Entrepreneurship: Online Business Planning 101 | Dana Malstaff | Skillshare

Entrepreneurship: Online Business Planning 101

Dana Malstaff, Business & Content Strategist

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9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. An Intro to Pump You Up

    • 2. Do You Really Need a Business Plan?

    • 3. Business Planning Course Project

    • 4. Your Path & Skills

    • 5. Your Future

    • 6. Your Tribe

    • 7. Your Value & Finances

    • 8. Your Tangibles & Projects

    • 9. A Final Note

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About This Class

Start your online business off right. Today there are so many opportunities to start our own businesses online, but you want to make sure you set a solid foundation to ensure success.

Learn how to how to outline the six core pillars of a modern business plan with this popular class from Dana Malstaff, the founder of Boss Mom, who grew her online business to six figures in under a year.

In this 40-minute class, two-time author Dana Malstaff breaks down business planning into easily actionable chunks that you can really sink your teeth into.

You’ll learn how to:

  • hone in on your most marketable gifts
  • break down your future goals
  • outline your finances and chargeable value
  • understand your target market and community
  • begin to outline your revenue streams, programs & projects

From the importance of strategy an planning in your business to how to actually figure out your hourly rate, Dana breaks it all down in a way you’ll never forget.

The class is perfect for anyone who is starting an online business or has a business that needs new life.