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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Espadrille Sneaker Intro

    • 2. Materials Espadrille Sneakers

    • 3. Espadrille Sneaker Patterns

    • 4. Espadrille Sneaker Cutting Patterns

    • 5. Espadrille Sneaker Sewing and pinning

    • 6. Espadrille Sneaker Sewing and Turning

    • 7. Espadrille Sneaker TopStitch

    • 8. Espadrille Sneaker Eyelets

    • 9. Espadrille Sneaker blanket stitch intro

    • 10. Espadrille Sneaker Pinning In place

    • 11. Espadrille Sneaker Painting

    • 12. Espadrille Sneaker finishing

    • 13. Espadrille Sneaker final

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About This Class


In this class, we will be learning the craft originated by the Spanish: Espadrilles. We are approaching this with a twist, making Espadrille Sneakers compared to the Espadrille Slip-On. This is a fun class to take if you want to learn a classic skill and walk away with a project you'll use for a long time!

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Courtney Weston

DIY & Home Decor Crafts


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1. Espadrille Sneaker Intro: Hey, my name is Courtney Weston and I write block always your anywhere I share Original my projects today be showing you how to make your own s federal speaker These air, great shoe and espadrilles, classic Spanish craft. It's made out of a strong Jew braided together to make the soul. And then there's a river you can artist see, I want my a lot. So I really think you're gonna love this craft because you get to wear it and you get to use it and then say, Hey, I made these shoes. You're gonna have fun in this class and learn a lot about pattern making, sewing blanket stitch and how make a pattern into what you wanted to be. This is completely customize. A boy could make the fabric into, what everyone? I actually painted the strikes on my own shoe to make it look a little more already. And I just like the look that gave and then I made a place where there's places that are optional. I think you're gonna lose class, so let's get started 2. Materials Espadrille Sneakers: to make your own pair of s federal sneakers you will need in iron aren't stabilizer canvas for the outside, aligning for the inside printed patterns. Ah, hole punch. Take hammer paint and the paint brush, scissors, straight pins, needles, bees, wax islands and islets, center measuring tape, thread and a pair of s federal souls. Now that you have all the materials you need, it's time to make your own s federal sneakers. 3. Espadrille Sneaker Patterns: I'm going to walk you through all of the patterns you'll need for the S federal sneaker. This is the main toe and the tongue part of the pattern. You'll cut out four of these total and just make sure you're cutting out exactly as it prints because it is bigger on one side than the other. This is the stabilizer for the toe. This is what you'll cut out of the iron on stabilizer you need to total. And they're just gonna fit on right here on the toe of the shoe. This will just make it a little bit sturdier and really give it the shape that you want for your shoe. This is the pattern you'll be cutting out for the hell and the sides of your shoe. It's all one shape and you'll cut out four of these two for the outer and two for the lining. You can see how it lines up on the sides here, and this is where you're gonna cut out the islet holes. Teoh, make it into more of a sneaker. Usually the slip on will cut off right here, and it goes under the the front of the shoe but for the sneaker. Look, we're gonna so it onto the outside, and you just want to make sure it lines up with the S federal soul. This is the hell stabilizer, and it does the same thing as the toe. It gives it that sturdiness that a regular sneaker will give you and you'll need two of these. 4. Espadrille Sneaker Cutting Patterns: Now that you have all the materials you need and the patterns printed out, it's time to cut out the patterns out of the right fabric. First, we're gonna cut out two of the toe patterns from the outer lining canvas, and then you'll have to cut up to from the inner lining. When you cut out in trace your pattern. Don't worry about a seam allowance because that is already counted into the pattern, so just trace it exactly how the pattern printed out. Then just cut around your pattern and do this as well. For the inside lining, you're going to need four total toe shapes that will be two for each shoe. You should now have all of your patterns cut out. This is for one shoe, so keep that in mind. You'll have an inner lining and the sicker canvas outer lining for the toe and a stabilizer for toe. Make sure this is iron on and stabilizer for the hell, and this is a shape for the hell. This is the inner and the outer lining, So now that everything's cut out, we can go ahead and paint our shoe 5. Espadrille Sneaker Sewing and pinning: So we've pinned everything in place and now we're going Teoh just so it together. So it iss sturdy and l eventually look like this your shoe. So we're gonna just stitch along this side all the way up, right before you get to the island because you want that space to be open and then do the same thing on the other side. So we'll just place it under the presser foot of the sewing machine and just make sure that this is lined up here. You don't want any gaps, place it under there and just start to. So now that you have everything sown together, this is the exciting part because you're going to really see this. You come together and what you've been working on this whole time is really just taking shape before your eyes. So you gonna place your pattern of the outside lining on top of the soul and take the hell and make sure it's lined up with the back middle of the heel of the dude soul and pen and place. You're just gonna want it to be through the jute and then through the cloth. This will just keep it secure and then do it on either side of the heel. This will also make it sturdy for when you pull the front Ford. It's going kind of structure a little bit, but that's what we really want. So continue this on the front. You're gonna pin the very front of the toe to the very front of the jute. He'll making sure everything's lined up and just make sure it goes to the adjutant. Stays in place and do the same thing on the sides in the middle, and everything is pending place and you're ready to start your blanket stitch. 6. Espadrille Sneaker Sewing and Turning: now that the patterns ready, the stabilizer is in place and it's painted and everything. We're going to put the patterns together and get ready to sew them. So we're going Teoh, face the outside of the pattern to the inside, and this will make sure that we can turn them inside out or right side out when we start to . So we're going to start a few inches down from the corner instead of started at the corner . This will give us room to turn the pattern right side out and make it a smooth process going into the same thing with feel this you. But we're going to start on the bottom. I can't leave there. That's the easiest place to open it, to turn it in the right direction. Now that everything is sewn a place, it's time to turn your patterns right side out. You are going to want a long, sharp object that you can help just assist the edges to turn them perfectly, and then you will also want to cut off just a little bit of the edges. To give it a little bit more encouragement, Teoh make a perfect corner, turning the fabric right side out may be the hardest part of the whole tutorial. But just take some patients and time to do this. You don't want to rip any of the seems so you're basically just gonna go from the opening and start twisting the fabric right side out and using your paintbrush or whatever tool you have to encourage the corners to come all the way out. This is going to take just a few minutes, So give it some time so you will repeat that on the rest of your patterns, just making sure all of the corners are out and perfect. And then after this, we're going Teoh iron the patterns so they're flat and then so round edges to give it just a clean look. 7. Espadrille Sneaker TopStitch: Now that both pieces are iron, you're going to fold under the opening that you used to turn the patterns inside out. You're going to turn them under so them and then top stitch, and this will give it a clean look. So you are going to turn just the edges of the opening inside, and this will be were you'll Tenet and so it back in place. And it's a little tricky cause you're working with minimal fabric. You can use pins if you need to, and then you're just gonna put it under the foot and so cross. And then it's best if you just keep going in and top stitch around the entire he'll and then do the same thing with the toe. 8. Espadrille Sneaker Eyelets: before we so are two patterns together. We're going to add the islets and you'll need a setter, An anvil six eyelets. Ah, hole punch and a marker. You're going to just mark in place where you want your holes to be. I did it about 1/4 of an inch away from the edge, and I'm going to just make three holes a little bit further down from the top, and then this will just make sure it's not too close. And then I'm going to use the small setting on my whole punch and make a whole take the fabric out and put the islet in the whole. Then you're just going to turn it over on the curve side of the anvil and place your island face down. Put the center in place, and then you're just gonna hammer it on top. You are gonna continue this for the rest of the islands, and I like to dio each hole one at a time just to make sure the spacing is correct for the islands. I don't want them to be too close together or too far apart. So after you have it on the anvil just put these center in place where it's on top of the island and hammer until it is attached completely. It makes a really nice clean islet, and then you'll do this for the rest of the remaining calls. 9. Espadrille Sneaker blanket stitch intro: Now it is time to blanket stitch the top pattern to it the soul. And we're gonna start on the inside of the shoe in the middle. And first urine untangle all of your string that is easily tangled and you're going to not one end of it. You'll just not the end in a basic, not in in Torreon. Force it. I like to not it another time and then 1/3 to be safe. Now, thread the string through your needle. You can use either the straight needle or the curved. I use the straight for the hole time, but the curved may be easier for you. Now you're going to take your needle and thread it through the middle inside of the shoe and then through the jute about halfway up the height of the jute. This will just make it secure, and then you're just gonna pull the thread all the way through till the not gets tight. This would be a great time. Teoh. Put bees wax on your thread. This is just a way to make the thread slide through the jute easier. It can get tangled, it can get caught. So if you just put bees wax on the Strad. This congest make the whole process a lot smoother. Here is how you blanket stitch. You're going to take the thread and pull it tight and to the right, and then you're going Teoh, thread your needle through the doot about 1/4 of an inch over from your first stitch and then go up through the canvas above your top stitch just above it, not too far, and then make sure it is below the the thread and then pull it tight. Now that it is pulled tight, you're going to repeat this process, going over just about a finger lengths apart or 1/4 of an inch going through the middle of the height of the jute up through with the canvas above the top. Stitch that you did on the sewing machine, making sure the remaining threat is pulled over to the right above your needle and then pull the rest of the thread through it may not, but that's OK. You just have to pull it out, and it shouldn't be a huge deal and just pull it tight. And that is the blanket stitch 10. Espadrille Sneaker Pinning In place: Now that you're patterns are finished, their top stitch, the islands are in place. Everything is ready to go for you to assemble your shoe to make the last sewing stitches before you go onto the blanket stitch. So you're gonna take the toe and attach it to the hell before putting it on to the soul. You're gonna do this in, Just shape the toe around and hold it in place while you shape the hell around this as well . You'll pin this in place before you, so it just to make sure it fits properly. You want to pin the heel to the toe in place before you, so it just to make sure it fits and everything. So pin it and make sure they're lined up the sides of the heel and that there aren't any gaps between the toe and the heel. You can fit this around your foot and then fit it to your soul. Make sure that it's a proper fit 11. Espadrille Sneaker Painting: When I was sourcing fabric for this project, I could not find what I was looking for. None of the stripes were really my style or what I was really aiming for. So I resorted to just painting the pattern myself with tape and acrylic paint that I already had. Of course, you could use fabric paint for this to be a little bit more so, uh, flimsy instead of stiff. But I like how the acrylic paint just gave it a non perfect look. And that's what I was really going for. So you're going to tape off your pattern and just paint the inside of the lines and pull off the tape in a diagonal. This will just make sure the line is crisp. And if you don't want toe paint your own fabric, you can always just use a solid fabric or of fabric that you already like from the store, and that doesn't need any customizing. This is totally up to you, and this is where you can really get creative in your own shoe. 12. Espadrille Sneaker finishing: So you're going to blanket stitch all the way around the shoe and you can see I've all almost made it back to the beginning. And I'm just going to continue the blanket stitch going up through the jute through the canvas, keeping the thread pulled to the right and then pulling it tight after every single stitch . This will make sure that the canvas is just in the right place, that it's pulled tight, that it's gonna fit your foot well and that it's gonna be a shoe that fits. Now it's time to finish up the shoe here. I have just a few more stitches until I make it completely back to the beginning. So I'm just going to finish these stitches out for the last stitch. Go in where your first stitch was in the same spot and then go up like you are going to continue your blanket stitch, go up through the canvas, pool it through and pull it tight, and then you're going to continue by going just through the canvas were the beginning stitches and then pull it through the inside and you're going to tie off the string and keep it tight. Make sure you pull it a few times and not it a few times 13. Espadrille Sneaker final: And now you have your first pair of s vigil sneakers with a custom pattern. You can put laces in them if you want. I chose not to, but now your shoe is all done. Congratulations.