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Essentials of Web Design for Entrepreneurs in 20 Minutes

Siddharth Srinivasan, Digital Entrepreneur

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6 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction to the Class

    • Why Learn to Design First, then Code

    • Setting up your Web Presence

    • Some Design Basics

    • Different Types of Websites

    • Brief Introduction to Web Development


About This Class

Have you always wanted to create a website for your dream idea, but did not know where to start? If so, this course if for your. I will explain the key essentials you need to know about setting up your web presence and make sure you get an amazing domain name. You will go through a quick crash course on design basics & also learn the essentials of Web Development. 

At the end, you would have a clear idea on where to start and how to make your dream a reality. 






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Siddharth Srinivasan

Digital Entrepreneur

Hi There,

I am a digital Entrepreneur who acquired the skill set required to start up my own firm & build my own products. I learnt most of my skills online, just like you and mastered them over the course of running my business.

Mistakes made me wiser and taught me things I wished I had not learnt the hard way. I feel first time entrepreneurs or those, who come from a non technical background, will be better poised to address challenges if they go through my course.

I ...

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