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Essential Websites For Killer Productivity! (Part 1)

teacher avatar Peter Cook, Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Teaser

    • 2. The Ultimate Screenshot Tool - Boost Your Productivity

    • 3. The To-Do List That Opens Up Your Mind And Make You More Productive

    • 4. Get A Book's Key Message In LESS Than 15 Minutes - Boost Your Productivity

    • 5. Project Assignment For This Productivity Class

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About This Class


Welcome to the 4-class series Essential Websites For Killer Productivity!

You can find all classes here:

Did you know that by simply going to Google you now have access to more information than President Bill Clinton had when he was in office? We live in an amazing time, with more opportunities and choices than ever before. However, all this information can also be overwhelming. It is easy to get distracted, or even drown in all the options thrown at you.

In this cIass, I will share with you some of my favorite websites and online tools that I use to: 

  • increase efficiency
  • boost productivity 

Every single one has helped me save a lot of time. And I’m so excited about these tools that I don’t want to keep them to myself!

I want you to also GET MORE DONE. That’s why I created this series of productivity classes. These websites will: 

  • save you lots of time
  • greatly increase your productivity

If you enroll in this series, you will work more effectively overnight.

So let’s get started, click on the ‘Enroll’ button and I will see you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Cook

Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Teacher



My name is Peter Cook and I've been an online entrepreneur since 2013. 

After having worked as a lawyer for 8 years, I decided to quit in order to pursue a more meaningful life, working remotely. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

In all my online ventures, I have a strong focus on productivity: how can I get things done effectively? I am a strong believer in the power habits, in routine. And I'm always on the lookout for tools that can make life easier.    

And I also love teaching! So it feels only natural to share what works for me with you in my classes.  

Here Is What Skillshare Students Who Have Reviewed My Classes Say About Me:

"This is such a wonderful course that can help anyone. Especial... See full profile

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1. Teaser: did you notice by simply going to Google and now have access to more information and President Bill Clinton had, when he was in office, way live in an amazing time. So many opportunities, so many choices. At the same time, that can be very overwhelming. It's easy to get distracted or even drowned in the options from its you. Hi, my name is Peter Cook and underscores I will share with you my favorite websites that I used to increase my efficiency and blues. My productivity, every single one of them, has helped me save a lot of time. And I'm so excited about these tools that I don't want to keep them to myself. That's why I made this course. If you take this course, you will save time, too, and become a lot more productive overnight. So let's get started clicking the enroll button and I will see you inside 2. The Ultimate Screenshot Tool - Boost Your Productivity: hi and this video, you will learn about an awesome tool called Jing Jean. Let should take the perfect screenshot, and then it arrows or frames to it all in a matter of seconds. Do you have to make a screenshot of your computer screen screenshots or handy for many things? For example, be riding a block posts and how great a Wordpress website to really show the reader how it's done. You need to include a screenshot off the WordPress back end. Another reason for taking a screenshot could be that you want to challenge the hotel credit card charge. To do so, you need to attach a copy of your online credit card statement to your email showing that you were indeed charged. Or you want to capture an image of a video showing a cat fascinated by its until there are literally thousands of reasons for taking a screenshot. In his video, I will show you how you can use ging to select a part of your screen and added the screenshot immediately. Genius saved me so much time after I started using it. It has quickly become one of my favorite tools to appreciate how awesome Jing is Let me first show you how I use to take Screenshots before I am a big fan of Spotify, which is a digital music service that lets you stream songs from a catalogue of millions of stones. Right now, I mean my acoustic playlist and to the left I have my other playlists. Let's say I don't like this France feet to the right, a friend and annoying and it just takes up space. However, I don't know how to remove it. So I decide to send Spotify customer service and email. Of course, I could just send them an email without a screen shop, but I want them to understand what I mean. I don't want to send a couple of emails back and forth. I would like to be efficient and have this box removed as soon as possible. So I decided to take a screenshot. I have a Mac book, so I take a screenshot by pressing. Come on, CIF three This safe the screenshot to my desktop. I don't go to my desktop and see what it looks like by using the quick few future. Mm, it needs some work. I just see the screenshot not only shows the entire Spotify interface, but also my Web browser in the background and a dark at the bottom. But I want to narrow the viewers attention to the Friends Feet box. So I opened a screenshot in photo shop. There it is. Let's crop the image. What I also really would like to do is at an arrow I lightbox or something along those lines. I know Photoshopped has these futures. It's a very powerful, too, however, because I never really got around to educating myself on it. I always feel a bit lost or not. Take a screenshot. I don't want to spend tens of minutes figuring out a specific Photoshopped future. That is time that could be better spent on more important tasks. This is why I'm always on the lookout for tools such as Jing Tools to keep it simple and just make my life so much easier. So what is Ging Thing is a free screenshots software that does all the things I just showed you in the blink of an eye and more. Here's how it works. Start by opening Jane Thing is now hiding in the top right of the screen like a little sun shining. It's warming light on everything you do. Now let's go to Spotify again and see how easy it is to use ging to make the screenshot we want. I go to the upper right of my screen and hover over the yellow Jing sun, which then increases in size to make a screenshot. We select the capture sign, you know, see a vertical and a horizontal line, which you can move around. I will position it here at the bottom off the friends feet bucks now keep your track bed or mouse but impressed and directed frame to another part of the screen. This will be your screen salt. If you don't like it, you can easily change your selection like this. Or if you just want to start a new click on this era button and make a new selection, it's that simple. There's no need to crop anything afterwards. When you like the selection, click on the capture an image bottom on the left. If you're just taking a screenshot from the video, your screenshot is ready now and you can just save it by clicking the safe button. However, I want to show you another really cool future of King to the left of your screen shop. There's this toolbox, and these tools are just so helpful. You can use these tools to draw the viewers attention to a specific part of the screen shop . And that's exactly what I want when I send this green shelter. Spotify is customer service. You can use an arrow at text a frame or highlight a section for each. You can select the color. I'll show you two ways of drawing the viewer's attention to the friends feed. The 1st 1 is highlighting it. I first select the highlight tool. If I want to change the color, I can select it here when I highlight something I like to use a yellow color so I will select that one. Then I just highlighted in the same way as I took this screenshot. When you're done, you can move it around or change the size like this. If you don't like what you see, you could simply undo that by pressing Command Z on a Mac or control Z on a Windows computer. The second way is adding a frame. This is my preferred way I like to use the wreck color for the frame because it often really stands out, and I will select the Friends feet box like with the highlight two. It's really easy to adjust the box after your initial selection. Okay, so that's how I select a part of the window. There's two more tools that you can use at the top. Here. There's this aero tool again. I prefer the red color it's so easy to use. Simply select the point and then dragged the error to whatever point you like. You can adjust it afterwards. You can also add another era if you want. The last tour I want to show you is the tax box, like with the frame you first, like the size of the tax box. You could choose a fund here and blow that you can select the phone size, then simply fill in the text you would like. Okay, so here I have the screenshot that illustrates my Spotify issue perfectly. I'm now ready to save it, so I click the save button. Let's call it Spotify issue and click safe. Now when I go to my desktop, I will find my screenshot here and it's ready to be sent. Gina saved me so much time since I started using it in a matter of seconds. I now have the screenshot I want so I can move on with whatever project I'm working on. I highly recommend you start using it. You could damaging for free by going to www tax smith dot com slash jing. It's available for both Windows and Mac So I hope you're excited about using Jing. And now I want you to take action, have a little assignment for you. What I would like it to do is go to www text meat that comes less Jing and install Jing. Then take your screenshot and use a tool from the toolbox. For example, the arrow. Finally, I want you to share it with your fellow students in the Project gallery. You didn't really think I would leave you without giving it a solution, right? To remove the friends feed select preferences in the Spotify menu scroll all the way down And tha the friends feed is gone. Looks better right now. Go ahead and start using Jing. I hope to see you in the next video in which I will share another web tool that will save you time and greatly help you boost your productivity 3. The To-Do List That Opens Up Your Mind And Make You More Productive: Hi. This video, I will show you how you can use momentum to be procrastination and be more productive when you think back to last week. How would you say you organized your day? Did you just have breakfast? Start your computer and begin with your first task of the day. Or did you have a more structured approach? You're not going to achieve much if you just run around like a headless chicken. That's why there are countless different task management systems out there, and they come in all sorts, one side of the spectrum. There are tools that let you organize every part of your life in detail. And on the other hand, there are simple to do lists. None. They're a bunch of options that are somewhere in between. I've experimented with many of them and is one tool that I use on a daily basis. Because I love its simplicity. It's called momentum momentum. Is it to do list for day to day tasks? Or, as the team behind momentum describes it, Momentum is a personal dashboard designed to eliminate distraction and provide inspiration , focus and productivity. It's a Google grown extension. If you don't know what it is. Extensions are small so far, programs that can modify an enhanced the functionality off your Web browser. In this case grown. This is what it looks like after your first installed it. The cool thing is that it's time you open a new tab. It will automatically load this momentum page. Did you see? The layout is very simple. Every day there is a beautiful image in the background. This is one of the reasons I have fallen in love with Momenta often when I'm working, I'm very focused on this one project, and when I didn't open a new tab boom, there's a beautiful momentum photo. Most of the time it's a photo of nature, and there's always this sense of space whiteness. I feel it helps me prevent tunnel vision and open up. British philosopher Eligible Tall was co curating to 2014 artist therapy exhibition in that I expose Him in Amsterdam said something similar about the therapeutic, effective art. Let's imagine you're looking at a picture with a big open view. Sometimes in her own life, we are up against the problems. We feel a bit claustrophobic. The picture of a white open view can for a moment just open up our minds, open up ourselves to better horizons in the middle of momentum. There's a clock on below that it will tell you good morning or good evening, depending on the time of day, and you can add your name after that. Right now you see my name here, but you can feeling whatever you want on a few more motivated by something else. Just type it in and boom there it ISS now below that, you could fill in your main focus off the day. You could, of course, just filling in your main task of the day here. But I like to fill in. Here is something that will help me keep a positive mindset during the day. For example, one of the things attempted fill in the year is feel happy by offering value to others, and it's time to open a new tab. This line pops up additionally, momentum as a quote at the bottom, like the picture in the background. This quote changes daily, but it's always a quote that aims to inspire to be positive and take action to the right. Is it to do list, and this is the most important future of momentum. What I do in the morning before I start working is open up momentum and write down which task I need to complete that day. So, for example, I like to drink fresh ginger tea. But I ran out of Ginger, so type in by Ginger at supermarket, and then it comes up as the first task on the to do list. That's right. Let's try another one today. I want to go through my inbox and answer all urgent emails. So I type in answer all urgent emails and inbox, and it shows up as a task. Let's add two more. What I like to do is prioritize tasks by moving them around and putting them in order of importance. You can even take this one step further by adding a number to each task. Once you've completed the task, he checked the box and momentum strikes it through. Once all the tests are completed, mo mentum shows you dis message all down. Good job, Let me tell you, it feels awesome to see that message at the end of the day, knowing that you have completed old tasks that you wanted to do that day. One last thing that I want to show you is that there are things you could customise momentum If you go to the settings button at the bottom left, the settings menu will open up here. You can choose to remove the things we just discussed, like the focus for your day to do list or the quote at the bottom. You can also add things like the weather Quick Ling's or Google search. What's at the weather at the top, right? The temperature in Ching Mai, where I'm recording this video is now added to momentum. It's in Celsius, but if you're American, you could easily change this to Fahrenheit by scrolling down and then clicking on the F next to weather units and errorless in our shows, the temperature and Farah night. But I prefer cells just so I will select that that's also at searched by clicking on the slider here. When you do, this small search icon has added at the top left off the screen, you could choose what do you want to use Google or being searched? When you're done, you could close a screen. Momentum helps me to be more productive and be procrastination. What I really like is that when I open the tap, I'm reminded off the tasks that I set out to do with the beginning of my day. So, for example, if I'm distracted because I'm on Facebook and then open a new tab to check out CNN for any news, momentum brings me back in the present moment. It's like it's holding a mirror in front of my face. So I look myself in the eyes and I have to answer the question. Well, then I really want out of this day, and that is not being on Facebook for two hours. But to feel happy by offering value to others on one of the ways of doing that is creating this video. I highly recommend that you add momentum to your chrome browser, even if you don't use ground. But, for example, safari or Firefox, you might consider switching to ground just so you can try out momentum the extensions free , and you could download it by going to momentum dash dot com. Click on the bottom that reads, add momentum to groan and everything will be self explanatory. After that once I've installed momentum, here's what I would like it to do at your name. Your focus off the day and your to do tests at the beginning of your day. One of the ends how people have achieved all of your tasks. But even if you haven't, that's okay. I'm sure you will have completed a number of tasks on your list. Now. At the end of the day, take a screenshot with Jing, which I discussed in another video and share it with your fellow students by uploading it to the Project gallery. Thanks for watching this video, and I will see you in the next one in which we'll talk more about online tools that will help you get more out of your day. 4. Get A Book's Key Message In LESS Than 15 Minutes - Boost Your Productivity: I in this video, I will show you how you can save a lot of time by using blinkers to read high quality book summaries of non fiction books. And at the end of this video, I will show you secret trick to how you can do this for free. I enjoyed reading nonfiction books, particularly books on things like personal growth, mindset or productivity, and I mix it up with light of books that make me laugh a lot. Like the slot on Ibrahima Fits autobiography I Am slot on. Seriously, this guy lives in his own world. It's hilarious, even if you don't like football, it's a great read. However, reading books takes a lot of time. If I really like a book, I will always find the time to read it. But how often haven't you started reading a book and put it away? It wasn't as engaging or interesting as you hoped it would be. The book is five key lessons. Why does the author need 500 pages for it? This is where blankets comes in a blink us That's the coolest book summary website I've ever seen. Yes, there are more sites that offer book summaries, but don't do it like this one. Blinkers takes great works of nonfiction and distills them into powerful units. A book summary page is called a Blink. Each Blank is built around memorable key messages from the book. It gives you the main concept of an entire book in 50 minutes, First of the hours or even they she would normally need to default to an entire book. The catalogue already contains over 1000 summaries of bestselling nonfiction books, and his number is growing steadily. When you start your free trial, blinkers will ask you dislike three categories that you're interested in. Let's see, I'll select entrepreneurship and small business money and investments and productivity and time management. Now I click. Continue here. Blinkers suggests a number of books from the categories that had just selected. To add to my library, you need to select at least one. I'll select getting things done by David Allen and then I click. Continue again. Okay, so here I am in my library. Here's the book I just selected. Let's open it. The first blink of each book summary will always ask the question. What's in it for me? The entire first blink basically answers that question. Why should you bother reading the rest of this book? Summary Clicking on this green arrow here takes me to the next link from here on. Each blink will have a key message from the book. The 1st 1 is Your brain is a thinking toe, not a storage device. And if I go to the next Bates, I'll see the next key message. If you want to think clearly, you need a trusted collection bucket. Then when you arrive on the last page, you will always find a summary with the main message from the book for getting things done . That is, in order to devote ourselves fully to our tasks. Our minds need space. That's why we should bundle all important information in a reliable productivity system outside our own hats and at the very end, star one or more book Tips for Justice for two reading. Clicking on this check signed takes you back to your library. The book would just saw has now been moved from the currently reading tap to the finished up Saudi. Add new books to the library. That's easy. Go to the top menu and click on this cover. This will open a menu with all categories we saw earlier, So let's like productivity and time management. Here we see which books are trending in this category, bloated some books that have recently been added. And finally, some audio books to listen to the audio books you need to download the blink ist app for IOS or Android all the way at the bottom. There's this bottom. See all books on productivity and time management. You'll now get an overview of all books in this category in alphabetical order. Just look at all these coop book titles. There's getting things done. The book that we saw earlier. There's a book called Many Habits, organized Tomorrow Today and this book Personal Come. These are all fascinating titles and topics that I want to learn more about. Let's like, personal come bone. Here we can see a synopsis off the book. Okay, come. Bone is an adaptable tool for visually oriented people. Some guessing the summary must explain more details. What come bunnies and how I can use it. Blinker is also tells me who this book is. Four and a little bit about the authors. If I decide that I want to read it. I click and read now. And there's the first page, which, as with David Allen's Getting Things Done, first asked the question. What's in it for me? So that's how blankets works. What I like about Blink is is that all book summaries follow the same structure. The to the point, easy to follow and have the same tone. Summary can replace the real book, of course, but I don't have time to read all books that I'm interested in. The cool thing about these books summaries is that I get the gist of books in less than 50 minutes, and if I'm really intrigued by it, and I want to know more than I can always decide to actually read the book. But Donna will know what I'm reading about, so the chances of me putting the book away disappointed are very low blankets allows you to try out the surface for three days. After that, you can choose from three different pricing plants. There's a free version, which lets you read one book a day on the 49 99 yearly plan. You get access toe all book summaries whenever you want. And if you take the 79 99 yearly plan, you get access to other benefits, such as listening to the books with audio. However, I have a secret little trick that would give you access toe all summaries without ever paying for an account. Here's how, like so many other platforms, you contrive blankets for free for a limited amount of time in this case three days. However, unlike many other platforms, all you need to do is fill in an email address. You do not need to fill in credit card details, and so your credit card will also be charged. If you don't cancel your free trial in time and it gets even better, you don't even need to confirm your email address. So you can really just type in any email address, real or made up, and you get immediate access. Here's how you do it. Go to blink is dot com. Now fill in an email dress here to show you what I mean. I will fill in the email address that I made up and that I do not own Johnny Loves cake. Wanted three at yahoo dot com. Now I click on start free trial and here I go, I'm in All I need to do. It's like three categories at one book to my library on the next Bates, and I'm good to go. No need to confirm the email dress that I filled in after your three day free trial expires . You can simply repeat this process time and time again. 01 more thing. Blink ist Onley office summaries of nonfiction books. They receive regular requests toe also summarize fiction books. However, that's not gonna happen anytime soon. In these recent block post blinkers joke earlier announced that they will now offer so called wings of fiction books. Thes Wings will condense novels down to just 20 words or fewer. You're some hilarious examples. Lord of the Rings two. Man take a scenic hike to return some jewelry while the worried France look for them or he is Romeo and Juliet. Premarital sex ends in death. So yeah, it looks like for the foreseeable future. Blinkers were only offer summaries of nonfiction books 5. Project Assignment For This Productivity Class: Congratulations. You made it to the end of this course. Thank you for taking this course. Let's quickly recap what you've learned in the first video, you learned how to use ging to make the perfect screenshot in no time. Then you learned how you can use momentum to boost your productivity. A blink. It gives you the key messages of nonfiction books and less than 50 minutes as an assignment , I would like you to use ging to take a screenshot of you using one of these weapons and uploaded to the Project gallery. You can create a project by going to your project just below this video as scrolling down. I really hope you enjoy this course. If he did, I would very much appreciate it if you would leave an honest review. You can do this by hovering over this bottom and in selecting leave a review from the menu . And if you like this course, you might also be interested in my other courses. You could easily find all my courses by clicking on my name just above this video below the course title. This takes you to my teacher profile page click on teaching and you can see all the courses I'm teaching all skill share. Thank you again for enrolling in this course. Keep me posted on how the productivity tools you learned are working for you. And I want to see you in one of my other courses so we can continue learning together.