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Envisioning the Journey: Mindful Collage

teacher avatar Deanna Barton, Art Therapist & Founder of Artspiration

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Diving into Reflection Questions 1-4

    • 4. Diving into Reflection Questions 5-8

    • 5. Creating Your Collage Template

    • 6. Creating Your Collage

    • 7. Putting It All Together

    • 8. The Wrap Up

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About This Class


Sooooo, have you ever had a HUGE dream but struggled with figuring out how to achieve it?  Or maybe you are on your way towards accomplishing a goal but feel a little stuck!

No worries.  I’ve been there and so have many of my clients. I’m here for you!  I will guide you through a series of self-reflection exercises to explore work-life balance, diet, exercise, relationships, and self-care practices.  This class is a combination of art education, creative expression, and self-discovery!  

In this class, you will:

  1. Gain clarity about what type of lifestyle you need to cultivate to support achieving your goals.
  2. Explore what's holding you back from reaching a goal.
  3. Learn some simple collage techniques.
  4. Get into the flow of creative expression.
  5. Imagine the journey towards a goal and get prepared to tackle it.

We will create a geometric collage on canvas (or whatever surface you have available) for the class project!

No artistic skill needed to succeed here just a willingness to join me on a creative journey of self-expression and self-discovery! 

Oh!  I forgot to introduce myself!  Hi, I am Deanna Barton!  I have been working in the mental health and wellness field as a Board Certified Art Therapist for over 10 years.  Using art to promote wellbeing, self-discovery, and healing is my passion! We all need a creative outlet and a time to be self-expressive.  So, let's make some mindful art that can help cultivate the growth and change you may be seeking in your life.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deanna Barton

Art Therapist & Founder of Artspiration


Hey there, I'm Deanna. I am a Board Certified Art Therapist, artist, and art educator.  And I am the founder of Artspiration LLC, an art and wellness practice.  

I believe all human beings are intrinsically creative and need to express this creativity to live a balanced and fulfilling life. Artistic expression provides an opportunity for introspection which can lead to a deeper understanding of one's self and the world. 

I look forward to meeting you in my art and wellness classes here in Skillshare.  My classes are a mixture of art education, self-expression, and self-discovery. If you are looking to start a mindful art practice, increase your self-awareness, and activate personal growth these classes are perfect for you!

Let's dive in... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: sometimes reaching our goals and dreams feels like one step forward and four steps back. The vision of the goal or dream comes easily to our mind die. But envisioning the journey can be a bit more challenging. By taking time to reflect on journeys, we'll gain more clarity on what lifestyle will need to cultivate to support achieving our dreams. Hi, I'm Deanna Barton. I'm a board certified art therapist and the founder of Arts Brute. Get ready. I'm about to take you on a creative journey to help uncover the changes you need to make in your life to help keep focused, motivated and inspired. As you chase a dream. Two years ago, I took a huge risk and quit. My full time job is our teacher to pursue my dream of starting my very own art and wellness business early on. In that process, I quickly discovered that my current lifestyle was not supporting, so I decided to go to my art table and start working on a collage help myself, game or clarity about some of the changes I was going to need to make related to diet, sleep, actually sized relationships and self care. So that I could ensure that I was successful in this huge dream of in this class. I'm going to demonstrate a few simple collage techniques that will help prepare you for creating a beautiful geometric vision board that is perfect for hanging on any wall in your home. I will also provide a series of reflection questions that will help guide you through the process of discovering the change you need to make in your life to better support your goal , achievement and make division so clear there's no artistic skill needed to be successful at class, so let's get ready to envision the journey and dive into some part making. 2. Materials: For this class, you'll need some washi tape or some type of tape that's not clear that you can visibly see once it's on the paper. A notebook and something to write with will be going through a series of reflection questions. It might be helpful to be able to write down your answers and responses. An Exacto knife or a pair of scissors. A canvass board. I'll be using an eight by eight during this class, but you can use any size that you like. If you don't have a campus board, you could also simply use a piece of card, stock or cardboard, some type of thick paper that can hold blue. You also need a piece of scrap paper. A regular 9.5 by 11 sheet of copy paper will do. You'll also need some type of adhesive rubber cement, regular white blue or a glue stick will work just fine. And finally, some magazines that you can rip or cut images from 3. Diving into Reflection Questions 1-4: in this video, we're gonna go through some reflection questions to help you hone in on what type of lifestyle may support you as you journey torture bulls. So in the previous video, we would do all the materials you're going to me. Now is the time to grab that notebook and pencil or whatever utensil you want to use to write with. Find a comfortable place to relax for a few minutes as we go through some questions. Just spot some insight to get you thinking beyond what the end game is. But more about what it's going to take to reach that goal. Reached that dream that you're in so you might find it helpful to jot down a few notes in response to these questions. It's gonna really help you as you begin to collect images and imagery to create your geometric collage. So let's get started. The first thing I'd like to think about is what's driving you to accomplish this goal. What's your motivation? What are those things that are really going to keep you going when those days get really rough? Number two. What relationship do you need to help support you in a positive way. As you work towards this particular goal, you might want to think about your friendships, your family members, even your romantic partnerships and relationships, and then tour shits relationships with coworkers or colleagues, even pets. Different relationships help support us, especially in those times when things get really tough. Those are the people that we know we can count on to support us toe, listen to us to maybe even hear us out as we kind of go back and forth on making tough decisions. I also think about those kind of critics, the people in your life that give you the tough love that give you constructive criticism and we're gonna keep it real lets you know when Hey, maybe what you're working on. You tweak it, change it, go back to the drawing board or there's gonna be really honest with you about what you could do better or I'm not really feeling it. So those people are also really important to consider when evaluating what type of relationships those relationships you really need to nurture and keep close by as you continue journey towards your dream. Number three This was a really big one and was one that I could have struggled with in my own evaluation on what I need, Teoh change and what I need to implement help support my vision. And this is to think about what lifestyle changes you might need to make in order to really support accomplishing whatever it is you're setting forth to accomplish. So it might be helpful to start with, considering your current lifestyle and really evaluated. Think about the things that you might currently be doing or partaking in that might negatively effect accomplishing this goal or prolong the period that it might take to accomplish this dream, then kind of worked backwards. Happy new shift Those What would be the opposite or different way to approach these things better support you in a positive way to keep keeping to help keep you motivated, dedicated, accountable and also discipline. Don't be too tough on yourself. Just go with it. Answer yourself honestly, and keep in mind that at the end of the day, these are all your own personal choices. You get to decide what you want to do and what you don't want to dio number four. Think about what barriers you for see as you work towards a conferencing the school, what things do you think might stand in your way and make accomplishing your dream challenging? This is an opportunity to reflect on whatever years might be there. The unknowns. The what? It's all of those worst case scenarios. If we can consider the worst case areas now begin to really analyze. Are they even realistic? Expectations are realistic things to be afraid of. We could begin to kind of implement preventative measures to help us better prepared to overcome them when they do actually arrived, if they actually arrive at all. 4. Diving into Reflection Questions 5-8: Okay, Number five. So, in a previous question, we talked a little bit about what barriers we proceed being confronted with. So for number five, let's consider what we might need to help us overcome these barriers. I've overcome these obstacles. What would you need? What could be helpful in helping you overcome the obstacles? If you could ask for help, ask for support, ask for guidance. What questions do you have? What resource is what kind of stuff do you need around you in your environment? All right, Number six. Now a moment to reflect on what kind of self care activities can you implement when the tough times get really tough? May already have some activities or practices that really support you in these moments, and you may not. So if you dio think about him with black, maybe write down some of those that are like your go to whether it might be meditation or yoga or some sort of fitness or spending quality time with family or friends, or curling up on your sofa with your dog. Watching Netflix just to kind of unwind. Maybe it's painting showing or some other type of artistic creative outlet think about your personality in the types of activities that help you feel charge and fresh. What self care activities are really gonna help you maintain your mo mentum? All right, Number seven, what's the prize at the bottom of the box? I'm sure you can reflect back on a time when you were a kid and you got a box of cereal and on the front of that box with some amazing prize. But the only way to get to that prize was either to dump all the cereal out of the box and kind of cheat a little or eat all the cereal. So what part of the bottom of the box for you once you get to your goal, what is the outcome? What kind of accomplishment is there? What's the thing that's gonna make you feel proud and, like you mastered something or accomplished something really big thing? What's the prize? And finally, reflection? Question Number eight reflects back on a time when you accomplished a really big goal. Feel it remembering. Envision it embodies. Often times we don't stop really reflect on the things that we do great. The accomplishments and kind of basket that allow yourself the basket for a moment. Just make you feel good about it. A few good about it. You've come this far in your life, and I'm sure there's already a lot you can feel proud of. That you've accomplished that. Maybe you thought you could never accomplish. But somehow, somehow you did. And now you're moving on to the next one, so finish dropping down. Whatever. No two might have taken much time as you need on this portion, and I'll see you back here for the next video. 5. Creating Your Collage Template: all right, before we get started jumping into creating our actual class projects, remember that this isn't about perfection. It's not about how beautiful this turns out, how perfect the symmetry is. It's about none of that. It's honestly, more about you having an opportunity to reflect on your goal. Think about the journey so that you could be more prepared for whatever comes your way. As you go through these varying steps, it's also with opportunity. Just have a little bit of fun and takes explores this whole being from a different perspective to art. So be easy on yourself. Don't worry about perfection. There's no right or wrong. I'm sure you're gonna hear me say that multiple times as we go through the steps. And remember, you can always possibly wine follow along, watch it one time through whatever helped you out. And if you have questions, feel free to reach out. Ask, ask your fellow classmates back with this discussion board is for as well. So what? Get into it. All right, First step, we're gonna go ahead and create the template that's going to help us create this beautiful geometric design for our collage in the final product, you're gonna be using your plain white paper, your washing tape or whatever take you have available and a pencil. If you're using a canvas that's not the same size as your white paper, you're gonna need to trace the canvas so that the paper is the same size. So all you need to do is Blais the campus down on the white paper. Use your pencil or whatever writing intensely you have available and go ahead and trace the edges like so once you've got the general shape of the canvas user scissors and you can cut that down. This is going to be kind of like a template, so it's OK if it's not perfect. If you're using a canvas that's larger than the eight by eight or larger than your white sheet of paper scrap paper, you might need to take some sheets together or you some newspaper in order to get the size you need. Once you've trimmed down the paper, you're ready to apply the tape. I suggest starting by applying the tape to the four sides of the paper. Once you've taped the four sides, go ahead and create some intersecting lines to create an interesting geometric pattern. Once you've created your design, you might want to trim up the edges. Now you're ready to remove all the white space left behind so that we can basically see through this like it with the window. To do this, you could use this pair of scissors. Simply jab him in the middle and then bring the blades to the edge of the tape and continue cutting to remove all the white. If you choose season exact or nice and you have a ruler available, you might find it helpful to line the ruler up with the edge of the tape to give yourself a nice clean line. 6. Creating Your Collage: Let's talk about some simple collage techniques. You can think of collage, almost like creating a puzzle, where you take images and you overlap them and join them together in different ways. You can create your own images by adding things together or alter images that already exist . So let's start with altering an image that already exists. Taking this picture of a man, maybe one his head to become an apple. We could also may be cut around the perimeter of the guy and perched him on this horse. Okay, so here's the horse. Here's the man sitting on the horse and changing his head. When you begin to collect images, you may also want to think about colors. So, for example, here we're using mostly black and white images with a pop of color. You might want to stick with using all warm colors like oranges, reds, yellows or maybe more cool colors. Your greens, your blues, your violets and purples. Think about developing a color palette that appeals to you and maybe also relates to some of your responses to the reflection questions. Another method of collages to simply build your own picture. Using lots of random parts. Once you've arranged an image the way you like it, go ahead and make sure to glue everything together. Then take the template that we made earlier on in the class and play around with the way you like it to go. Keep in mind that the lines where the Tay Bar are going to be parts of the image that disappeared. So make sure if there's key imagery or items, and you want those things to be on your final piece to not have them covered with the tape . Once you've decided upon how you want it to be, go ahead and lay it down. You can also take a little bit of the washing tape to secure the image in place. So as you're cutting everything kind of stays where you need it to be, then using your scissors began to very carefully cut up the edges. You can also go through the tape at this point, since we're kind of done with the template. The idea is to save the parts of the images that are in between those spaces. Those shapes that were created 7. Putting It All Together: Okay, Once you've got all your images cut out and if your template is still intact, you can kind of use it. Teoh eyeball, and make sure that everything's kind of in the right space when you're going into the canvas or your card. Stocker cardboard, you may want to try Teoh. Focus on getting it centered. Boost. It will work, but it's not going to be your most permanent option. I would suggest using white glue. You may also find it helpful to use a sponge brush or a paint brush to apply the white blues the back of your images, just to make sure that all the edges lay nice and flat and you don't have too much excess that squirts out before you get blooming, you might find it very helpful to go. Had an arranged all of the pieces of your collage on canvas prior to gluing. Then you can simply pick up a piece. Apply a little bit of blue. If you're choosing to use a sponge, brushes paint brush, Smoothes it out. Make sure to get blue on all the edges and then place it down. Make sure to smooth press, get rid of any air bubbles and make sure it's secure before moving on to the next piece. Okay, once everything is glued down, you have the option to do a final seal. This will ensure that all the edges are glued securely down to the campus and also give you a nice. You can use mod podge for this final step. Or you can use your white glue. If you're using one glue, go ahead and just apply some over the top. Make sure that you're using a white blue that actually drives clear, and then using your sponge brush or a paintbrush in one direction, go ahead and apply it. A final layer, a nice layer of blue and now you're all done with a beautiful geometric collide. That's a reminder of your journey towards your goal. In the end, all the pieces will come together to make a beautiful picture. Be sure to take a picture of your beautiful creation and post it to the Project Gallery 8. The Wrap Up: hi, puppy. As a final step, you might want to place your vision board in a special place somewhere where you'll see it every day as a reminder of what it is you're working towards. This might be a little altar space or just a space that you see frequently in your home placing your board. They're taking a moment to reflect on it when you pass it and remind yourself small steps. One thing at a time builds the big picture. Thanks for joining me and being a part of this class. I hope you found value in it. Share your comments and experience. And also don't forget to share your project. And the Project gallery. I really would love to see different collages that you guys have created. This is what the class is really all about. This creative expression in an opportunity to tap into yourself and tap into things that you're focusing on. I'm thinking about in a different way. So I look forward to seeing all your creations and I look forward to having you in future classes. Take care