Ephemera Tatting Class! | Pamela Briggs | Skillshare
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7 Videos (1h 4m)
    • Ephemera Tatting Class

    • Tools & Supplies

    • Understanding Tatting Patterns

    • Introductory Project

    • Help, I made a mistake!

    • Petals Button Ephemera

    • What's Next


About This Class

Learn how to Tat a Petals Button ephemera element to use in your mixed media projects, or as an accessory.

Although this class is a needle tatting class, all patterns can be tattled with a shuttle.  We'll start with a review of supplies, learn how to understand Tatting patterns then work a simple project that will help new Tatters understand and work the two stitches we will use in our ephemera project. 

We will finish with our last lesson:  What's Next? showing examples you will be able to create after completing the Petals Button.






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Pamela Briggs

Playing with Mixed Media!

I love creating art from the first time I made clothes and changed the makeup on my #1 brunette Barbie all the way through to today, creating embellishments for journals.

I think I've done every craft in one way or the other. Usually the other! As an MIS I didn't have time for my arts, but I always felt my job afforded me an art outlet, just a different way than most think of it.

Back in the 90's I was able to get back to my art and taught watercolor painting on fabric. ...

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