Essential LinkedIn Course for Business Marketing | Austin Armstrong | Skillshare

Essential LinkedIn Course for Business Marketing

Austin Armstrong, A Lifelong Digital Marketer

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9 Videos (34m)
    • LinkedIn Marketing Course introduction

    • What were going to learn

    • Meet your instructor

    • Introduction to LinkedIn

    • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

    • How to increase the reach of your posts on LinkedIn

    • Linkedin native video ideas

    • Generate emails on LinkedIn #1 - Clearbit

    • Generate emails on LinkedIn #2 - Skrapp io


About This Class

LinkedIn is an absolutely amazing platform! It doesn't matter whether you are B2B, B2C, or just want to grow your personal brand, you want toMAKE MORE MONEY


 online, right? Well, you've found the perfect course. 

In this course, I explain and show you how I have successfully grown my LinkedIn presence and generated massive lists of email addresses as well as driven new business for several industries using LinkedIn marketing.

My name is Austin Armstrong, and I've been doing digital marketing for 13 years (I started very young). Through my profession I have seen successful digital marketing strategies work time and time again and developed strategies to generate leads, phone calls, website traffic, emails, awareness and everything in between! 

By joining this course, you will learn:

 - How to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can be found by the right people

 - Optimization strategies to increase the reach on all of your posts

 - Learn about LinkedIn native video and several strategies for video types

 - How to generate email addresses for prospecting on LinkedIn and drive new business and sales

and much more!

Whether you are just starting out or are already having some success with LinkedIn marketing, this course will provide you with a much better understanding and show you some cool tricks to get in front of a highly targeted audience and build long-term growth,

If you are ready to take your passion, business, expertise, hobby, etc to the next level and start reaching people online, I hope you will give this course a try.





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Austin Armstrong

A Lifelong Digital Marketer

Hello, I'm Austin Armstrong, digital marketer and friend! I'm here to help you, your personal brand, and business grow online!

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