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Essential LinkedIn Course for Business Marketing

Austin Armstrong, A Lifelong Digital Marketer.

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9 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. LinkedIn Marketing Course introduction

    • 2. What were going to learn

    • 3. Meet your instructor

    • 4. Introduction to LinkedIn

    • 5. How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

    • 6. How to increase the reach of your posts on LinkedIn

    • 7. Linkedin native video ideas

    • 8. Generate emails on LinkedIn #1 - Clearbit

    • 9. Generate emails on LinkedIn #2 - Skrapp io


About This Class

LinkedIn is an absolutely amazing platform! It doesn't matter whether you are B2B, B2C, or just want to grow your personal brand, you want toMAKE MORE MONEY


 online, right? Well, you've found the perfect course. 

In this course, I explain and show you how I have successfully grown my LinkedIn presence and generated massive lists of email addresses as well as driven new business for several industries using LinkedIn marketing.

My name is Austin Armstrong, and I've been doing digital marketing for 13 years (I started very young). Through my profession I have seen successful digital marketing strategies work time and time again and developed strategies to generate leads, phone calls, website traffic, emails, awareness and everything in between! 

By joining this course, you will learn:

 - How to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can be found by the right people

 - Optimization strategies to increase the reach on all of your posts

 - Learn about LinkedIn native video and several strategies for video types

 - How to generate email addresses for prospecting on LinkedIn and drive new business and sales

and much more!

Whether you are just starting out or are already having some success with LinkedIn marketing, this course will provide you with a much better understanding and show you some cool tricks to get in front of a highly targeted audience and build long-term growth,

If you are ready to take your passion, business, expertise, hobby, etc to the next level and start reaching people online, I hope you will give this course a try.


1. LinkedIn Marketing Course introduction: Hi friends. First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day for checking out this Lincoln mastery course. Over the past year or so, I've had a lot of ex success experimenting with growing business relationships, nurturing them, creating a lot of sales through that increasing reach on my individual posts and videos and all types of different success on there. And that is exactly what this course is about showing you. My success is showing you step by step, how you can do a lot of these things, too, so you can increase your reach, get found by potential prospects, grow your linked in profile in your presence and ultimately drive more sales, drive more business and make more relationships on the platform. LinkedIn has become a powerhouse in the business space. It's not just a it's not just a social media platform for your resume. It's so much more than that in 2018 even moving forward into 2019 2020. Since the acquisition from Microsoft, they have been rolling out a ton of changes, and with that MAWR and more people are going to the platform every single day, and using it even more for exactly these reasons. It's incredible, and it's time for you to take advantage of that situation before everyone gets on board and figures out how to do this so that it becomes over saturated. So I hope that this course is truly helpful for you. I'm literally sharing all of my knowledge with you of what I found success in. So I hope you're ready to get started. Let's jump in and start learning. 2. What were going to learn: so I'd like to officially welcome you to the complete Lincoln Guide Toe Business Marketing Course. I am super excited to share all of this information with you, and I would love to hear your thoughts throughout as well. So what we're going to be covering and discussing in this course is first and foremost how to optimize your linked in profile. Uh, so if you're not at this point, just goto Lincoln dot com and register for a profile first. That's literally all you need to get started on this course. Everything else will get we'll get into from here. So optimizing your linked in profile from the top down, starting with your photo and what you do, the industry you're in and your experience will help you get found by a lot more people on line, depending what your objectives are. There's a couple of rules of thumb here. If if you're trying to get a job, you're gonna optimize it one way. If you were trying to connect with prospects, you're going to kind of tweak it a little bit for a different way. I'm gonna show you a lot of new ideas to use Lincoln Native video so linked in native video or the ability to upload video onto the Lincoln platform rather than just posting a YouTube link in a comment. Isa pretty new acquisition or it's a pretty new feature on Billington platform, so it's still very much in its early phase. And there's a lot of strategy involved, and the engagement rate on videos is huge right now. So take advantage of that. We'll show you how to use linked in to drive new business. So there's quite a few ways to do this and show you how to generate email addresses instead of appointments through lengthen. So I'm going to jump into a lot of about this more. But we're going to show you how to do an email marketing campaign for prospective clients who not only are you able to connect with them and try and reach out to them through the Lincoln platform, but we're going to get specific individuals email addresses so you can attack them from both linked in and email. And lastly, I'm gonna show you a couple different strategies so that you can increase your reach on your posts. What I mean by that is when you post something, there's a couple different ways to increase that reach. You don't need to have a 1,000,000 connections to reach a 1,000,000 people. You can have 1000 connections or 100 connection and still reach thousands of people by optimizing your posts and what you're commenting about. 3. Meet your instructor: So I want to introduce you to myself and who I am and what a little bit about my history is . My name is Austin Armstrong. I've been a digital marketer for about 13 years now. I started back on the MySpace platform, Believe it or not, when I was about 14 I was basically an influencer on that platform before the term influencer was coined in today's age. Since then, I've done I've really got into video marketing. But I've really loved social media marketing as well, currently working for a company called Therapy Cable, the video marketing strategist and project manager for that company, where we do video marketing strategy for mostly the health care industry. So working with addiction treatment centers, psychologists, mental health professionals, individual therapists and things along the line of that, we've produced many videos, and I truly just love the space. I love the process of growing personal brands and growing businesses on social media platforms, whether it be linked in YouTube, Facebook, instagram, Twitter, you name it 4. Introduction to LinkedIn: So I want to start this course with really just showing you the mission statement of lengthen and why the potential here is so great whether you're trying to connect with businesses. If you are in the business to business space or you're trying to connect with an ideal client, it's unparalleled. You need to be on lengthen. No other platform gives you this ability to do so with a perspective client. And because a lot of people are under utilising it, it is a lot easier to get to decision makers on this platform and immediately connect with them. Think of it as a platform. Teoh is is an alternative to cold calling, almost depending what your objectives are. But there's no gatekeeper. Think about how powerful that is. You can immediately connect with the CEO or department heads. The mission statement of Lincoln is simple. It's to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. The mission statement of Lincoln wants to give you business and connect you with the right people, and nobody's utilizing this fully well. I guess some people are, but not enough. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network and has over 546 million users in more than 200 companies and territories worldwide. Think about that. It's just super powerful. Everybody is on this platform, and you have an amazing opportunity here to connect with some individuals that are looking for help in whatever you are selling or whatever you are able to help them with and vice versa. Whoever you want to make connections with, you have the ability to do so through this incredible platform. 5. How to optimize your LinkedIn profile: so we're gonna jump right into optimizing your linked in profile. So the first thing you need to do, like I said at the beginning, as sign up for a linked in profile. If you don't already have one, you can do so by going toe linked in dot com. Signing up. It's a very quick process, and that's all you need to dio from there. You just need to know a little bit of information appellant, your history or work experience, potentially where you went to school and some things that you've done in whatever industry that you want to be found for. So the first thing here, the first thing that people see is your profile picture. So it's very important to have a professional profile picture here because this is the first thing that anyone sees before they even get to your profile page, whether you're sending a connection request or they're searching for someone in the industry, they see your profile image there so you don't want to just grab your phone and take a little selfie. That looks unprofessional. You wanna have a nice photo? Maybe a button down shirt, maybe a blazer, maybe something nice and have that as your as your profile picture. This is your chance to make a great first impression. The next thing that we go down so directly under your profile picture is your job title. So I've done quite a bit of experimenting with this asses. Well, so I put Project Manager at my current a place of work, which is therapy cable eso. I commonly show up for that title for project Manager. Now you can experiment with this experiment with different titles, So I've even put video marketing strategist, video marketing expert, digital marketing experts. Um, right now I have video marketing strategist and project manager, so I kind of show up for both of those terms. Um, it's really whatever that you want to add in there. The next most important thing is this second red highlighted section here. This is the little introduction to what you do. Another thing that I want to point out is, if you have any knowledge of digital marketing, you want to optimize everything around what you want to be found for, So if you were, uh, in the video or digital marketing space or you're a doctor psychologist or whatever you want to kind of Sprinkle the term that you want to be found for it throughout your profile . This will help your organic ranking in the Lincoln search results. So there's two schools of thought here. So for my profile here, I put digital on video marketing specialists and social media ad addicts for the addiction , treatment and health care industries, because that's exactly what I want to be found for. I want to be found in the addiction and healthcare space for people that are looking for help in the digital and video marketing. Whatever your objective is at that information there, whether you're trying to get a job or you're trying Teoh connect with new people, they're going to come to your profile. They're going to see this information first and kind of make a pre assessment before scrolling down below. That is kind of some highlights and mutual group, and then your follower counts below that. The next important aspect is your work history and your work experience. So you want to enter every place that you've worked at. That's relevant to what you want to be found on or who you want to make connections with. So I have quite a bit of experience in the in the digital marketing space for the health care, health care space. Eso. That's exactly what my profile shows. So as you can see here Project manager, video marketing specialist, marketing, project manager, social media specialist and then sprinkled throughout. Here are key words of what I do. So if you're looking for a job, you might want to highlight a lot of what you were able to do for the individual company. If you're looking for prospecting to get new business clients through Lincoln, you want to put a little bit of a twist on that, so to showcase what you've done for individual clients. So maybe if you're in the digital marketing space, for instance, you can say helped so and so reach one million followers on their instagram profile. Something like that. So when you're reaching out to new potential people like this and they come to your profile , they say, Oh, you already helped this person get these results. I'm also looking for this. Maybe I'll send. Maybe I'll connect with you and and we'll go from there below. That is the skill section, so you want to enter all of the different skills that you have on. Then there's a little number system that's next to it and these air kind of social proof eso the more people that you work with, the more up votes that you get on these individual skills, and it kind of indexes them separately. So industry knowledge, tools and technologies, interpersonal skills and then other random skills, the more knowledge and expertise you have in an individual space. And the more work that you do for people that you are connected with, the more people will come to your profile and up. Vote those skills and then the more up votes you have on those individual skills boosted on your profile and also helps your organic reach in those particular aspect. So my highest one social media marketing and digital marketing um, it's just helping me grow in my organic ranking for that space. Recommendations are also very important to these air. Basically testimonials for you in your work history. They're great. Teoh, get if you can get them. Um, one strategy is just to ask people for recommendations, whether you're connected with people on Lincoln or ready or you're not. Um and you'd like some of these. Just ask people. Ask people for these little recommendations their great social proof, Another strategy going back a little bit back over here to the tagging section on your skills. One great way to get a lot of up votes on these is Go to everyone on your profile that you're connected with and start uploading their skills. Just just go through everyone and just up all of their skills. There's kind of, ah, law of reciprocity that a certain percentage of them will. They'll see that everyone will get a notification that you uploaded those skills. Ah, lot of the time they'll send you a message back. Thank you for endorsing me for this individual skill. And you can say you can reply to that message and say, Absolutely. If you feel so inclined, I would love you to reciprocate that, and a certain percentage of them will. So this is a great little strategy to get a ton of up votes on your individual skills. 6. How to increase the reach of your posts on LinkedIn: So here's a great strategy that you can implement to increase the reach in Lincoln ranking for everything that you post eso. Really, it's a simple algorithm. If you post about something that's trending, you're gonna reach a lot more people. So what I like to do is you can see everything that's trending over on the top right hand corner over here, and you can kind of go into these and and see if there's any anything interesting going on . And then you can kind of just add, said the conversation. Uh, what I like to see, depending on what your industry is see if there's anything that you can kind of do to spin that trending topic and tie it back into you, this is a great way to increase your reach. Um, as you can see in this post here, uh, there was, ah, open office space workers, three open office space. Workflow was was trending a zoo. A new thing to see what the future of it holds. I decided to do a little bit of an experiment, and I just kind of made a little detailed article asking for people's opinions on this topic. I threw in a couple useful hashtags in there and she can see the reach was incredible here . So I only have 1000 72 followers currently, But this post reached almost 4000 people. And not even with a lot of interaction. Just because I created a post around a very trending topic at that time. So you can do this, too. If you just kind of look at what's trending, spin it to your industry. And then you can use that reach to drive people to your YouTube or to your website or whatever you'd like them to deal. This is a great little hack to increase the reach on your linked in profile. 7. Linkedin native video ideas: so Lincoln Native Video is a very recent addition to the lengthen platform. What this means is the ability to directly upload video content onto the Lincoln platform rather than just sharing a status with the link to a YouTube video. In there, it's always better to upload native content onto the platform because the platform prioritizes that content. If you're posting a YouTube link on your lengthen, you'll still reach some people. But it'll drive a lot less views to that. Out sorts that outside source. Then if it's natively uploaded. So in August 2017 Lincoln Native video was released to everyone on the platform. Currently, you can upload videos up to 10 minutes in length to your accounts to post. I assume that they're going to expand this, but it's still very new on its on Lee already recorded content. You cannot live stream yet. I would assume that they're going to allow live streaming capability in the future, but it's just not there yet. Lincoln seems to be a little behind on every new feature that they adapt really there. This is about five years behind Facebook, but it's still an exciting new feature to be allowed to upload content onto this platform. After you posted video, you can see audience insights such as the top companies, titles and even locations of your viewers, as well as how many views, likes and comments your videos are receiving. How you're gonna upload a video onto the Lincoln Platform is on your home page. Just as you would post any article or a status or posted image, they have enabled this new little icon here that has a little camera. You're just gonna click that it's gonna come up with a little pop up, and then you can select your video file that you want to upload. It will upload it. You can title the video. You can add a description into that video and then share it from there. And trust me, it's going to reach a ton. More people on really better results than Facebook because people come toe linked in basically toe, learn and connect with people because that's the entire purpose of the lengthen platform. Whereas on Facebook it's kind of friends and family and and, you know, updates. If you're going to the Taco shop or or how your cats doing coming out of surgery or, you know, random viral videos, etcetera. Lincoln's a great way to put professional content up there. So in the next line I'm going to show you a couple great strategies. Teoh Try with linked in video a couple different ideas on DSI. How connects with your audience on there, See how they like it and you can keep trying different styles. And really, you can take all of these video styles and not just have them for Lincoln. But you can put these on YouTube as well. So, based on Lincoln's mission statement of To connect the World's professionals to make them even more productive and successful, you should create content around exactly that. It's a professional network. People are looking for professional content and helpful content based on your industry. This is a great opportunity for you to create that content. Put it on here so one you want to showcase your expertise and your personality. Personality is so huge in the digital space, you'd be amazed how much more engagement and interaction you can get just by throwing in a few corny jokes in here. From smiling to not having a monotone voice to using hand gestures and getting a little wild. After all, this is what you do. This is what you're excited about, post content that excites you and that will reflect online. Showcasing. Your expertise and knowledge will continue to grow your brand and your your your notoriety in that field online. Post all of the skills that you have post helpful little tips that people can use created breakdown video of all of the services or products that you offer. So if you're a therapy office, for instance, you can create different videos, talking about the different types of therapy that you offer and the benefits of each of those individual therapies. Or, if you have a product, you can create highlight videos of those specific products. What features it has why it's so great how it's helpful to people you name it. People love unboxing videos. They're pretty silly, but they're extremely popular online, so it's a great chance toe. Showcase your products on the platform and communicate with your audience on there and create an intro video to a blogger article and then linked to the block article. I love this strategy to get people from linked in to your individual website. So what I mean by this is if you just wrote a amazing Blawg article, it's a really good strategy, really a good seo strategy as well to have a video embedded directly into that that article . Well, that's another topic. But what you can do is create a linked in video, just kind of introducing the blawg. What people will learn. Why it's an interesting read you could even right. Or you can even read the first paragraph of the block article and and kind of leave it on a little bit of a cliffhanger and just say in the video, If this is interesting, I love for you to click the link that's below this video and read the article, and you'll be surprised how many people love this approach and actually go through to your article again. Going back T idea Number one. If you're really showing your excitement, your personality and your expertise, it's really gonna convert people to go over to website and read that article Number four created open dialogue by asking other their opinions on a particular topic. So this is a great strategy to, uh, to increase your reaches well on trending topics. If you on the right side of lengthen, it will show you the most popular topics that people are talking about at that given time, Um, or any industry news that you know in general, create a video stating your opinion on that and then asking for other people's opinions as well. All of these social media platforms drive on user engagement, and this is going to skyrocket your reach on this, especially if you're talking about a trending topic. If you create a video around a topic that's trending right now or that's trending in your industry, whether it's popular on linked in or not, it's gonna cause, uh, positive controversy. Or, um, we're feedback from other people either agreeing with you or disagreeing with you, which is great. Stir that conversation because it's going to continue toe Teoh. Keep your video top of mind and on top of the algorithm as well, so that people continue to see it. Number five. Creating reaction videos to events or popular industry news books, articles, etcetera. So kind of similar to number four, but more based on current events, or if a new book comes out or something like that. You can kind of review a book, state your thoughts on popular events or someone in your industry got arrested or were, unfortunately died or something like that. You can You can kind of create a video around that, and it's another great way to stir engagement on that video as well. And then number six share cutting edge information In your industry, being the new source is always a great strategy if you, uh, constantly are reading news websites or the newspaper or different blog's. Or maybe you break latest greatest information around your industry, put all of that on, not just lengthen. You should put that on lengthen but all of your platforms as well, so that people know that they can come to you for that information and then always responds all of their comments. People love to be heard and be acknowledged. So the more that you engage with people online, um, you're going to continue to grow very quickly, especially if you're if you're breaking news and the first person to post where one of the early people to post about it a trending topic while stating your opinion on encouraging other people to state there's And then having that conversation is another great strategy to grow with linked in video. Hopefully, they, they release a live video. Soon I'd imagine that they're doing so and then you can try all of these strategies as well . These air just six strategies. But there are tons of other ways, another quick little tip and hack. If you're creating a video specifically for Lincoln, I would start with that. I've had a lot of success with starting my linked in videos with high linked in friends on Go into Whatever your topic is, it really personalizes it for that individual platform on people tend to pay attention to it more. 8. Generate emails on LinkedIn #1 - Clearbit: first tool that I'm going to show you how you can generate email addresses from lengthen is called Clear Bit. It is a Google chrome extension tool that you can directly install, and I'm gonna show you step by step, how it works. So I'll have a link to it in the description as well, if that's easier for you. But you can just do a quick Google search for clear bits on chrome. It'll pop up the Web store. You can install it right from here on Ben, it'll automatically start working. How it works is that connects to your email address through it next to your Gmail, and then it has a little tool that'll use. So firstly, we want to figure out who we want to target who we want to get. Email address. I'm gonna walk you through step by step. How I do this for my own prospecting. So I'm a digital marketer in the healthcare space and work with a lot of addiction treatment centers. Eso I'm going to start with that. So I'm going to go over the Lincoln. Make sure your long dent I'm gonna type in a loose industry. The industry that I work in or I'm trying to get an email address for and then I'm gonna add some filters in here. So in the title, I would primarily target the marketing director. So that's who I want to target. And I work in the Orange County, California, area. So that's where I'm gonna target here a swell. And then I'm just gonna apply. And it's going to show me a list of marketing directors that work in addiction treatment in the Orange County area. So now what you can do is you can kind of find find someone that you think would be a good fed. So we'll go with this guy Kevin Granic here. What you want to do is find out his location. Eso He is the marketing director at Morningside Recovery. You want to do a Google search for their domain? Let me know if I'm going too fast here. I'm happy Teoh re explain anything as well. So you want to find the websites on Morningside Recovery and you want to come over here to Gmail. You want Como's a new email and when you have clear bit installed, it's gonna open this little tile down here next to the send eso. You just click on that and this pop up comes up and you just enter the domain name that you found could be any domain name. You can even check your own domain names to see if your emails pop up. Um, and it will show you what public emails can be found on that domain. So, as you can see here, Kevin Granic, Kevin Granic and look at that it's crazy is not crazy. Look, I have his email address here. It also has his LinkedIn, and right from here, I can either copy that and paste it into a spreadsheet or something. Or I can click this button and I can directly email this guy say, Hey, here's my services. Here's what I dio Would you be interested in grabbing a cup of coffee or jumping on a quick phone call? You could do this for any industry 9. Generate emails on LinkedIn #2 - Skrapp io: So the next tool that I want to show you is another Google chrome extension tool. It's called scrap dot I, uh, I honestly just found this one, and I like it a lot better than clear bit, which I showed you both are amazing ways to find email addresses, but this works directly within Lincoln, so it's a little bit of less steps is also free. You can go to the domain scrap that I owe Also have it in the descriptions for you. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna come here, you're gonna install the extension on, then you're gonna link it to your linked in account. And as soon as you click on go to dashboard here, it will pop up here and you can click this little create list. Here. Enter whoever you'd like to target for this example. I'm going to target Boeing, the company Boeing, and it creates a list here, As you can see as well, The free plan gives you 150 email addresses. It resets every month so you can do 150 emails a month. They also have paid tiered options as well. I believe the 1st 1 is $39 or $40 for the month and it's 1000 email addresses. So you can kind of test the free method first, see if it's a good fit for you, and then decide if you want to pay for that service or not. But so we've created our list here, and then you're gonna want to go over to linked in and start searching for your list. So we're gonna type in Belling here? A so you can see. Um, there's quite a few results. So maybe we'll filter this, uh, little bits company. And let's do Orange County again because we can see that there's about 6000 people that work it going in the Orange County area. When you have scrap installed onto your Google chrome, it'll enable this little highlight here with a couple options. So you can either export it directly to a CSP file or you can export to the list that you Chris created. So we're gonna do that click export list right up here. We're gonna select the list that we just created. So, belly, um, this default. So search for email addresses, and then I only want to save leads that have email addresses found because that's my objective. And then you're just going to see results and it's gonna run its course here. It's gonna do a scan of these pages and check that out. Nine e mails. So that's what we found so we can go back over here. We can refresh this page and bam! We have nine email addresses of people that worked for the specific company in the Orange County area. How powerful is that? That's crazy. So you can directly email these people. You can do this based on industry or whatever you're targeting. Goals are. This is a great way toe leverage. LinkedIn. Get email addresses to build your list.