Essential Tools To Build Your Own Digital Information Product | Greg Jeffries | Skillshare

Essential Tools To Build Your Own Digital Information Product

Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

Essential Tools To Build Your Own Digital Information Product

Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

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    • 1. Essential Tools For Creating and Launching Your Own Information Product

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About This Class

Promoting information products is one of the simplest ways to start earning money online. But as you might imagine CREATING your own digital information product can provide a much larger stream of income.

In this short lesson I go over my top recommended tools and resources for anyone wishing to embark on the journey of creating their own information product for the first time.

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Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. Essential Tools For Creating and Launching Your Own Information Product: Hey, Greg Jefferies here and in this video, I want to give you kind of overview of a checklist of tools that I use and that I would recommend that you use If you are launching your own information product, whether it be like e book or video training course, just the tools and resource is that I've used that and that I recommend you use to create this and launched this yourself. You know, when I first got started online, I used to think that you had to be some great teacher marketer driver Traffic Teoh to be able to create drone product, which really it comes down to just knowing the information, being expert at that information and really being the experts, really just knowing a little bit more than the person that's paying you for that information. So, for instance, you know I'm not. I don't consider myself an expert at auto mechanics and fixing vehicles. So if I did learn something, I need something done on one of my vehicles that I'm gonna go pay an excerpt because number one I don't have a time to go. I mean, I could go learn it myself, but I just want the time they already know the X have the expertise gonna pay somebody else to do that, just like anything that you're doing and only marketing affiliate marketing or whatever it is you're trying to teach. You know more about that particular thing than then That person you know, looking for that solution. So these air my list of tools that I would recommend for those of you, they're just getting started. You know, it doesn't have to be that overwhelming, but I'll just go through the list here. So for squeeze pages and sales pages and anything to do with, um, you know, creating a taking orders or capturing emails, I recommend a tool called Click Bundles. I also highly highly recommend this funnel hacks membership thing. This is something inside of here, and why I recommend it so heavily for creating your own product is because there's a lot of information blueprints inside of there that I've never found anywhere else online on how to structure, um, things like a sales video or a webinar that converts on. This is really useful because, you know, you want to make sure that your sales funnels and things convert, and you know why you can go out there and learn copyrighting. Most people don't have an interest in that. And what I like about the funnel hex, there's a lot of different information side of here, but they specifically have a, uh, a area that is basically a step by step blueprint. That's only a couple of minutes, a psychotic hours, hours to go through, that basically a brute blueprint for how to craft a an effective sales video. The and this is a couple 100 bucks. It's probably gonna cost a couple 100 bucks. Says should be sort of an up sell when you, uh, go through the click funnels when members, when you sign up for an account, it does have a 14 day free trial, but I think somewhere you're gonna be up sold on this. If you're not, then what? You create your account, reach out to support us a ham interested funnel Hatcher really want this. So I highly recommend that that's just going is gonna give you like the foundation structure that you need to craft A. A effective you know, sales video, which is really all you need is just Ah, video cells letter and a buy button, and I would recommend some sort of proof. He knows you may want to get some testimonials from people that you give, Give out your product for free and let them review it and implement it and get some reviews to get that social proof. And, you know, ineffective sales message sells video with that proof is really all you need to to as a basic sales page. But this is a tool that I recommend because it's Dragon Drop simple. It's got a dragon drop editor, great for beginners. It hooks up to all the payment processors on all of the major auto responder services and in regards to payment processors, One of the easiest platforms to get plugged into is Click Bank. And the reason recommend this is because it allows you to. Also, it handles. Click Bank has their own, you know, affiliate marketplaces. Well, for affiliates, for even attractive Phyllis and also all the payments that come in. They handle, you know, paying your affiliates and paying you and things like that. So it just makes it really simple, and I was intimidated for a long time with click bank. I used to think that Oh, I have to be some, you know, not only expert but expert designer and copywriter and all these different things market all these things that combine to even launch it on this platform, which is not true. Obviously those things. We're gonna help you. But all you really need is a solid product, and they're going to review like your sales page and one acts have access to your product is to make sure that it's basically not scam. And then you're good to go between. It's very easy to set up a free to set up an account. What, you create your account. You would just, um, uh, set, go through and set up a new product. And it's very self explanatory in the rack office. So, like I said, it took me a long time. To have the confidence work at the conference is to create my own product in it only took me, like, two days to to get launched, says really quick and within click finals. They have a lot of help dogs in order to get you integrated and sync up with Click Bank as well. So that you want. You create your product and create your sales page. You can integrate that those two together so that it, you know, ties and same asleep. And also the other reason I recommend click the noses. Yes, if you are creating, uh, e book that you can sell that. But if you have a membership site, which is probably gonna be the most likely case you have, ah, Siris of videos. Then click Finals has its own built in membership site. So not only can you create sales pages landing pages on and also complete funnels. So up cells down cells process whatever else you want to offer in the back end. But if you have a membership, funnel or funnels or a membership where you know, for the front end product, they get access to so many videos and that they have the up sell and purchase that, then they get some additional training. Could do it that way too. You've been tie that all together within click files, which makes it stupid, simple. And, you know, for the videos I recommend video, you know, uh, YouTube is free. Video is also free. But the reason I like video on video. When I referred to that, you can get by with the video free account. But, um, I would recommend once you start making some commissions, sign it for the video crow account. We just closed a little better. And the reason I would suggest uploading your videos to video and then adding them to your embed coast to your click pills account is because with you two accounts, while you can have the videos as unlisted on your council, that nobody else can see him, you know, just things can happen with your YouTube account. People can flag your videos, and that can lead to your channel being taken down. So I would just recommend that, you know, use video for that reason, because it's no nobody can, like, flag your channel and take down entire video. Chancellor, if you get all your your video lectures from your course or courses uploaded to this, you know this type one. It was up to have them all taken down in one night. You have toe re upload them to another platform, so I recommend DeMeo for the video platform for on auto responder and collecting leads. You know once you once you make sales and capture, contact us up. That's going to actually be captured for you inside of click phones. But if you actually want to sinned those contacts a message, then you're either gonna need to hook up on auto responder, which is how you communicate with him. Or you can hook up an SMTP server on you've got integrations to do that inside of click tunnels under account SMTP sayings. I've never used those personally, but if you do it that way, then you can actually create messages and broadcast directly through click funds that acts count like auto responder. And it'll push those out to the SMTP service. And but most people use our responders. If you are a beginner, I recommend a solution called Convert Kit. It's just one of the most simple, easy to use onerous parts that has a lot of built in automation. That makes it really easy to automate. Follow up sequences now, in order to launched the course, lost your beer course and spread it around. Recruit affiliates. If you are on the Internet marketing or Philip marking space, I recommend a site called Munch Are There's also JB notify Pro and were warrior warrior JV dot com a ble, but much I is probably the best known for Internet marking related launches on and if you are in some other niche, Andi. This goes for Internet marketing niches as well. Then you also just want to find thought leaders that maybe have blog's some sort of authority. People that have podcast on just look for authority type figures in your niche to aware that they already have an audience or email list. And you can. You re just them either give him a review, copy or just retested and say, Hey, this looks like my product looks like a good fit for your audience And, you know, here's the affiliate link. If you decide to join great. If not, that's fine, too. So those are some of the ways that you'll want to, you know, build relationships with other affiliates and potential JB's and reach out to them so that they can promote your product for you so that you can focus on, you know, the students and the people that purchase your product and making a better and better product. Instead of focusing on the marketing and the product creation on Ben for creating the actual videos, I recommend a solution called Screen Flow for Mac. If you're on a PC, then can't Asia works fine, But if you're a Mac, a highly recommend screen flow, so that is kind of in a nutshell. The main core tools that I recommend, you know, obviously, if you're driving your own traffic, I would start with a solution like Facebook just because it allows you to target. So granular early on, you know, likes a specific interest related to your eyes. So your Internet market spacers Internet marketers. There's people that, like certain books that you can target people that like certain interests on and you know any other niche. There's all different kinds of niches that you can target and likes an interest that you could target on Facebook. So it just that that's kind of like this guy, like the foundational tools and resource is that I recommend for creating and launching your own information product. So hopefully found this video health. If you did give it a thumb's up, I'll try to post the resource. Is all these resource, as I mentioned in the description this video or someone on this page if you got Savaglio this video Appreciate. If you like this video, subscribe to my channel for more videos, tips of tutorials like this against Great Jeffries. And thanks so much for watching.