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Essential Thai Phrases for Travelers | Learn Thai Language

teacher avatar Byu N., Online Language Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Essential Thai Phrases for Travelers Course Introduction

    • 2. Multiple Ways to Say “Hello” in Thai

    • 3. 5 Useful Thai Phrases to Know Before You Enter a Convenience Store!

    • 4. Learn Thai Vocabulary in 7 Eleven

    • 5. How many seasons are there in Thailand? (Hot, Hotter, and Hottest)

    • 6. 20 Thai Words You Should Know Before Taking Bangkok BTS and MRT (Learn Thai + Tips)

    • 7. Survival Thai Phrases 1

    • 8. Hotel Reservation

    • 9. Excuse me! Where is the toilet?

    • 10. Language Difficulties

    • 11. Emergencies and Health

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About This Class


 The most essential Thai phrases for a comfortable and enjoyable trip!

"Essential Thai Phrases For Travelers" online videos and audios are designed as an easy to use, fun and interactive introduction to the Thai language. It's ideal for people wanting to travel or live in Thailand. There are various topics of videos, podcasts, eBooks, and downloadable learning material that help you learn Thai from absolute beginner to advanced levels.

We will go over very simple yet powerful phrases that you can use while traveling in Thailand. This handy guide, complete with everything a traveler needs to know while staying in Thailand, will make your trip more enjoyable, ease your language barriers, and give you the knowledge to get around Thailand.

I highly encourage you to repeat words, phrases, and sentences after me as you go through the lectures - - your learning process will be much faster as your muscle memory develops through pronunciation and as you internalize how Thai sounds like, its melodic structure and its easy grammar. 

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Byu N.

Online Language Teacher


Hey there ~ I’m Byu! I’m a language practitioner and an online language teacher from Bangkok, Thailand. I make videos and content about language learning, cultural, and lifestyle related contents. Enjoy learning! :) Virtual hugs for even taking the time out of your day to watch my videos!  

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1. Essential Thai Phrases for Travelers Course Introduction: So what? D car? Hilo. Everyone will come to this video cause Essential tie Prez is for travelers by BYU 99 dot com First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is View. I am an online language instructor days in Bangkok, Thailand. I am creating and developing language learning resources online. You can enjoy watching my video and free part caps and game. Some no lesson. Inspire ation on your language learning. I encourage people from all around the world to study language and culture. Now let's have a brief look off this video costs. Are you planning to have a trip in Tyler? I'm suit this handy guide, complete with everything a traveller needs to know. While staying in Thailand. You will learn drew 11 on demand video lessons, More than 100 book heavily and downloadable resources. This callous will help you find the most comfortable way to say these essential type phrases on your own. Develop your tone and pronunciation by listening and repeating. This cause would definitely make your trip more enjoyable. Is your language barriers and give you the knowledge to get around Thailand. If you on absolute Beaky nose who have no more study time before this is the right one for you. Because I provide you with a Roman ization which is easy to follow This caused also have an A book that you can download for free on my website BYU now and I don't come now let's have a look at a free pre ville off these cars. Hello. I'd like to book a room please. So what d poem? Our son? Don't God Dong home Don't Ganz young home So Adi's to say hello then poem are ton poem as I for Male Speaker Shun. As for ladies, don't gone one to long gone one to Giang to make a reservation song Oh reserve hung means room and roll Now isn't your type phrases for travelers? I will see you in the costs 2. Multiple Ways to Say “Hello” in Thai: Hello, guy. Saudi car will come back to be what you know. And I don't come. And you're now here with your T shirt. Butte. Today I teach you multiple ways to say hello in Thai language, many of you guys probably know how to say hi in Thai language wishes. So what? Decaf. Oh, for male speaker. So what? The crap. Actually, we have multiple ways to say hello in Thai to greet your friend. Is I saying hello? You can also say some i d my which means how are you? Somebody might somebody might. How I you somebody might actually among group of friends we still rally. Say somebody My among friends is too polite. So among a group of friends you can just say spend And I been young night Ben Young. I means how have you seen? How have you been doing all in then? Nine. Ben. Nine menu is like, What's up? Hey, was up your friend names view. Thank me. Bill Bennett Guy. Big guy Like what's up? All you want to us? How lost your day. How lost your day How waas today, today in Thai languishes one me, one Me how was your day when me benign one Me in Asian culture, especially here in Thailand. We want Teoh start a conversation and we don't know how to start a conversation sometime We just ask Did you eat? Did you eat chicken cow Too young Didn't Khoury young? I didn means Teoh Eat cow Means writes all meal Do young Is that did You didn't cow too young So please do not surprise of your try Friend asked you do you eat? Because it's the way we hold a conversation among group of Thai people Encounter young thing I encounter young if is has beena while between you and your friends Like long time no see my book and non my gun on my Juergen on means it has been a while is has bean a while like my is how to say no does is to meet our to see done to get a non long time So my gun on you can mix together like it has been a while. What's up my tooken on when I my took and bending If you just accidentally or coincidentally made your friends on the street just come across your friends and then you just want Oh, Where you going? Where are you going by night? Fine. I buy and I buy Means to go nine is question what shot in from t nine. Which mean where? So Fine. I Why are you going? Hey, what's up? Where you going? And I when I kiss? Where is very commonly used among group of friends are close friends is very natural Used this multiple ways to say hello and stayed out. So it be I hope you enjoy views every solid. And if you like Please subscribe. I will see you in the next video. How can have 3. 5 Useful Thai Phrases to Know Before You Enter a Convenience Store!: All right, guys. Now, I will show you what I got from 7 11 and I think I will teach you some places that probably useful. Like, um, stuff will. Also, if you buy a meal box like this, I will ask you if you want to heat up so they locks on my own. My cow mica. Which means would you like to heat up old means heat up my question work for years. No question would my would mine if you want them to sheet up for you, which is a free service, and then you can reply Golden calf. I wouldn't cop from Manspeaker. Wouldn't happen, so you can stay. Call Sean some call, Sean. Some call means please give me Todd. Is spoon some all Sean? Some doing Dwight means to get us so called away. Please give me together. Call, Sean. Sound do. I can call show on some doing, huh? Hey. And they probably ask you if you need a bad custom back like this Like they will offer you sigh to my sigh To my sai Sai means in good inside site means back My question would for years No question. So excited to my put it in the back Would you like to put it in the back side? Toe my side toe My If you are environmental friendly, you don't want You can say my out My, our toe my is negative How to say no how is take so my our I won't take to back. So I don't mean a bag my out. But if you need fax, you can say our toe our two I would take back. It's called toe call to give me a plastic bag. You can ask for a sauce like sometimes you buy something and then you need TV with Selves and then you can us call sauce. Call means Please give me. Please give me a call sauce sauce from English in Thai Accent saw, call sauce. Sauce, sauce. Call sauce. Blake Huh? Call Saad do a cop. And if you need a strong car, Long call on Carl on like a straw. Long strong I call on All right, guys. And this is what I got today is like 7 11 meals today. I got a stuff. Raiyshi leave fish with rice. Yeah, that's pretty much it fall 7 11 phrases. I hope you enjoyed his episode embassy in the next luck. When I go new friends 4. Learn Thai Vocabulary in 7 Eleven: So at the hot pillow everyone will come back to my channel. And today let's learn new will Caroli from food and beverages in 7 11 Alright, guys, let's gets studded. First thing I would like to show you as our mule boxes in 7 11 This one is pot pie pop high , which is our famous fry noodle. How blob pick cow block Party tricks still fry fish with chili sauce and this one is but, uh, buck, uh, on some type, people call hamburger hamburger and this one is tire style Booker make from a sticky rice Bubka count neo the cow Neil Start lap Saleh Oh, you can also say salat pap It's a lot pop. A pack means what did smoke Man Boat man bought mashed potato. Now let's check some fruit. Fruit is potent La my por la my Let's start from apple at fun, fun arrange as some some Gola is far foot out Mango mom alone Mom along next section is dessert. Dessert is can Omron. Can no one Canham mean desert false neck And one is sweet. So sweet things cut no one So in Thailand were allowed to sell alcoholic beverage during 11 to 2 and then again from five PM to midnight. And also we are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages for anyone who is under 20. Now let's check out some drink Thai people. Really love guaranteed. Is this tile style green tea? Cha Kio Kio Shot means tea. Keogh means green color. So green tee shot. Keogh, Keogh, Oranges Nam Some nam. Some nam mean water. Some is orange Coconut juice. Nama prow Nam, my pal. My prow mean coconut. If you are looking for a quick night meal, I recommend you to try our tie. Instant noodle, which is called Mama My my mama, actually is the name off the brand instant noodle brands. And it became a new word for Thai people to call in standard. Oh, Mama. Actually, we have, like many brands off instant noodle like isn't is why? Why, why, Why, Why? Why? I mean quickly. And I think the most famous one is Mama. Some mama Tom Yum is spicy soup, and Gombe means trim. So, Tom yum goong is spicy. Treem stoop. If you're coming to Thailand with your kids and you're looking for some milk milk in Thai language ISS gnome. No mom, which means a typical milk we call Nome. But so I'm ill is numb No, too well young to allow young is soy now lets you go some carbonate drink so carbonate drinks and ties Nam at Low Nam at Lome Way have coal which mean Coca Cola It's right ST That's right I know that you all love time Ut so tie Milty is Italian Shot in charm means tea and get in It's cold Balfa in iced coffee Balfa gin hot coffee Golf air on guy fed on Ron is hot cop Coun Carr Thank you for watching. If you enjoy this episode, please subscribe and ever see you in the next one Lotta can car. 5. How many seasons are there in Thailand? (Hot, Hotter, and Hottest): little guys Saudi, huh? We'll come back to me. Why? You know and I'm not today way would talk about questions that I got from my student told us at how many season do you have in Thailand? Are you kidding me? Alright, guys. So how many season do we have in Thailand that hate high me? G video? But I've had high me G redo head country Hi Thailand Me is to have Dean How much have any todo season ahead? High me some dough ahead High me Sam Voodoo Thailand Past tree season Some three do do this Brutal Tina First season Latino Todo bron Bron Trudeau Season Don is gone next Todo todo Ron My due season Huh? Ma Very, very want me gone mad today. It's very hard One knee today. Bronze huh, Mom? Very, very Let me gone mad for me, Ron Little little teaser My teeth All right, guys, T suit is the way Place on the back on the same thing, The most teaser. So let's learn uh come parity My wife, for example Gone God, hot Mom is more again gone Marca is hot then and superlative the hottest Ron, I don t see. Okay, Comparative. My want super t TC. Let's see more example. For example. More delicious Diminishes our testy in Thai language. Is that I Can you tell me what is more delicious? Me this'll One is more delicious than that. Once me is, um is the most delicious a me at all. I tease me at all and his love which one more beautiful, beautiful in Thai language is so I so I me at me I'm night me and me a night So I me so like my wife I mean, so I me. So like he said I mean Salim Aqua I need I mean so I so I cases. Okay, guys, this is how to use super ready and comparative in Thai language. I hope you entirely it's episode Please click like and subscribe. Let's see you next 6. 20 Thai Words You Should Know Before Taking Bangkok BTS and MRT (Learn Thai + Tips): so any car Hello. Everyone will come back to my Shan off. This is a view today. Let's learn some fresh from be tears and MRT in Bangkok. First tickets in Thailand wishes Ooi Doi's on the DOJ's on our insured. You can just call Noah, check for information. The first thing you need to shake is the name off the station like this one is Seyoum Station said Hani Salaam, on the number 59 is the first ticket fat hostage Go Bob. So 59. But like this one is silat ding song and you can change Teoh MRT station at Saladin Station . Forbid Yes, we have two lying this like green one is so conduit Line sigh with and the dark green one is Sai Cee Lo Silom line Sigh means lying after you shake the name of the station and how much to the destination. Now you can select the destination from this touch screen and then you insert the kinds here except one, but two but fibers and tin box coins. So basically just too simple steps and then the ticket come out from here. If you don't have enough kinds, you can change some kinds with the ticket office here Home. Joy san Well, actually, you can buy the tickets here as well. A tissue somewhat heverlee that I found from many signs at the BTS station. Tongue all Tom all exit filmdom Night Dawa Dawa grew mean machine, some NYSE to sell. Swap is ticket. Hold us up, Pull us up. Telephone on basting are prohibited in a beauteous area First, Tom Chinchilla do not true away trash ham, said Liam. No animals palm So booty. No smoking Humber upright Han han latte from Do no eating are drinking in the station. Ham numb Lupo. Horrible. No balloons, actually. Just say ham numb loco cow. Now let's talk about during So during an entire language we call to re in tow, being with a T sound, too really ham numb to re and cow. Now the next thing you have to shake before entered a platform you have to shake. If it's going Teoh, which tell me no station like this one by Sonam going to nation all stadium on. If you are looking for Elevator in Thailand, we use British English. That's why we usedto work lipped instead off elevator. So is live in Thai language. Also, we say Leap Leap hung all Tom op Tina. Exit number 1/2 off. T song exit number two Here is an MRT station, which is subway system in Thailand. We have, um a ticket machine looked like this, which is slightly different from BTS BTS the ticket machine only accept coins, but fall subway M I t accept board coins and banknotes. Another good option is to buy a chicken and a ticket counter. You can use this rest spy plus the name of the stations and a number off the ticket you want to buy for instead by gum pan pit song by gum pen pit song by means to go campaing. Pit is the name of the station at the J J Market Gum Pang pit song is too. Here is what a multi platform looked like. After you get into the platform, you have to make sure if you're going to the correct way like this one is going to the, um terminal station. Thank you for watching cop can ha. I hope you enjoy ideas after Assad. If you want to study Thai with me one on one on Skype check out my website. BYU 99 dot Come and I will see you in the next one company High waiting for your arrival. Get God is my witness. Right hand on the Bible. Just tell me that you want to be sure. Tell me that you want to be 7. Survival Thai Phrases 1: Hello guys Will come back to tie channel on BYU 99 dot Come So today I'm going to teach you the So I will try for is is that you really need when you come to Thailand So the first thing you have to know is how to say hello in Thai Is so what the So what be so what big So what Here mean day? De is good. So So what d did I mean today So hello And chai is somewhat d next How do you say How are you? Anti is also very easy Some body my sub i d my so by means relax day It's good. So you relaxing well somebody might serve i d my and my here is question work for us No question Next How to say thank you And Ty Iss Ka kun Car Lo and Mitya Carb could thank you Then it's doesnt better So we say these a lot when someone said thank you to you can say my been by my men die We use my been dialogue When someone say thank you Cop couldn't tap you say my been dry My been bright It's doesn't matter. The whistle was Say sorry. Call it. Call it Qatar is sorry. You can also say my been dry might been right. R j, Can you repeat after me one more time? So like the So what? Be sobriety My sobriety. My ka kun Cop Coun my Ben dry my men right. Hey, guys. Thank you for watching. I have to see in the next week he 8. Hotel Reservation : So Atika. We'll come back to tie for beginning lessons and didn't listen. I will tissue how to book a hotel in Thai. Some Yusuf versus you may need When you get into the hotel It's anomaly and a hotel. Employees in Thailand days speak good English And if ah sometimes Ah some hotel stuff cannot speak English So you may use tight to talk to them. So the first rays say you should know as Hello I'd like to book a room please. So what d poem? Our son Don't gone dong home Don't Ganz young home So Adi's to say hello then palm are ton poem as I for Male Speaker Shun As for ladies, don't gone one to long gone one to Giang to make a reservation song All reserve hung means room Home means hotel room So so I d poem don't gang Jeong Hong So a de son Don't God young home Hello. I like to book a room please. Next I would like a double room If you want to book a double room, you can see ton Don't Canton home the and cool son Duncan Dong hung theon Cool. If you are go you say poem? Duncan's on hunky and cool. Definitely some gun means 12 jong is to make a reservation Hung room the and cool the in literally mean bait and cool. Mean double So double bait the young cool double weight being cool If you need a single room, you can say poem Duncan Deng home being deal Poem Duncan Deng hung the young deal So single room is thean deal The young mean bait deal means single says single bait being deal Next may Your hotel stub I ask you how many people you can say for two people Somebody up Song Cordon Some rap means for song means to corn s people Okay, somebody up Sung called for two people You can also use this versus in order situation for two people in the restaurant Some rap song Cordon then for tree Nice please for three nights You Sam coun you Sam Could you means to stay or to leave some is tree tree Couldn't nights coun means night so leave tree nights You Sam coun you Sam cud Then you can ask them . Does that include breakfast? Ruam Hanchao do a my throughem Ah Hanchao Do a My rule means include ah han food shall Morning. So breakfast in Thai is Ah Hanchao Ah Hanchao doing means together. Do I? Am I? Does it include together room Ah Hanchao doing my then If you want to know that they have a swimming pool Do you have a swimming pool? Me sat winem Do I my me sat winem do a my me is to have swimming pool in Chai's winem sack Winem do away to get her all include So do you have a swimming pool? Me sat line Um do a my Do you have a gym? Me hung. Oh come long guy My, me Hung are gambling guy my means to have home room all come long in excess I or come long guy means exercise so hung off Someone guy is like a dream off business room Me hung our gamelan guy My Hey guy, I hope you enjoy this. Listen, if you interested in learning with me in Skype listen please take out my website Few 99 dot com See you in the next video 9. Excuse me! Where is the toilet?: Hello guys will come to another quick video and is Listen, I take you how to say it gives me why is the Thailand okay? Before asking the question, you should say Cartola, Cartola Katan means accuse me. Eyes can be I'm sorry, Colin. Colin. Then why is the Thailand ISS home? Mom, Unite! Oh, hello Mom. You t night. Ho Nam means tile It you means leave our exists Tonight is question work where teen I let Okay, Where's the Tyler? Oh, damn! You know. Oh, home now you, Tina. Sometime we shot and it still we just say, Oh, Nam, unite instead off all non beauty night But the meaning exactly the same. Okay, you can use this rest to ask Paul. Other places. For example. BTS station is a sky train station in Thailand, so you can ask BTS u t night BTS u t nine little I mean ah sky trend. Leave where? So I hope this video will be helpful for you guys. You have any question? Please email me if you're interested. Aim city with me and our life. Listen, let's check out my Skype. Listen, Thank you for washing. See you next time 10. Language Difficulties: so a big huh? Sobriety make, huh? We'll come back. Teoh. Taifa, begin and listen on B way united Come today we're going to talk about language, difficulties. If you're coming to Ceylon, Alonso, you my facing some language difficulties. You're trying to find someone who can speak English. Oh, who can help you with the language? So today we'll introduce you some versus that may helpful for you first. Do you speak English? Do you speak Thai? Coun port pasa, angry die My Do you speak English? Couldn't pull pasa on Great And I my coun means you pulled is to speak pasa means language on great English die can on ability to do something Ni in question would die My can you can you coun poor pasa on Great that I am I Can you speak English? Dan What about when you speak Thai Coun Piute Pass a tie Dye my corn Piute pass at high name I can you speak Thai in if you want to know Thus anyone she is speak English Teeny me cry Putin pasa temperate die by my is quite long, Teeny me cry Putin pasa on greed. Diabang, My tini is here here to me me is to have cry Anybody anyone poor, speak pasa language on a great English I I can I'll be able to bang monkey. I mean some, uh any bang My question would for years No question Allergy does anyone he can speak English Team me Me cry Putin pasa country Now I bang my okay And if you are learning Thai right now and you want to know how to say this in Thai une pass at high pulled wa awry Une has a tie put wa awry a me means this thing this thing pasa language. Hi Ty who speak wow while he is mean that speak that arise Question What? Watch so directly translate this staying language tie Speak that. What a case! Quite ah difficult structure So is ah une pass a tie. Who wa r I can't question what all way at the back then if you want you Ox, do you understand? Cotai My coach, I, my Cotai, means understand my is question with a yes, no question. So do you understand, Coach? I might How literally mean into in two die here's mean hot. So something into your heart means understand. Understand? Ah, he so if you understand, you just say how die? How did I What about if you don't understand my coat? I my couch I my is No, no Understand my house I Then if you want to say I speak a little I speak a little English home pulled pasa on great and I midnight Chan poured pasa on three di need night. Okay, Poma Shan miss i for male and female speakers pulled It's too sweet Pasa language on three English di chin be able to midnight is a little a little nick knight So home Piute pass are hungry Die midnight Ah, if you want to say I speak Thai Ah, little home Piute pass up high Dying it Night chan Piute, pass a pie di midnight. Okay, If you're coming to Thailand, I hope this first will be useful for your trip. If you have any questions, please email me T shirt BUE at gmail dot com And check out my Skype Listen at BYU 99 dot com See you in the next video cop Couldn't car 11. Emergencies and Health: so a big car will come back to tell you for a beginner and listen In this lesson we learn how to say something when you need help in case of health and emergencies. How do you say help? Like help me anti We say shied away, shied away one more time shied away Choi doing help me Joy literally mean help and doi mean to get her So I help me. Please help me show you do like next fire Find my find my fyi, my fire Next to say what shall I will be careful entire You say Rawang, Rawang! One more time. But Ah Wong next! If you want to say that I am ill, I am sick Poem Ah Shan Apple way Pump away, son boy Pullman Chinese I then boy means sick are ill So son boy, Palm boy! Another way to say is pumice Abi Shan Mei So by the meaning of the same So we have learned before Sublime in relax Are you doing will My is to make this into negative So my supply means sick are ill and even needed. Doctor, you can say poem Oh, gone more son own God more. Oh, I'm gon means once more Doctor, I want I need to Dr Poem Dong Gan Ma, I need a dentist's poem. Don't gone more fun. More fun. It's dentists mall fan Next If you want to say I is tortilla inserts here Right here Jape, Throw me Tip Throw me. Jeb means hurt hurt Throw me is mean Here, here so hurt here they throw me gyp Throw me. And next if you are Ah, You have specific deceits that you want to indicate to the doctor, for example. Ah, you on asthmatic. I am asthmatic. You can say poem are Ton Ben Harper Poem Ben Harper, Son. Been hard. If you are diabetic, I am diabetic. E son Ben Bro Bhawan Poem Ben Bro Bhawan Drop by one mean diabetes. Hey, if you need any outer versus, please let me know. Um showed you answer all of your question. See you in the next video. So what d can