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Essential Guitar Licks For Intermediate

Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

Essential Guitar Licks For Intermediate

Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs Intermediate

    • 2. Lick every guitar player should know 1 Greek Mode

    • 3. Lick every guitar player should know 2 Greek Mode

    • 4. Lick every guitar player should know 3 Greek Mode

    • 5. Lick every guitar player should know 4 Greek Mode

    • 6. Lick every guitar player should know 5 Greek Mode

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About This Class

Are you stuck with the same licks that you play over and over, and you're looking for new inspirations?

Yes? This is the right course for you! I searched my archives to teach you a wide selection of classic and obscure licks and phrases. We will start pretty simple, but you'll learn also some intermediate licks and concepts.

If that's you my friend, Essential Guitar Licks For Intermediate (Level 2) is the right guitar course for you.


Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for guitar players who have played guitar for at least a year or so.
  • They should be able to play simple melodies and chords on the guitar.
  • I assume, that you are interested in 1950s rockabilly/rock and roll/blues.
  • This course is not for you, if you have just started to play the guitar

Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this course. I look forward to seeing you on the inside and teaching you the beginner steps on how to become a better musician.

Meet Your Teacher

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Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher


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1. Introduction Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs Intermediate: Hey guys, welcome, join new dark core. I have been teaching NuScale line since 2013.5 course is needless or if it is in Spanish. Oh, do you feel if you could have pick up a guitar and you played beautiful and pleasure so well, this is exactly what this course is going to do for you to learn the guitar by learning songs. And this is the level number two. So fiscal course is for intermediate and musicians spores to improve their core musicians eking technique, radon AND muscle memory, and learn songs for sure, oh to step-by-step neutral have in learning guitar, binder insults me Hannah, for this course, several types of songs. You're free to send him your doubts from to fill out the form Schadt. And here you have. Thank you so much and see you later. 2. Lick every guitar player should know 1 Greek Mode: So guys, now it's time to learn intermediate guitar Lake. And we are going to play D Dorian. So the first note is G. So fret number 12 on a string number three, the second note is 13. So see fret number 13 on the string number two, ok? And you play, it is 2-nodes. We've have sweep. So because now we need to have this effect. The next notice ever fee on a string number two, okay, so 12 into, Wow. All right. Okay, my devices play, we Charfie number two or tree or ok. So this is the first part of our eternal Lake. Second part is we're going to play two valve. I have stepped in, in a frat number 12, goes up, goes down and wants to again on a string number tree. And last note, he stand on a String Number two, OK. And when you play this band right here, you can play them. We found pull off, goes down to WAF, to wealth and tan, K, down to F and D. All right, so I'm going to play one more time. Alright, and the last, the last bar of our guitar, if you're going to repeat the exactly the same thing. However, if a different endings. So status played the last note, frat number ten, new play, dirty. Okay? If you wanna play 12 is going to work perfectly as well, because we are in D, D, Dorian. And the most important node, indeed, Arrian is intact case Fred, 12. I hope you enjoyed this class, guys. Thank you so much and see you next class. 3. Lick every guitar player should know 2 Greek Mode: So guys, now it's time to learn intermediate and guitar lake, and we're gonna go into play. D, Mixolydian is a major scale. We from minor seven. So in this example, see, okay, my last note will be C. It's going to sound a little bit different, and we are to our ears, but this is a different scale. So it's common sound different to your ears. Alright. Sounds pretty nice, right? So the first TreeNode is scan on a stream number one, Dan on the stream number two, and laugh on a string number three, okay? And it's parted. You let it rain. Alright? So you've planed history notes and come back to dance on a string number q. Okay, so next, parties to weld on a stream number 213, true f in atrophy, our string number two. So I'm gonna play it very slowly. Check this out. The in-between 2ab, NTNU completely flipped to off. In the last part is 11. And the string number tree, Dan on a string number 211 is trigonometry. So alright. The second target played his guitar riff. A little bit different. Instead off goes to laugh and honest string number tree, you play atrophy on the stream number two. So Dan, Chu auf In the last note is Turkey, so C. Alright. You're gonna sound very nice. This is the intermediating eternal Lake K. So try to practice very carefully. Alright, so thank you so much. 4. Lick every guitar player should know 3 Greek Mode: Hey guys. Now we have a d Friesian guitar lake, right? It's not IE6 garlic, but don't worry, I'm here to help. Further. Sounds really different, right? So it's common sounds differently our ears, because most of the songs in major or minor, a Friesian is not a chromatic scale. First, barrios. You're gonna play ever fuel industry number one. And you're going to play several times. My device in this bar is do not count. Ok, so try to learn to read on this bar by year. So I've got a strong Homer on. Just a little advice for your guest. You are going to play this 11 trait times, so, okay, so, alright, the next note is 13 on a string number Chu, and piano on a string number one. Alright, so once again, there's really no right? And the last bar is ever if you're on a string number chew, so 11 Dan, K. Now is Fred number travel on a string number tree. Dan wants and again, 11, empty and on a string numbers, right? So complete with a pool off the chorion. And to be honest, is hemorrhage between 1011 okay. Metazoa. Q. Let's play everything once and again. 5. Lick every guitar player should know 4 Greek Mode: Now it's time to learn ADD D Dorian, guitar lake. So check this out. So the first part is we have one host that band. And in the frack number two, f on a string number tree. Dan, Dan on his train number, Chu, and terror on a string number one, right? Sort of first part is, okay, in the next note is Dan wants and again, earnest stream number two. I, one whole step ban. The fret number 13 on the string number two. In the last node is tan on a string number one, right? So I'm going to play the entire first part. Sounds very bluesy, right? In the last part is. So you're going to play fret number 12. It's a half-step ban. So VGC goes up, goes down. Now you'll have a boo off to frack number TEN, okay, on a string number Chu and 2F will assume number tree. And the last node E is tan on the stream number two. Ok, so I said this is a d Daro mode. The beat, it's the most important noting the Daria, okay. Guitar lake. To be honest, it's like a mix between Minor Pentatonic and D Dorian. I don't focus so much in this being known, gate. Just sound more and more. Darren, I should focus my guitar licks in B. Alright, stat off the other notes, but sounds very nice. It's a great guitar Lake for practicing. So guys, let me know if you have any kind of doubts. See you next class. 6. Lick every guitar player should know 5 Greek Mode: Now it's time to learn a new guitar lick. He said, D Friesian get old age. So this example we are going to play is the first part. So string number one, fret number 11, and stream number 213, and come back. So now it's time to stand. And 11 were distributed. One for sure. Was again very slowly. All right. Now unless party, so the last glorious Elavil, a string number one and cannabis through number one, Turkey on the stream. Number two, back to Dan or D-string number one in a play every single mystery number choose so 1311 instead. Write once it again very slowly. So you're gonna pay entirely maternal Lake. There's lowly. It's a very interesting eternal Lake for Brexit and sounds a little bit different to our ears. Guess the most important note, just to remind you guys. Friesian, it's a minor scale, right? However, it has a minor seconds. So that's why I focus my guitar. Eternal Lake, in E-flat. Beams going to sound a little bit different to your ears. But most of the songs is a major and minor, so sounds a little bit different. It's come, okay, just brackets for x does get total leak in the other guitar lakes as well. To true proof your ears. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help. All right. See you next class. Thank you so much.