Entry & Exit Points - Tips For Drawing Into Your Paintings | Robert Joyner | Skillshare

Entry & Exit Points - Tips For Drawing Into Your Paintings

Robert Joyner, Making Art Fun

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2 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Entry & Exit Points Demo


About This Class

Avoid The Coloring Book Mistake

This is probably the most common mistake I see with artists when combining drawing with their painting process. In this demo I used charcoal with acrylics to help you understand how this works. Instead of using the drawing creatively it's applied in a coloring book manner. Basically outlining the edges & prominent details. This is predictable and pretty boring in my opinion.

I included some of the painting footage just to strengthen the lesson & entertainment purposes. It doesn't necessarily have a significant role in the core lesson.

What you will see is a side-by-side demo in order to give you a good visual on how two versions look so different even though they were painted very similar. In the 'coloring book' version you will see how the drawing is simply nothing more than an outline of the basic shapes and features. While the creative version has much more impact on the overall finish because it's more expressive and creative. 

Who Is This Class for?

Anyone that wants to incorporate drawing with their painting process. Great for all levels and you are guaranteed to create better art once you understand how to effectively combine drawing and painting.