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Entry to Interpreting (English<>Chinese pair)

teacher avatar Angie Wei, Certified interpreter and translator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (2h 36m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Practice demo & Basic rules explained

    • 3. Practice 1 | En>Cn | English Pub

    • 4. Practice 2 | CN>EN | University Students Travelling

    • 5. Practice 3 | CN>EN | Big City vs. Small City

    • 6. Practice 4 | CN>EN | Globalisation & Social Media

    • 7. Practice 5 | EN>CN | Interpreters vs. Translators

    • 8. Practice 6 | CN>EN | Dami Booth

    • 9. Practice 7 | EN>CN | Single Sex School

    • 10. Practice 8 | EN>CN | Purified Water

    • 11. Practice 9 | CN>EN | Information Anxiety

    • 12. Pair Practice | CN<>EN | BRICS

    • 13. Practice 11 | EN>CN | Traffic

    • 14. Client Perspective Practice Explained | EN>CN | Excessive Messaging

    • 15. Stamina Dropped.. | EN>CH | English Cuisine

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn the basics of how to do consecutive interpreting.

Language level requirement: Chinese & English

Content: Interpreting 

Application: practical skill

Meet Your Teacher

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Angie Wei

Certified interpreter and translator


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1. Intro: Hello, Friends and students, All Scotia. I am your interpreting teacher N G. In this course, you will be learning how to do Chinese English interpreting first about myself. I am a trained and certified Chinese English conference interpreter. My job is to interpret for international conferences, meetings, seminars and more general events where English speakers and Chinese biggest need to communicate. And I will be the bridge translating what the English speakers say to the Chinese listener on by Filosa. This is a super challenging but fun job to do. I will give you more examples in this course to let you know about what this job is about, how to do it and what you need to pay attention to about this course, this course if for entry level interpreters or Chinese English bilingual who want to become an interpreter or to get interpreting skills, As you know, interpreting is a purely pragmatic ALS on practical skill. So it's all about practicing. You only get this girl through practicing so in this course will practice together, and that will explain the rules and theories in practices. Each class will focus on one topic and the materials we will be using how, from you speech repository, which is the official interpreting practice materials made specifically for entry level practice by you. So if you're ready, let's begin. 2. Practice demo & Basic rules explained: before we start, I want to clarify one thing in conference. Interpreting there is consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting. As the names imply. Consecutive interpreting is the speaker talks first, maybe for a minute or few minutes and then pause. And then the speaker talks interprets. So this go song speaker interpreters, Baker interpreter. So the basic process. If the speaker talks and the interpreter takes notes of the key information off the speaker talks about while the speaker is talking on, then this baker process being troubled. Her interprets what the speaker talks about based on the knows that he or she takes simultaneous interpreting. On the other hand, is the interpreter interprets at the same time the speaker talks. So the speaker is talking and the interpreter is interpreting what the speaker talks about . The microphone and the audience will hear the interpreters Loy's home, most interpreter training programs or trained consecutive interpreting. First, after you've reached a certain level, and then you will proceed to learn the simultaneous interpreting skills in this class, we will only do consecutive interpreting, So the process is you listen to the audio, you take notes while listening, and then you interpret Let's see an example first. I'd like to talk to you today about why men hate shopping. If there's one thing that clearly shows that men and women are different, it's shopping. Women like to window shop and browse. Men shop with the mission. Men know exactly what they want to buy before they leave the house. Women, however, tend to decide on their purchases only after they've seen what's available in stores. Men easily get lost in shopping malls. Women spend so much time there, they can give short cuts to the security staff. Women don't get stressed if a short shopping trip turns into a very long shopping trip. Men, on the other hand, insist on being in and out of a store in 20 minutes. But that may be for the good of their health he was, and that he should patient your attention. You should see what wanted Shocking are Nancy. See what? They don't do anything that you don't see. Lansing factual about those He just took it out. Are you? She should Allegheny conduct any your Sherlock shocking job that didn t sound. There's a charming nice seeing her resume. You argue she you may want you see Google you, but you should have been a You don't see 1990 things just didn't you? I shouldn't go back. I don't see much. Actually, yes. You didn't know that she will help. A medical study has shown that men who are forced to go on long shopping trips suffer from sudden increases in their blood pressure. This gives an entirely new meaning to the expression shop till you drop. Yes, Everything I've said is a broad generalization. There are some women out there who hate shopping, just like there are very few men out there who love to buy shoes. However, these generalizations are firmly grounded. In truth, they're backed up by a large number of studies which have made the following findings. The average woman will spend about three years of her life shopping. Not surprisingly, women are responsible for more than 80% of consumer spending in the United States, in Europe and in Australia, women even make the majority of purchases in unexpected areas such as buying a new car. Although that does depend on the type of car. Most sensible family vehicles are purchased by women. Most sports cars, however, are bought by men. But here's some consoling news for men. A recent study has shown that men are much less likely than women to return from a shopping trip empty handed. And they might even return from that shopping trip with a brand new sports car. Thank you, and you told me you'd be even. I think she should go shoot your friend shot from the front to question the issue. Go without induction. You should see what I see. But what? What should I think? She should be easy today, you told me. You see PGA Gendreau, York, Sanya, the shoes. Go Make or Jodrell Dahlia. Ethan's passion is healthy shield. You see something changes a woman's with fortune using self. A 30 meeting self. A beautiful natural. But what do you do? You true? The lacy values in the shield? Gombe. Actually, you see our culture, the battery, Nancy. But what you see, Nancy, your heart true? Teach these union told me. Then seeing critical cultural are great TV. You see yourself nice. And how about cultural? She's here now. Let's look at the process in three steps. Listening note. Taking an expression. Listening is about understanding and logic. First understanding. You need to understand what the speaker talks about, what the speeches about, rather than just remembering the worst. And you will find that if you understand the speaker, it will be much, much easier for you to remember what he or she talks about. Logic unique to thought out the logic behind the speech. Your mind draw a logic structure diagram of the Fitch, for example, the beginning condition. Worse, maybe a joke and the main body 123 Like that logic, it's most important in interpreting. It will tell you the importance of different information points, and it will make your speech structured and logical when you interpret no taking. As you can see, no ticking is an important part and skill in interpreting. We will have one whole class to talk about note taking specifically if you already have no taking training than you can escape that class and just watch classes and do practices in sequence with me. If you have no note taking training before you can switch to bet, noting class first and then practice with me here, I would just list three principles in note taking, which we will elaborate on later. One being structured your notes should be structured issue. Reflect the logical structure behind the speech to take minimum notes. This is not know taking task. You only take notes. You symbol seas shoot forms. Akron aims. You only take knows to make yourself understand. Others will not see your nose. Only you yourself will see the notes, and as long as they can help you understand and help with your delivery, it is the best notes. Three. Your nose if there to help with your delivery so you'll go is your delivery if you're interpreting the content off your interpretation, so you should allocate edge most 30% of your brain power into note taking and 70% into understanding. Sorting out the logic on delivery This is the outcome of your interpreting off course. The primary principle is always accuracy. You should deliver what the speaker said faithfully without making up any information or missing major information. So this is number one. Accuracy number two, natural, native and concise Language delivery number three I contact. You should always engage with your audience. Remember that your goal is not only to interpret or translate the language. But to facilitate the communication, you are the link of the conversation, so you should always know your audience reaction. Never bury yourself in your notes. You're not talking to a notes. You're talking to your audience. Will you interpret? Maybe you will find that the audience are confused about certain Chinese concepts that you can proceed to help them to for but explain the concepts. Your purpose is to help the two size better understand and communicate with each other in our next class is we will have more practices and I will give more detailed explanations and analysis. One will practice because only when in practice came know how to apply these rules in really interpreting. 3. Practice 1 | En>Cn | English Pub: Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to talk to you today about drinking in the United Kingdom. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm on Englishman living abroad here in Belgium. I'm one of the things that I miss most about. My home country is the pub. There are few things quite assn ice as walking into a little country pub in usually a very picturesque setting. You sit down with a pint of local ale, you can read the newspaper. You may be chatting with friends. You may just chat with the locals who are in the pub. Anyway, it's all very sociable. I find much more sociable than, for example, going to the cinema to see a film or going to a disco, the pub culture by which I mean going to pubs. The pub culture in the United Kingdom has been around for a long time, and it's an important part off British social life. And as I've said in many ways, that's a good thing. But unfortunately, as with everything, there's also a darker side, a negative side, because our pub culture does mean that in Britain we tend to drink too much fishermen. Santana, what's in hey Ali attitude he showed him Go there in 70 measurements. Angela. War. Sure, you get him. Gordon Sanji! Bill! Issue going You go, You knees. Odigo Santander de Jojoba Source. Just a handmade attention, Sosa European tour on GDP So you can even creepy Jordanian combat you, Horgan. Ponyo, Gelatin! Hodges, You're going tones that your patter down here and they can which just a fate hung should your religion should create Was it a bit you? Can you hold? You should check out a disco younger your fresh and hold a job, Jake. Over what it unleashed Official. Yo, Zola, I assure you, Gordon and Shawn core that junior, you bouffant! We can't. I shoulda in Guadalajara should do a woman like sure she official hot oven then? Sure. So she seemed. Really? I mean, see you go. So why a believer? Ohio couple. Howdy me Now, Joshi, you go to Hawaii of Asia, Genco Coniglio in Joe Colyandro to take by comparison, some of the countries in continental Europe look at countries like France, like Italy, like Spain or even Greece that those countries you may be surprised to find actually consume mawr alcohol than we do in the UK but they drink in a different way to us In those countries. People will quite happily sit down on have a glass of wine with every meal, lunch or dinner. But they'll also be drinking quite large quantities of water as well. For the simple reason that those countries are hot countries on that if you only drink alcohol, you will quickly become dehydrated. Mahoto ocean should be You go. Aha, Ryoko. Then she comin into the function You go home there were contacted Oddity of weather Lemon who? A source Ally Radio Shinji Thomas was heaven's hand. She finished hotel. That should help the hotel. And you can see Compare that to the way in which we drink in the United Kingdom In the UK I'm sorry to say often we drink simply in order to get drunk and when we are drunk we do all sorts of silly things that would be OK if it was only a question of silliness. But in fact, a recent report has shown that drunken nous in the UK is a major social problem and is costing our economy Ah, lot of money. So what are the problems related to drunken? Well First of all, excessive drinking can lead to accidents. You can easily imagine that somebody who's being in the pub has had too much to drink. Comes out at 11 o'clock at night. Doesn't look where he's going on walks straight in front of a car or a bus. Many of the people who are taken to hospital to accidents and emergencies go there because they've sustained some sort of injury as a result, Off drinking on the cost of looking after those people of treating them runs into billions of pounds every year. Mazzella. Debbie! So you got a sequel we'll have about in ashore. There you go. You 100. Hold your transportation in the house. Totally hope. Limit your words. Well, good. I'm gonna Siachin Not sure you go, Saleh. So it is in Social June. Data showed 70 are number so quick. Alternation of angina. Deed of anti. What? I ain't gonna quit Outreach Fashion show. You gotta go back 100 years. She didn't put it out. Don't see number zero Each woman's your true that your home, don't you? Sango Condor Fashion Chicago Adultery up. It's on the incident. Our younger menu Johar Shoe. She eating about your country. Excessive drinking can also cause illnesses on people who suffer from some drink related illness, such as trouble with the liver, for example, are not able to work again. We both have to treat those patients on. Also, they're not contributing anything to the economy because they can't work again. That costs billions of pounds. There's also the problems off violence related related to drinking. People, when they get drunk, do all sorts of things. They get into fights, they smash up shop windows, they destroy things. They engage in acts of vandalism on that involves costs in two ways. First of all, you have to clean up the mess. And secondly, you have to pay Mawr policemen to patrol the streets to try and stop that violence happening in the first place. And lastly, of course, drunkenness, excessive drinking can lead to all sorts off problems in the home. The cost in terms of beaten wives, abused Children, broken families simply cannot be counted. Well, I think the argument he should see your hand or you call and say I'm gonna seeping into Schengen. Yeah, you Are you to say Children could essentially Yeah, sure, Collins Aqueduct Studies and 70 she Bali. You can on your behalf the shooting go support and put a bully. Or this year. So why kindness? How j event he does your me also the intention season shooter ship your apology. Hold chili, You Polly. Dr Lindsay bother Chop me Should life function, polishes and fashion So you guarantee on angel without your jacket 20? You know that is the highest, your yoga and your daughter poorly attacking. So many people in the UK now are asking What can we do to stop people drinking so much on a couple of ideas have been put forward. One is to increase the minimum legal age for drinking at the moment, in order to be able to buy and consume alcohol, you have to be 18 in the UK What that means is that nearly everybody from the age of 15 or 16 is doing everything they can to try and get into a pub on by alcohol. The argument is that if you increase the minimum drinking legal age to 21 say well, you will still have a problem with under aged drinkers. But now those underage drinkers will be 18 and 19 rather than 15 or even 14 on at 18 or 19 . So these people say you're just that little bit mawr mature that little bit more sensible than when you're 14 or 15. So that's one idea as to how to reduce the scale of drunkenness in the United Kingdom. Another idea that is being put forward is to, for example, ban happy hours. What's a happy hour? Well, quite simply, the idea is that pubs will have a period of time, say, between five o'clock and six oclock, sometimes between five o'clock and seven o'clock, during which time the pub will sell you all its alcohol at half price. Of course, the pub is losing money when it sells at half price. But what they hope is that once the hour or two hour period is up, the customer will either be unwilling or more, probably unable to go anywhere else and carry on drinking and will therefore remain in the same pub but now paying full price for their drinks on which, of course, the pub does make a profit. This is obviously a system which encourages people to drink mawr than is good for them on their 41 idea, as I have said, is that you should ban such practice that you should not allow happy hours. So you had doing grand job. Ella with me are some of sorts. Had no found she called involuntary fashion JJ event leader and teacher like you said that he de Tickell who far in Jordan 30 nearly with tens Onyango, your mijo. You heard your mama Bassett. Gentle doctor Your door Sure. Shallow Southern who stands in coastal back Shoot into a bar? Sure. J Guanyin the Reynolds a robo neighbor. So it did in Joko Faneuil in home ship Asset. He got up. He actually used number Ohio. You laid out by Junior made out have fun and enjoy until the highest annually to see it And then they should Bash is also the highest in guy. Be sure Shinji Ono show She's just so so the heights of your condo. Shit coming surely easier. Just you, John D. Hutson shop called. Yeah, but he she show Qala shovel national Mashallah Chicana agenda. So the equator Laban Trudeau agents Honduran. So you sure quality. So he should Yeah, but he going the other and Actually, the problem with all of these ideas is that they're not very popular on. Therefore, the government in the United Kingdom is not that keen on trying to pass legislation to, for example, increase the legal age for drinking or to ban happy hours because they know that if they do that, they'll start losing votes. So I'm afraid that for the time being, the UK is going to be left with its drunken nous problem on that's bad for society on It's bad for our image as well. I'm sure you have sometimes seen for yourself what happens when English football teams travel abroad. Image that many of those football fans leave is hardly one that you would like to say is one of your own country of England. But unfortunately I'm afraid that is the situation. For the time being, Andi, it's probably going to continue for the foreseeable future. Thank you. I make it out of Saudi that heat. Only 70 potential whining. So evil junk food. But I teach you pampas. You're gonna follow far before you go to Chico. 35 million hodja. She shall Qala show you how much So you compare Putin you go. The cold angel and key. Which she didn't. Uncle Angelo. Anti German. Show you simply Candle. She was happy, you know. Bring it then. Sure. Her pushing the share mushy and meaty Shareholder compact. 4. Practice 2 | CN>EN | University Students Travelling: No, it's in Canton, Ga. July 10 shot that you're showing the older one to you. Do you own a T shirt? She got some giant into the hearts your way. You are unsure. You want your shoe through a Somali changey older ambition among sound Joshi our joyo traces here. Go team to that would make mail then see? Sure. Triple yacht Toby, I should actually shown such even social trim here coming from under your no meaning you should or should be the one legal in future She's Aland here since Anna Your high shoots up , Are we all your she's and fish home fishes Initiative. So yield is sure showing to the insurance or your very own cells from the January Georgia Shore Since you watch on truTV since he is auto, where that John a quadruple were down with Sean Cook Djalma, since you're well, does your whole elegant, sure south child around Utah cooler now, since he's actually don't quit my father quit on yourself Not only hide, he did sustain shonka So you sure put out we could just go yard Darling, the chauffeur. Today I will talk about university students traveling. Traveling is a very good way for you to broaden your horizon and gain experiences just like people say, traveling for thousands of miles. It's better than reading thousands of volumes of books. Even for some people, the lifelong dream is to travel around the world. This sounds romantic, but in reality it is not so, especially for university students. This is especially chew. Because university students is a special population. They will face a lot of problems when it comes to traveling. The first problem is time. Traveling takes a lot of time, but the students it's winter and summer holiday may not be enough, so some students would take the A weekends to go trouble less well. Their strategy is to fed out on Friday evening and come back on Monday morning so as to catch classes and not compromised their class time. However, is it really so for many students in order to catch the bus or train in on Friday evening, they would just skipped the classes in the afternoon on Friday and on Monday morning. When they come back, there will be so tired. How can they focus in classes on Monday? So it is not possible for them to not compromise their time in class. Not the idea. You sure? It seems you want you tender want you Shona tomato shitty Shoulda Coulda woulda shoulda train here from the Intel idea You're going for motion. Show your Mateschitz Is it that our lingo Did you go dark on the shore? Even though Dida you showed our time? Country She hands the doctor and the teacher then turned down Does your dio truth using dual quads here Neo may saying he was Anwar the hall general number. Oh yeah, that This angle one huge Oh, sure. Sean, Down show Can the one here Santana trigger losing? Sure, go Your coaches gender. So you sure calories in just any they are content for you. Go to college and outages up yonder does in the elimination of Ohio shots in here So I don't know. Do you? Are you on the hot? Know what's the value? A child of onion I mean what you want you are Hold your takatoriki later. No, you don't choir in the beehive Jewish on our show here Social justice These anglophones here The second problem is money. Most university students are low income or no income people. Their money either come from their parents or from part time jobs, however, part on jobs like washing dishes or serving as waiters and waitresses. The KFC you only pay very little. In contrast, food, accommodation and transport ation in travelling costs a lot. So how can you have fun while having no money? The third problem is the risk of being cheated. Nowadays we see that there so many cases of travelers in cheated by tourist agencies. So you really have to read your contrast with your agency thoroughly to know the accommodation level and whether they're extra charges inside tourist sites. You may say it's okay. I don't go with agencies. I trouble by myself. However, even if you travel by ourselves, you still need toe. Ask people for directions sometimes, or you may need to take a taxi so you still have the risk off being cheated. So they said the search problem or the third risk. Now, diesel Galanti, lodgers. Angela went to you, Tom, you're a short con operation with higher Angela Charlton found ship it was working for Now we will you doc Raising Children. Tuffy Factual. Now the usual geopolitical and trailer. Hi. All you the Dominion cinema Conaway winds your transits in the sell More beautiful true pies and milk half out of function. No more J go to shellfish. Always yet that social woman candle your She's a volunteer since the food show. No joke and a one year high OSHA Anjo wants you. Don't you tripping? But I doubt she would tell you that you're showing your pulled Viola. Are you sure? In Saudi coaches here now eating out Or how conquer your called it out. You don't don't be doing Yeah. Oh, sure. Where it encountered, please? Yeah, the fourth problem If 50 some university students, in order to save money, may choose some unsafe transportation methods, for example, may go for car Hayley. However, if the driver chooses to taking too many people in it course overload, which will be risky. In addition, because they're very young, some university students may go to dangerous places and do dangerous activities in order to explore. For example, some of them may go to explore uninhibited mountains, which will be risky. So today we talked about the full problems university students face when it comes to traveling including time, money. The risk of being cheated and safety concern is. But it doesn't mean that university students should not travel that tour in these, that they should do enough preparation before traveling and know the risks and travel in a healthy way. Thank you. 5. Practice 3 | CN>EN | Big City vs. Small City: use diminishes him and your heart and I and you too. Don't you dear, doing that? Talking to someone now has the shops through some core starting sooner. Some questions had to wait. War endorse Hood War Could Onyali shouting sooner? Sandra A big jar And he didn't some for you. I woke up in me in that without men right here Kenya in June and cannot cities in their song core now to teen set out on a social system for Hana. What? You You are city That year since unique in that yard Finn Sharkey Shopper Ladies and gentlemen, Greetings. Many people cannot decide whether it is better to live in a big city or small city. In Vic City life, it's more colorful there more opportunities. But of course, there are more people, more cars and more pressure In small city, On the other hand, life is more carefree. There are fewer calls and fewer people. But of course, life maybe more boring. And you can even see your life in 10 years time. So big video, small city. Which one is better? I would like to share my personal experience. Young enlarging meetings are sound. What's he like this the whole time in the shoes on the show now? So that's hunger to go to Megumi the Weinstein. I don't want you. What? Holly baiting judging sitting trader Potentially may down will make a year. So thou our cars on the 20 and he said, That's the whole or your trader usually Hok tar debating Shame What a painting to shoot a senior He is the hotel that you friend put for the control Pingtung since in their control since the artists the whole human cheese hand et through the T founder. Yet when you get each mandala since his hunger treat Ana what you can with a lot of poor young woman concertina to Laika Teppei So far you guys send you sit A fancy anemia Are you who came with us? The whole whatever the fungi and canned out strong way Telling the young wok honestly, what you trade a step aging somewhat since May, huh? There's a whole night now I adore this even young with traditional Yeah league happy eating . So she in Beijing the child homes Is that tags Alcala? You're reaching for them with a lot of poor. You see great. Yeah, War title that year, 19 said Xiangyang. Doesn't do that. Detailed me in Canada while our poor some doubtful I news engine what your technical terms is. Some courses, Yali. Take Tyler. So you were intentionally yard Ikeda. Leanne Cole. It's been two years. Every morning when I wake up, I would cheer birds singing outside my window, and they will feel that it is right that I left Beijing. However, every month on the feathery day when I see the salary figure, I would wife again regrets leaving Beijing. Previously, I studied in Beijing for four years. After graduation, I found a well pick job being Beijing and during work days that would work. And in my spare time, I would hang out with my friends and play basketball with them. Also, I moved from a basement into a flat, and later me and my wife bought a house on moved into the three room apartment in the fourth ring off Beijing. I remember in 2000 and eight during the Olympic Games, we could see the firework in the opening ceremony from our window and looking at the firework, I was thinking life in Beijing is so good, however, later, due to various reasons I left Beijing Reason number one the Transportacion in baiting is so bad. I remember one day I was waiting for my wife to go back home together. I was wearing my glasses. I was sweating and I saw my wife struggled out of the huge crowd from the subway. Right. At that moment, the idea of leaving baiting popped into my mind. Tiago's shooting out of the U. N. Used to work hand awards are usually shout you funds eulogizing is on our slow and dollar. We're going with a lot of poor to send you base it on the A true support Radian Yard. So seeing way or so Dollar war Mama Symbian HRC Mama may push out seeing straight out intensity HRC, TRT and what had two daughters leach out habia So Google allowed. So, yes is trading our leak at a union. Serena what? You'll carcela what you're going. Will you quit Allah or the Joshi? Entry control Sharp tongue. You see anticipating with Allah your decision. A tan suit. Were there some for Faisal? $19 being the second reason. You bet I saw. But the housing pricing. My living apartment had risen to 40,000 r and B per square meter for me and my wife, Emine. If we work to make money or our life without spending any money by your house will still be a lot of pressure force. But the reason that really prompt me to leave in the end. If that my mom got sick, my mom got injured accidentally and broke her bulls. But I only got the news the second day being too far away from your parents and thus unable to take care of them, if also the reason that prompts me to leave. So I got a job in the local government of my home town city and moved back to my hometown. So I moved from a first set tier city Beijing toe, 1/4 tier small town or small city. My life changed quite dramatically. So she in Tennessee shall treats the quantity going to attack the *** sand, the city and the door. Beijing Younger, tender, sitting and tongue. Yeah, yeah. Would she choose when tones as sheets? Woman 20. Got it here, $10 being a dictator and Queen Sheena watches throughout certainty. There's a day shouting sooner where suddenly ego from childhood, that suddenly you got that Make it so that one more headaches watching. So how foreigner Megawati Friends on your teaching Walk a shots We're going to war The way t hands out retaliation Shot so young would you their feet Ha ha! That's here working with a lot for we don't quite rthe today which are judged on their sitting We've seen my leg I shall funds social funds Lito machine shall Chilean ponchos got out of sumo but you meet him White sands on a candle against in the sink Home face home earlier Make in what I showing out their teeth But they found out that he got don't seem like solar So in fact the whole key manual there sampan today tension Jaci took the wind He you put their attention out. Sit down What a waste Woman city! And also how fans the whole I have seen shadows, surgeons, Maimana Some core the first advantage of being in a small city that the commuting time would drop dramatically in Beijing. It takes a long time to get from one station to another. For example, if you are in a certain station in Children and district. It will still take you a very long time to get to just the next station. Still within she German district butting small cities please employ in my small city. Maybe this minute I just get on the bus. Next minute I would have arrived less to say not Not even to say that Explore city. There is no traffic, Gen, which is very good. A second advantage for me to live in a small city that neon a wife could afford to buy a small house in the center of the city. There is a large part can trace around our house and in the evening we could see a clear and starry sky. Every morning I will wake up listening to the birth. See, I will cook my breakfast and I would had toe work without what? Having to worry about traffic jam for being late and in the evening after having dinner by seven pm, we would also have time to take a walk in the park, which is very satisfying, you hear when he You sure you sure he was war? Take shelter decision. So U N male beating the heart. I tell you, said you, you Sam will be ourselves. You was young, continue of chocolates. You shoot hard to endanger human shouty Fung Sheng wander to choose hung Chelsea and war is a shouting Continues it Handle what he seem jumpy just hungry at that moment. And when he does this 13 c down right here, shouting. So there's some courses that height MENA some I don't see posted young when she they can be easy to go the heat from grand she does it well, you know Candle was seen in the whole visit Semyon's some courses Souto Julio right here too young with a solid B Beijing Sorrow Dargai 70 are so you know, say thousands of some four has a shot and system for told you go You're sleepy, Nico, you can genetic Qingquan like how really shot a much older shanks. Of course, living in small cities would have its share of problems as well. For example, one smaller cities have fewer resources. The hospitals are not as good as in Beijing, and they are fewer entertainment and sports facilities. For example, what I want to play football or basketball with my friends, I will find that it is hard even to find a proper football court to in small cities. Me and my friends only talk about very trivial things while you baiting. We talked about economy and news. Three Life is boring in small cities. And you need to have a very good human relationship with others because everyone knows each other. And I could see my life in 10 years time. So life is boring. But what hurts me the most that my salary in the small city is only 1/3 off what I learned in Beijing. So big city or small city, well, both have their advantages and disadvantages, So it depends on yourself. Thank you. 6. Practice 4 | CN>EN | Globalisation & Social Media: instruments in Sherman. That Natasha, how thinking now is ongoing even sure is going to change. Your father is a hottie. Don't redox should I want more than losing your heart and your whole shipping seem to stand up Usual waiting. Yes. Answer. The eagle leads in on social Facebook. Li and Xu Tigger ensure National Yunxia, young man shoes and Rosada Should they're combing that? Had I wanted assurances into Pink Sands Hotel Sort it goes out for I don't know where Mia drew it out. So you attend your heart. If agin should I want your view shows only ensure hot Oceana so that one or the go go hot footing Change your heart A fragile You sure woman on Go, go, go! The Sanshou young singer from me on a woman to you What issues? You know your condo that's hanging again, Tony on onto you too girly and shooter then, Trudy, go the structure and Marco Jackal Bogle Actually you should go home. How? The South Sea Theater, Ali's Onion Senior Center years the and Shruti ago You commune your e t But one young ho Rouhani magical. Should you who are leaning, Sonia? Some China microsurgery or back. Wondered your porch angel value in it. That kind of ladies and gentlemen, Good morning. Today I want to talk about globalisation as we know the development of social media and the development of globalization happened almost at the same time. Today I want to talk about Facebook as an example. Facebook allows global Citizen over the age of 13 to register and enjoy his services. Of course, as we know, on the one hand, the development of globalization facilitates the development of social media platforms such as Facebook. On the other hand, the development of social media platforms promotes and accelerates the development off globalization. For example, with social media platforms we enjoying more freedom of speech, we can communicate across time and space, and we feel more evolved in international affairs. Also, such developments are good news for Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Statistics show that by 2013 March 31 Facebook had 111 million users in comparison, back in 2000 and four, Facebook only had one million users worldwide from young, and the only union are really hardly and sooner, 100 heart natural Sri mates in the deeds showed socom ham ago taken on censure Should condition showing you want Russian Shannon daughter translated city Um, I'm also sure that Duncan and socially hot formula sexually and should a losing horse. Or should I want another? Losing shook it and your heart starts. Annie go when Sita show CNN to you. Caroline Sure, woman leggings. Goikoetxea. Furthermore, on February 1st 2000 and 12 Facebook's IPO raised $5 billion which is a miracle in the history of Internet and technology. We talked about the bright side. However, there is also a downside in the development of Facebook or at large social media in the process off globalization. The first problem is personal privacy Woman, don't you know you always hear you? Sure. You either What woman creates Aker and no one to fab woman? Okay, she won't Condor the growing weaker and the DNC found ship cash in 1972 to send you cough. And so your motion holder social media Condoned garage hold it seems down decision for judo German puts on the other woman just occurrence in cedar for you. Cool They and neither food you your mule bay Hatta about home and don't do that to Looker and the saying Social valuation. Wanna from young to record Alan Shore, then should a losing so that one will. Now you're financing in quality audit. Either are leaning Joanie and the Santa Ana. What. Sheila Authority, dashing on Channel Hannan's jiggly and what you know should buy off in the toilet a hole in early. And should you say upon into town Mullah, you aids at Nanyang Material hard your you go See Myung should yet don't Gordon for them. E in Malaysia and China. Carly Douchebag Trigger Want Daniel Brambilla jewelry Will about drink without the engine. Ohio Easy. It's how these it will be all the math. Our personal project may be endangered. For example, on your Facebook page. If you like, you can put on itch, your marriage information, go hobbies, your educational and working background, your religious belief and political preferences or even your personal contact information. However, as you make more friends with this information, you may also be stocked by stalkers or strangers. Furthermore, where if the database of all our information located and if the database properly protected , we don't know about that. The second problem is that for countries, social media can be hard to manage. For example, in 2000 and nine I I went to Turkey in that summer. I remember before I went to Turkey I could access Facebook in China. But after I came back in August that year, I wasn't able to access Facebook anymore. It was because on 5th July fifth that year, a riot happened in Xinjiang province. So the government closed down access to Facebook. He ordered to protect national security and to be freed from further troubles. Tom Iansa, woman on Tele Kandahar, Arlene, Antonia and Fashion Show You Oceania Mandela The Only Union Arab Aldrich Wonder Jigga 80 Dolphin fender magically and sure, generally good Hemming them so it that hammock on a daisy Julian shoot off and similar holders. So the polling go rooting around and taking home the gold home. Attention was on shorter now in Georgia, the u jiggly and through the chengguan put anything should ensure the usual Theresa, you see, roaming toe the chiffon Qahtani man, your whole holding a fortune for your twitter. You to go on Jansing the only union. So you also about how your Georgia rule William Hooke had tour. Quantrill, Honey, the 10 year U is here a number. National song from God. A girly ensure the You go on the one Yeah, so easy Offended on the Sunday the pageantry. True, the fashion show for years You easy answer in the car battery here today you troll up. This is true in other places of the world as well. For example, in 2000 and nine during the election in Iran, Syria, on Bangladesh, also in Egypt during the 2000 and 11 Arab spring. During those time Facebook was blacklist it. He needs that during those time in those countries, fans and do gooders could not access Facebook and could not communicate with your friends on Facebook. Also, I want to say that besides the countries that I mentioned, even in democratic Western countries, sometimes the government would post certain limits or interference on social media. For example, on April 28th 2000 and 11 the day before William and cases all the marriage, some people wanted to set up a Facebook protesting against government, spend the extra money on the wedding. But for safety consents, the government took down that Facebook page put me on anti other Leah Are being in Syria usually well about who controlled a digger? You may assure early and shorter again She Shin Chan city near mashes Angelo said the comedians into into tension on the other Yeah, we're looking harder quantities to be Johnny and you're the handsome and the easier in Syria Holusha luncheon for motion Your changing business are harder to go current want yet one gender So it should city really insure the Tonto So it's a whole new home was unsure e ensure what I bother so that I want to order losing He found me and then go to the ancient to acquire or short and dreaming toe manufacture Angelini formula Feeling the ensure that you can t shirt so you could go triumphal And so she got you show that Xiangyu so it will current actual Now we're sure you go How do you go to watch the defense? The way ahead Sanshou that Hashemian taking Tell your during a war where a wall so fabulous goes on your learns to PN decode on the Cincy foods that you go. What about Jennifer? The Hollywood area which other today about half the sugar, baby daughter and Dan Syrians who bar that you go back. We've happened in Australia as well as we mentioned earlier. Facebook allows people off over 13 years old to register. However, Australia issued a policy in July 2000 and 11 that is the other to better manage and protect the privacy and safety of Children. Parents could access YouTube, Facebook account This actually even interference in the free usage off this book. In the end, I want to say that on the one hand, the development of social media featuring Facebook could facilitate the development of globalization and political democracy. However, all the other hand, the interference and management of social media is a hard nut to crack for all governments . Personally, I am offended. Facebook. I love to make new friends on Facebook, and of course I will be responsible for the speech. I'm a the pictures I upload any information that I promote. However, if I were the government, I would also think that it is a much easier and simpler away opiates a violent way to just take down. We'll close the access to Facebook to solve the problem. Thank you 7. Practice 5 | EN>CN | Interpreters vs. Translators: Hi. I'm going to begin this speech with a short personality profile of a Zodiac sign, and I'll ask you to try and work out which personality this represents. The personality is that they have a thirst for knowledge, and they require constant intellectual stimulation. They're always picking up bits and pieces of information from a wide variety of sources, and they can converse with interest and some knowledge on most subjects. They are communicative, sociable. They are the chatterbox of the Zodiac. Okay, that's the first personality profile personality profile Number two is. They have a knack for detail work, sorting, on organizing information on objects. They tend to compartmentalize things in their own minds and to view the world through an analytical lens. On the negative side, they have a tendency to fuss over little details, and in some cases they suffer from obsessions and compulsions. Those are the two Zodiac signs, and now, if you're still guessing, I'll dispel your your doubts and I'll tell you, Hi, that home. So Indiana Kato was on Samuel shul Younger Ocean. So the single on that allies highest high Julian job single from being type yarn. Edelstein, Davis, Ingo, you like it should be told. You sure Si won gold on a child. A whole sequence home condo, But home the sincere and I thought decency. She won the article formula. Aegisshi are here to a couple finally. You know, you also show your solidarity. She won should see one. Larkin's once the only sure. So it's Angelina So easy when todo through advice. And I think Oh, gee, did either single Dagestan go travel is easier. See, when John Lee Jong decency Johnny walking down the She wants transitions in transition. Who is there now, Holly? Bye. You thought of anti Hold your sense on since infancy, infancy, soil density and one caches. Yet this year your dosha whole girlfriend rejoice easier entry. It would sound. You shall should totally on drone single amino shoe, Julian Single from younger The first Zodiac sign the first for knowledge, the intellectual stimulation or so on. That is the Zodiac sign of interpreters And the second Zodiac sign the knack for detail, work, sorting organization all the obsessions and compulsions that is the Zodiac. Sign off. Translators. Excuse me. I am an interpreter, and therefore I may be approaching this with a certain amount of prejudice in reality. Of course, the first Zodiac sign was Gem and I. That happens to be my Zodiac sign as well, but that has nothing to do with it. On the second Zodiac sign is Virgo. I hope you're not a Virgo, and I'm not offending you in any way. But the truth is that there is a very significant difference between translators and interpreters in the way they think in the way they work and in the way they interact with other people. One of the very first differences is in terms off concern about detail. It's very clear that a translator has to know the details of what is translating very often . The text that a translator is working on have to be turned into law, and therefore it is understandable that they are concerned about detail. Intemperate is, on the other hand, have to produce a product very quickly under pressure. They are they cannot afford to be concerned with detail. They have to be concerned to get the message across, as we say, Biggest things or legacy 100 shootings, your culture, shock Tao, Jenna scenes, or should coherence. And so everything's or negative association When Joe Nation jury in sample that everything should be even. How about you or good article year? So you cannot walk onto the male shortly or GNP agenda? Tishina Biggest indoor She before would tell What decisions? The allegations are true. So we're going. But you're young. Cho Young could be so commentator. Friendship goes off, actually, 80 tarantella on the front cum double togs. OSHA. Did I see that from you? Hence Ellen B. And B Shiota announces a common issue to its disease will find the NATO fatalities your country facing that you don't see it, Hammond. So find of NC and change how we were bamboo. A family. So Arco even shipping she outside. Charming, quiet so short for 200. So you coming motions and you call from the Golden City coriander going for ships in quite trendy decency. I referred to the fact that the first profile was less object related and more people related. This is another thing. I believe strongly about interpreters that they have to be able to communicate with people they don't have. They don't deal in their daily work with objects. A translator, on the other hand, has a lot of very physical objects in their office. In front of them, first of all, is a computer. There's a keyboard that you have to use. There are dictionaries on. There is a text physical product. There is no physical product. In the case of interpretation, there's a great deal more I could say about the differences between translators and interpreters that would bring out further that difference. But I only have four minutes in which to make this speech, and therefore I'll begin to wind up, even though I have presented a rather less favorable picture of translators from my own perspective. Often, interpreter, I have to say that at the end of the day, interpreters suffer revenge at the hands of translators because, of course, the work of translators survives. The monument to translators are the tablets of the law, the Written Books of law, which are published on which become the statute in our case in the member states of the European Union, whereas the work of interpreters simply evaporates, blows away like autumn leaves very violent script to manage, as they say in letting thank you very much. Kolya, Hopi and eliminate that she better. You mako young conductor, You are pushing you back. I was like, Oh, yeah! Okay. Candle woman Kolya, and make Indo Your Children should go to a hotel. You are Bush. She go through, he gotta RP even a yacht in China's you go. Who teach you can show that comes up emotionally to Andorra. Sure. Begin our £10 of the end who were a lot of engines. You should know for sure our own McCall, you and your mail Korea will be hundreds chippy A worker, you idiot! You create special That should be tension or the in charge of seven drunks we watch invades your natural social or gunfire Zoe, Korean Hot and Bobby. And you should a Mayo Korean Omaha Then she should she should be. You know, They they don't be even time. The faint hunger shook with a polio that find invention Who baby in central family weapons And shoot your fiddle Fellman Oma b! And that's looking trooper Hoping Rufaro, our woman Kolya in two young stray from fan She citizen 8. Practice 6 | CN>EN | Dami Booth: Hahaha The margin in Washington That katana Martina? Sure. Morning. Finally, Megawati Monnet! Vienna! So you nearly one job, dummy. So if I really woman jar Gabby Name yet? Good morning, Fan Una Sure visual Total value Patient negotiator Beaching the you go find you the material when your feet aren't wrong Yeah Wisdom assured her fate on Giuliana. You're in a short CIA cutter to go find each other. Tico Surabaya either make her attention when it for you to take a share. Yeah, Sounds like a fine you Jim Biocon Shangri That Fine Yeah, yeah. You know Holder Digger waited Really? Each huh Shandra not use your value in the just a short tussle. Men in the take a yali, Hardijanti and younger either the will ya a strong with a fire. No mature. Do you've had a digger? Teacher t call down leisure fit on data No matter. Er Deanna Shirting of Fania Such a girl. Quit tattoo you Are you sure? Today's show Find show Beta shows He did regular who you want. No, You sure? Bay Sham Usher Hall Bottega Jim Mondal Quitter! Judge Your Honor, which huh? She must robotic a cheer cheer Honda 20 years chasing Anna. Does your family fit on TV and numbered? Reassure Digger. Digger. Gotta be reassured. You should rely. Giorgio is trying here. Now what we do is touch temperature, general casualty numbers, teary nematodes that batteries are you championed. A large union TRT notify number Treated an allergy like do you find? You know you fit on the drum. Yeah. Hello, everyone. Today I want to talk about dummy Boof dummy both in friend. She's called Company Millet. All simultaneous. Interpreting students must go through dummy. Both practices and dummy booth is very important for interpreting. Why? If it's so first dummy, both practices can improve your translating and interpreting skills. Because all the students who fitting the dummy booth will go through the same process as the rial interpreters. They will get the conference agenda, and some time they will get the speech of the speakers. So be under a lot of pressure. The pressure they're under is no less than the real interpreters. So this is good for the improvement of the interpreting skills to Danny Booth will help them become more familiar with the process and the arena off the conference, for example, they will become a familiar away. The devices and the procedures off the conference in terms of the devices they would know went to turn into standby mode and went to turning to their language interpreting moat. And this is very important experience in terms of the procedures of the conference. They will know whether the chairperson were come, sing and deliver a keynote speech right away. Or will he or she comes in and announced some housekeeping rules. First, for example, please turn your phone off and leave. No, Which language channel is your channel? Channel One English, China to French Channel three, German as though all the very important experience for interpreters. Anti Oman. So I take a morning five una culture you come down hard truth in way. Oman equation A top often share coalition. Just a coalition una you're creating doubt. Condor put home court in the five year career Put on the agenda Toronto put home means Oh, come on. Fire bureau drawer pay or in a Tom Fontana fate under short. Fortunately, firing down on that time Dr Judy Ichiro Duty. Why Jonah, are you now the intellectual matching want you do? Yeah. Now order not how John Jim Harbaugh identify You're not toward a Chinese yet. Totally 100 now, Gina, do your family leisure. What does easier no Madonna jiggle Morning failure Enough. Your dosha feed juncture for you. Yet is your failure down drawn up by makeup on back? It does your does your Hana, which was sure you're defying Taco Eugene redrawn China your way. But you really you know, do you 800 j. D. And I want your that your year. Any booth in you is especially beneficial because most conferences you or international conferences where you would hear various Faxon's and you will get to know the different habits off different people when they make speeches. For example, North European are usually very punctual in your speech, and they would go into their things strictly without making many jokes. However, cells European would often make their speeches longer than the time given, and they would talk, give up. They were have a lot of jokes in their speech, so this is very good exercise. Of course, dummy Booth is not official interpreting, so you should not turn on your microphone. But sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes when the students get to engaged that they forget that this is dummy booth and they will turn on the microphone and in this case, the audience will hear two voices. So this is something that we need to pay attention to. 9. Practice 7 | EN>CN | Single Sex School: My name is Allison Graves, and I'm from the English booth at the European Parliament. What I'd like to talk to you about today is education. Nowadays, when we look at the social agenda, the words that we hear our words like inclusiveness, equality, cohesion. So it might seem odd, therefore, that in the British education system, single sex schools are becoming fashionable again. Now, why should this be the case? Well, I read some research recently that showed that there is, in fact, quite startling evidence in favour of single sex teaching. It appears from this research that gender influences performance at school or perhaps more specifically, it influences under performance, it would appear, but girls underperform in maths and science, which are traditionally typically male subjects on boys underperform in languages, which are typically female subjects. Now this research was backed up by a study. I think it was a lot of heart. He should tell you standing on the show, whether just movie OSHA, our own pin gung ho 20. So a tango dancing Yes, yes, you are the migration, which presented a scene or two without anything into Wyoming. Your shift should know how true show me your Kiko share holder. Sure, you'll you cash and Hamda Roy Sounds your fancy. Then shows out of Garcia was chanting washer Nushawn? Sure, sure. Who Kush issue California brtn dobruna hides a regional issue Could not heads the big oration. Our financial That you? Yes, you can call me Justin Abreu. New show You inform your new show you always young and old ocean A school set up separate classes for boys and girls. Science on languages were taught separately Two groups of boys under groups of girls In 1997 When the experiment was started, 68% of all pupils achieved what was deemed a good standard in exams that they took at the age of 16 in 2000 and four, some seven years later. 81% of the boys on 82% of the girls achieved that same standard after a long period of separate teaching. So it would appear that it works very well In interviews with the pupils which were held during experiment, many of them were also very positive about it. They said they felt more confident about participating in class. They felt there were fewer distractions. They didn't feel the need to show off, as many of the boys said, so it would appear from that. But separate teaching is a good idea. But does that mean we need to have separate schools? The Italian Stallion, till your social self financial condition, seems in large tents in different than Tosha funding a new ban Sochaux cushions You could be number Social Union, Schickele. Okay, and your issues, your Tinian caches, Indian side, your opinion and your concussion. A show. Cougar. Ban Sojo Cuomo that are you showed association with a solution are the chignon Joho. Italian was interesting and you hope financial. Manage a shooting that happened. Dobashi tending to managing. Should you tackle a passenger pasha, just from banjo, You don't shoot and you hold a jungle. So it's home J. Jungle like, Are you sure you know how to do that? Our Children. Are you interested in seasonal do a coma? Angeles Haifa showing the funk way. Official Hot torture Ventured Shadia Shallah Financial Shorja Some creepy. So it's all JC's. Well, I can't from banjo Shia Shahada. That tradition for your age or may are cheaper. It's true that in the UK single sex schools often have excellent results, but is that because of the fact that they are single sex, are there perhaps some other factors? First of all, these schools do tend to be very well established. Schools very well run schools. They have a good reputation. They attract better teachers. And I think we also need to look at the background of the parents. The parents who send their Children to single sex schools tend to be more middle class. They tend to provide a good working environment for their sons and daughters, things like breakfasts, early nights on a quiet place to do homework. But perhaps at this point I should declare an interest because I myself went to a single sex school, obviously a girl school. They did have very good results academically. We had excellent teachers, very good discipline. But what I disliked was the sense of social segregation, the fact that somehow we were not like the rest of society, and I felt that that made some of the values which were taught, seemed very old fashioned. So for me, a good compromise would be to allow for separate teachings for some subjects because that allows boys and girls to learn in supportive environments allows them to have teaching, which is tailored specifically to their needs. But that avoids that social segregation, which I disliked so much on that sense of being so separate from the rest of society. Thank you. Check. You should make sure you know she should be. You show yourself Amanda Soba. Only our kind can so high. So she dancing nation for more than she's here for more while those sure to lunch and chatting common jungle beehives that he only are harder. She has you wanting beer. OK, come and go. And in those years, you were sure you were Xena Chancellor. Hotel dancing or mention Transylvania. How? How? Syria hanging me your embassy one Natasha. What? Can't you washing? Schalkwyk? Girly Qaeda. What does your weapon? Shoshanna Shapiro. Younger adults conducted 100 Guangya. So you were ever in goalie inarguably that motion? Sure could Association seems intense. India from Penn Tosha Jr. He found 20 years ago for her situation. Your boys 10. Practice 8 | EN>CN | Purified Water: ladies and gentlemen, when we talk about the beginnings of human civilization, one of the debating points is what exactly can be seen as the key to human civilization to human development. Was it the discovery of fire? Was it agriculture? Was it trade, or was it the creation off organized societies which were then able to develop in a more structured sort of way? I think you can argue the pros and cons of all these different things until the cows come home. But I recently read a book which suggested that while all these other aspects are important , we overlook one of the most crucial parts of human survival. And that's the availability off some kind off drink that is not too unhealthy, Let me try to explain. Obviously, water is usually fairly abundant, and that's what primitive people and animals attended to drink. Onder, what is good for you? Water enables people to survive in pretty much any kind of climate, But once people start living together in the same place for a long period of time, water supplies rapidly become contaminated. This is made even worse by having domestic animals. If you've ever bean to a place where cattle have bean drinking. You'll see they make a terrible mess all around the drinking area. And you certainly wouldn't want people to be drinking that water. You sensational quietly. 11 minutes. City in the nitrogen guardianship. No leavening. I really far gender guanxi and Shirishama. Sure, fast in Lahore. High sugar, Fragile ammonia hasharon lay true. Stella Maui High Share your T Ago. Katie put on a show which was What have a Ishaan Thio, Niko Quincy and UK each other and Children don t want the lot. Then she's raising what will even show showed a ship Sonenshine today saying in 200 Moholy legal, Enjoy a in yola Beat your on gender you keep Well, I think she's so gorgeous. Industry going to return to the ocean incident and goes Home Court That should reward each and charged within show for the 80 shrieked without order Rouhani, Your Josh Rogan e j And now she wouldn't event. He took away. Enjoy. But when you 20 on your did you find your judo Nuweiba this year, Sri deficient? It's on 20 and found out you generally can. You should know who John. However, that is actually what does happen in a lot of places. Drinking water is contaminated either by people living in the area or by their cattle by both, and millions of people fall sick every year on a lot of them die because off contaminated drinking water. So basically, according to this book, I read, one of the keys to the development of human civilization was whether or not people were able to drink in sufficient quantities without falling sick. Andi to try and simplify the the whole debate greatly. Basically, where the author came up with that people needed to purify their water. There two ways of purifying water. You can either add chemicals to it or you can boil it now. In ancient times, man came up with a number of solutions to achieve that basically boiling it when which meant the invention off tea and coffee or purifying it with chemicals and the most commonly found source off primitive chemicals is actually alcohol. So basically you're talking about alcohol. So you're talking about tea, coffee, beer, wine and spirits, and these five drinks are the key to modern civilization. Tom was seen just recitation 100. Union holds true mania. Your usual would end outraged city in the salon in short order regimen. Sure, Children. 11 in fact. And the ones in your association hold the trump were dripping the Cantonese. The I injured the men. She are hooked in quack with a shape that he shall too harshly Orlando Bapa you go show your gossiping linker shootproof So your uncle Schneiderman in Georgia file Ideal washing juicy and they undershirt Hot coffee. Do you wash it? The young go. Should I search the hardship in Should insert car carve a Joe Hold your pee Julia Jo JC Sure relation that in the dugout issue. 11. Practice 9 | CN>EN | Information Anxiety: since I eating should Syria from a woman JP situational actual hyo town You go your other Xiujun Joel Cash cow show cities culture The painting condoled home She got dollar Jodi munching can sound down the protein I just can't tell you your Gwanda tell the notion and the junk chancing you should drink or you gonna go off And the Calgary Joy in *** Nigeria number Georgian initially tell the woman your way Tomorrow it's out your next Japan faca. You cough with older. You know Shoshanna, swimming out should tell you that Prevention and Georgiana e since it's all you any continue baiting more Thatcherite I'll show that u n job on me social the eating and you guys How should genetic throughout centre will be And you found the shorty passion situation shall out you go on If I see you don't shoot me or in guinea that hold the fatwa and see your hand on the shoulder May 10 You don't know ambient DNC also found four gentile done you a moto input on show on the show younger and you got out. See the show humble the A P and 10 Children social parts It's got much. Antonio with two soldiers easier sinking those in the shooting dump, you know? Well, more. You go sing. See Art, is it? Or put it on the show thing She is at the Awadallah Cody number that time. Show more Joe Rogan eating tank and out Jolie Shuffle Joyu Asia Kuantan Majority Jonah Seeming should turn away because you call you Bruce Attica. 20 type entrances. You shall fall. She out hunting the poncho Hodges? Sure she's seen the issue in the solution shows. Andy, you know, I should tell you, the Natal you got sissy junk and told it in the sense shooting the apparel. Actually, Tosha toppling the ship. George dishwashers away that Syrian Jochen, It's July. Now, For us students, there is one month to go before we have our final exam. As the time approaches, many people may feel anxious. And today we're going to talk about anxiety. It is normal to feel anxious sometimes, but if you are excessively anxious than your studies, your life and your work may be affected. So what is anxiety? What are the types of anxiety and how to overcome it? First of all, there different types of anxiety. Take information anxiety as an example, according to a study by a professor in Beijing. If you have the following symptoms, you may have information. Anxiety. Symptom number one. You have to check your phone for over five times a day, even when you're in a mountain or in remote places. Symptom number two. If there is no one calling you also new messages over a period of time, you will feel extremely down. Symptom number three. You have to check your email for numerous times a day. Symptom number 44 If you are unable to access the Internet, it will feel extremely anxious and down, and you would want to do anything in order to get access to the Internet. Symptom number five. You are very afraid of not being in the trained, and you will spend a lot of time to search and find out what is trending nowadays. Symptom number six. When someone asks you some dream and you don't know about it, he will feel extremely damn. So if we feel anxious in our daily life that that mean that we have the disease of anxiety , psychologists suggest that you can use the falling criteria and standards to judge whether you need to seek help and consultation from others and from the professionals. Number one, the contents of your anxiety, What you're anxious about If what you are anxious about our or trivial things. Something that others won't worry about Records out of the narrow toe polka should see number Joe. Show me tell you that your core funnel they are now I should tell you the pin. You know God's easy. It turns out that one made Kendall job often drawn. Shouldn't need OSHA truth that only the wrong number the job in sitting till this an assertion in select cities Ashley me in Sure. You see Conley Deng shanty formula for Georgia Shaw Instill a distinction that zp lama to our child right here. And should she Did you This is your control you should for you sound lots of junk down the exigencies The owner, your conquer and told you show for your easier means And the yoing the usual anti fashion don't actually enjoy. I hope you don't join tension in seizing the Johnny John Alona can region logo eating or choco sangria. The Xiujun need rituals that Jodi the trump had wrong. Nigel Outro Don't such easy a torturer number? Chou Ting shen a c grounding in follow woman That's old enough. Country seen. Issue each other sure, yet often See. So I stand there quietly. It's all the junk or hunting down the alleys at number one wandering when you're drunk high , partially true. The team you shoot about jeweler told you, then Jew baiting Thatcher. The amazing issue. Abortion Go, You gotta go Treaty and me and High passions. Religion John Country Number. Durant, J. D. And Shorted 100 Socialite. Your fate on the corn that you were a woman you should I hold. I don't see your urine only high parachute You. So in a jamming Shadrach, your dhoti butcher to negotiate, See told departure Truth to short on Gold Home City Infancy Chatter. Adults is each other's. I told you about the adult city waiter mentality. Adults is a high, partially true number. Said they don't sucharita tiene Chad's or the courtroom. Joan Joan on Go Child. A Yugo transition should see that do it. Meanwhile, the gun drew John Dorsey meters I see avoided runs out. Tom, Georgia. You see there promising the fans. Shuntian City What manner? John on goal. Fashion. Remember, woman Fate on high power should trigger a Shona Yes, reaping Buscher Salman she away funds. Yeah, Nathan doing shoot through the high pop mango boundary Woman by syncing and these allies Our Children's article. Courtroom Joel. Yet down Sandy and the cells that don't you seen issues Outdoor rent home, the woman trash volatility that show joy out? A. Sure we all paid on that. That founder and C should've fragile RC out city. That's high streets washer fancy attention Sell duty. Granny John, John, Go eating Chandra Kwanza told Joshua or Japantown. Father Joy out. Natal says here that down, If we're worries I'm realistic, then you're being overly worried to frequency of your worries and anxiety. If you are worried all day long, if you spend most of the time in anxiety, then you need to be cautious. Three. Physical reaction If you anxiety has affected your sleep appetite and immunity. In other words, if you already have physical sentimental disease reaction toe anxiety there, you need to seek help from professionals full. If you anxiety has affected your studies, work, social life or other aspects of your life. They you need to be cautious. Five are their obvious courses to your anxiety. For example, after major events, many people would have anxiety, but that is stress response. Six. The duration of the anxiety. If you have bean anxious for over three month, they unit to do something about it now. What are the causes of anxiety? According to the experiment, Onda Nemesis off psychologists in today's society, which is fast paced and stressful, many people are anxious because off the fear of losing what they care about, A professional psychologist from Peking University said that if we are able to face our fear, if we were able to face what we're afraid of losing, then our anxiety which gradually go away. But of course this is easier said than done. The more we care about something, the more afraid we are off to losing it. Therefore, this psychologist further explained that we should learn to become aware off our fear. We should analysis on become aware that we have this fear. We should ask ourselves why we have this fear and walks. We are afraid of losing in this process. Off analysis. We will have an opportunity to re evaluate ourselves and reflect on ourselves. Furthermore, according to the experts from China Psychological Health Association, not the process of self reflection will realize that many things batch We are afraid of a note as intimidating as we think they are. And we should learn to gradually get rid of our fear of losing things. And as we learn to get rid of our fear will calm down and our anxiety will go away in this process. In some rain. Well, we are in anxiety. We should not wait passively. Let anxiety take control over ourselves. We should actually do something and analyze our anxiety and fear. And gradually the anxiety will go away. That concludes my speech. Thank you. 12. Pair Practice | CN<>EN | BRICS: the topic. Maybe a little old and the data may be outdated. Just use it for interpreting practice. What? A Canadian La Alameda. Should you? Your job is, of course, you because you're young, Tyler. Finally. Hello. I'd like to speak to you today about the bricks. Andi Development Aid Leading gentleman. I want to speak to you today about the bricks. So what are the bricks? Well, the bricks of five large emerging economies Brazil, Russia, India, China, on South Africa. Now, these five economies have grown strongly over the last decade, although there now showing signs of slowing down. However, I don't want to speak to you today just about the bricks in general or their economies in general. Rather, I would like to speak to you about the role off the bricks in providing development aid to other countries. Now the bricks are often seen as countries which are still developing Onda, which a poorer than most off the Western world. This is true. However, the bricks are now providing mawr and mawr development aid to other countries. So they're not just recipients. They're now also aid donors. He's that the heart in the world are actually shooting John for Fat. And Joe, you should intentionally thinking was allowed actual T shooting job. You don't war Traditional war. Do you know what? You should go quite so pageant that action. Sin City Come and she posse also in tow Jungle Course you, dietitian. You Tim, go quite so far. So you and treating in eating fragile so far Qala. Thank you so far that sure What's in him, Chanda Bullshit. Judging from gotta didn t take it are gonna are should do you know what they would do for me? Didn't know what they should fight and drunk No money And they would be if in fact you know they do for me Sure, Why is this Why is the change taking place? Well, in my opinion, there are four key reasons for this. Firstly, the bricks are becoming richer. Secondly, they want to have more of a say on economic affairs. They no longer want to be seen just as aid recipients. Thirdly, they want to have more of a say when it comes to international development policy. Andi, they believe that providing Mawr development aid will enable them to do this. Fourthly, they want to forge trade links with poorer countries on providing development aid is a key way to do this. So how much has the development aid provided by the bricks increased? Well? The average annual increase between 2000 and five on a 2000 and 10 just to give you some figures was 11% for India. For Brazil, it was 20% on For South Africa, it was 8%. What about Russia? Well, the Russian contribution rose fourfold between 2000 and six on 2000 and 10. And what about China? Will China's contribution rose fourfold between 2000 and four and 2000 and 10 national coaches in Tijuana What were never your They were gonna go for Yola. They are actually want that in the short, your condo, the fire engine for defend yourself are changing for the judicial control. If I attention, I said, How many of a Gondo the 25 year Andrew Groban drew? She's NJ family? Are you taking to Nevada gelati? More even a Quincy are reshaping jungles. Article 25 A and Yorkshire heart function number Todo Fattah Andrew shall be leaders union darling in T, but she back into our ship now. Pay package about the union. Jean de facto you and Jordan. You don't, Charlie fella Super Don't wanna jungle. There are leaning swing in the ah kneeling injury in your ship. Unless it so the bricks are clearly providing farm or development aid than they were a few years ago. But how much money are we talking about? Well, in 2000 and 10 India spent 680 million U. S. Dollars on development side, Brazil spent 1.2 billion U. S. Dollars. Russia spent 500 million U. S. Dollars on South Africa spent 143 million U. S. Dollars. Now these sound like huge amounts, but I think we should put it into perspective. The level of development aid provided by India in 2010 was more or less the same as that provided by Portugal. Even though India's GDP is seven times greater than Portugal's on the amount of development aid provided by Russia was more or less the same as that provided by Greece. Even though Russia's GDP is nine times greater than Greece is now, China is the exception amongst the bricks because it now provides MAWR development aid than many Western countries. In 2010 China provided four billion U. S. Dollars in development aid, overtaking Italy. However, despite this, China is still behind Norway even though it's Judy P is 26 times greater than Norway's. So to conclude the bricks are playing Amore Amore Important role in providing development aid. Andi In future years, they may be amongst the world's leading donors. However, it's not just the quantity off development aid which is important. I believe that the actual services which are provided are important too. But that is another kettle of fish. And that is something which will have to be discussed in another speech. Thank you. So it in job or check on the factory and routing tension a lot on data from India. Then she should. Ali linear you duty Kanda fighting and using way we parasitical Sheree Megan, Megan. Now if a t e just issues a tinge Allehanda, Shariat Yoho down should abating Ali Linear indo tick on the fascia and using you Don't you put our yachts article letting go into that should tell you that cheap. Also take on the 500 single whose skeletons are also that entity should see ladder job. So you know I don't wash. Believe I got in trouble Aneel in You know what? You gonna father Angelo Zino of a social media in trouble Italy show you no way are drunk Water things until national are a little bit so until I sure gen John Mugo side he go far China drew for me Obey like china. Which one way he comforting Interesting. Then she would have a the full You see them and chase them and does your help in Washington , John syncing tinted he se sitting in Tiana your girl so cool you make waiting, honey getting t shirt You had huge fulla t enjoying aquatic again yet took a tin drum would wanna see So go fighting from courtyard talking when they're sort symbol by like a guys swarming that had man, that's awesome. Which is a p r i c um Tom and died the outer Boschee in tow se so ah, take would shoot the surgeon and I, James Watt 25 feet aren't quite Dallas litigating thr tng. I told you, you can't quite hold it. A team during World War Tada she should have tea and either told is on hold. I don't without to the dollar. And that s so what? So he Seattle featuring Spanish into it. Industry each other You again Online intelligence. You teach what he has seen The canyon. TNP suk war Tadaa Shoshanna. Am I anti England be imported? They used take a m. My Aunt aena? Yes, against you. Cigar fighting courtyard Hiding women to the sorts and more like trading that Thomas More sugar in doing this. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Healthwatch to the changing shape shouting, You know, Tianyou teen drug war Farzana Quietly. So you just adore can and will your swords Yet tng told Carly Team Piecyk War No to jean attendees Super war that in criticism Yanina What? You Shanken Data Santander the wish or really allies for feel good idea. Thank Opie. Outdoor city car Jenko tore us actually. How you it would only be out talking to right here to share really? Other than couch and feet home from food. So the answer you in at your town phone? Full legal. So tired fate and that that's the old are more seagoing a CEO seo. Uh, and watch you know so and huh They got ciencia and present tour tension country sanguine A 20 Are you Turner? 20 years in china, eating now under you and she hopes away kfr Argentina today his home She was Indian day to Refiners who had told that was head hunted Savona other means to do today to boot. So wait. Yeah, sounder. A PR went so he turned 13 pea soup or five feet acid. Holy and harder. I am simply suk war yield, huh? Eating that portrayed in sync The usual thing. I twice you someone I just wasted Yet how Cheer team Tee Kann lie toward Segolela paid off t get in the pool. And seeing how Serena shooting T Suk War known for and how to get into the storage are short user than the young star for 25 data to achieve your training, you went So you go. And you told you told about your targets. And when it's low tide for she told you that you 18 It isn't. Gentlemen, today I want to talk about emerging economies. Decades ago, an economist from the Bank of America brought up the idea off bricks. Brits refer to five countries, meaning Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The economists predicted that these five countries would develop super fast, and he advised that investors should invest in the five countries now that case their past . These countries have developed tremendously fast the investors who listened to the suggestion of this economist or have made a lot of money. So people trust this economist a lot. Recently, these economists came up with another concept meant meant referred to four up and another four emerging economists meaning Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey, these economists say. But since BRICs countries have already developed super fast for several years, its acceleration rage made walk, so investors should invest in men's country if instead. So how well amends countries developing, Let's have a brief look at them. Nigeria. Nigeria has a large population and a huge market, which means that it has abundant and sufficient labor resources. Nigeria also has rich natural resources. For example, it is rich off oil reserve. Mexico also has a large oil reserves. Turkey doesn't have much natural resources, but experts pointed out that it has a large shell gas with of which may be explored in the future. Indonesia After the after the Indonesians overthrow the previous dictators authority, the country has become increasingly democratic on the society is stable. So it seems that the full men's country for developing well, however, they are risks and of instability in many countries. The spell. For example, in Turkey recently, there was a protest and Turkish lira devalued recently. These are all uncertainties and risks so well meant countries develop as predicted by this economist. This remains a question. So if you have plans to invest in men's countries, I would advise you to think thoroughly about it, to read newspaper more, to learn more about these countries before you actually invest. Thank you. 13. Practice 11 | EN>CN | Traffic: Hello, my name's Kathy Pearson and I'm an interpreter in the English booth at the kick. I'm going to be talking to you today about traffic and the problems in the UK with traffic jams and traffic congestion. Looking at the problems first and then going on to look at the solutions that the labor government tried to put in place and look at what might be done in the future. I will now begin. Thinking was only allowed Yoko, you gotta Giotto jamendo has gotten to 70. Joseon HomeAway kinda gelato. Yeah, hope or the G20, fun back. So homer, Kinshasa, Rayleigh, clean source data, Malachi two to the venti Git allows on Keisha wadi into ladies and gentlemen, I don't know if you've driven in the UK recently? I'm from the UK myself obviously, and drive back there quite frequently to visit my family who live up in the north of England. So it's quite a long journey. And I have to say that whenever I'm planning this journey and get quite worried about the timing. Because the time at which you hit the big motorways, like the M25 ring road motorway around London is crucial. If you hit it at the wrong time, you could get stuck there for hours and hours. So there are big problems in the UK. Always the part in Belgium goes quite smoothly and as soon as I hit the UK, more often than not, I get stuck in a traffic jam. And it's not just my bad luck or my imagination. Statistics say that the UK is in fact the most congested country in the, in Europe. And the traffic problems are almost four times worse than in Belgium. You should maintain Shimon will be journeyman switching your meals or inculcate Shua, Sharon washing weren't words into your culture. We are cultured to incubate will come out for more. So if all we are Caribbean Child Leader and look, what would overshoot may thoughts as you recall from whether she Hall, What do we control? Xiang Wu De Shi Jian, usually in Golda, MR. Shou Dao Fei Chang De Guan Xia Ru Guo Ni Shi Wo Xiang Dao Lola. Then you calling Othello Chiang Kai-shek because your shoe. So he shows that in a little bit. Here should go Haiyan Jordan. Where cultural cutoff initiated or perturbation KW, what could they do? I didn't push a walker initial event here. Shouldn't Ye Shi Shi Yao Yang orders at home and Giotto, you'll do the Chengdu militia survey. For example. In the UK, 20% of main trunk roads are congested for more than one hour a day. Whereas in Belgium, that figure in only 5%. The Brits also apparently spend twice as long as the Italians commuting to work and back everyday. Now sitting in a traffic jam and getting stuck in traffic is not just a nuisance to drivers. It also has a big impact on the economy in terms of loss of working time. In fact, estimates put these losses to the economy at as high as 20 billion pounds a year. So it is a very big problem and a problem that successive governments have tried to solve. I'd like to focus on what the labor government tried to do between two thousand and two thousand and ten. Now in the UK, bureaus Ru Guo, your bed material, I should have gone down may kinda Joan Du Shi Xiang Cheng Di Yi Ge Shi Shang, R is I believe, Joe Baffin Jiu doctoral gander may kinda Yuan Du Shi Chang Chang De Yi Chong Zhi Shao Ling Wai Huan Zai Xiang Zai Xiang De Zhong Shi Zen Yao Chong eBay, 70. So when Yoda, when he was in the young fuzzy Uganda, have fun now Tong Shi Yin Wei Shi Xian Xiang Shang Shi Ji Shang Shi Zhi Shi Zai Tong Xin, Romanian yoiu Jordan, you know when to use when she does hire for god our Leon by Ian bomb. So you should have anti Joe for years. I know leadership was on John Galea, that Linnaean CDN source hydrogens horseshoe. We will continue the audio clip from here. So in your practice, if you have already written something about the next video clip, when you play the audio or the video, did not continue with what you have already written. Buildings away and restart, okay. Always restart with the next audio clip or you're just turn a new page. Okay. Obviously now in the UK, since May 2010, we have a different government. We have the coalition conservative Lib Dems government, but they are carrying on the policies that labor ended up agreeing to. By 2010. The problem with a Labour government was that they kept changing their minds about what the best solution was. In the year 2 thousand, they launched their 10-year Transport Plan, the aim of which was to reduce traffic on UK roads by 6% by the end of 2010. However, when they got to 2010, they sold that, that had not worked. So they abandoned the plan. And in fact, congestion has only risen. And those last ten years. Back in the year 2 thousand, the Labour government said at the time that building more and bigger roads was not the answer to the problem. However, by the end of the decade, they were doing precisely that. They were widening as some of the most congested motorways. For example, the M1 motorway, which I have to take when I go up north because it's the motorway that runs from London up to the north of England. And then now widening that to put in an extra lane on the motorway. Shan Arlene Ealing year we're Uganda. Your social girlhood and for Nitrogen, pogo linkage and Frida Kahlo logo on a Ukrainian data under Xi. Let him density of Uganda, the venti she EGL by putting Egypt enunciating Shamata ashes were harder to define. Tenure initial Hall on down Quichua, gentleman Ti Shi Ni De Hua. Early evening. Yet Giotto Angelou, Ugandan finds him to go mobile Vimeo Shi Xian, Zhe Ju Hua Shi Jie Shao digestion Yan Jin, Guo De Wen Ti Bu Xiang fashion cellular antenna initial Hall conductance. Gen Lu beam pushes your Bentham. Annealing time and tissue, Joe's atomos or Common Core quandl, amigo handout, show what's in towns already Kaldor, invade your fellowship. So London, toma, wallpapered HL two and up in quadrant four. Detache bow low sodium, second-order Fen Dao TO quantify dollar. So there was a solutions that, that government came up with. But what other solutions are there? I believe that there are other solutions which the Labour government and the government have shied away from. The first thing they need to do is to make public transport cheaper and better. But if anything, prices have gone up and standards of gone down. And the government would have to undertake huge investment to turn public transport around. They really need to do this though, because if they had a better, more performant public transport system, people, more people would take public transport, and so there would be fewer cars on the road. They would also be a more environmentally friendly solution. So that's one option. The second option is road pricing, IE charging drivers for using the roads, charging tolls. And this has happened in London. The Independent Mayor of London, can Livingston. He was the mayor at the time, introduced the congestion charging to London, charging vehicles for driving into the city. And that policy has been carried on by his successor but Tory mare, Boris Johnson. But whiles congestion charging has been put in place in London, a hasn't been extended to other cities elsewhere. Which is something that I think the government should think about. Because the effect of congestion charging is to dissuade drivers from taking their cause. And I think that that would be a good idea. But of course, if you dissuade them from taking that cause, you have to offer them a viable solution in terms of better public transport. Wherever he or she likely to function on RDD1 should come down hierarchy. You had a junk food though, B, r, d, that is your Fang Shi Shou Xian De Gong Jiao Du Fei Chang Tong Shi Ti Gao homes or other shaping Cauchy Liang Shi Shi Shi Xiang Shi Tong, Guo Xiang Gullah IT or jewelry or sijang yoga early on but also could be Xiang Tai 2G especially Yin Wei Ru Guo Gong Xiang Shi Tong Guo shaping Kigali nama talking to other android.jar number Katchadourian, your shop. Now my Giotto, younger when he took RCA, Jay-Z dolphin share your content a wine bottle. So each DVDs your function. Yeah, this is your function should show qualify G-phone $5 Shi Shi Ying Guo Cheng Shi Geng Qin Livingston, teacher lottery function being tight eulogies worship Jin Xing, Sugarloaf, tar.gz and Joe Boris Johnson year teaching law j function again, eulogy function. Then she gave you fetch the data that are shisha or innovate cheetah troubleshoot, Digital Fourier, Inga colleagues, hydrogens, horseshoe genes whose you know, Moody issue, gyri, menstrual hygiene, whatever you function, official, hot doughnut. Look on your router. Michelle culture and Jackie Thompson, Tegel, gung-ho. However, the Labour government didn't extend congestion charging or road pricing and normal this government because they are put into too much pressure by big drivers, low lobbies who are too powerful. But I believe that ultimately, that's the only way that the government can go to have road pricing plus investment in public transport if we're to avoid serious traffic congestion or even gridlock in the future. Thank you. I should have gone down. I should say I don't want you to use horseshoe. Don't we authorize you shovel of feta cheese or just even batting Giorgio Xiang Yu, Chang. De Jiang Fu, Dang, Zhong, Xiang, Shi Xian for rain and go-karts Utah Sheila Ru Guo Shi, Xiang Yan, Jiang Dang Zhong you'll do when he quarter futures Yan Jiang Wang Chun Doo Hwan now equilibrium full genome, he found me Pij show, she bought with a lady for me badly towards hormones. I don't see tall shoes. 14. Client Perspective Practice Explained | EN>CN | Excessive Messaging: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Helen Campbell, formerly of D2 interpretation of European solution. I'm going to talk to you today about the use of mobile phones and messaging feature. Now I have a few friends who are really very unhappy. 15. Stamina Dropped.. | EN>CH | English Cuisine: Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to speak to you today about British cuisine and eating well in Britain. This is not actually a paradox as many other Europeans would claim, is traded. So perhaps 40 or even 30 years ago, British food was pretty boring and bland. This staples of the British diet, potatoes, carrots, turnips, bread, and boiled meat. But the rise in immigration, so Britain led to a rise in the number of restaurants serving exotic food. The first of these were Italian, Indian, or Chinese. Although in London, it's now possible to get hold of cuisine from almost every nation of the world. Indeed, the British people have taken to foreign food to such an extent that when a poll was conducted in the late 19 nineties in which people had to vote to elect our national dish. The winner was not efficient chips, not roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, but Curry. A similar poll conducted in 2009. So pastor elected the winner. Again, another non British dish, India. Hot anymore. And the ordering genetic. Hello Bob. That shows you gotta available 1000 here, yellow door paintings. I gotta actually Italy into Hadoop water. Because you've got enough by bonsai bad alleviating goto factual institution anymore. Xiang Yan Jiu, Xiang Dao Ta Yang, Tokyo totalized physician 100 attack. So hold a demon, dark bushing encoder, utopian year bushy, Jacobian Putin are chagasi. So I'll use union Toyama. Deeming the tanya. Yeah, more than non-fat. The rise in popularity of foreign food, and not just Indian, Chinese, and Italian, as I've said, but also Thai, Japanese, and Spanish has pushed British chefs cook traditional British food to raise their game to. There are a number of leading British chefs who specialize in cooking top quality British food. Ten or even five years ago, many of these chefs would have been embarrassed to be boasting about the quality of British food. But nowadays, traditional British food is. Definitely back in vogue. It's very fashionable. And the chefs are proud to be cooking it. And some of them have been experimenting to. The restaurant industry is undergoing a revolution similar to the one scene in the alcohol industry. Over recent years. High Bellcore Josiah was crucial cheek ecology. That would actually be that you'll hand-holding gender. Ingo Satoshi, firewood, Archaean, Archaean, Ussher, hoBshare, put omega is equal to the Giuliana issued orthodox Julia to_hash kill you immediately Bobby, for them. Dan Shi Jian Dan Shi Zai Chuan Li was high polio Archea. Chu Shi Yan job equals hi Lynn you, your conduit a transing in what's high adopted a simple two sentencing editorial. Ha has yeoja, cinguga, eoddaeyo data Bianca, the chef, Heston Blumenthal, is the best-known experiments amongst the British chefs. And what he does is he takes a typical British food and he gives it a surprising twist. The chef, Heston Blumenthal is the best-known experimenter amongst the British chefs. And what he does is he takes a typical British food and it gives it a surprising twist to make a meal. So for example, he makes not porridge, but snail porridge. And he makes not bacon and eggs, but bacon and ice cream. Heston Blumenthal is restaurant. The Fat Duck was voted best restaurants in the world in 2005. And there's been voted best restaurant in the UK for the last three years. It's famous tasting menu, which includes salmon in licorice, amongst other things, costs 160 pounds per head. But the restaurant is extremely popular and as you can probably imagine, It's fairly difficult to secure a table. Another top British chef, Rick Stein, does not experiment. Rather, he focuses on using absolutely top quality produce for his males. So in his well-known fish and chip restaurants, he uses fresh locally caught fish. And he cooks the fish and chips to restaurant standards. The fact that the fish in Rick's dynes restaurants are called locally. Also appears to people who are worried about their carbon footprint. Or rather the carbon footprints which goes into the production of their meal. Has some bloom tiles seeing Linda transit has or shift was high GI then translated into syntax. We will tackle Joe are to audio Joan, proposal a pagan to them as loyal pagan stamping, sanding, duck, sanding. They, Cauchy's Enya is humanity may involve social fining the sanctions. Funding MACOS was high, Santa Monica in Washoe maker and then she got assigned Qin Ye Fei Chang Xian Zai De adding data and draws it off, it'll map, laid off it and to extend will stand up Rashi and transing International High. We wrote that al-Qaeda and rehearse again setting Tarjan Pandita cDNA by social Sankey Mishnah shortly as Charles to the pencil see quarter. So 100 Stein's for best-known restaurants are located in the village of paths down in Cornwall in southwest England. And his name has become synonymous with the village to such an extent that Pottstown has jokingly been renamed Palestine in newspaper articles. One notable culinary experiments which has recently been launched is the Donald and NWA restaurant. Now, I initially assumed that this restaurant was named following the age-old British tradition of giving things French names to make them seem more chic. But I subsequently discovered that the restaurant originally opened in Paris in 2004, before being swiftly exported to England, to the English branch is located in London and is the largest restaurant of its kind in the world. And I say of its kind because diners are served that meal and eat that meal in complete darkness. They don't, therefore no, while they're eating until I tasted and even afterwards, there sometimes not sure. A friend of mine visited said that it was a magical experience and the absence of visual distractions men that she was able to concentrate fully on the flavors of the food. In fact, the biggest culinary revolution that has taken place has not been amongst chefs or restaurants, but rather amongst the people of Britain. It has sometimes been said by foreigners that the British are dour and in expressive and that they reserve their creativity for that gardens where they allow their minds to run wild. Now, it's very true that the British do love that Gardens. But they've now also, by creativity lives on food. And it seems that there is no holding them back.