Ethnic Style Jewellery: Create a Bold Print Applique Bangle | Fiona Szabo | Skillshare

Ethnic Style Jewellery: Create a Bold Print Applique Bangle

Fiona Szabo, Maker, Craftivist, Lover of Bricoleur

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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Fabric, Cut on the Bias

    • 3. Assembling Adornments

    • 4. Gluing the Fabric

    • 5. Using Bondaweb, Securing the Lining

    • 6. Finishing Touches


About This Class

Welcome to DIY applique jewellery making.

This stylish bangle workshop will show you how to adorn printed fabric to create a beautiful, bold print, ethnic style bangle.

Using a simple formula, I will show you how to design and produce a wonderfully iconic piece of  statement jewellery. The techniques you will use are all very accessible. This class is aimed at a general level, requiring just basic hand-sewing skills, simple knitting skills (optional) using materials such as brocade fabrics, felt,ribbon, beads and gilt details, which you will assemble to transform a bangle.

  • The composition of the piece includes floral or geometric inspired applique.

Follow my Pinterest inspiration board help you find further inspiration and join me in this quick DIY fun project.

I look forward to unique and inspired jewellery making with you !





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Fiona Szabo

Maker, Craftivist, Lover of Bricoleur

Fiona Szabo is a textile based jewellery designer and craft tutor.

As a modern-day maker, Fiona utilises eclectically sourced materials, along with treasured items, turning them into into statement pieces. Fiona feels that there is a very creative model at the heart of creative reuse and re-making - it is a place that affords a genuine value to materials.

Fiona began her career in textiles and design upon entering a national competition to win a job with the celebrated British f...

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