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Etsy Polish - Clean Up Your Shop for Maximum Sales and Peace of Mind

teacher avatar Adri Luna, Unleash the creative.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. 00 Etsy Polish Intro

    • 2. 01 Etsy Polish Vela

    • 3. 02 Etsy Polish Titles

    • 4. 03 Etsy Polish Descriptions

    • 5. 04 Etsy Polish Categories

    • 6. 05 Etsy Polish Photos

    • 7. 06 Etsy Polish Tags

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About This Class

*Featured on Business Insider How to Make Money on Etsy!*

Take this quick and helpful class on polishing up your Etsy Shop with one of the greatest (free) tools ever invented… GetVela!


This class is designed to give you a quick tutorial on how to use GetVela to review and polish up your Etsy shop.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to sign up and use GetVela a free (and wonderful) tool
  • How to review your shop listings quickly and pick out what can and should be fixed
  • I will give an in-depth look at updating your titles, description, photo, and tags.

This class is meant for Etsy users with some experience under their belt. I would highly recommend having at least 10 to 20 listings in your shop.

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Interested in starting your own Etsy? Get 40 free listings if you sign up with this link and you can bookmark this class for another day. 

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Adri Luna

Unleash the creative.


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1. 00 Etsy Polish Intro: no welcome to etc. Polish Clean up your shop for maximum sales in peace. Hi, I'm Adrien, an abstract artists on mid work on I created this class because I wish someone had told me about a lot and some simple tricks when I first started. I want to share with you what helps me maximize my time, making it easier for me. Update my old tired listings and give me more time to create In this class, you will get a quick and helpful overview of a free and wonderful tool that will change the way you work on that. You will learn how to review your shop listings quickly and pick out what can be fixed or updated and how to update your titles, description, photos. All of this knowledge will help you keep. Your list is fresh and road and more likely to make a safe. So let's get started 2. 01 Etsy Polish Vela: in this lesson, We will be going over the website below. You can sign up for it and I will show you how you can use it to polish up your at C class . There will be a link to this website in your class. Notes. If this is your first time using bill, it will take a few minutes for your shop information to populate so you can go ahead and pause this video. Sign up and get that process going. When you're ready, come back. You could use Villa to see all of your listings at once. I'm going to go ahead and sign in the way he used my shop. So up in the corner s all your information. I currently have 81 active listings trying to get up to 100. Ah, you can see the sections that you have the categories gives you just a general look. So for this example, when they use one of sorry in the use my art print collection cause there's only 15 you select all of them when you go at it. Sometimes it takes a second, so let's see. Okay, on the left side, you're gonna have a menu of all the things that you can quickly bulk at it. Your shop information. So for the title, let's see, this is the most helpful thing because you can add something toe all of your listings before the text after you confined in replace. So if something changes suddenly you're using a different type of material. And you know you have a lot of that in the listings. You can change your quick with finally replace, and so I'm just sure you an example. You can add sale to everything come back two days later. Take it away, and it's just really easy to change. A lot of information passed next. His description. The best thing about this is you can go through access all your listings at once. Well, kind of, but you can find and replace. So if you want to add something and you know you have texted every single listing, it's super simple. I did it with this the mailing list. I decided to offer people a discount, and so I was able to put it in all my listings in like, one minute instead of manually going through on etc. Categories. You can quickly change them. Y personality there were Sorry. So if you want to change it up and I've been thinking about doing that, cause almost all of my prints were in art and collectibles never thought of them as home decor. They can actually be searched through that way. So it's good to have variety with your photos. This is actually the best part of Vila to me and why I am a huge fan of it. It instantly shows you which ones are missing, like thes. I thought I got rid of their still in there. I need to get rid of them. I think this is helpful when you renew old listings. So as you change your ways and get more competent, you're newer. Listings are better. Your older ones still Havel information, and if you renew it, it never gets updated. So this is a good way to come through. These were all once that I haven't had a chance to get to since the new update. So if I wanted to edit thes, I could de select the ones that have enough photos and move on to the important ones that are like it. Another really important thing is you can quickly see like, Let's see, this one to me has a good mix. There's a desk. There's a hallway scene. There's a close up of the photo. You can see what it would look like on different things, but there's no there's a double. See, that's perfect example. Just get rid of it right now, okay? I have a couple doubles. I think I was just trying to fill the spots then so you can come through here and just look it over. Like I like to have a room seen a frame scene, and then a shot of the artwork loans. They know what they're getting like. This one doesn't have it. So I can come through here, make all the notes of what I need to do to update this section and take care of it quickly . Just you could see this is a better example. Different room scenes, framed kind of a close up of one. This one. Not so. All of my listings also have this discount code. You can't blow it up here, so it tells them. Get the link in the description. If you want an extra 10% off. That's a full space that you can fill, and I use this to add it. And so it added it almost every listing, I believe the ones it's not on like this one were expired at the time, so that was an evolution without see. They changed the game up and when they brought 10 listings in, just rocked my world. So continuing on with tax again a quick way you can, Adam, you can delete them. So if something changes, it's very helpful. Around Valentine's Day and Christmas, you could just change those tags really quickly with materials. Same thing. I don't like to stuff this with any word, so I don't have thumb full. But those air spaces and opportunities I'm missing out on you can fill them in quickly here . Same with tax. This is a good way to see to 000 remaining. Thes were all full. If that's it gives you a space, you should fill it. So if you're missing them, you could Adam quickly in here. I'm sorry. Sections super helpful. Like I said, I don't have a pink section, but this could easily go into my colorful our print section No, it's nice to have different categories to help people know what they're looking for quickly . So on occasion you cannot edit it if it's a wholesale listing, so just be aware of that. But again, if that's he gives you the space. Teoh, pick something, fill it out. You might as well do it and get those extra keywords. So that's not good for baby shower. But I would say House for me, Holiday Great won two super fast to go through here and click him instead of opening each listing in at sea. Not quite so creations is another one. They just make it quick and easy for you. You pick what you want. You don't have to go to every individual listing and at sea you can do it all here, which is really nice with the price because, say, you know, you're having a sale. You're offering 20% off, but you want a pat your pricing a little. If you do that, this is a good place to do it or if you're having a sale and you just want to mark him down so people can see like you have done with this product you wanted. Clearance it out. Just do that here. Quantity, This is always nice. I dio drop shipping and so I like to look, I like it to look like my items are scarce, but not in a sleazy way. And then you can also change the skew which I don't use. So just these air tools to help you out. And then you must always sink it at the end and you'll see the changes in etc. Within a few minutes. 3. 02 Etsy Polish Titles: in this lesson will read reviewing your titles we like to do this is to go sections at a time when choosing a smaller one for this demo. Select them all at it are so most important thing when reviewing your titles is the first keywords in your title are the most important. They all the most weight in searches, according to etc. And also it's the first thing you see as a shopper. And on Google, it's just the most important thing. So, for example, these 14 that I'm going over large watercolor print that's good enough. There's no red Flags Christmas gift for her red flag. It's not Christmas anymore. That should be changed. So I will just add this one, for example. Let's see. All right, so when you're reviewing them, you found your bad listing. Here's some things you want to consider how you visually break up the words I use periods. I have literally heard every contradiction ever on how you do this. Some people say, don't include and he punctuation, punctuation. Sorry, um, that you want every possible combination, so potentially gift home decor would be attack if there was no period there. But potentially art print. Cool Christmas might be one which is terrible. So I think out of all the advice, I I wouldn't try that one. But you could break them up with periods, commas, piping or backslash. And so, in case you don't know what a pipe is, that's usually the one straight up and down line people like to do that. Two slashes look good, but it's also taking away from the characters. So if you want to get fancy and use the double, you will be losing valuable keywords. Space. Um, I had a very logical review of my shop, and the person who did it said to use commas, never used periods but didn't explain why. I really like the way periods look, and I have some with commas. I Here's a perfect example of one. I don't think it's detrimental to have either or I haven't seen anything, so I'm sticking with my periods since he's and it's also really good to consider key words . Coming up with them can be so hard I use at the rink. I do a lot of research, and I think we're all doing that. But one of the things is like this one. For example, it's telling you what it iss. You're getting the colors. You know that it's abstract and its peace art again. Kind of repeating what it can be. And this is apparently a popular search again. Colors what it is decoration. But you could potentially add too many of your listings. Who will be getting it? So are you getting this for your wife? Are you getting it for a friend? It wouldn't look good in dorm like who's getting it? And I tend to skip that. So I'm working on it, and I thought I would share that with you because it's pretty helpful. I think the last few sales I've gotten have all had, ah, who in the in the title. So and they go back to my Christmas one and just change this up. So sorry. If I was adding to all of them, I could go up here. I could also find and replace So Christmas is it with Fallon Kinds thing. Rocketed. Do that because it's too close to Valentine's. But good examples. Sorry on this, using that to a little right now. So Christmas gift for her. I could change that to gift for her actually stopped. Uh, I used large wire color abstract art That's a really long tail keyword, but they were also really valuable ones. So basically, I'm hoping to give you some tips and advice on how to change these up. You don't need to watch me at all of these. Right corking after system are here from Cora Well, art Large statement. Our peace between characters over the limit, the Garrett of cool Christmas gift on the core gift that was gift for women. So this is a little heavier on who will be getting it for taking a chance. Also for the demo. I'm just making those up. I already mentioned you should be using tools like etc. Rank or marmalade. Don't just rely on at sea searches to give you key works. Sink those updates, and that's how you can quickly go through. Pick out some weak listings and change them up quickly 4. 03 Etsy Polish Descriptions: in this lesson. We're gonna go over your descriptions. So starting from the home page, I'm gonna make a small selection again. Select all at it and then on the left hand menu, select description. And just so you can see again gives you an overview, you can make a lot of changes. So already I see there's a double there. This is good to do, because when you're in a hurry up loading a lot of stuff, sometimes mistakes happen and you're not catching them because you're working so fast. So this is a good example of polishing up my shop. These have the same exact listing titles. I am going. Teoh, change the description here. So this is a large, large modern art print. It was created a simple Scandinavian style. This is a large, powerful print. It's created. And then I'm not gonna actually waste your time going through these just a quick drink. So this gives you a chance to just Peru's look for glaring errors. One of the things I noticed that I want to change quickly is I used offer original small works, but since I've moved, all my paintings are in storage while I look for a studio so I can't offer that right now. So I'm gonna dio find and replace. Use the example. No, I really like those doubles. It looks really good when you don't have a lot of typos and errors and stuff in your listings, which we all do x for human. So find this phrase we're gonna replace it with. You can also find Oh, are there colorful And that Murthy abstracts on paper apply that double check. Make sure changed. Wow, I really did a lot of those you can find recoverable in Tikrit about sharks on paper. And then I like to think while I'm working because you'll forget And it will be painful. So again, perusing, making sure like these spaces, This is a good time to kind of see, like this is very little text. When someone looks at this listing, all of that is above the fold. So they're gonna read that. And that was an experiment versus trying to sell them with a story about why they should purchase those So do what's right for you. But make sure he go through groups and again checking for any glaring errors. If you click out of the box, it closes. It's kind of my favorite thing to do. So again. This is a faster way to work, and I would also recommend if you don't have Graham early, it is an extension for chrome. I believe it's you can use it for a couple of others, but I just use chrome. Um, it will check your grammar, and so it should be working right now. Can you make our lets, You know when you've made mistakes? I just looked out of there. So a great tool to have don't select all and be like It's mad, but it's beautiful toe have, and it helps you catch some of those glaring Arabs that your eyes might read over because you wrote it very helpful. So this is another thing I used to do this they recommend against it. I don't know if you have this in your listings, but it was sending people to different um categories in my shop. And so in theory they click here and it takes them to the prince that shop and etc. The only links you could have on etc. Lead to other Etsy stores, so it just looks sloppy, and there's no reason to do that because they could just look unless you like it. But if you do, just remember it has to be a Nazi link. So if you change your mind or made a mistake on the order, you can request the other thing about Graham Ilias. Sometimes I don't know if that's correct. Uh, I prefer on, so don't take it with a grain of salt is just trying to help you with your grammar and they love. I'm just gonna leave that. But they love adding comments and for that proper English, So sink the updates again to make sure and, uh 5. 04 Etsy Polish Categories: in this lesson, we will be going over the categories, so I think it's a really good option. This is my personal opinion, but if you have everything in one category, it's good to shake it up and get a couple other ones if it applies. So I think I mentioned this earlier, but all of my stuff, almost all of it isn't arts and collectibles, as I didn't realize that I could do home to core. So I'm going to select a few of these to change about. And a great example of this would be these two have the same exact text. You haven't changed yet, so I'm going to change one up and see if it does better in a different category. So come un selecting once that were pre selected when I selected this category and selected all case, you're wondering So changing the category two Coleman living and then the other thing is again with the split testing idea. All of these, um, I didn't need to do that. So, home living, okay, All of these, I'm just gonna start with home decor, and it has further categories. So if I want to dio wall decor if it keeps going. So that's right. I know go past that one because the rest are like stencils and wall hangings. But if I don't want to dio past a certain one, you just one click it on. Does it deuce? It controls these what you just did, and you can go back and adjust these differently so you don't want all of your listings to have the same exact tags all the time. So this is a quick way to go through and just change up some of. And it's just giving you a broader audience you're appealing to, because as an artist, I shopped with art in mind and colors, and I know that when I talked to different people they shop with, like wall art and big blue painting, which isn't exactly how I would shop. So just food for thought. You wanna maximize the people who can potentially see your product applying sinking so that information will go toe, etc. That was a pretty quick one, and it doesn't apply to everybody. If you know your category and it works, that's great, but it's worth it. Taking a few minutes and looking, maybe your product fits in several categories, and you're just missing all these opportunities, especially with weddings. I think people miss that one a lot. I've had a couple of pieces that I have been told would be great wedding gifts, and I have never explored that. That's a good time or that today's good. It would be a good time to go look into that, gather some keywords and make a few listings and see how they dio. 6. 05 Etsy Polish Photos: and how to review them. Maybe fix him up a little. But first of all, the best thing about Villa to me is the fact that you can look at your work like this. You can quickly see where you need photos. I'm just assess a situation. So it looks like I could use a photo in every no, almost every listing in this category. Okay, so the two ways you can use this the first being you can quickly assess. Okay. Missing three photos for photos. You can get that stuff together, edit them and get them ready and just slide them over here. You can leave this up the whole time. Like making changes. It's so much faster than at sea. And it just has saved me so much time because you don't want to waste time uploading stuff . But the other way that this is good for a quick preview that you should probably do regularly if you want to keep your shop fresh, is taking a minute toe look through these. And so the 1st 1 An example. As an example, I feel like this is, for me pretty good across the board because there's of room, seen another room, seen a close up shot of what it might look like on your desk, a random shot of it on a white background so you can really see it close up shots. You know what you're getting exactly. Another room scene room scene, the's air doubling. Sorry, but it's full, and it looks pretty good at first glance. So, ideally, I will replace that and the other repeat so they look similar. But they're different. I should have one that's a little further away, like in a bigger show them how big this piece could be in a living room. And I have markups that do that. If you're photographing your product, sometimes it's hard to fill 10 spaces. I believe I've read in several places that the 1st 5 images are the most important or etc. Ranks you on your five. They want you to have five, for sure, but I'm a big believer in if they give you a spot, fill it. It's there for a reason. It keeps people in your shop longer, and if you have a product that benefits for multiple views or different, like if you sell necklaces and it looks dramatically different on on a wedding dress versus like T shirt and jeans, and you can show how versatile it is. Do it. This is your shot, but also that takes up a lot of time. So I use this trick, which I believe I showed you earlier. This goes in almost every listing if it's not in there because I haven't added it yet. And it's an older one that I'm renewing. Or maybe an old expired one that I'm bringing back. And it encourages people to sign up for my email list to get a little extra discount and special perks. But this is full. I don't know if I want to waste time opening mock up, finding that piece of work, making a new one for these down here, these three. That's great. So have another one to fill in, and this one says, Follow me on Instagram There's my name. I might make a combine one with Facebook because for a while I had a Facebook one, a Pinterest one and an instagram one, and it was just to fill the space because I was little panicked. Don't be like me. Don't panic. Just fill yourself of good images and so continuing on in the in the idea of reviewing, like looking at this one, it needs three mock ups. I can see here that I have a seen a room, seen a close up, a frame shot and then another room, another kind of close up room scene so I could maybe do another big scene where I could show how big the art piece give it can get. Or I might do a little more intimate one like show how it looks small on a gallery wall like there's 100 ideas. But you can just take time to assess, like these three images look too similar. And this one so small it's not the best. Like I don't like this mock up. It was one of the first ones I got. So since I'm editing right now between these two, I will probably keep that one. So now I have a lot more to fill in. I could still add that quick, follow me on social media plug, but there's enough here to give me to work with, and I deleted those bad ones because that's what we're here for. We're doing review. Let's get the junk out and keep it fresh and nice. So again with this, I like that one. That one's kind of dark, but it's a bigger room scene. You could see how big the pieces. This is a close up shot that pretty much looks like this one. I don't think I need it. This is a dark one that I was trying out, and I hate it Doesn't look good. So these two are also similar. So I'm gonna have a lot of work to do after this. But again, this is a very old listing. I select piece of art and it consistently cells. It could benefit for some from some, like fresh new mock ups. So there's nothing wrong with reviewing yourself and finding her fault. So this is by far the biggest like, helpful thing. Avila, I absolutely love it. I think you'll love it, too, and it just really helps you. If you're bulk editing, cause you like right now, I could turn off this video and no, but I have, like one too. 3456 a phone seven, seven or eight. But I could just go knock out those mock ups. Come back here, drag him over and I'm done. So always seek it. And hopefully you find using the photo section is easy as I do. 7. 06 Etsy Polish Tags: in this lesson. The last lesson. We're gonna go over tags because the nice thing is the materials is similar, so you don't leave me for that. But I'm gonna do this in real time with you, just hopefully, maybe it'll work for you. I think it's always great to see other people's process and still what's good and laugh it . What's terrible, But so I kind of just sort of quick lines. I won't do all of them, but let's see this one's missing a tag. So I'm looking at it. If I'm already gonna fix it, that I should look and just see if there's anything that's sticking out. That was a bad choice because I am a really big fan of copy listing and just glancing through it really quickly and not fixing mistakes. And sometimes I find the listing that says large blue art print, and it's a big pink one and it's pretty or it says in the tags, and that's something. If you just slow down and take a minute, those silly mistakes go away. So looking at this, I was trying some different things home to core our print instead of like abstract art, print or just smaller ones, but affordable art. I don't think I need that. My work is not the cheapest and I don't think affordable za bad phrase, but it it's just not relevant toe what I'm doing here. So looking to the next one will see this one was trying gallery Waller because I heard that was a really good keyword in my research, and it is not. I don't know if it's the print that's not doing well or if it's the words, But looking at this, I can see, um, I'm not offering this for, etc. Wholesale anymore, so that needs to go. I don't know why that isn't capitalized. It's a little upsetting, but at least these are all kind of relevant to the text. I'd probably go in and change that later. So let's you get for traveler, get for her modern art print. These look pretty good trying to see if there's anything super glaring that's standing out . I thought I had one inherit might have deleted it in my practice speech, but I do a quick search. Yeah, I was living in Kansas City and I met a lot of cool people and was found and invited to do stuff through etc. So I think it's really helpful in some of your listings to put your location, especially if it's relevant, like people do search that way. Um, I mean, if you relevant in the sense, if you wanna work locally with people, so right now I am outside of San Francisco and apply that to Oh, that's right. You have to select the ones that you want to apply to. That might be helpful so that one's full. You could use one, and that's enough. Like for extremely specific tags, like with your shop name, and that you should always put a couple of those. Because if someone searched for searches for your shop by the name, it'll pull it up and also your name every once in a while, even if it's in just one tag. If your friend searches for you, it's going to come up. And why would you miss out on that rental sale so you can see it's filling in green, showing you where it's going to appear? Three tags? Yeah, well, the organist might be another thing. In another two listings, I'll put San Francisco California or Oakland because I'm closer to Oakland. But I think people search for San Francisco more. And I like to do stuff in San Francisco, so I get out. I did put local never. Latham. Um, I don't think this matters. I like it when everything has all caps or all lower case, but that's just being picky. Ah, statement piece. That's not a really good one. So ideally, you would go through and x out the ones that aren't working. And if you do these in little sections at a time, or even just doing if you have ah, shop that has like 100 listings, it's exhausting. But if you want a like power through it and just do all your listings and you know one sitting that also makes a lot of sense, I just would burn out too easy. So in this situation, see your full your full. Just finding the ones with remain Er's actually cut myself up. Sorry. So go through assess. Pull out really bad tags. You know, if they're bad, search them. Do your research if you think they're kind of weak, you know, like blue art print. I could search that. Make sure it's still good, strong keyword. That's not remove it. This is the time to get in there and like, make improvements. You know, if things aren't working, you can figure out why. And so at this point, I only have a couple. I think I'm I add my name like I was saying Looks, it'll tell you if you're trying to add it to one where it's already there and even that's kind of a lot like you don't need your name and half of your listings and you're wasting valuable tax base. But it is still good. Like I said, to get that in there because people will search that. So do abstract artists that last one. And then we got 000 one or meeting it's highlighted. This is an unfortunate feature of Villa. Just be aware. Sometimes you have to work around and angle it just right cause it'll cover it up and then you can't select it. And that's their little help chat, which they're really good about getting back to you quite easily. I mean quickly. It's not easily so unfortunate. Downside, Avila, and it's totally worth it. For all the good things. So I'll do modern and minimal, which I know. It's a great tag. Not sure what. It's trying to add it there, and it's been added to the bottom. Look, I just did it to myself. This is why capital ours, another modern and minimal, is a category that I get emails about, and I love their stuff. My works pretty modern and minimal. So it fits. Get that out of there. And once you come a custom record re silly. Little mistakes won't happen as much, saving yourself a lot of time. Or you could just not care about capital letters. But there's an overview of how to quickly add tags You can also, as I said before, you could delete tags. So this is a good time for Let's see, I'll just for the sake of the demo. Do you art prints again? Don't forget to select them in advance. Well, this seems like a pendant, but it's pretty intuitive, like you should select the ones you want to read it first. Before you go in there, try to delete. So even though you're selecting one that doesn't have are pregnant, sometimes it's easier to just select them all, so I'm gonna remove our print, apply now. They all have one and then automatically defaults back to add. It's really do abstract our print who replaced all of them that easy and again. The best and easiest way to use that is if you have listings that are holiday themed like I have Some Butter Christmas and then a week before Christmas, I change them to Valentine's and then a week before Valentine's cause it's too late for them to order for me. I we're going to change them. I'm going to change them to Mother's Day and then a Mother's Day. There's not a lot of holidays, so I might just deactivate them or find the next holiday if it's relevant or gift. Sometimes I just switched them all to gift for her or wedding anniversary. I mean, paper anniversary, the first weddings paper. So there's lots things you could dio, but it's awesome because it's so much quicker here, and you could just see everything laid out. And it's great. So I hope that this has been really helpful tutorial. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Um, materials is the same you just Adam, you could delete them. It's really nice. This is the only area that I don't problem my own rule of fill every space they give you. But I'm working on it and then the rest. We kind of went over in the overview, and it's pretty simple, So there's no reason for me to keep wasting your time. And you could be in here fixing up your Etsy shop. So thank you for selecting this class and I hope that it helps you again. Please feel free to message me anytime or find me on Social Media's Adri Luneau Studios. You saw my image. I'd be happy to be your friend. Thank you.