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Equipment I Use to Film My Video Courses

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Getting my equipment working well has taken more than a year and $10,000.

    • 2. Choosing a few good microphones.

    • 3. What type of computer works for filming best?

    • 4. Having two computers can make things easier.

    • 5. I like to have the option to stand or sit without changing anything.

    • 6. My standing desk using a shelving unit for under $100.

    • 7. Lighting setup simply with clip on lamps and studio lighting for under $100.

    • 8. A backdrop will make you look much more professional for under $100.

    • 9. Using a green screen for combined talking head and screen capture videos.

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to my course on how to choose equipment for recording video courses. It has taken me well over a year to find the right equipment and nearly $10,000 to put together my current home studio. I hope to save you the trouble of going through different products and show you what I do for myself! This course will cover the following topics:

  • Choosing a good microphone.
  • What type of computer works best for filming.
  • Why I prefer to have two computers.
  • I use both a standing and sitting desk.
  • Building your own standing desk for under $100.
  • My lighting setup.
  • A backdrop will help you to look more professional.
  • Using a green screen to combine talking head videos with screen capture.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in the course!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


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1. Getting my equipment working well has taken more than a year and $10,000.: the single most important thing about your video set up your video production set up above simply using it, because if you don't use it, it doesn't matter at all if you're using it. The most important thing is to get your filming environment right to get your equipment working good in a way that you understand it as easy to use to get your studio set up in a way that's easy and simple for you to quickly make videos without the need to edit everything or to try and fix them after they're broken. But to get your equipment in a way that works fast for you, so you can pretty much just go straight through and shoot videos. Right now, I can pretty much roll straight through and shoot video. In a couple hours, I can get 10 plus short videos done. In other words, I could do an entire you to me course in about five hours, and this hasn't come easily. It's taken over a year of using my studio on a regular basis and then now about 9 10 months of using it full time almost every day and has taken 10 plus $1000 in new equipment. I bought new computers to try and get a faster rendering and a more simple process. I've bought almost everything in the studios new from this desk to the lighting to the curtain behind me, to the microphones. It's taken a lot of time and effort to get it right. So wherever you're at today, what you can do is look at it and say what I have today. Let me use it as best I can. And if I want to do better, I'm light. Need to buy better equipment. I might need to buy more software. I might need to get a new kind of computer. I might need to upgrade the existing one I have. I may need to new microphones, a new mouse. I might need a capture card. There's all kinds of things, like another monitor that can be really helpful for filming, that it takes investment in terms of time and energy and money in order to set your studio bright. So what you're seeing now is the product of me using my studio a lot. The more you try and use your studio, you will go get those upgrades if you don't use it that often. Buying upgrades for it doesn't make much sense if you're trying to use it every day and you notice it takes you twice is long to film a video as it does to actually save it. Surrender. You'll buy a better computer eventually if it takes you 10 20 minutes said at the audio. Every time you recorded video could because you're trying to use the mic in your monitor or your webcam, you'll buyer better microphone so you don't have to do that. You might buy the wrong microphone. I bought several the wrong microphones before I now bought microphones that consistently work well. So it just takes time and effort and consistent work in your studio to get it right. Well, I'll do is next. I'll go through and help you get it right faster. I'll show you what I'm using that you can use now instead of having to go figure this out on your own 2. Choosing a few good microphones.: which two microphones am I using today? I'm using the Blue Yeti USB microphone to record on my Windows desktop, and I use the ivory gauge diem recording this right now on my apple computer on my I Mac. You'll notice I bought these within six days of each other. I bought the 1st 1 and then I bought this one to go with my Windows computer because it's a lot easier to have two microphones when I have to Computers. Instead of trying to use different microphones or trying to plug one in and use it separately on another computer and then plugging into that one, it's much easier. Just have one microphone for each computer, and what you'll notice about this is that these air, both USB microphones and they both are very easy to just plug in and use now. Disclaimer. I don't care what microphone you get. I don't get anything for sharing this with you. I'm just telling you what I use so that you don't have to look around. If you're happy with how my audio sound, you can just use what I use. Now there's all kinds of other Mike's you can use I notice a lot of other instructors use what's called a lapel microphone. Thes air, often very cheap, and these hook in with an analog connection. So 3.5 millimeter connection, these lava Lear lapel clip on Mike can work great for you for $16 you can get some setups like this where you can do it. Wireless. There's all kinds of nice, fancy things you can do. What I encourage you to do is try different things and see what works for you. The IRA Gauge D works great for me and my Apple computer, and this works great on my Windows computer, and it works with the Apple computer. Also, the I re gauge D does not work good with my Windows computer. I don't know if you'll get the same result or not, but it does not work good for my PC because it says for I pad I Mac, they may have one for Windows. I'm not sure, so the idea is by microphones until you find one that works. This is probably the fourth or fifth microphone slash headset I bought. I bought several others before, and the easiest thing to do is just to get a mic that works. And if you have to buy five or 10 mikes to get one that works for you, this may not work for you. But get microphones that work and they work on the first try, so there's no need to edit it in a microphone that sounds good in your set up, so either of these can work a lapel. Mike can work. A headset can work all kinds of things that can work. The bottom line is, if you buy enough microphones and you listen to your recordings, you'll figure out which one works the best. 3. What type of computer works for filming best?: what type of computer works the best for filming. I think now this is just my opinion based on what I've used. I think the I Mak works the best for filming. I am filming right now on an I Mac with a Pegasus external hard drive. So that's what I'm using with the IRA gauge D Mike. This is what works good for me. Apple tends to be known for having computers that work well. The produced video. I have used a Windows computer most of my life. In fact, I have a Windows computer sitting over to the left of me. The Windows computer works much better for gaming. This Mac does not work nearly as well, even though I believe it as a better graphics card, and it has about the same processor. It doesn't work as well for gaming. The Windows computer works better for gaming. The Windows computer works a lot better for things. When I got a apple laptop, I was shocked at how fast it rendered my videos. The Apple laptop. I have rendered my videos more than twice a safe asked as the Windows computer did. Now this is for Webcam videos But now I use my Mac for screen capture also. So when I saw how fast the Apple laptop worked, I said, Maybe I should get an I Mac and I got an I Mac and it works amazing for producing and rendering videos. I takes me less time to render this video than it does to actually film it, and it's very easy to edit. The Mac has great editing software with final cut Pro X that you can get and it works good . So that's what works for me. What I hope you can get out of this is to have an open mind about getting the computer that works the best for you. If you have an Apple computer, that doesn't work for you. Maybe trying a new Windows computer might work better if you have a Windows computer and you have hated Apple of your life like I've hated Apple most of my life. When I opened my mind up and said, Maybe I should try a different kind of computer to see if that works better, I now have a lot better results that I get out of using my I Mac to film so again. I don't get anything out of telling you this. This is just what I'm doing. And if it's useful for you, I think that's great. If it's not, I'm sorry. I value your feedback and hope this has been useful for you. 4. Having two computers can make things easier.: I like having two computers, both the Windows and the Mac to film the best and hear what I'm showing you is both of my computers. The reason I like to computers is that I can then use each one for whatever it's best with . So if there's something that's easier to do on Windows, or I only have the program on Windows, like for this course, I only have camped Asia Studio on Windows and I only have camped Asia to on Mac and Final Cut Pro X on Mac and wire cast on Mac. Then I can use each computer to film exactly what I need that way. I use the strong points on both computers. For example, if I needed 10 hour video rendered, the Apple computer is amazing at it. Now if I want to do something like Play a Game and Livestream, the Windows computer works much better for playing the game, and the I Mak works better for streaming it because of how mike things were set up in the hardware on both of them. So I've been to computers, gives me a town and flexibility and why you might say all that's expensive the production of videos online can make you a whole lot of money. The easier it is to run your studio, the more options you have the last week point you have, the easier everything you do is, and the easier it is to make more videos, the easier it is to make more money by making your videos. So having to computers, I think, is the easiest solution for a lot of common problems, especially if you have a Windows and the Mac, then you can have your full options available. Four recording and that's what I'm doing. 5. I like to have the option to stand or sit without changing anything.: I like to have the option to either sit or stand while I'm filming. I got feedback that I was a bit too passive, not that energetic when I was filming, especially Webcam sitting down. So what I've noticed from talking on the phone when I get to standing up and talking that I really get going. It's hard for me sitting down to get going as fast as this standing up. So now I feel most of my lecture standing up because it's easier for me to talk when I'm standing up. My body's in a naturally Maurer genic state when I'm standing up, so I then have the option now to sit or stand. It's a nicer, like answering questions and sometimes playing video games to be able to sit down and play . So I've got the Windows computer and the X box hooked up to the same monitor at the sitting desk and what I'm doing showing you pictures of my set up here, and I'm showing you pictures instead of filming with a camera so that the audio is the consistent quality. In other words, it's easier to take pictures and talk over a technical. I'm doing a talking head video talked over by these pictures toe underneath this This is a talking head with pictures over it. So that's the easiest format for me to do this in. So I hope in everything you're seeing examples of what you can do instead of trying to do something with the camera. So I've got these two setups I use. I like the option to stand up or sit down. If I work on the Mac, I get to stand up. And so most of my new lectures get filmed on the Mac because it's easier to film this way. And then most of the other things I do are sitting down. And that way, if I'm going between the two computers, I'm getting up. I'm moving around. So I'm not just sitting in one spot because you want to have good energy and your videos. A lot of people say, Man, you've got such good energy and your videos. I noticed to the other people that were doing video standing up, and they often would have fancier setups. They had a lot more energy needs because standing up when you're sitting down, it just gets easier to kind of get bored and dough. Okay, we're doing some more of this now. Oh, God, are you still wake? I'm not. And that's what happens when you're sitting down. I noticed I was not as energetic sitting down, and even in some of my recent gaming videos, I've got some feedback to be more energetic. And so I'm sitting down and knows it's kind of hard now. That way I've got my I Mac here. I'm energetic. I'm fully loaded to do all of my lectures here with you. So having the option to sit or stand is a real luxury in your studio that if you think about how you can get it set up, you can get it set up so that you have the option to either sit or stand or, if there's just one choice, the option. The stand might be ideal 6. My standing desk using a shelving unit for under $100.: If you're looking for a standing desk online, you'll find it's usually a nightmare. It's usually expensive, a standing deaths I've seen as much as I think, around 1000 plus dollars. They're usually overly fancy, their nightmare set up. Here's what I'm using for my standing desk. I'm using a commercial steel shelving unit from Home Depot. It was less than $100 it works beautifully for my standing desk because these commercial shelving units can handle a lot of weight on them. So your computer and all your equipments not going to tip the shelving unit over there sturdy. I mean, I wouldn't go like shaking it like crazy or anything, but it's very sturdy. It doesn't move a rock around or anything, and it's tall. So what you can do if you see on this picture? I've got the computer on the second to the highest one, and I've crunched some of the lower ones together so that the computer is up towards the top, and then I I can adjust the height, and I've got it perfectly so that my hands rest and the filming is at about the right height, just where it ISS for less than $100. Here's a simple standing desk you can get. It's really nice, and I'm grateful that for some reason I thought to go to Home Depot and buy a shelving unit instead of shelling out the money for some expensive standing desk online so you don't need to get this exact desk or anything. But if you want a standing desk, think about shelving units you could buy and then get set up that way. 7. Lighting setup simply with clip on lamps and studio lighting for under $100.: What am I doing for my lighting? Lighting has been a big challenge for me and continues to be something I tweak on a consistent basis. The first thing I did for lighting was to buy this well. The original thing I did for lighting was just to use whatever lamp was in my room. That was frustrating. So I got some good feedback. I needed to do better on my lighting. So this is what I bought. Next I bought this cowboy studio photography and video portrait umbrella continuous triple lighting kit. It's very helpful, although one of these light holders broke already, so I only have two of them left, but for $45 includes all of this, plus the three bulbs for it, which is really helpful in their very bright. So I've got two of these set up in the corner with the umbrella like this, and then what I've done based on more feedback is Goto Wal Mart and get some clip on lamps and some desk lamp. So I have two of these little clip on lamps. They look just about like that, and then I've got a couple of desk lamps that actually like this? Just sit on various on the floor. You might have seen them in a screenshot, So the lining you can get some lighting that looks good, and it doesn't have to be very expensive. For under $100 you can buy some lamps. Now, if you buy the lamps at Wal Mart, you have to get bulbs also and pay attention on a warning on the bulbs. If you're going to exceed it, don't go over it too much so you can buy the lamps at Wal Mart. You don't even necessarily need this cowboy studio set up. I like this. It produces good light, and it's nice to have some lights like an upper corner of the room, using these stands that you see are included with it and combine that with some clip on lamps and desk lamps. Right now, I've got one lamp from Walmart that I bought a long time ago. I've got to cowboy studio lamps, and I have four combined clip lamps to clip lamps in two desk lamps of four lamps that I recently bought from Walmart along with a floor what lamp from Wal Mart in a cowboy studio . So overall I have a lot of lighting in my studio, and I'm consistently trying different things. Just move things around a little bit from time to time. Try a light in a different position. Try lights on the floor on the ceiling in front of you behind us. Move your lights around so it's helpful to have these clip lamps because you can move them around a lot. And the desk lamps are good for the floor, and these offer more flexibility. So you just try. You just buy some lamps, move them around, get it in a place where you look as good as you can, and they're your lighting set up also for under $100. 8. A backdrop will make you look much more professional for under $100.: some of the feedback I received when more people started watching my videos. And when I was getting started out on you to me was that I needed to have a backdrop toe look more professional. You can get to backdrops right here and again. I don't care what you by. This is just what I've bought. You can get to backdrops like I did for under $100 right here, green screen and a nice white backdrop. I've used all of these. I'm using a green screen now, and I've retired the white backdrop in favor of this new red backdrop based on feedback. Know that this one does not include the stand. If you buy a backdrop for the first time, you want to make sure the stand is included. However, as you've seen on my recent videos, I'm using a backdrop. But technically I have it stuck to the ceiling with a curtain rod because my dogs like to come in and just run over things and knocked the stands over. So again, with your studio, it takes trial and error, and the more you spend time in it, you'll get it set up so that it works good for you and that it's easier to use. Ah, backdrop cuts out all of the things. Like I had some Scarface thing in the Post ride a couch, sitting in the background with like a blanket on it. It just looks like some guys filming in another bedroom. And especially how many people have you seen filming with just a one of those white doors in the background? It looks like they're in a bedroom at their mom's house filming, and they're trying to tell you how they've made a $1,000,000 or something. Get a backdrop toe, look more professional, and even if it's not perfect like mine's got, it looks like a curtain behind me because it's not flat. Even if it's not perfect, it's a lot better than not using one and the green screen. I'll talk about that more in a second. It offers some really cool features where you can fade the whole background out, and that's good if you're doing talking, head over a screen capture. So I've bought this. You'll notice a lot of these were bought at the same time within a month, doing you to me full time I went shopping and I started buying things to make a better studio. And then a few months later, I oh, let me try a different color back drop. So one interational, the time you can make a studio for fairly cheap that looks professional with one item at a time. That's under $100. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this is useful. 9. Using a green screen for combined talking head and screen capture videos.: If you want to get fancy, then what you can do is do a green screen. So what you see here is a YouTube video that I just recently did. You'll notice the background fades in and out from time to time. It's because I'm using a green screen like I just showed you in the last backdrop, and I'm using it with wire cast, which I'll explain later in the course. The green screen, combined with a program that will recognize the green screen, will allow you to do some cool things where you can actually fade out the background. So I think this is really cool because you can see here. The character is literally standing right behind me because of the green screen. And the green screen works best, depending on what kinds of clothes you used. And like I was hanging out with my daughter in this video, so I needed to be shirtless so she could have some skin to skin time. The green screen works really good with skin, often because there's green is not a color that naturally occurs in the pigment. Oh, look, I was listing on the CNN studio tour since green is not naturally in pigment, then you can use a green screen to fade out whatever is behind you so you can fade out what's behind you and then when what behind you is gone. You can use the green screen to kind of hover over whatever you're doing. So that's what I've done in this video. And I just think it's awesome to be able to green screen green screening, especially if you want to do live streaming or you just want to do lectures. It's really easy if you just get a backdrop and then a program that can handle using the green screen. And it produces a lot higher quality experience, even if occasionally the screen doesn't fade out, it's really cool. Then you'll notice how much less room I'm taking up on the screen. Most of the screen is fully available here, and yet I'm also fully present on the screen to so most. The live streamers I've seen that are generally doing the best often seem to have a green screen set up for themselves so that they can appear somewhat like this on there. So if you really want to hit the next level. You get something like wire cast or any program. There's, I'm sure there's you might even be able to use Camped Azure Final Cut Pro. Somehow, I don't know how to do it at this point, but I know maybe I'll learn how to do it. I know there's plenty of programs you can use out there, and wire cast is one of them where you can get set up like this so that you're you're both doing a talking head video and a screen capture, and your background doesn't take up any room. You're just kind of faded out. I love being able to do this and on all of my new live stream videos and on almost all of the new free videos I make, I will be doing the green screen like this because it looks the best and it just takes it to the hole. Next level on CNN or almost anything you see on TV. They're doing a green screen with some kind of background. So a green screen it's that professional level again. Anything you can do to stand out to be exceptional when you're making your videos, it's a great way to build your audience up. So I'm doing this now and I'll share with you exactly how I set wire cast up so that I can use my green screen. I'm actually playing the game on one computer, and then the webcam and the microphones are filming straight on the apple. The apple's live streaming this in the YouTube saves it. It's an incredible collection of getting different technology together to get this picture nice and at 10 80 p HD quality. So thank you for watching. And I hope this is useful for you in showing your green screen in action and giving you motivation toe. Learn about how you can get something like this set up for yourself.