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Essential Leadership Qualities

Tapan Nayak, Entrepreneur and Coach

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16 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Chapter 0 Introduction

    • 2. Chapter 1 Management & Leadership

    • 3. Chapter 2 Section 1 Intro to Styles

    • 4. Chapter 2 Section 2 Authoritarian

    • 5. Chapter 2 Section 3 Democratic

    • 6. Chapter 2 Section 4 Delegative

    • 7. Chapter 3 4Cs of Leadership

    • 8. Chapter 4 4E's of Leadership

    • 9. Chapter 5 Section 1 Motivation Intro

    • 10. Jobs Speaking after return

    • 11. Chapter 5 Section 3 Vision, WHY, Language & Culture

    • 12. Chapter 5 Section 4 Recognition

    • 13. Chapter 6 Creating SMART Goals

    • 14. Chapter 7 Section 1 Creating Next Level Requirement

    • 15. Chapter 7 Section 2 Creating Next Level Guidelines

    • 16. Chapter 8 Key Takeaways

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About This Class

Learn Leadership Fundamentals. Discover the key attributes & qualities of a Great Leader.

Leadership is Critical to Business's Success. Leadership is what takes you forward, whether you are one or you are lead by a good one.

One becomes a great leader by working on self and developing the Leadership Qualities. We will delve into those critical and most important Leadership qualities that differentiates a Great Leader from an ordinary Leader.

If you are a Leader, or a Leader in Making or aspire to be a Leader, this course is for you.

This course will help you take off with the basics. Before you can master something of the likes of Leadership, you need to understand what is all about being a Great Leader.

By the end of the Course you will learn a number of things - 

  •  Leaders and Different from Managers
  • How are leaders different from Managers
  • Three primary styles of Leaderships for leading people and teams
  • The 4C's of Leadership
  • The 4E's of Leadership
  • What are SMART Goals, and why its important for Leaders to set SMART Goals
  • Why Motivation in a team in important
  • What does a good vision do
  • Why is it important for a Leader to state the WHY
  • How Language is the Key for a Leader
  • Why Culture is important for a good Leader to lead people and teams
  • How Recognition is a big differentiator for a good leader
  • Leaders create more leaders
  • How do Leaders develop more leaders

This course covers a lot of basics. Basics that as an aspiring/beginner/intermediary leader or a leadership enthusiast must be aware of to lead people and teams. 

Leaders are not those who lead. Leaders are those who people follow. 

If you are an Entrepreneur, Leader, going or aspiring to be a leader, and want to excel in your career, this course helps you with those important aspects of Leadership. Leadership can be learnt.

Give this course a chance to help you better your leadership skills, by understanding the basic attributes and qualities and expand your influence and achieve your leadership vision by enrolling today.