Entrepreneurship: The Startup Guide for Female Founders

Vladlena Taraskina, Straight to the point business education

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26 Videos (1h 32m)
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    • Lecture 1 - Introduction

    • Lecture 2 - Find out what your passion is

    • Lecture 3 - Starting a social business

    • Lecture 4 - Identifying the market potential

    • Lecture 5 - Naming your business

    • Lecture 6 - Your business offer in one sentence

    • Lecture 7 - Identify your target audience

    • Lecture 8 - Positioning your product/service

    • Lecture 9 - Finding a business model

    • Lecture 10 - Building an MVP

    • Lecture 11 - Analytics, Reporting and Benchmarking

    • Lecture 12 - Finance and legal

    • Lecture 13 - How to convince an investor

    • Lecture 14 - Crowd funding your business

    • Lecture 15 - Quick fix website

    • Lecture 16 - Set up your marketing processes

    • Lecture 17 - Sales

    • Lecture 18 - PR secrets

    • Lecture 19 - Managing your first employees

    • Lecture 20 - Dress for success

    • Lecture 21 - How to present yourself

    • Lecture 22 - Key lifestyle adjustments

    • Lecture 23 - How to find a mentor

    • Lecture 24 - How to deal with failure

    • Lecture 25 - Recap of the course and conclusion


About This Class

Learn how to start your business, avoid beginners mistakes and get on a fast track of building a successful business.

Why take a course for female entrepreneurs?

I have graduated from a very prestigious Business School in the UK and if you ask me if this has prepared me for starting and running my business - the answer is: "Definitely not"

This is why I have designed this course so you can get a head start and avoid the mistakes I made starting a business.

Beside this essential hard facts, I will give insight and tips on how it is to be in business as a women and share the strategies I developed to be successful and use it to my advantage.

This course is designed for ladies who want to start their own business and already have an idea and want to learn the key essentials on how to get going. I will share my experiences and cover the key topics such as identifying the target market and customer groups, financial planning, finding an investor, setting up processes, promoting and growing your business.

So I invite you to join me in this course. I would be thrilled to support and guide you on this journey of starting your own business and becoming a self-made women.

If you have any questions, I would be thrilled to get hearing from you.


16 of 16 students recommendSee All

Very informative, concise and quick. Very helpful guide
Great course. I would wish she would have provided more detailed information about the MVP. A lot of very useful information.
I liked the course a lot. There were some very useful tips on online & offline tools for starting your business. I definitely use this tips, when I will decide open my own business. A big thanks to Vladlena for the course, I will recommend it to my friends!





Vladlena Taraskina

Straight to the point business education

My name is Vladlena and I am an entrepreneur. During the last 10 years I have spent an enormous amount of time looking for the best tools to run my business. In my courses I will give you overview of the best tools which I use. I will also teach you how you can apply them to instantly improve your business and achieve better results. 

My courses are for decision makers who value their time and want a concise straight to the point advise on how to run and grow their business. 

I am alway looking for ways to make my courses better for you, so feel free to reach out at [email protected]