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Entrepreneurship Guide to eCommerce Home Business

teacher avatar Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. Who am I and why are you here?

    • 2. What business should you start?

    • 3. No excuse! Time to get motivated

    • 4. How to be your own boss

    • 5. How much I made selling on Etsy

    • 6. Opening your etsy account

    • 7. What to sell on etsy

    • 8. Creating an amazing listing

    • 9. Etsy listing example

    • 10. eBay earning & expertise proof

    • 11. Creating an eBay listing

    • 12. Identifying valuable giftcards

    • 13. Profit with cell phones

    • 14. Selling on Alibaba

    • 15. Alibaba vs Aliexpress

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About This Class

Create an eCommerce home business guide for entrepreneurs

Learn how to be successful creating an eCommerce business on etsy, eBay, Alibaba and Amazon FBA

In this course you will learn how to get started selling on eCommerce. This course will cover etsy, eBay, Alibaba and Amazon and give you a fast overview of each and giving you enough knowledge to open an account and learn the basics about them.

If you want to start to sell on eCommerce this course will show you the ropes along with tips how to self motivate yourself and how to be your own boss. What are you waiting for you got no excuse to take action see you on the inside. 

Your instructor and friend,

Sincerely yours,


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Sergey Kasimov

Creative Online Entrepreneur


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1. Who am I and why are you here?: Hello, everyone. And welcome to my class. Study on business from scratch course. Now, you probably know me. My name is so gay. And if you haven't known me, this is time for me to introduce myself. First of all, I teach Oval 50 crisis on you to me itself and have New year, 100,000 students. And another thing about me. I love wearing my sunglasses. Now, let's get started with my class, which is how to get your business started fast and how to do it. Well, this close itself is gonna teach you the basics off study on home business from scratch. Fast. Easy. Locally. And you don't have to do much in order to get started. This course is gonna be right for you if you want to make extra money. If you want to start your own business and to be on boss, If you said yes toe any or all of those questions, this class is right for you. So I actually challenge you to join me in this course itself. Thank you so much for watching and see you on the inside. 2. What business should you start?: Welcome. Welcome back to the cross. Now, one of the things that other people ask me and ask yourself. And maybe you have been asking everyone around you is what are you good at? What kind of business do you want to get started doing? The biggest mistake most people actually do is the following. They have a bunch of things that are good at. But when it comes to doing business, they get lost. Lots of good ideas review to doing nothing whatsoever. Why is that? But you have 100 great ideas. All of them are amazing. But you have so many of them, you don't know which one to start. So you try every single one of them on different days. That's how you get lost. That's how most people about the sense of direction yet no going. What? What do you have to do? That should be your question. Possible focus, Sleep. All those ideas you only need a three good ones. Death focus on each one of them and one at the time. Think about all the great people who got symbol Steve Jobs, for that matter. Maybe let's use him as an example. He kept on walking one planet doing it so well, protecting it until he got it exactly right. He knew the idea was accident and great. You got to believe in what you're doing as well. We can just go and say, Hey, this is a great idea and keep on doing it and not believing in it. When does the hand? Another classic mistake is to finding it an ideal. But you're not so good at and putting a honey, Put some of your effort and you believe in it. Yes. You got the passion. Yes, you've got the product. But maybe the planet is just wrong. Sometimes the talent and the pilot don't combined well as well. And you will get a lot of people saying this is not right for you. And you're quite who cows I'm still gonna do. This was sometimes dropping a better deal. Is justice good Often idea, then going into the world field too. That's also a bad idea. Awesome. So you have to think off something you're good at. So it all starts with Think of something that you're so good at that you love to do so. You are what you're doing? You're good at what you're doing. And you want to focus on this. This is the key. Once you have all those in place, you're gonna put it high, puts out of your airport into this. And then this is when you're gonna find what you put it. Once you figure all those out, it is time for you to execute the ideal and get and out. It's time for you toe. Find clients for the ideal. Find a big election where you sometimes need a coach. Sometimes it is just that Keogh. I mean about it, Coach. Sometimes you get lost. If your walkie 95 it's very hard for you to focus something. So therefore you always have a boss. He tells you what to do. So the walk always has everything written for you. It is made for simple minded people. If you're one of those simple minded people, Yeah, definitely. This is a job for you. You can't walk by yourself because you don't have a direction. When as a hand, if you need somebody to guide you sometimes that will work for you as well. But you to escape the 95. I gotta think outside of the box you can't like. Concentrate on thinking in the box doing whatever your boss always tells you and then have a separate ward where you're gonna be totally free and everything. It requires a different mind set. It requires an ability to see outside the box. If you're capable of doing that, you don't be well. And the cubicle you don't belong and walk in a small office. You have to set yourself weak. And you could only do this if you have the skills to do this. Well, so a lot of times you might have the skills yet, but it doesn't mean you can't get them. It was books board, though. His training manuals. There is, of course, instructors like me who are gonna guide you step by step of the way. I don't get you world you want to get in this life and you don't have to walk 95 if you don't have to. So this is it. This is just the starting blocks for you, how to get yourself on a different level. If you are interested in changing wife and doing something different in it, you gotta put 100% off your apple when you have the free time. So although you're walking at five, it's totally cool. Everyone who walks the time you have for entertainment could be changed into a time for you to change your life. Do you have an extra 20 minutes every single day? If the answer is yes, you can put the story minutes every single day into action. Now you can take Saturday and Sunday off. But people who walk like me I don't take any days off. Why? Because I don't want to. I want what I do. Well, that's a hand. If you want to take a vacation off and you're doing what I'm doing, hey, us enough. You can take its many days office. You want to just won't get paid for it, because when you work for yourself, you're your own boss. When you are your own boss, you want to get paid by walking, and you can get paid as much as you want by walking. Or you can get paid month and do nothing and go ax every single day. Now, if you want to get to that point of your wife or you can just sleep and make money like myself. You gotta put the effort into it. It takes a lot of up Ford effort in order for you to have it easy. Weight awarded wife. So what is waiting for? It is time for you to make this change. Are you ready to make this change? You committed to doing this? If so, you're going to see Yes, students. You're gonna go for it. And you're going to commit to doing something different in your If you answered yes to any of those of all those questions. It is tired for you to take charge and start taking time every single day towards something new to get started. Weapon you skill, weapon out. Skill that you're good at putting more effort into it. Course it straight on a few goals. Buy them down on a piece of people. After a while, all this effort is gonna pay for itself. 3. No excuse! Time to get motivated: This is the no excuse for actual specific equated for people who need to get motivated. It is not that easy toe walk at home, and a lot of people have a power with it because in total motivation is something they're missing. What I mean by internal motivation is totally different from external external motivation is when you have somebody who is in charge of you, who tells you what to do and you're performing for them. When you work for yourself, you need to have something called internal motivation. You yourself. He is the one who is in charge here, and you have to motivate yourself toe walk. So it's a little bit more different, and some people have a hard time Whippet. So here is what I do in order to keep myself motivated every single day. So I get my walk actually done. So the four step for you is to think of something you actually want to get with the money you might possibly get. That is very essential and important to your success, because if you're not going to reward yourself some way for walking, you're not motivated to keep on walking, just paying the bills is just not enough. You want to walk a lot more than just to pay the bills, you want to have extra money to spend on yourself and even spent on someone you love as well. So this is, well, their external motivation doesn't really work because you don't have any when you work for yourself. This is why you have to have in tonal motivation. So what I do and it is very simple. There was two ways that you can afford to this. The forced way is give yourself small little awards every time you get paid. The small way of doing it is very simple. Buy something you enjoy for yourself every week, maybe every month. It all depends on how much you need the motivation for yourself, maybe every single paycheck that seems to work. For some people, people, they're smaller. Words are just not enough. Some people want big rewards. They wanna have huge awards and want to get something big and end. So the bigger wounds would be a new vehicle, a new house, something totally out of your week. The reason why you want to have the huge rewards is that it takes about one for you to get them because it takes so much. One good to get out the work even more extra hard in order to achieve your dreams. So together, buy a new vehicle. That's not an easy task on hand. It might take a whole year or maybe two years of walk. You have to put a while about four into it. So how do you want a weight yourself to do this? It is pretty simple. You take a picture, even know if your cell phone or just pointed out from a magazine, even go to a store and get a magazine of all the new Buy new vehicles out there, then cut a picture of your favorite vehicles. Just put them on a war and then just imagine yourself driving them. In fact, when you imagine yourself goto a car dealership and test drive a car that you actually want to get, that is the next step over the way because you want to feel the vehicle. You wouldn't know how it feels to drive it, and then you say, Wow, this is an amazing feeling. I want this car I'm motivated to do what ever it takes to get this vehicle. So that's the fourth step. After you get motivated to actually do this, the next step for you is to gather up the cash to buy it. It is really a simple is that which means that you can go about and spend it on a bunch of useless junk. You have to save them on your getting, and you have to walk in a job that pays you Excellent. Now, if you have a job, that piece of new you nothin. You can find a job that will pay you enough to get what you want, so you have to find either a better job or to put extra effort in the job you have. If that's not enough, combined it to and walk in an extra job. The job you have and a side business Save up your cash and you are. Venturi will get that dream complete. It just takes out a long ago time. That's what it takes. More time to get something big, takes a lot of hard work. It's not something that just comes overnight, but eventually you will save out. Maybe you have 100 bucks in your bank account. Now, if you keep on adding up every single paycheck and extra 50 all except one thing or whatever you can into that saving account is gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger adventure. You have enough money to make a down payment or even enough money to pay for the whole vehicle off hand. Now, I'm sure that all of you don't even get to that stuff yet. You might have even credit card bills that you have to pay off initially. So paint him off post. You don't want to go and get something new, something big and having a bunch of depth that's gonna cost. You know, that's the whole way to go about this. Get rid of over the credit card bills and then get the vehicle of your dreams. Don't let those miniature things stop you from being successful in your life and therefore really getting back to this. No excuse. You got no excuse to be successful and they'll fall. I'm going to be seeing you in the next structural 4. How to be your own boss: today's topic, We're gonna be talking about how to be your own boss. What is better than sitting at home walking at your own pace and not having to listen to somebody toe who is going to come in and tell you what you have to do today? I hated sitting at my job and always having to perform for somebody who is not me. The last thing I want to do is to walk for somebody else. Now, this is me. Of course, you yourself is probably are like thinking. I mean, what would you do if you're gonna be sitting at home not knowing what you're going to be doing? This is well, discipline comes in being your own boss. It takes a huge amount of discipline. It's not something that is easy to do. So instead of having somebody else come over and tell you, you have to walk and punch the cork from 9 to 5. You have to do this and that and this and by five oclock you have to be gone. You all coming up of your own wolves? You know what you have to do every day. So here is how you're gonna go about and make productive use of your time every single day so you can create your own business. This is the big challenge or being an entrepreneur, the biggest challenge is being your own boss is actually motivating yourself, Constable, to perform every single day, regardless of your mood with our this off, what things are going on in your life. It's woke. It's the same thing as going toe 95. At least over down. You have to sign up. You have to show up, have to white on a piece of people. I just came in. I'm in hell. I get paid regardless or what kind of walker perform and then I get out. Of course, if they don't like what you do not want a file you on as a hand when you're on your own, boss, who's gonna fire you about yourself? So I confined myself every single day and get back to walk again. That's actually kind of cool. You can do it too. So he'll is what you do every single day. You y down on a piece of paper. We think that you're gonna accomplish for that day. Have toe, keep yourself motivated and you have toe be productive if you don't know what you're doing . If you're just doing something, at least you're getting things done. That is my point of view when it comes for you, toe work for yourself. So you have to stay disciplined. You have toe gap, a whole checklist off things you want to do and then try to accomplish a few things, Abby. Single day. Because it all adds up in the end. So when I walk for social media, I know that I wanna quit sales for this stuff. The time selling on my clients is actual products and everything else that I'm doing. I have to discipline and put my time. So I'm gonna take product pictures. I'm then going to actually have the sale itself. So I'm gonna packed item, I'm gonna ship it and it's all over again. The same process goes for the next day. Same thing off selling on my products, but it's a little bit different over here. I have to find a quiet, have to sell them the product, and I repeat the same process again. So you have to just discipline your time. Are you going to do this. But the main thing is having a set amount of hours that you're gonna do something. So here is the way I actually go about this photography. Let's say, for example, eBay. That's gonna be the full stop IQ off the day. If I'm gonna be doing eBay itself, that means I'm gonna be selling something on the line. So there was a few different steps that I have to take in, although to be successful, whips out on something or not. So the full step is to white the product description that off the product of himself, when I'm lining the pilot, the scripts in itself, I have to go and get the specification for the items factory have on hand. So let me get the product. Just for example, if I'm gonna be selling this apple product kind of really nice looking. I mean, it's like a trophy. Actually, it isn't trophy. So if I was going to sell this item, he was the way to go about it. I get a piece of paper out, I'm gonna be writing down what it looks like describing it on a piece of paper. Then I get the measuring tape of that measure the size of this and the height with and the window with. After I do this, I way the item down. So I have the weight off the parked. When I described item, I want to describe it as best as I can. So that's the full step that I'm actually doing the brainstorming part or the listing itself. The next thing I'm gonna be doing is the product photography. Now, I do this for one pilot, but I'm actually do this for many park. So if I have a huge amount of merchandise that I have to take pictures, I'm just gonna go and take pictures during the whole day. It take pictures, maybe from 9 to 5. I'm gonna be taking just images or I'm gonna be doing description. So when I take pictures, the same exacting goes I take a picture, form their sides from the Florent from the top from the bottom from every single angle and every single way I can take a picture off this product itself. So now when I go about and I'm gonna be selling this product, have the whole description down to have all the pictures down, and then I go and I write it all down. So that is the actual active wasting that I'm gonna be doing. And when I do actively stinks, I'm not gonna do just one partner. I'm gonna do as many as I can. So I divide the tasks in tow three different days. So we have the product description, weight and measurement. And you just writing the notes down for every single part of the next day. I go and take pictures or or the pilots and have in the Today, After I have old is down, I list them up on eBay. Now, there was a next day that happens now, After the item is already wasted, people will buy it. So then I'm gonna be taking this item. Whatever item gets so I don't know which one is going to get sold. Whatever gets. So I take the item, my packet, and I'm gonna be shooting it while you wait. Don't wait until a few days past that. There was a ship. It go to the post office as soon as you get the older packet, everything and get ready and shipped. Item right to your point. That is the number one job that you have is to provide superior customer service. Because that is the first step off you being your own boss. You gotta do excellent in everything that you do. Because now the whole company depends on one posted, which is yourself, which is me. So this is what I do. This is how I keep myself discipline. I have a certain way off doing and getting things done. And you have to do the same exact thing. Because when it comes to you being your own boss, you got to stay disciplined and staying disciplined and motivated is the key to your success with seven digital products and actual Pollocks. On what? See you in the next section. 5. How much I made selling on Etsy: so much potential money. Can you make on answer right now? I'm gonna be reviewing four off my etc accounts. And you might be asking how come for? Well, the more accounts they actually have, the more chances that you're gonna actually have about most sales. Some of the shops are going to be way most successful the nozzles. Plus not only that, another thing about having more accounts is that you can separate them into different natures. So let's go and get started. Check out my number one account. First of all, I want to show you the actual online manager that shows you their stats for you. So the first thing you have two big is the stats range and in the one that will be actually picking is old time. But you can view last you this month while seven days and so on. So it's present time. This is actually the slowest, and the walls are all my shops. Just wanted to show you the force up that I create it. And as you can see, the full shop was not that successful. It only got 16 sales and only made 220 box and This is all time stats for that. So initially when I get started, I put a lot of effort. Endo, I got paid. Then it just dropped the shop. So this one didn't work well for me, Dead of goes, I have a few more shops that are doing excellent. But let's go force and check out number two sub. So this one was doing not so good, but much better than shop number one. So this specific shop made a total of 1621 box from 61 different photos. It's not as good as the West to the shops, but I wanted to show you the traffic sources for them. But it is actually coming for so most of the traffic sources coming for him and see itself . And some of it is coming from external so much which is a Tony put sent over. Coming from that and direct is 17. Direct itself is well. I go and promoted myself and social media is only coming for four Put sent. Oh, everything and social media is only 4% off the total. So one thing I want to actually emphasize here is that Although social media is very important, it's even more important for you to do acting on traffic to the shop. And it's even more vital for you to go and wink it on NCSU, because that's what the majority of your traffic is gonna come flow now. That said, if you work really hard on your social media, this could be Number one traffic source. This is actually just a stats for my second shop, where it's Goto my Thought shop, which was even more successful. And then my first and second shop, this specific want is made a will being 6879 bucks, and it is making money every single day. Well knew you have a single day that is 270 active photos. Now the interesting thing about those stats is the following. You can see that every single year are making more money until I put it told and start going away. But down in 2017 now a lot more down in 2018 as well. You might ask, what is going on over here? What one thing is, my shop is actually seasonal, so that specific shop since it is seasonal. It means that the majority of money are making around September toe that symbol time, period. So this shop is gonna exponentially increase hyo in the year 2018. Once this is another TA actually changes for 2017 it's a little different story. What happened here is that I put a lot more emphasis on actually improving my margin, which means I'm doing less work. I'm judging more for the product and therefore, I'm not getting as many cells as I got in 2016 while I was getting a lot more sales. But my profit margin, who was about most swimming. Now this is my thoughts up. Let's go to my folks up. This one made 6268 bucks, and in two years I actually expedited Tom Thibodeau's I got So in 2017 and me 2000 bucks. In 2018 I made 4000 bucks, so this one doubled the revenue. So one shop went a little bit down. Another shop went, oh, at higher up in the same exact time period. So this actually shows you one interesting thing here that you can go and create. And what's more, traffic in a lot more money on Etsy by just using the CSCO. So this shows you one interesting thing that by using just add CSCO, you can get a huge amount of sales coming for you. Using direct sources such as mail marketing using direct sources such as email, marketing and promotions is going to get you the West of your sources and going to get you out more cash as well. The thing is that I could do so much better in Is in Social Media. I know how to do it. I'm an expert at it, but I found by actually posting so much more time into improving my actual NC and going and doing the best issue as I can for each and every listing, I'm getting old, getting sales that make me not even need to do any whatsoever social media marketing or value wayto direct marketing, which is using my email list, which is another way for you to make exponential mother calf. So there we go. Those are all the innings that I'm extreme making how much money I'm getting right now, Nancy, and how much money you can make on it as well. Nothing that you have to really keep in mind. Is that the Seo keywords for the search terms? This is one of the things that's gonna make a big difference. How much money you obey actually making on it. So everyone on my shops, I'm doing a little bit different kind of ways that I'm marketing my shop, and I'm actually showing really good results in the process. 6. Opening your etsy account: to get started to sell a Nazi. There was a few things that you have to do forced off. You want to actually start your shop and created to get started toe? Create your shopping, Nancy. Forcing a highly commend for you to actually do is to go about and use the promo code that I actually included for you. That's going to give you the 40 freeways things. What you have to do here is really simple. Take the promo code itself. You're gonna be copying it and you're gonna be pasting it in a specific menu of your browser. So once actually pasted the code into the browser itself, I'm gonna have a menu that looks exactly like this sense I gave you the 40 free listings. Once you get started, you're gonna already have an advantage. He'll because every single listing is actually 20 cents for you to actually pay for. So you can test drive your sister for free. And if it doesn't work for you, you didn't risk anything whatsoever. Now another thing I want you to know is that etc actually has the world's transaction cost out of every e commerce platform out there. it's only 3.5% off any sale without us up. How much will you? It actually goes, which means that if you're selling pretty expensive items, you will still be charged 3.5%. Voice says. If the item is super cheap, it also cost you 20 cents toe Western item for four months. That is a humongous amount of time that you're getting for your wasting to be featured on Etsy itself. So let's get started and open my Etsy shop right now. But it's on. Open your shop on Etsy. Next press on. Continue with Facebook after your place on continua Facebook and menu is gonna pop up, that's gonna look exactly like this or you have to do next is to place okay. Oh, you can until your email password and create your own Etsy shop by always doing it. Once we signed in and to create on Etsy shop, you're gonna have a few different suggestions that we can have for our tea shop itself. It's going to say who were connected as using Facebook. Now, the biggest thing that you have to know it now is that your user name itself is the most important feature off the shop. Because once you set up your using name to be what ever you wanted to be, you can't change it unless you open a new shop. And if you do open in your shop, you're not going to get the 44 years things so high command for you to take some time and think off a very creative and awesome shop named that you're gonna be using for your Etsy store. When you put on the register itself, it's gonna give you older shop weapons is that you have to set for you to get started forced off. You want to let them know which is best described you. Are you selling this full time, part time or it doesn't matter with something else and tell you the truth, it doesn't matter. What you put here there was still open the shop for you sup language. Make sure you said it to a language that you know the most customers are actually going to go into Next is the shop country makes. So you said it toe whenever location. You're actually in right now after you do this, Also set then door amounts that you will be charging. So since I'm okay, the United States, their shop itself is going to be located in the United States, and the currency is gonna be US doors. After I do this, I'm gonna be pricing on save and continue. Now it's going to give me a second chance here to create my own shop name. So what? We create something that sounds awesome. So glean shop walks. That's gonna be the name off my new edges up what's placed on check availability to make sure what sexual available and it is. So this is the cool thing now, because all you have to do next is to add a listing itself and create your own at sea listing. And it's pretty simple. What's that? A picture. So he added one picture off dining that they will be selling off course and how we suggest for you to read as much as five different pictures that showing the different views. But here I'm just showing you an example of a quick listing. So the next thing you want to do is, of course, creed the title itself about this listing who actually made it this is very, very important you make. We want to make sure that it's either you or a member of your shop. If it is another company or person, you might get restricted and not be allowed to post something on Nazi. So since I did it, what is it? It's gonna be a finished product now. When did they actually make it? Since it's handmade, eight really doesn't meddle. If it is made toe order, you can put it in here. Oh, if it's already created, you can put reason t in here as well. If you're selling a vintage item, it really doesn't matter. Oh ho creates it as long as it's vintage and vintage items is from 1997. And before that, let's put in the correct category for this specific item. Next is the category itself for this item. When you actually selling something, you want to make sure it's in the white category and they are posting in every kind of category and subcategory as well, something that could walk all building construction. I think this actually equity describes what I'm selling. The price itself always set the price a bit higher than you want to sell their I am forced off for the discounts to actually work. And second of all, you could always go off. But you can't always go Ohio. Another thing you want to do. Is there a new options how I get manual when the listing expires, I'm gonna go back and always dyed them itself. But if you want this to automatically list for you every four months and charge 20 extra sense, you could put it on automatic. The item itself Did you know that you can sell digital items on ANSI? So if it is a digital product, you can put it as digital. If it's not, then make sure you put as physical then all you have to do next is describe what you're selling. So I'm just gonna put in Google Customs. What could this simple list item that I'm selling hotel If I was actually selling and we'll item, I would actually fill it up as much as I can. Let's go to the next month, so humiliations themselves. You can actually make a different kind of items that you're selling and make a variety of it. You can do it by call device diameter. There's all kinds off different items for you. Toe custom, create dining itself and let people custom get revelation off this item, which is the federally coating about etc. Itself. So if somebody wants to get different kind of cause off, the same specific item or you have to do is to place on call itself and then add all kinds off different cause that are available, such as black brown. Let's see more orange so people can choose different kinds off course. When they were getting the item itself to top it off, you can price them, as you can see, just president twice, and I can charge them more money based on the call that they'll getting for this specific item. After you do this, you have another option or anything and not affiliation toe this product itself. I'm not going to do this because I really don't need that. After you do this, they're shipping itself. Was that coming form? Make sure you put the country of origin the processing time. How long it takes you to get this to the post office itself when you're gonna get for me like a day, then when it's going to be shipping form the shipping cost themselves. Make sure you put it as a quit and it's possible you don't want to whip anybody off here. They'll be not really happy customer. After you do this, all you have to do next is the most important boat, which is the tags themselves. Make sure you add every single one of those times you have are toting different tags and you want every single one of them to be actually filled up and no misspelling because it actually counts against you. Components themselves make show. You write down exactly what this item is actually made out of, so I want to put two of them. But actually, if I was actually gonna list decide him, I would actually use every single one off the tanks themselves. So now next thing you wanna do is save and continue. And the item is a lady to be actually sold and I'm ready to get paid next politics Ghanem actually ask me is how am I going to get paid on Nazi itself? So here there was a few choices that you can actually dio You can put in your own bank account you can actually put in April pay. You can use paper all you can use your credit card as a means off conforming your identity . Some of it is a little bit more complicated to use to get confirmed The nozzles. After you do this and you get your banking account conformed, next step for you is to create your own PayPal account, and you don't have to do much here. You can just sign up for free. And if you own a business, I suggest you open a business account because you could get an additional discount off every transaction you make one paper itself. 7. What to sell on etsy: selling when that see one on one. Why you should go about and start someone, etc. And what is the benefits of it so etc itself? You can sell free, different things on it. Full stop handmade products. Second thing, even so, is vintage politics. In the last year, you can sell digital points, so I have all those things I can commend for you to start with whatever works for you, but at sea itself is most simple. It is easy to sell products on hell, and it is natural rated, which means if you get in tow a specific niche, you can market a lot higher ourselves in it. So let's go into more details what kind of stuff you can sell on Etsy itself When it comes to a handmade products, it means if you can make something with your own hands, it becomes handmade. Oh, if you can put your own handmade touch into something already created, such a sweet goes, Oh, if you take something, would it? Let's take something wouldn't for an example. If you find a wooden item and you called your name into it or you come off someone's name into it it becomes handmade and you consult on that it is that simple. So this is one off the nature's you can get into in etc. Itself. The second Age is vintage problem, so something that is over 25 years old, you find it us a Nazi and you make a cell. Vintage items are more difficult to sell on Nazi, then also as good as handmade products because that's what etc is famous. And it's all about. And the last thing that Nancy is very good at itself being. Of course, a digital platform is selling digital points. So if you're an artist, you have to draw stuff. All you can do is take the drawing itself and then take a picture of it and sell the picture, and you can sell it infinite amount of times and make money with you don't even need to ship it. That's the cool thing about etc. In fact, it's one of the best places for you to sell your artwork and get people toe by form U by just buying the items in your shop. So if you have a tango four, if you're somebody who likes to digitally fixed items, that you could create And I'm talking about for this up. This is the correct place for you. It is one of the better places for you to get a good variety off money selling things that you like to do. And you like to put creativity until online. That's what at sea is about and not a good thing about at sea itself is just the good part of you Quit eating something and how long it actually stays in etc. Itself. Roses are the websites as he gives you three months. That's like three months for the item to be featured on ANSI itself. It's like having your own shop and just letting it go for three months and then seeing if you're gonna making yourselves the bad part about etc itself is that you gotta generate and mostly bring you on tropic toe, etc. Itself in the beginning. So if you just get started on at sea and nobody's buying your stuff, you got to find somebody who is actually gonna buy something form you and then at sea might market your kind of more so the most sales you get, the more antsy is gonna do its part to get more clients to you. It's gonna feature your item on Nazi. In fact, though, is the way you can tweak the CEO to get a lot more people to come in. So when I just started my shop after I did all those enhancements do it. I got a lot more people to come in, and I don't have to market whatsoever any of my pilots. Every once in a while, somebody buys something that I have in my shop. It is a little place for you to make money on the line and use a definite try. 8. Creating an amazing listing: this particular section will be exploring how to make a very good idol description that will make sure this particular item is gonna make you a lot of money. So the posting that I suggest for you to do this to make sure that whatever product you be sewing has a very good title to it. So when you're lining their product that you're selling, make sure every single item in the title is being used. And the keyboards itself is enough to attract somebody to come and buy this particular item or if they use a search engine that will actually be able to find your particular product. In fact, sometimes I would go into the Red Sea search engine and type in the name of my Pollock and see if it's gonna come up on the top of the West or not, because if it does, I made a very good job putting the white keyboards into it. Now about this listing, this is also very important. You want to choose which one is most one that you can actually use, so it's either you did it. Somebody in your shop did it, or another company or person So I did all the member of my shop. That would be, ah, handmade product, On the other hand, and not a company or person that's not gonna be handmade is gonna be a vintage product that you'll be selling dope. They're allowed categories to sell or Nancy vintage and handmade, so make sure you choose wisely. So if you did this, the item becomes handmade and vintage, and the reason it becomes handmade and vintage is if it's if I put in that it was made before 1996 and if I put it into 10 4015 the item is only handmade. On the other hand, with another company or person makes it, you can't sell this critical item on us. It was actually created before 1996. So keep in mind vintage products out anything that was created before 1996 which is not that long ago, so that potentially let's yourself a huge amount off products when etc. Because there is a lot of items out there got a vintage and Bo created before 1996. No, since this particular part of I created myself, it's called. I did and it is a finished product and I created it right now. So either you created this now all it's actually has not been made yet, So if somebody actually approaches it, you're gonna create it for them, and it's gonna might take a little bit for for you time to create this too. So you can say it's gonna be the wait for a few days until you actually create this particular let's put it into the actual time that this product was actually me. Next thing very important is they can't ago itself. Make sure you actually choose the white category for this particular product. If you choose the wrong category, you can always switch around. So don't worry if you choose the wrong one. When I was a hand, if you choose a category and this particular item is not signed, well, you can choose a different category instead and see what happens. And then we category. There's actually another category which is a sub category and subcategory. There was a triple category which is a sub sub Get gather go itself so you can be very, very specific for the category off this particular item and you don't have to be that specific. In fact, you can just put up games and toys, which is this particular item is. Then you just put toys as a section, which is selecting the category, which is a sub category over category. And here is another subject ical. Inside, it's up. Get going, though it sounds a little bit of Dan did and confusing, but it really is. But, you know, we have to select the third category. It's not really that important here, but it will help you. And if somebody is working in that particular section, it's gonna be a lot easier for them to find this particular category. If you actually are wasting it as such, when it comes to the price, this is something you should decide. You have to make sure you make a police some profit on this particular product, so don't sell something for the same amount of money it cost you to make it or find it. So you have to put in at least 20% or even higher margin into the cost off this particular pilot. That's how you make your money. People understand that So you have tow price it a bit higher. Then you buy when as a hand, if you want, when you have a very few of those particular products, are prices much trial because you might not be able to get them again. So if somebody does sport, you sit in a few months. It's fine with me. But if you want to sell it faster, you have to put the place a little bet West and the new AB sins. This is very important. I like menu. I don't like when them for them to automatic. You renew it because they'll be charging me 20 cents each time. And and it will actually put up your budget pretty high if you don't have any free listings the walk with So I like to do it manually when it expires. I go in there and that's he. Doesn't you know when a listing expire? So menu is the choice that I like to use quantity. Let's go back to it. The quantity off their particular product. You're having stock now. I like to use brother fuel because the reason for that if you put a lot of them in those, you might not. People will not think it's cool, unique and different, so they might not actually buy it. So I put one. But in fact, I do have one particular product at the time. So when somebody dies by, I will have to create a brand new one. So it is the quantity I have one handling now anyways, and the type did you know you connect yourself digital products on at sea. In fact, that's pretty cool, because if you sell something digital, what say, for example, you make something photo shop and there's a digital picture, you can actually send it to them as an email, and they will pay for it. So that's like, very cool feature on Etsy itself. So that is handmade as well. Oh, the physical product is you have something on hand and you have to ship it. The good thing about digital, it doesn't cost you any money to actually sell this particular part, which makes at sea a very cool site to make business or description. The best thing about that is you can actually use Corporal html Zoran Jassal. Fancy stop. It's all black and white. So when you're actually doing it, what is important here is to make the description very need and straight to the point. And in fact, if you make it too long, somebody is not gonna take the time and the greed all the description about this particular park. So you want to make it showed to the point and to make sure that somebody reads it and they know everything about this particular product and then they decide So they buy or should day not. And don't forget to put this size and the weight off this particular item. It is important for some people toe know how big this item is and how happy it is as well. Lastly costume, you can actually have a custom can ago, and you can tell people that they can customize the older itself. And it is very important because you can make it a very cool and different product that you will be selling and then telling them, Hey, listen, if you like this product, you can order with and Blue Green or any other choices you have, And if you do use this is a choice, you can even put in the bottom with them. No. What kind of custom items that you can actually queen with this listing. Let's keep going down section. You have a choice. What vertical section you could post your particular item into. There was many different sections, and when you create the sections, you actually have a choice where you want to put them into so people can find them a lot easier in your store affiliations. Relations is what kind of different options somebody has, especially if they want a customer of this particular product. So the motive revelations you put in the more different products you can waste. I don't use it that much, but you could use it, especially if that what product you're selling has different. Kahlo's has different dimensions as different heights. Owen. So you can use a lot of different police stations to this particular park, so somebody can actually custom over the and product. So what? They actually do its simple example that it's gonna have different call. So you put in different call. So now people can have different color choices. Black. You can get this in green. They can get this in Guay. Now you can add different kind of places toe every single variation that you haven't stuck . In fact, let's go and customize it even more so if somebody gets it in different cause now, they can get it in different paddling or its Seymour in different dimensions. So let's get the conventions here and inches. So now we have another option here so people can actually buy it in different dimensions. And this is really interesting. So you can have all kinds of affiliations toe your particular product and makes people really want to buy, because now they can customise that they can make it look whichever way they actually want this particular product work. So it becomes a handmade product that they actually specially ordered and design, which is really cool about that. Sipping you concoct, went the shipping, or you can actually with the Post and calculate exactly how much it's gonna cost them to ship this item toe the location. Therefore, you can put the waiting here. You can put the item size and he'll and they can just press and calculated, and we have different shipping option. Still a lot of different locations, you can actually add different kind of locations. Pacifica liked Australia, Germany, Greece, or whatever you actually wanna use as a choice. And then you can put different prices. Or you could just do to your country and everyone else and put the student when set of prices, to make it more simple, which I use. We do. Lastly, this is very important. This sword storms. This is the most important part, or your ads a listing. You want to use every single tone you can about whatever item you're wasting. And this one has a few times at a warm. So I have to Actually the Whitcomb. So which and this is part of the reason this particular and it was not selling is that I had some of the long tags on this particular product. This is why it had a lot of issues with fit being selling. Before that it had the white tanks in it. So you have to make sure it all has the light tanks in its you have five different tags who left for me. But you can use all toting off them. And when you type it in, just make sure it is describing whatever you're selling and as many keywords as possible. So this one is Statue of Liberty. So that should be in there. So it's gonna have statute or legal, okay? And you put it in to make sure you spell it the light. Because if you make a mistake in spelling, nobody will be able to find this particular product, So that is very important. Also, materials make sure you put on the material is being used over here. We just usually goes and there's a few mega bucks. So it's good that end up. So people are not actually gonna send this back because there was a mistake in ballistic. We want to be as honest as you can about everything you're selling. And here we have four more tags that the left. So we have to use formal tags and one of them is going to be building blocks to We put another one in here and now I think we got most of them in kids toys. Do we have toys? So you have to make sure you're using every single tag possible. So we have another one. This statue put that in and we have two more and we can put um, I guess we now know them. So when I think of tomorrow actually gonna Adam Brickley on? But this is just for demonstration purposes. I'm just trying to teach you how to do this occasion. This is really unimportant. I would not be using it for occasion because then everybody who has a particular occasion for that say, for example, you just selling it for Bulls Day. So people are just gonna buy it for that specific day. That's not good for you. You want everybody to buy this every single day they come up across this particular item, therefore, occasion for me, it's something I would not be using. I'll put none because that's going to get more people to buy this particular style smile discouraged this particular item to. So for mine. I don't know what I'm going to actually call at. Exactly. Or maybe it's not even site fly. Lana, Someone's I don't know what I'm actually gonna call this political. I know. Is it fantasy? Maybe I totally realistic to so historical. Yeah, historical is exactly what describes it. So I put that in stops. We've been in a factory to different styles into it, and stylish just makes it work. interesting and most sophisticated recipient. You know who is going to get this but the grinding if they buy, I like to put not because it gives all options on the table. So if somebody is gonna buy, they're more likely to buy this particularly. So when you're done, just click on, publish the copy, and that set your job, is that? 9. Etsy listing example: another very cool way to make a lot of money on Etsy is to sell digital points. Digital twins It's probably one of the best ways for you to make money when etc. It's pretty simple. All you have to do is create and digital point. After you take a picture of it, you can modify it and make different designs in quarter shop. And then you can read People select what size they want a photo. This particular item and the bill size will cost them a lot more money. To top it off, dickensa wag a huge amount of twins that they want to get. So your potential off getting a lot of money here is potentially unlimited. Check out the beat back this particular person has in selling digital prints. This is the way for you to go on etc. You can do a lot of different designs if you're really good. Were Photoshopped. You can make people choose what I don't want to get. So if you're good at drawing a total, you can let them know they can get this and you're green bull oh, whenever abortion off course that they can get now etc. has customized options for you. Well, people can select what type of coal they want to get to so they can custom over the particular product and buy it. So the potential for you to make money selling digital prints is really unlimited. Your imagination is the key. A mother money you make Zo up to you. 10. eBay earning & expertise proof: welcome, everybody. My name is so gay and I am an eBay power cell. I saw thousands off different items on eBay over the years. And in the following graph that you're going to see in the bottom off the screen, you'll actually be able to tell off how much money I was able to make over time selling items on eBay and in the past few years, how much I was able to make as well. So if you want alone how to become an IV A. So you gotta take this newbies course, because this new Pisco's is gonna teach you all the basics that are required for you to become an eBay. So how to get started? What you have to do, how to set everything up. All the most important things that you have to know to get started are gonna be covered in this question. Not gonna miss anything. So once you're down this course, you'll be ready to take more advanced courses. That's gonna teach you everything you need to won't about how you can become an eBay power cell as well. So and wall in this class, you want everything you need to know how to become an eBay. Several. How to get started on eBay. See you on the inside. Good work to you. 11. Creating an eBay listing: So now we have the item itself. Like hell, I guess placed in it. So we have the items name, right, heel, the condition of it and the name of it, This is all the stuff that says right on the item itself. So there was actually item number and some of them, that's what they have. And I'm gonna put that in here case or put down the number so it doesn't look like a copy days. Dude, whoever was saying the same exact thing and there was 20 of those items in here is 20 pieces. Make sure when you copy someone else's listing you actually go. And with the item that you're actually selling yourself because he was the whole issue, if you're gonna be selling something and you copy the wasting itself And then he realized that you copied something, but you haven't made any modification to it. You might be selling that long possible item and that you're gonna get in big trouble for that. So I did. Over here. The condition of it is excellent. We're gonna put excellent. And so there we go. I fixed that up. Now we have different kind of categories that they give me a choice to take form. So I'm gonna be picking the one that's most likely to get more people toe actually bid or buy this item. And there was actually to hear those the darkroom developing and the slide and movie projections I'm not So So when you have two different categories and you're not doing show you can even add a second category part that's gonna cost you an extra be. So my suggestion for you is two pictures, one category, and if it doesn't sound, then you switch toe a second category. Dan, what I'm gonna be doing here is speaking the store categories. You're gonna put this in the white kind off section off the store itself, and I don't have that much of it. So I'm gonna be putting into the tools. It should be a camera equipment. The next time I'm gonna go in here, I'm gonna change the store categories and put in a camera equipment and another type off can ago here because it's not relevant. Toe any of those now the item condition. This is a used item. It's not really a used einem because nobody had ever used it. So he was there. They were condition of dining inside the item itself. When you open up and you see it, item itself is like new. They're box itself is not This is a vintage road box. So although it was opened, its not really justified to say this is new or new as a because of the condition of external box. But inside the item is like new. So I put it in the just in case of somebody does this science to buy it, they know exactly what they were getting. So he'll is the five different pictures I selected. I'm uploading the pictures up to get twisted. I'm waiting for them to be uploaded. The next thing I'm gonna be doing after it up roads that these things themselves, I'm gonna be selecting which pictures should be the main image. Because that is the most important image. The main image is gonna get you their sales and anything else is not. So. If I get one that stood out like this one, that's not gonna work. It has to be something that shows exactly what I'm actually. So it so I'm gonna be using the main image as the item that don't be so in. The next thing I want to do is to show exactly what they're getting once they buy the product. So I did that. I moved it around. Now, sometimes you have to fill up all those extra things here. And the only way for you to know is to go back, toe another wasting and see what they filled up. And it doesn't look like they did anything except the brand name. Sometimes you have people who fill up a lot more than that. So we're gonna just fill up the brand name and that makes it easier for Rebel is buying this item toe. Find this item online. And the more things you feel up to the items specific, the more likely this item is actually going to get sold and a lot faster. So let's go all the way to the bottom here. Now we're gonna be pressing on advance at it because now we can do all those fancy co edits to this. Put the right in the middle. That's what you want. Now we're pasting it, so we have the item itself. No bullet making big o, No. We can have all sorts off calls to actually use here. And I like different calls and makes it look more, you know, interesting. And I always experiment of different cause just to see people want to see something more than just working at the black and white twisting. So now they're going to see my listings are gonna be more cover for that. That is the real reason for that. Some cause are more eye catchy than as those, and you try to make them more relevant to the item that you are selling. But sometimes you just put it indo, and it doesn't make that much of a difference. So we put the name off what I'm selling and now each have to tell them that they'll buy one overdoes. It's after put in exactly what they're getting. The next thing you want to do is to make the front a little bit smaller than the top phone . So it looks a little bit different. And now I like to change the course. So this one has a different call, and sometimes you can change the foreign too. You just want to make sure whatever form that you're using, that it's gonna make sense that whoever isn't leading the item, they can actually read it. If you're gonna be putting some forint like this, it's hard to read what it says and it's us likely somebody is gonna bid on this item. You want to make sure people can actually read what you're on actually selling. So after we did this, you're going to go to the selling format. Weaken, do auction. All fixed. It looks like fixed is the best choice. He'll we have a lot of days that we can choose form. And the more days. Of course, it could be better. So in 30 days, yes, this item will be sold. But you want to give them less time. What's Let's figure it out? Let's see what happens if I put this only for a week and then if item does not get so, they can always move the price down some. I'm pricing it with almost the same identical points as this. The item actually got sold on eBay itself because I'm not trying to compete much with the price itself. I don't want to make this ah, lot less than the competition. It I just want to do it the same points as the competition. I just want my item toe actually get sword. So now, after I did this, I'm actually done here. There was not much else I need to do him working and everything else. And I'm just want to make sure everything else is correct. Healed the package size. There is all kinds of different dimensions. Hell, and it's the shipping details. I'm just making sure there was no atones accepted. I don't want people to, you know, give this back to me after they buy this. So I think this is it. I think we all done. It's was the item. And see if it tells me if there was anything that needs to be fixed because sometimes it's not gonna accept. It's gonna tell you that maybe it one thing has to be fixed. But it didn't. It actually liked it, so it took dine. Um, congratulations feel done. The item itself has been listed on eBay itself, and now the next thing I have to do is just wait for it to get salt. So now your job is, of course, to create your own wasting, go up there and try to greet your own wasting and post it up a swell 12. Identifying valuable giftcards: when it comes to correcting gift cards, it's really important for you to collect things that they're now We're gonna go out of style. You want to think about walked on. So when one off the wings movie came out, I got a bunch of those gift cards that I got for myself, and now they're wolf pretty good money. What you want to do is the same exact thing. And as you can see, this is from a Hollywood video I stole that no longer even exist. And I think if I hold onto those for a very long time, those give dots are gonna go up in value. So what you want to do is the same exact thing. Get gift cards that you think I'm gonna go up in value and you keep them. It's small. Better for you. Do not make a quick buck, but wait a while and then sell them. So if you wait a few years, the value of those gift cards could go up again, and right now, maybe they're not as good as they could be. And the reason for that everything is moving to digital. Everything is gonna be digital cards really soon, and those gift cards are not going to exist anymore, so the amount of them are gonna skyrocket. Then nothing you can get and you can make a lot more money is getting us interesting things that do exist right now. So he was a pizza one. So if somebody is in who knows Pizza Bubble and he wants an image of the pizza, he would definitely buy one of those gift cards because they're reusable. You can still use them and give them for somebody for their present. So if they have, ah, special Bosnia that's coming up that Stephanie a great thing to give them here is another one, and this one is about ET extraterrestrial. Now. I got this a while back, but I still think it is useful because if somebody wants to give one with extraterrestrial in it, especially if Morago set that comes out about all the movie comes out again about extraterrestrial. This gift card is gonna go in style again. He was a ago via peak out, and I'm sure if this thing goes back to just being digital and the one good give out this particularly a peek out the V A peek out is gonna skyrocket and correct was while regulated items was more things that you can get and make money on in the future. Not like now, Entrada Joe. They had this one and this gift card with a world map in it. So this definitely will go up in price if somebody really wants it in the future. And this Louis looks like something that could have a potential to be a collectible item. Some town sometime down the world. You is another one. And Cibona, this used to be a store, and they just made teas until Starbucks bought them. So this is definitely something that's gonna go up in the body because this store no longer exists this part off Starbucks now and honestly, disneywar And lastly, this new war that's right and the reason just go up in value is every single time to him, especially university addition off a special event, this particular one, and went there when it was 25 year universally off a special event. And when they have a special event that comes up, this is definitely a very commendable called that only exist during that time. So if somebody is a Disney Robbo and correct all this new stuff, he definitely want to get a hold of a bunch of those cards as well. And those are not difficult. Those are actually tickets that I got to get admitted to those steampunk. So it's not only gift cards that you have to collect. If you're collecting, you might as well use quite just about anything and especially collect anything that gives you admission that even looks like a gift card is good enough for you to sell on eBay and make good money on. 13. Profit with cell phones: he was a cool way to make money on eBay. This is very, very simple. Off goes, you don't have to know much about TBI itself, especially since your newbie and you're just getting started. First name suggests for you to go is to the eBay selling Santo. All you have to do here is very simple. You have to choose what kind of item that you want to sell today. And, of course, look in what kind of items that you have on you. There's a lot of times that you have all those unused electron ICS such as cell phones, cameras, video game systems and as such. So pick one that you no longer use and what you're going to be doing. Actually, you're gonna be selling it on eBay itself. The simple way to sell it without even listing and everything is just actually going to this particle area, placing what kind of form that you have. IPhone five. What kind of Kallio that you have, which would be boys and and the capacity itself. So you just specifying everything about your phone, the one you have and what kind off do you have as well the condition of it is very simple toe. You might have new used power. It's not walking. In fact, sometimes you will get phones that not even walking and you can get pretty good carries forward. So if you have, like an excellent condition and original box, as you can see, if you have access to a phone like this, you could make 85 box just like that. And this one is not even walking. This is full of book and form. That is an excellent condition, is just not starting up. And all you have to do next is I was so that's it off. The oppressed is bonding all it does for you. It already creates all the listing for you, though, is not much you want to do here except at the pictures and then choose what you want. You will auction decided there will be recommended for me that this item goes for 84 box and I highly suggest for you to maybe go forward for an auction and see how much Dina will be bid for. If you don't want to take this risk, just go for the fixed price here and you can specify. Since they said it is selling for about 85 bucks. You can easily just put that amount in, though. In fact, see mine. I'm sold between 55 to 91. So what you have to do is you have to put in what is the recommended price forced, which would be 85 bucks And then if somebody buys it for you five. Great. If somebody doesn't, you could always go the price. Do not put at best offer. You have people. Just keep on bidding for where this is for more intervention feature. You don't want to do this now. He was a way that you could make even more money. And if you don't even have any forms on you, what you're doing next is you're going on. Craig list itself. You're gonna be finding people who have cell phones that are just, you know, trashing them, don't need them or even on guard ourselves. Every time you going cost. You work for self ones and you can sell them. You can make a significant amount of money just finding unused. Oh, even book and cell phones that you're going to get maybe 50 cents less than a buck. You just don't know which ones are. Those forms are gonna give you a lot more than the book that you paid for. And this is something I've been doing for quite some time. I had cell phones that I found on Garcia's that had broken screen people just getting them for Western a bark. And I was able to get 80 to 90 bucks pull phone on eBay itself. People don't really bother. They don't know how much those phones elect you, wolf. So this step is definitely going to get you out of cash. So off course, if you wanna go more about how to do this signed up for the full classes because they will teach you not only this kind of trick. They teach you how to maximize and make a lot of money on eBay because as a power seller on eBay, I know the tricks. I know everything about eBay itself in the inside out 14. Selling on Alibaba: welcome everybody to ali baba dot com. This is the ultimate site for you to make amazing amount of cash on Amazon. What you have to do is to find products that you're gonna use and you can resell them My back on Amazon that come f b a for a humongous amount off profit. One such item that I find that goes for a lot of money on Amazon or two. It has a very swim amount of manufacturer cost and you can outsource it white form. The site is the selfie sticks and the more Nippon's and the trend for them is pretty hot right now with the go go pro camera. This is picking up very, very fast. What you have to do is to find a supplier and by this stick from down Now we have one issue here. This particular cell is sewing 100 off them. This is too many for you to buy. You don't want to buy 100 off them. The risk is too big because you're buying 100. Each one of them is a door. Now we're talking about 100 door investment on something that we don't even know the quality and how good it is. You want to get a priest one piece on, test it out, see if this works full for you. And if it's good, it will also go at more off them. But seven else we have here. We have this piece for 90 cents apiece. You have to get authority off those particular pieces. This is a little bit less significant risk for you. But then again, it's still too many parks for you to take for this profit margin as well. I thought there was a lot of different kind of options for you on this particular site, and if you keep going, you might see a very, very good product. And here we have another one that says, even stainless steel on that. It's telling me it costs only 10 cents at peace over 50 pieces. It comes down to five bucks for your investment. So if you are able to resell this for three, stand to 12 bucks at peace on Amazon F. B A. You're gonna make a substantial amount of money for your five door investment. All we have to do is just by this and take a risk on it. Sometimes you just have to take a risk with those products or so it sounds like it's very, very cheap. And it's not gonna be that that great. You never really know until you test it out. So sometimes you have toe, take the punch, test out the product and see if this part is gonna walk for you. There was a lot more different products here as well, so it doesn't have to be that particular product. You can't find something else. He was a good blow came on. And this is not a Lego Go pull. This is actually a Chinese knockoff. Off the go go pull cameras. You can see he was another one off the same exact camera. I wouldn't be buying those, but I'm just show you what it actually is. And he was They're on Rosen Optical Gopal camera itself. But what I like to actually buy is the accessories for the cameras, because those things will make a lot more profit and more people are actually gonna buy the accessories. And there was a lot of them here. Let me show you some also accessories, and he was a different quality and different cores of the same thing. He was a mono pod that is also a cell fistic, and you can only get cannot them. You don't have toe by that many of them. And as you can see here, this is another interesting design. So but you have to do is actually is very simple. You just contact the supplier and you ask them how much it costs to check out one of them because you don't want toe actually get 10 of them in case this item is not to your satisfaction. So that's what I would actually be doing. And make sure it has this see like that because they seal means gold supplier Second year, it means they're horrible is supplying in this pretty reliable The item is actually going to come to you when you order from something from our bobble people actually get you to sign a certificate when your gallery so this way, you know, for show that the item actually gets to you, They they want to make sure that he gets the data doesn't get to you. You get your money back on this site. Another site that is out so part of Alibaba is called a re expressed that come this particular site is a little bit actually better than Alibaba site itself because in Alibaba site you have to buy a huge quality off items on only express. You can only buy one particular item and test it out before you're gonna by a huge set of them. So he will he'll be have a bunch of different products that are also the same thing that I was looking for, the self be cameras and that that would be a little more expensive here. But at the same time, if you're gonna buy something here that cost you about seven bucks and you can sell it for 15 on Amazon, it still gives you a good enough profit religion for you to test out the selfie stick and see if it is wolf your investment or not. And I'm actually public with them by one of the selfie stick myself to be a doubt structural because I need this for my my iPhone myself. So I would actually do that too, and I would actually go. I would work for the one I like the most. The one that is most useful for me. I'm gonna buy this than out. And if it is pretty great, I'm gonna try to resell it back a seminal Amazon F B A or sell it on eBay and then I will just get another one. So it will be something that I will try to do you even myself because this is a good way for you to make a decent amount off profit on a very, very small investment on your part. And here is some positive things that Ali Baba that com has that is for you to explore. One of them is the photography equipment. This is very popular item that is selling on Amazon F B A and E Bay itself. What you have to do is pick the product that you liken, And I know this product is very popular as a photographer. This is an item I always work toe get for myself. I don't have this particular item. And if I was going to create a studio, I would find a very good quality backdrop and used this. This is a very important item and they only outsource this from China. They almost don't sell this anymore in United States. So if you want to get it, you gotta get it in this location. And that's what most people on eBay and Amazon F B A. That's what they do. They buy those form this site, they post them up on Amazon and eBay, and then they charge a significant amount of money on them on the other site. As you can see, this item cost 2025 Piece of hell, and it's gonna cost significant a lot more on eBay. So you're talking about this thing costing about 70 80 bucks on E bay? Oh, Amazon to. So what you have to do is you have to just find the products that you're gonna use, and you have to test them out here. This is this is very decent, By the way, a lot of photographers really work for photography. Backdrop such as brick wall on. The cost here is pretty cheap, too. So you gotta experiment. You gotta go for this and test out different products and tried to get one piece of it initially. You don't want to get this many off them at once, because if you get that menu with them, you might be stepping off a huge amount of merchandise. It's gonna be pretty hard for you to south. Let me show you how much those things go on Amazon, the website. As you can see that this is the backdrops. This is the photo studio backdrop. Supports stand. And you can tell that those things are pretty expensive. Hugh is that this is the clamps. So let's go back in hell and check out how much of those costs the spring clamps themselves . Let's see if you can find him, so we type them in that hell is. Here is the cost of the spring clamps. This is photographers really need that. Because with the backdrops, you have to have those cramps. And they cost around 25 cents at peace, which is almost nearly nothing. So some of them cost like five bucks for, like, six of them. So this is a little bit different designs, so you'll probably have to go into this and try to find one that looks exactly like the picture we have. Here we go, the same exact one. The plastic still cramp 25 sent each, which is next to nothing, and you get 3000 of those and those products to do so now we're going back on Amazon right here and be seen its sound for $5 exactly the same thing. And it's number one best cell in its category. This is definitely something that's gonna make you money. There isn't for that. This is popular. Photographers always want to get this, and it only cost 25 cents at peace for you to get your hands on it. And if it's the best sound, you can make a world of money on it. This is one of those products that you can't really go along here. It's always needed for a 42 studios. Photographers, always misplaced, does always actually need something toe hang the backdrops and are looking for something but cheap dating. Five bucks is cheap when they spent 2 to 3000 bucks on the camera equipment. But you know you can get your hands on this for 25 cents apiece, which means you're making a substantial profit you and if you get even more of them, or was that this is actually different kind of clams here on you can actually adjust applies to. So as an Amazon BSL, you can make a load of money. You is using this. And here's a different clamp right here. We're talking about heavy duty clams. Does psyche Bigelow look at a price? 20 bucks here. We can probably get those for 75 cents a piece. So we're talking about some substantial profits you can make on Ali Baba and really express selling photography and selfie sticks. 15. Alibaba vs Aliexpress: in this video will be covering Ali Baba wusses. Are we express? What's the difference? Which one you should be using and why, of course, Now there is a big difference between Alibaba and the re express. But a lot of people don't even know nothing about are we express? They know everything about Alibaba. So they hold that Alibaba is one of the world's virologist marketplaces where you can buy almost anything. Directive from China. So instead of going to eBay in getting the same exact identical products you just showed, Cut yourself. You're going to elite Baba, and you're buying a deal active from down. So it's gonna get shipped to you. It is much cheaper. It is much better. And sometimes the quality is even battled in the stuff you get in other places. Now there's a few things that I don't like about this site. When you're buying something on Alibaba repairable toe pay for more than one item. Let me show you what I'm talking about right here so you can see what what it is about. So let's save. You're going to be buying this dynamite here, and this item is just the ill phone itself. So when you're buying something on Ali Baba, you're buying a bunch off stuff. You know, by one item you're buying thousands off items at a very cheap wait, the whole point of view buying from Alibaba. It is like a Sam's crop. It is like a well house. Will you get a lot of stuff and very cheap and you can resell them for a lot more money. And there was an issue with that as well. So he obeyed getting this merchandise that we can get for very cheap amount. So if you're getting 100 pieces, it is a buck apiece, and if you can sell it for 10 bucks, you already made and nice with a profit. Do it here. But he was other thing. You have to buy a three star 100 items here by buying 100 items. You're committed for spending a lot of money here. If you want a cheap in the boys even more by buying 1000 pieces, you're getting each 1 56 cents for decide them that you can sell yourself for 10 bucks on somewhere else. You definitely will make money, because if somebody wants to buy this. They have to buy a humongous quality of it in order for them to get those weights. And how many people you know want 100 off this same exact item? If you're getting one, you want to keep it for yourself. If you're getting a few of them, you want to give it as a gift, but 100 of them way too many. But here is that the issue of Ali Baba itself. If you're shopping on Alibaba, you can actually go and buy the item. But you have to use your credit card. And other people don't like that idea because now you have toe in toe your credit card menu . You're not even using paper, which is about most secure here. And there was a lot of different shoppers that you can go Web, and you can try to figure out who is not this one right here. You can see two stars for their trans action waiting here. The communication is a white on that great. The product is as described. 4.7 stars is pretty good. The shipping time is excellent for the side. There's a lot of different items you can go and get them on Alibaba itself. But Alibaba is a humongous well house. And when you're buying for money, Baba put better toe put down a lot of money. The more money you put down that cheap. Oh, the item itself is actually going to be hero. Some drones that are actually selling on Alibaba itself, and this is actually a remote control for the drone itself. Those are other Bonzo, different parts for the drones. And this is actually a very nice boys where you can buy equipment for drones because people always buy spell parts for them. They really need the spell parts for the drones themselves. And you can see when you're going toe any of those places. We're going to go to one of those places just for me to show you how you can make a good deal on something like you. He was one drawing a doubt that is, selling for around 200 bucks a piece. So it's going to this one. This seemed like an interesting item. This is the X five right here that is selling here, and each one of those is going for the one he eat box and when you're buying this. But this one is only requiring, actually by violence, which is not that bad. But then again, Ali Baba itself, they require you to get a bunch of items, not just one. They never Louis sell one item. So other people who go into this kind of discouraged because there was a lot of things that are pretty interesting that good hell. But you have to buy many of them and you can't test out and see how much you work every one of those items. So if you want to go and find out which one you actually like, you can go into Early Express, which is the same exact website Ali Express in Ali Baba, out two entities that are actually part of one big entity which is Alibaba itself. So it is just like a split between them. But how he explains, is just a way for you to conveniently shop. And it is like a stuff want for Ali Baba itself. And the good thing about Ali Express is that you can buy things. You also have to use their credit card here. It is the same exact issue We have as before. You have to enter your credit card menu here. But here is the good thing. I'd say you'll find a pilot you really like, and you want to lease so and make money. He was a really nice item right here. So if you wanna we So this item right now, all you have to do is pick it. And this one is only for 13.5. You need to buy more than one piece here. You can only buy one and that set, and you're all set, and you can resell it for more money. So if you buy this for 13.5 and then you open up like a sunglass place and if you have, like, ocasion that you can do this business ad and if you have ah, physical occasion or even like a summer place that you can just sell those sunglasses Well , the best ideas to make money next to a beach location is to sell necessities for it. Sunscreen, lotion, sunglasses, Watteau. There was all those things that people always need. I like bathing suits quoting towers or that stuff. If you can open up place and that's like a dream job. You're right next to the beach. You're selling items for people who come in a stories they really need to buy until you open up your gifts up and stuff like that. So that's actually being in the physical occasion and doing business. But then you have to have overhead costs. No paying taxes. You're paying Ganzi open all kinds of different kind off money. I mean, people can come in and steal stuff from you. There's all kinds of other issues you have to deal with in your hand. Actual real stuff. One don't. So that is a courting toe have, and you have a lot of traffic. War chili. You can have a humongous amount of traffic, and you don't have to deal with those issues. You can put your own hours. You don't have to open up the shop at a certain time and close it. You can have as many sick days as you need. You can take a vacation whenever you want, so having your own Bracho stop is so much better. Having a physical support or physical shop is pretty cool because you get to interact with clients, but this is one of the items that I found here that's pretty cool. 36 bucks is way too much for you to make some money on it. But something that goes for toting box, you definitely can make a few doors on it, especially with myself for 20 or something. The case or in itself is kind of cool. So just a case of one could be sold, even separating as an add on additional. And that could make you money. But the big difference between the Ari Express here and Alibaba is that Ali Baba is the place for you to buy. Ah, lots off stuff and a huge quantity. The more you buy, the more you're gonna save. But before you go toe Alibaba and make some deals and asked people to buy something you want to go to our we express, you will find the same identical item here, and we're gonna be working it. What kind of things are best selling here? It is very, really simple. Just present bestselling and we're taking a look at the wiki bestselling and the hot products. You you're just picking the items that are already known to be selling pretty well on the site itself. Then you're taking their product itself. Your order in one piece, and then you're testing it out, testing the market out. So by testing the market out, let's say, for example, this item might here design, um is will it cool? Actually, So it is only sound for adore 88 it used to be almost full box right here. You can have all kinds of designers. So if you're going to like a craft felt you can get a bunch of those and so each of them for five bucks apiece and get a huge amount of cash here because people who go on the craft fellas, we like those needs nice things like that. And for a door 88 you can't really go won't hear that much, and that you could try to sell it for five bucks and shipping. United States is actually if we which is kind of cool as well. So that's one thing that you could actually do here, And since it takes a pretty long time to ship it to form Dad location to your location, which is around my working this 20 to almost 40 days shipping, which is very, very long time. That's what you have to get the merchandise up front. That's where you buy wholesale you by a bunch of those items, and you just can't quit that demand here. But I would just get a samples off those. And then, if this thing is that what's selling and is doing well after you get it formally express, you go into the big shop, which is Alibaba, and on Ali Baba itself. You find the same identical item and you buy it from Dell and you get a bunch of them a lot cheaper. So instead of being a door, something for the animal paying 50 cents now and because you tested the product out, you know this son and you know it is making money. So that's a very good method for you to check it out and to start on a we express and then you graduate and you moved Ali Baba, and you get the same identical item a lot cheaper. So that's the big difference between those two sides. Both sides only accept a critical, and they do suggest for you. If you want to stay safe, keep you is a good tape for you when it comes to opening up your own credit card and using it on a psychic, Alibaba or we express, since you have to put the critical information right into those websites, if you don't really trust them completely, that it's fine. Forced off. Don't use a debit card because somebody, if they hack into your debit card, they can empty your whole bank account right there and you're not covered. But with a critical, you are protected by using just one credit card and just shopping in. Those two poise is now. You know that if somebody does make approaches, you can right away see it on that credit card itself because you're just using it for those purposes itself. It's not gonna get lost in the huge bill, and then you won't see if something that's happened. Another suggestion for you is that would say, you buy stuff for Mitt and then you get suspicious activity. You can easily cause the card all even better after you by a bunch of stuff, and you think that your car has been actually compromised on this website. You can go in and tell them to change the current number and give you a new credit card with a different colored number, so you can actually try that. I myself, I did buy stuff on Alibaba and Re Express. I never had any issue with them. I had any as a kind of people trying to scare me off the number. That website itself is very safe, and putting the numbers that critical numbers into it is not going to get you hacked or any other issues. But he was one thing that I want you to keep in mind when you're making purchases using a credit card. I know some of you like tohave it convenient. You go to like a mall or to a place that has a WiFi alien. Just buy stuff on critical. That's a big no no. Always use a secure location. Secure location would be like If you are living in your house and you have Internet access , you have no excuse. Just used that location toe. Buy things online because now you know that nobody can hack into your network and buy things from you. Your your network at your house is way most secure. Then the stuff the other networks that are not in your house. So if you go to a coffee shop, it is less secure because anyone can get in between you and the network itself. It actually has another door in it, so somebody can get in there and hacked information. It's more likely for that to happen over there, especially if you go into it. You're buying something you don't like out off the website, so it actually stays still on in it, especially if you're using a public computer. United Been using your computer. That's the least take your way and the most likely for you to get hacked over there. So I'm just letting you know about this, how to stay safe when you're buying things online. There's a few suggestions that I have for you, and I do suggest for you to try out those things that I just told you about because it's a great way to make cash with Ali Baba itself. And there's gonna be a lot of also cool things that Ali Baba hands that do come up all the time. There was different kinds off holiday activities. There's all kinds off things that they sometimes have that I was specials and you combine them value really cheap and you can make a pretty good cash with it. You take a look at some things you that you can buy for next enough and look at the Julie itself Free box for this. You can definitely have whipped this for a lot more money. There's a lot of better Billy nice items on Ali Baba that you can buy and you can resell for a lot more money here. So their work kind off. Not bad, because in China to manufacture and make those items, it really does cost this much to make them. But when they actually go and import the same identical items the United States and just put a brand name, tow them and they re sell them for more money. So the same identical item that looks almost identical, like this would be sold in the United States for a lot more cash or some powerful viewings just like this, so would add a big shop is definitely gonna be selling ful. And what's more, it will be like 22 told the box here and there it is something for almost exactly it cost for them to manufacture it. They don't care about that because they sell so much of it that a few cents that they make does end up toe them. Now, I don't know how in the world they make any money by shipping some of those items for almost next enough and that that's another story. But yeah, but if you buy a bunch of those and you get them, he was how much you have to get them. You have to get £12 of them, which translates into, like, 20 bucks. And if you can sell each of those for around 10 you make a pretty good property, and then you can continue doing the same exact thing. And it says, like the top free markets for this Elliot two, which is kind of cool because you get, like, 40% just one no, for America along, Which means the best place for you to sell would be in the United States itself. So we have to do is find the items, take a look around Donnelly Bobbo what you like and then take down them itself. So we're gonna be copying this idol because you have to buy 12. Proceed if you want to see if we can buy the same exacting a lot cheaper on Ali Express. I mean, you just typed it in and they're doing just a search forward. So you're coming up with other items here? Not necessarily an identical the same item. But you can see that you could happen. You can find something else. Maybe that does meet your eyes. So sometimes you won't be able to find the same identical awesome moment your funding Ali Baba on Are we express. But still you can find something that is almost a school even cool like this. Item it Here. I like this. You can have the pageant hell and you have this very nice vintage kind of cork work to it. And it caused 8 50 which is a little bit on expensive side. But then again, this item is gold plated and buy gold plated his definite links. The price of this item a lot higher here. So we have a crystal and it is gold plated. It works, fed a 1,000,000,000 eyes and for 8 50 if you can sell this for around 20 bucks apiece. You already make mean your money. If you can't sell it, you're gonna have a loss on it. And then you can try to sell it for almost how much you bought it. And I would like to do this. Sometimes when you buy something and it's not working for for me and I am not able to sell the item, I like to mark it down. So it's a aboard. Design them for 8 50 I attempted to soured. I'm not getting any sales on it. There's two things you can do. One. You you can try to were thrown it. But you know, shipping and back over there. That's nothing. Good idea that it doesn't really walk good because you have to pay for it. Don't shipping. And then again, I mean for them to We found you for 8 50 That's not the way wolf it here. More likely, I go to eBay itself. I would try to list it. Forced. I mean, are always like the with the item at higher price tonight, initially expected to sell, So I would So I 24 bucks, then, if that doesn't work, I go down toe 21 and then maybe go a little bit higher, like 22 then you keep on moving at the weather, but down, I'm, like, 16 box. Experiment with that a bit, and then you keep on moving and maybe a little bit higher for a bit, which is gonna be a 17 18. Then they go down again 15 and we continue going down until we eventually sell the items. Eventually, we're gonna find the price. What The white bio is going to come, they're going to step in and I'm going to buy the item. And hopefully it's going to be much higher than what you paid for it and how much it cost you to ship it, including with eBay and PayPal fees. So once this covered, if you have a profit on during them, that's cool. If the item does not sell good, if dining does not have a proper to it, that's not good. That that means this item did not work. So we're going back into a mere searching for something else to experiment with. Eventually, we wanna have a huge wine off about 20 pilots that are selling really good in our wholesale store, and that is the whole idea for you. You have to have a bunch of motion. It's that's kind of we waited out of all this merchandise. You wanna have a right to East Frito? Four items that are best. Something that always selling almost every week. So eventually wanna find the winning combination off very few products that are seven. What doesn't The price is gonna make you the most money. Everything else is just pocket change, and everything else is just Dell to make the store works good. You know what I have when you're for products in a store, just think about if you go toe like a store in the mall. They usually have a bunch off Pollocks for you to buy. Think of Apple. They have around 10 or so very simple products that you can buy. They don't have a what make a humongous amount of parts. They have accessories. They have accessories for those products. But the main products are very, very small. And you have to do the same. You have to keep the motion eyes that is selling very well to be the best you can actually find. And you have to protect those lines that off merchandise. So you want to make sure the wasting itself is excellent. There is everything in it. There isn't nice pictures. Nice description. Those are the parts is gonna make you the big money. So this concludes the Alibaba and we express structural and see you in the next one.