be updated. Now, we will go back to print four and we will sync this listing in the dashboard. We will select. And as you can see, it is currently not here. And that's why we will have to sync our product by clicking refresh data. As you can see how the variations are here, you will have to sync each one individually. Now we proceed. The top yellow banner ads will say exactly what you're thinking right now. Again, here you'll be able to upload your design or add some text. I will sink a few more products so you can get used to the procedure. Also, keep in mind that principle will automatically add a mock-up TO store. I recommend using this method of adding products instead on the one on principle. Why? Because a customer would like by design that you have, but he'll probably wants to buy a different product than a t-shirt, probably a hoodie or a tank top or something else. If you don't add that variation on that product, you might lose a sale. As you can see, this method takes quite some time, but trust me, it is totally worth it. You can quickly create mockups in Photoshop. 5. How to Create a T-Shirt Mockup with Photoshop: Now we'll go into the mockup generator and we will create our new mockup. We Photoshop. If you can't use Photoshop, just use another photo editing software. I'll just choose this two colors and add some random text again. And then we will choose the flat mockups. After you save this mockups, I will usually go on Google and, and trying to find a flat table that is pictured from above. And then just plays these mockups on top of it. Just make sure that the picture that you're saving is over 100 pixels. This one is over 1500, so it should be enough. Now, we'll go ahead and create a new file with a resolution of two thousand, two thousand pixels. After that will replace the table feature in Photoshop. And now we will place the mockup picture over it. So this is what I will do, tend Ops and who does as well. But I usually use a lighter color for the table. As you can see in the bottom right side, there are four layers, are images. Near each image, there is an i. If you click on that I, you can hide that specific image. Now I will continue the process and do the same thing for hoodies and tank tops. And if you're wondering how important these mockups are when it comes to driving sales. I'll tell you that they are not that important. It's all about personal preference. If you want to look professional, you can do so. This will most likely increase your chances. But all that matters is your design. The design or make the difference. I really like this hanging mockups, but sadly, these are not available for t-shirts. Now I will go back into the mock-ups that i greater than a few minutes ago. Now, we'll go ahead and link the photos, that specific product. We will know how to use the product. And as you can see on the product variants are now available. If you don't like this mock-up sale, I will show two more options that you can choose. So now we will go on Google and type place it. This website has a lot of Morehouse and iloc really well, molecule has to play a monthly membership for it. The reason why I am not using this website is because they don't have many golden 64 thousand mockups and the hoodies and tank tops they're using, they're not the same brand that we sell. So this could be a little bit tricky. So this is why I prefer a simple markup because a customer, we'll see exactly how this t-shirt will look because it comes from print fall and they have the exact mockup of the T-shirt. Now, the customer probably wouldn't care that much about this. It's more of a personal preference. So you can choose whatever you like. You can also go on Etsy and find some decent mock-ups. For example, I'm typing guild and 64 thousand mockups. And as you can see, there are many packs in here. You can download these. They don't have any InDesign on them and you can apply them in Photoshop or another editing software. So the conclusion here is simple. Just pick what you like. They're all great. See you in the next one. 6. How to Use Printify & Connecting it to Etsy: Hey guys, this is a quick updates my course. And this one I'll show you how to use printf I with ETC. Now, as always, there will be a link in the description, so you can use that one to sign up on quantify. It is an affiliate link. It is greatly appreciated if you use that one. So now, how do we connect our Etsy store? We've identified? It is quite simple. We'll just globe into my stores section and going to manage stores. And here we will add our new store. We will click allow access. And that's pretty much it. It's the same like we did with print four. Now, what's the difference between printing phi m? Phi is a marketplace where you can find multiple print providers to choose from. While rainfall is doing everything themselves, they have their own factory and everything. Why we should use Sprint the fire as well. That's because they have way better prices. For example, as you can see, there, Bella Canvas, 3,001 t-shirt on rainfall cost somewhere near €11, which is the equivalent of $13. While on printed phi, you can find the same shirt at $6 or 5 something. So it's way cheaper. You will also have the option pay for printing five premium and you will have 20% off on every product, so it will be even cheaper. Now, adding a product to your store is pretty easy. You'll have to click on start designing. You'll choose your design, your choose your desired colors, and then you'll push your product to add c. But you'll have to keep in mind one thing, quantify has some stock issues, at least in this period during coronavirus. So please be sure when adding a product that you're checking for, each specific size, you, they're missing sizes for a specific color, for example, be sure to not choose that specific color. Once you had your design, you will click on Edit listing. You'll attend your title and then you'll publish your design. It's pretty easy. Now, if you click on seeing in-store, you will see that this T-shirt is now available on our store, but there's something missing. We don't have the size chart here added automatically, so we'll have to add it on our own. Here I'll click on Edit listing just so you can see how easy it is to change the price and description as well. Once you changed everything, you'll click on publish product. You'll have to also click on create new shipping profile, which I forgotten the ng-click. That's all. Now for finding our size chart, we just go into catalog were struck our product and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Here, you can just simply take a screenshot of this, edited a bit and then add this picture at your store has a size short. Staffing, as I suggest, using a predefined is to fulfill the orders manually. How do we do this? We'll just go into the settings of our store and you will check the manual orders checkmark. So these are the settings that you'll have to use. Just click on manual approval, and that's pretty much it. How do we proceed if, for example, our print provider is out of stock for a specific color or size, we will add the same product with the same design, but we were different print provider. So when someone will replace, a order, will go into our orders tab and we'll have to change the order with the new product that we added right here. Keep in mind that you don't have to publish this exact same design to your store. We will only save this as a draft, so we will have it available. So you can select this design from a different dream provider. If the previous one goes out of stock, then you'll go into orders. Here you will have your order, you will click on Edit order, and you'll be able to select whatever product you want to add to that order for your specific customer. In this case, if we have any order that has an option with a missing color, for example, we will choose the other backup variants that we just added. Now, how do we add a product with multiple variants like we did with painful? Well, it's pretty much the same. You'll have to add the variance from entity. You have to change all of them. And then when we get back to quantify, we will have to add each product individually. So we will go, for example, if someone places an order for a hoodie, right? You'll have to go into prettify, you'll go into Edit order, and you'll have to select the specific hoodie for that or so. You'll have to add a separate product for a hoodie, but you'll save it as draft like we did before. You'd have to add a separate listing for a t-shirt and your save that that one is dropped as well. And you are just edit the order as like a specific product. And note that it's pretty hard to understand devout an example, but I cannot show you my orders tab because I'll show all the information I have. So I don't wanna do that, but you'll figure it out pretty easily when you will have an order. Here, you will have to change the price and you can just add whatever name you want. It doesn't even matter. I just added this for the sake of the video. Just click publish and that's pretty much it. Here. I'll just add a hoodie just as a demonstration. Our search for the golden 18,500. This is the best-selling Cody and is also great quality and it's pretty cheap. This pretty much how you spent 5x. I recommend using both of these platforms. Principle is little bit user-friendly. This one is a little bit harder for beginners, but they are both great options. 7. How to Find Winners, SEO Tips & Tricks, Copyrighting: Hey everyone, welcome back. This video will probably be the most important video from this course. Here I will teach you how to find winning products, how to list them properly with proper title and tags. So you can do the best SEO job you can do, and how to check for copyrights so you won't have any problems with your account. So the first method of finding winning products is you just go into Etsy and type a specific niche that you want to search for. I'll just type that's shirt here, for example. Now, what do you want to look for is the bestseller badge. And one more thing. So I'll just access this one. Open it. And as you can see down here, it says, Other people want this over 20 people have this in their cars right now. So 20 people is the limit. This actually means that there are more people that are actually buying this. So this is a winning product. Now, how do we check if this is copyrighted or not? We'll just go ahead and go on TM and we will type the exact same texts that he has on the t-shirt. So here we will type column daddy, parenting ops. So this design has no copyrights. As you can see, nothing is down here. So this means that it's not copyrighted at all. Now, let's go ahead and check his store and see how he's doing. This is another way of finding winning products. If you see a bestseller on a store, credit check their stores and see what else they have. You'll also find the other people want this text that is under the product. So as you can see, the store has multiple bestsellers and this another one. And again, we have the same thing. Over 20 people have this in their cards right now. This is sending greatly. Again. Now we will go back into Tm hunt and we will check this one as well to see if it's copyrighted or not. So you can basically take these designs, just changed the font or change the way that text is placed on the t-shirt. And you can even sell them without any issues. They are not trademarked. You'll want to have any copyright issues at all. Now just to show you that this story is actually working because you haven't seen anything down here right now saying that it's copyrighted and search for something that I know for sure that is copyright protected. So if I type boy, mom, you will see that here we have a result. You'll pick on the cereal. And then as you can see, it is registered and everything and it is active. We will click on goods and services. And in this section, we will find a code which is 0 to five or 25. This is a code that restricts you from using this design on a barrel like T-shirts, hoodies, and so on. So we cannot sell this specific texts. The specific design on a t-shirt or anything, because it is protected. So do not try to sell copyrighted March, you'll get your store closed. If you get more than ten copyright strikes, it can be even less than that. It depends on how old your account is. So do not try to risk. Your account. Now will go back to the store. And as you can see, it has a lot of great designs, are a lot of best-sellers. So you can do the same thing that I told you previously. Just check if the design is copyrighted and then you can do something similar to this. If you can do it on your own, just find a designer and someone will do this for you. For example, these friends, fond T-Shirts cell very, very well. I used to sell this on my first store and they worked. Now, you can do this without any issues. I've seen stores selling this type of March, even if it is a gray area when it comes to copywriting because you're using their phone basically, you can do this. I've seen store selling this for over five years and they are still fine. So you shouldn't worry too much about this. And I will show you later on that if I search for this type of product, there are a lot of them and even old, old stores are still doing this without any issues. Now, I'll go ahead and type friends graduation shirt. As you can see, there are lots and lots of t-shirts that are being sold by old stores that have thousands of reviews. So they are doing this for years without any issues. I'm not saying that this is okay to do, but this is the gray area where you can try specific designs that are related to movies without getting copyright strikes. So people are doing this for years without having any problems. Now, it's your choice if you want to do it or not. Now, these friends t-shirts are one of the few t-shirts that can be sold without any issues, but do not try to grade the store that is filled with copyrighted content. If you're thinking of adding Marvel or these knee or any other type of big brand movie, let's say a band or a corporation logo on your t-shirt. Do not think about that. Do not do that. Your risk or store, your soil will get closed. Once you get banned, you won't be able to create another star. And this is a great opportunity. So please do not waste it. But the other nice things you can try is the moment son or the moment girlish. You can create a product. We have a variation to it, right? You can add a t-shirt for the mother at tee-shirts for the baby. So you can make this as a pair together and create a mock-up with both of them. These will sell pretty good as well. You can see the following listings that I search right now. And they're doing pretty well, that there are a lot of bestsellers with these t-shirts. Now, don't forget before trying to list these types of products, just gone. Tim Hunt, try to search for the specific words that are used on these t-shirts. So do not get yourself in trouble. Just make sure that they are not copyrighted. So as you can see, the store has a lot of mom and son t-shirts for pregnant mothers mostly. So this is a good niche as well. You can do well with this niche as well, but you'll have to work a lot more to add these variations. It'll take a lot of time. So now it's your choice, what you pick, and how you want to do it. There are lots and lots of options. So it's up to you what you want to sell. You can even make a general store. We have a lot of things, so you're not limited. You can even choose any store or a general store. It doesn't matter. Both of these can work. So it's up to you what you want to do. Now for example, I'll type yoga shirt. And you can see I found another bestseller. I'll open this one. You will see the same badge again. Over 20 people want this, or over 20 people have this in their cards. So this T-Shirts, again, has many variation cited as I've showed you. So you can pretty much contact a designer on fiber, tells them to do something similar to this. And you can sell this T-shirt and it will most likely cell. Now, the same thing that I've told you. Now, let's check the store out. As you can see, the store has only 40 designs, but just check this out. Most of them have over 20 people have this in their cards thing. So these are all selling great disagreed store, a great winner. It was created in 2020. The store is recent and has over 3 thousand sales. So this is a great winning store at this very good store. Now, let's go ahead to the tags and title. How do you add this properly? Now, let's say that this bulldog t-shirts, for example, we want to create something similar to it. So I'll just copy the entire title. I'll go on So let's just copy this right now. We'll go into Iraq, will click on Tools, keyword tool. And we will paste the entire texts in the anther cured section. You can ignore everything here. You just got the bottom of the page. And as you can see, we just found our product. Now. You can see the listing, age, daily views, and how many favorites this product has. The heart's right. So if you want to create a similar design to this one, you'll just copy the entire title, all the tags, and add them to your product. You will for sure know that this will work because this individual has a bestseller and this product is still working well and he's selling it. Now. Another way of finding winning products is by going into Iraq. And here in the occured field will type another type of niche that you want to search for. For example, I typed yoga shirt. This will take a while to load, but we will find a lot of results. And you want to see how we can find a winning product pretty easy. So we'll just wait a bit. As you can see, we have some results here. We have researchers clicks the, and the competition for this specific niche. Now the competition doesn't matter that much. It doesn't mean that you can sell this specific design if it's good. So as you can see, these keywords that are bigger than the others means that they are being searched for the most, right. So if you go on the bottom of the page, as you can see, you can see more statistics here, but you shouldn't take this in consideration. That means you can use them if you want. But we'll just go to the bottom of the page. And here we can see a lot of yoga T-shirts right? Now, how do we find the bestseller? We just sort all of this by daily views. As you can see, these products that have the most data views are pretty much the best sellers and have the most sales. That's because they drive the most traffic. And this is pretty much what matters. You can search for the favorites as well. That's an indicator, but the daily views is what you are looking for. Now, if you want to create a design that is similar to this one, you can use the entire title, all the tags, and you'll be pretty much sure that ACO parties are right now. You'll just have to focus on the design. So please, when you add your product, do not use just a few words in the title. Just use as many as possible. Usually, the words that are used in the title should also be mentioned in the tags. Now, we will open this product on Etsy to see if this is selling. Well, as you can see, this product is a bestseller and is still making sales. So the method that I'm showing you is working and this is how you should do your research. It is pretty easy. It takes some time, but it's totally worth it. Now, I'll go ahead and I'll show you my first Etsy store. Two steps to fashion is my first Etsy store that I started last year in February when I first started at C. So in this store, I was selling Cancer Awareness T-shirts, mostly. Right now I'm no longer running this. This is making a fuel sales a month passively, I no longer run ads for it. So I'm only focusing on my main store right now, which is my new star. I want to show this one. I don't wanna get a copy than anything. So why I wanted to show the store is because of the mock-ups that I made. You should create the size mockups like I did in the store. Make them look as professional as you can. Make your store stand out and make your store Luke, Well, so now as a conclusion for this video, please do not create a store that is filled with copyrights. If you found a design that is being sold by an old store and that is potentially copyrighted. Make sure that this design is being sold by a lot of other stores that are old enough. So I'm talking store that was greatly like five years ago or something like that. So do not try and riskier Store. Please try to focus on finding designs that are not copyrighted and that are doing great sales. That there are a lot of designs that are working well. As you can see, I showed you a few initiatives that are doing great. You can find even more. And I'm pretty sure that you will find lots and lots of designs that are bestsellers and that are doing well. And you can create designs similar to them and make great sales. Just do not risk your store. It's not worth it at all. Now when you want to add your keywords and your tags, please follow my example. Go on Iran. Find the specific product that you want to sell. Make a design similar to it, sorts the results on IRAC by daily views to find the bestsellers and use their title and their tags and create a similar design to that. That's the best and the easiest way to create a good design that you will potentially sell. So please follow my example. This will work without any issues, just be patient. I will also attach a PDF to this specific video because there was a lot of information and given, so please download that PDF and I will write the steps in that PDF as well so you can know exactly what to do first and how to do it. Thank you for watching and see you guys in the next video. 8. What Products to Sell & Setting the Right Profit Margins: Hi. In this video, we will talk about what product to sell and what profit margins we will choose for each individual product. So we will go in the product catalog and 40 shirts. For example. We will choose the golden 64 thousand and the production cost for this t-shirt will be around 12 to $13. Now you can sell this T-Shirt for $2400, so you'll make around $10 per sale. Now, when it comes to thank tops, we will choose the American Apparel tanked up again and the price is around $20 with shipping. So this one, we firstly dollars, you'll make around $7 profit. Now we proceed to the long sleeve shirts. Again. You can sell this long sleeve shirt for further dollars with shipping included. So your make again around $10 profit. It's your choice if you want to charge more for these t-shirts, These are just the prices that I'm using currently. So now for these, for example, I'm selling cookies for 47 to $40. Now, you can sell them even for $50 if you want. You can make a pretty good profit margins with hoodies, but you will still make more sales from tee-shirts, that demand is just higher. Now for sweatshirts, for example, you'll do the same thing. You can use the same price that you used for hoodies on sweatshirts and other product that I'm selling right now are that heads? So you can sell the simple that had and the vintage 1426 to $40. So you can make around seven to $10 per sale profit. Keep in mind that if you're going to sell a product that requires embroidery, you'll have to pay for the digitization of the design. That will cost you an additional $5 just for your first order, then you don't have to pay for this. Again. Another product that you can sell are the monks. A mug can be sold for $600 up to $20. You can turn to $16 for those smaller, $120 for the bigger mug. Now you have two options. You can choose the white gloss Yuan or the white ceramic one. Both are good, is just your choice. Now, the white ceramic mug doesn't have a larger size. And the price is that they mentioned previously for mugs and hats are without shipping. So you'll have to include your shipping price if you're going to use free shipping for these products. The throw pillows are a good option as well. They are not in high demand like t-shirts, but they can be sold. If you have a great designer, you can place on them. Now for profit margins as well, you can just add $10 on top of the production price. Another thing that you can serve right now are the face masks. Now, it depends when you are listening to this course. But if you're listening during 19, you can sell face masks if you have a Shopify store, but if you don't, you can use the navigators. Only the navigators are allowed on Etsy and because they are considered handmade. Now, if you're trying to sell navigators, please do not charge more than $20 for these, the price is quite high, so your profit margins will be lower, but at least you'll have consistent sales if you have a great design with these. See you in the next one. 9. Etsy Ads & Product Ranking: Hey, there. In this video, I will show you how Etsy ads work, how offsite ads work, and how the product ranking system works. So first of all, we'll go into marketing section, will flick on Etsy ads. And as you can see here, we'll have to set a daily budget for our ads, right? I have mine disable because as I said, I'm no longer running the store. So I'll set the budget right here. And now. We can change the abided by clicking manager budget if we want, or we can choose our specific product, which one we want to advertise. So it's pretty easy, right? You just have to tick the box and click update. That's pretty much it. Azi recently introduced the site ads. So how do these work? If we click on Settings and we go to the offsite dads, you will see that Etsy will automatically promote your products on Facebook, Google, and Bing. So they will actually do this for you. You don't have to set up these ads. Now. You'll have to pay a fee for each sale that was generated for this channel. So if you make a sale, you will pay 15% fee. Once you're past the $10 thousand sale mark per year, you'll pay only 12%. And this is actually a great way of reaching more potential customers. You don't have to deal with grading the ads on Google or Facebook on your own. So this is a great feature that Etsy has implemented. Now, when it comes to product ranking, How do your products rank higher? In order for your product to rank higher, you'll need to receive a lot of favorites for a specific product or more purchases. So once you get a lot of favorites and purchases, this product will rank higher. 10. How to Modify, Cancel & Refund an Order: Hey everyone. In this video, I will show you how to modify castle and refund and order this my first Etsy store. And here I'll show you how to cancel a refund on order in it. So we will go into orders and shipping. And as you can see, here are all the orders and we will click on these three dots and issue a refund. Here, we will choose that buyer and shop owner agreed to cancel transaction. And here you can leave an optional note if you want so that your customer know that your refund that disorder. You will have to check the issue for refund and cancel order and then you'll click review refund. And okay, I won't do that in this video because I don't want to refund disorder, but that's how you proceed with it. Once you cancel the order in ETC, you'll have to cancel it in painful as well. So we will copy the order number that is right here. And we will have to go back in principle and cancel the order. As you can see, we have found the order. Now. We will click on it. And if you want to cancel it will flick cancel order. As you can see down there, you can see the profit and the print full price as well. We will click on change order and here, if you want, you can change the design as well as the shipping address and the shipping speed. This was filmed during covaried 19. So we don't have any other Shipping options, just the standard one. Then you proceed with continued to review and we will update the order. And that's pretty much it. You'll only have to change the design here if the customer requests it or if you have a personalized order, L's, you can leave everything the way it is. See you in the next one.