Etch A Sketch! Create Your Own Textured Hand Etched Jewelry | Alicia Goodwin | Skillshare

Etch A Sketch! Create Your Own Textured Hand Etched Jewelry

Alicia Goodwin, Jewelry Lover

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9 Videos (14m)
    • 1. Hello and Welcome to My World of Jewelry!

    • 2. All the Tools You'll Need

    • 3. Drawing Your Design on the Metal

    • 4. Adding the Acid for Etching

    • 5. Neutralizing the Acid

    • 6. Cleaning the Ink from Your Metal

    • 7. Making Holes in Your Pieces

    • 8. Putting All Your Pieces Together

    • 9. Wear Your Necklace! The Big Reveal!


About This Class

Why have boring jewelry when you can create texture on something you’ve made! In this class, you’ll learn how to use the acid etching method to create a unique beautiful jewelry.

Using pre cut metal shapes and a simple design, we will create some etched pieces that will be used for a fun art necklace that you won’t find anywhere else.

 This is a really fun project for people who don’t know how to saw, as we will be using pre cut shapes that can be bought online or at most craft stores.

 Students will learn how to create their own designs on metal (this is a freehand drawing project which is really fun).

  • Drawing on metal with fun results.
  • This class is geared for creative people who always wanted to create a texture other than hammering on metal in a fun (kind of ) easy way.a74d31db





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Alicia Goodwin

Jewelry Lover

Hi there!
I'm a jewelry designer with a passion for metal. I have an extensive background in bench jewelry, production, overseas product development and also the technical aspect of creating jewelry.

I specialize in drawing and designing on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but can also do bench jewelry and manipulation. I illustrate using a tablet and stylus, so it's just like drawing, but super exact!

I am a graduate of the State University of New York Fashion Institute of ...

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