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Entrepreneurship For Kids - Business Ideas, Skills and Tips

teacher avatar Chris B., Instructor, MBA and CFO

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Instructor Introduction

    • 3. Introduction To Business Ideas

    • 4. Dog Walking and Play

    • 5. Shovel Snow Mow Grass

    • 6. Website Building

    • 7. Jewlery Arts Crafts

    • 8. Social Media Marketing

    • 9. Be Passionate About Your Business

    • 10. No Overnight Success

    • 11. Opportunities For Synergy

    • 12. Basic Accounting

    • 13. Basic Marketing

    • 14. Collecting Payments

    • 15. Course Conclusion

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About This Class

Are You The Parents Of A Business Minded Child?

Is Your Child Full Of Ideas And You Want To Inspire and Teach Them To Embrace Their Entrepreneurial Desire?

Are You Not Sure How To Equip Them With Business Skills Which Are Applicable To A Child?

Do You Want To Learn Easy To Teach Business Skills You Can Pass On To Them?

If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of The Above, Look No Further.  This Is The Course For You!

Enroll today and join the 100,000+ successful students I have taught as a Top Rated instructor!

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  1. You get lifetime access to lectures, including all new lectures, assignments, quizzes and downloads

  2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoroughly! 

  3. You will are being taught by a professional with a proven track record of success!

Recent Review:

Susan S. says "What a terrific course.  My child is full of ideas, loves the tv show Shark Tank, and wants to do something in business but always seems to get stuck there.  Besides a lemonade stand I didn't know how I could help him focus his entrepreneurial skills.  This course really really helped! Full of ideas, lots of practical information and business skills that are teachable also.  Recommended for any parents who has a kid full of business ideas."

Why You Should Take This Course With Me:

Are you a parent whose child has lots of ideas and zest for starting a business, but beyond the idea isn't sure how to actually start and run a business?  Maybe you want to start directing your child towards the world of business and want to encourage them to start thinking like an entrepreneur?  Perhaps you want to set your child up for success when starting a business?

Then this is the course for you!  In this course, I will give you the best businesses that either your child or your child and yourself can start which are easy to start, require little to no money to start, and will lead to a lifetime of entrepreneurial and business success!  Beyond the business ideas I provide, I go over the fundamental skills and concepts your child can easily grasp but will help immensely.

What We Learn In The Course:

  • Multiple businesses which your child alone, or you with your child, could start from home easily

  • The pros and cons of the various business ideas

  • Fundamental business skills to help your child be successful

  • And more! By the end of the course you'll be excited and ready to get started on a business today!

At any point if you have a question, please feel free to ask through the course forum, I'd be happy to answer any and all questions.  


About The Instructor

Chris Benjamin, MBA & CFO is a seasoned professional with over 20 years experience in accounting, finance, financial reporting, small business and accounts receivable.  Having spent the first 10 years of my career in corporate settings with both large and small companies, I learned a lot about the accounting process, managing accounting departments, financial reporting, external reporting to board of directors and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and working with external auditors.  

The following 10+ years I decided to go into CFO Consulting, working with growing companies and bringing CFO level experience to companies.  I help implement proper best business practices in accounting and finance, consult on implementation of accounting systems, implementing accounting procedures, while also still fulfilling the CFO roll for many of my clients which includes financial reporting, auditing, working with investors, financial analysis and much more.  

Thank you for signing up for this course. I look forward to being your instructor for this course and many more!

Chris Benjamin, Instructor, CFO & MBA

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chris B.

Instructor, MBA and CFO


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1. Course Introduction: Hi, everybody. Welcome to the course. Entrepreneurship for kids, business skills, ideas and tips. My name is Chris Benjamin, and I'm gonna be your instructor on this course. Now, in the next video lecture, I'm going to give you a little bit more in depth introduction of myself in my background. In this video, though, I mainly wanted to first introduce you and welcome you to the course. And second wanted to give you a little bit of ah, road map, if you will s So what we're gonna be covering now? Essentially, we cover two main topic areas in this course. First, we start off with business ideas. I've gone through hundreds of different ideas and narrowed them down to sort of the best ones that might be suitable for your child. Now, different ideas apply to different situations, some of them based on the geography and where you live. What the demand is for where you live, the climate, lots of different things. Some will be kind of work from home work online businesses, others are more than traditional. Get out there and work with people. So there's something for everybody, and I give you kind of the pros and cons of each and how you would maybe go about starting each of those businesses. Now, in the second part of the course, we go over some more universal topics, and they're just business fundamentals. Don't worry. We're not getting into anything too overwhelming toe worry. You know, it would be too much for your time to learn these air, really just sort of basic business skills that are important one for your child to be successful at whatever business they decide to start, and two will just take them fire in life. It's good, and part of this exercise is to assume, to give your child sort of a basic foundation of just business skills. And given that entrepreneurial sense on that, given the chance that actually starting their own business. So that said, Congratulations, get on signing up for the course. If at any point during the course you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. I want this to be is interactive as possible in the next video, like a settle introduced myself. Then we'll get to the course content. See you in the next video 2. Instructor Introduction: Welcome back, Everybody again. My name is Chris Benjamin and just want to give you a little bit more in depth introduction of myself. So I work as a chief financial officer, a CFO. I've been in the accounting and finance profession for over 20 years. Now I have an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance. And then I went on to get my master's in business from the University of Washington. So the 1st 10 years of my career I worked for corporations anywhere from small to large, but basically in accounting and finance departments all the way up to the CFO level. At some point, though, about 12 years ago, I decided I wanted more out of life and decided to go into consulting. I really want to work with entrepreneurs and start up companies as the CFO and kind of bring all my experience and knowledge that I had to the guys that were just starting up and help them start their companies correctly, at least on the accounting and finance side. And that's what I've been doing the last 12 years. I should also mention I've been instructed on you to me since 2000 and 13. I was one of the original instructors, so I really my passion is really working with entrepreneurs and helping the mouth on being able to teach courses just like this one is how I'm able to do that in a different way other than working directly with them. So that said, that's a little bit about me as I mentioned the previous video, if you have any questions during the course, definitely send me a message happening. Answer all your questions. Let's get to the course. 3. Introduction To Business Ideas: Welcome back, everybody. So, as mentioned, the first half of this course will essentially be just different business ideas. I'm going to go over. I've handpicked nine different business ideas that I think are fairly universal. Will apply to a lot of different people going to go over the pros and cons of each. You know what? You can expect your best way of going about both setting it up, starting in and then how you might go about even finding customers? Eso You could look down the list of the topics. If there's any that you think, Well, this just really doesn't apply to me. Feel free to skip it. Of course, I maybe just focus on those ideas that do apply the most to your situation and, of course, your child situation again with the questions. If you have any questions, maybe you know you watch one of the lectures about starting ABC type of business and you have more questions about it. Definitely send me a message. Happy to answer those for you? Let's let's get into each of the individual ideas 4. Dog Walking and Play: so our very first idea is essentially working with animals. I focus specifically on dogs, but you could pretty much apply the same idea. Two cats, horses, too. Small pets, whatever the case might be. So thinking of starting a dog walking, grooming play company. There's lots of people working professionals who are out all day and a lot of them. What they do is they drop off their dog at sort of doggy day care. Some people don't feel comfortable with that. Maybe their dog doesn't play well with other dogs. They don't have time to go out of their way to take it to doggy day care or just a cost that could be cost prohibitive. So their dog. Unfortunately, it's just a home all day, kind of bored sitting around it might be, That's great. Whatever the case might be, well, this is a perfect opportunity. If you live in an area where it's fairly residential, you have easy access to lots of different people, especially those people who have pets. Or maybe you live in an apartment complex. That's another great idea of a location of where this would work. Well, start a business where you will go and either play with their dog. You know their home. You'll walk their dog ones twice times a day on baby Groom their dog. Now maybe you're not getting into sort of the super fancy grooming and sharing and everything else that may be just brushing them out once a week, whatever the case might be Now, some of this comes from just personal experience as well. I've had people who I had to do this for me when I wasn't home, or I just needed somebody to help take care of my dogs because I was really, really busy. So things like coming walking them twice a day, playing with them, brushing them out was a huge help to me and definitely worth the money that I paid for that person to do it. So definitely a viable business, Certainly a type of business like this. You kind of have to be a people person. I also have to be a dog person, even more so on top of that, you're gonna have to get yourself out there. So think about starting this business on marketing and it ways you could go about that putting up flyers I mean, the old sort of tried and true way works. Put up a flyer at the mailboxes in the neighborhood. I've seen this happen in my own residential area. Obviously, starting website is a potential way. But that that one and toss a little bit of money. Not too much. You could get a website up and running for well under $100 but I'm not sure that everybody's gonna find your website. I think you'd be better off looking around the neighborhood or even just if you see somebody walking their dog. Carry a business card. Carry flyer with you. Hand it to them dog parks. Another terrific place to go. Just go to the dog park, hand out your card, hand out. You know the flyer. Put the flyer up whatever the case might be, so think about ways to market locally, if you will. I know a lot of times to places like the grocery store, local restaurants up on sort of their front counter. Sometimes they'll have little business cards for other businesses in the area. Local businesses really like to support other local businesses, so that's a great way where you could maybe approach. Local business owners say, Hey, can I leave? You know the 10 of my business cards here on people pick them up. I look at them when I goto local businesses and restaurants always kind of just eyeball and see what's there. If there's anything I might need help with. So great idea again. If your dog person you have the availability to get out there and do those things and, uh, you're able to sort of local markets are markets of the low to the local market says that something that's really want to drive 50 miles to go walk somebody's dollars. 5. Shovel Snow Mow Grass: Now, this next idea is about as classic as it can get. Aside from a paper route, which I did not include in this course, that's kind of gone away. You don't see 20 paper delivery people anymore, but mowing grass or shoveling snow obvious a lot of sort of physical labor involved in this one shoveling. So I grew up in a very snowy place in Canada, so I've shoveled a lot of snow in my lifetime. It definitely takes a lot of work, but it's a service, honestly, that's needed. People want their driveway shoveled, and they would pay someone gladly. Whatever the going rate is, I don't know it depend on how long it's gonna take you big. Their driveway is how deep the snow is, but it's very opportunistic. I mean, you're only gonna be able to do it after big snowstorms. On the flip side, the mowing grass this would apply. So the nice thing about this business model, if you will, is that during the winter months you're shoveling snow. During the summer months, you're mowing grass, you always have something could be doing, and it kind of changes it up. You're not just doing the same thing a year round. Mowing grass would be a little bit more consistent through the summer months, because grass will always be growing regardless of what happens on this. After it rains a lot, your grass played a little bit quicker, but aside from that shoveling snow would be, you'd have to obviously live somewhere where it does snow to star with, and probably somewhere where it snows, a substantial amount enough that somebody would want to pay somebody else to shovel it for them again. This is very classic kind of kids business model, but it's a terrific way. It's an easy way now. This business is one where you just have to get out there and market yourself much like the dog walking. Grooming played such a business you could market locally with fliers with business cards, etcetera. You could also this is one where you could very much go donor door to door because because where the dog walking business, they obviously needed Teoh a dog. Or you could play with their cat, etcetera, shoveling so would apply to everybody, you know. Of course, some people are going to say no, they do it themselves. They've already shouldered driveway. Whatever the case might be. Definitely. If you want to sort of increase your chances, look at people who maybe, you know, you live in the neighborhood, so you're gonna know which neighbors air out there shoveling snow right away. And which ones maybe put it off. You might know who's no busy parent and doesn't have time. They might be more likely to pay you as well as people that are a little bit more elderly. You know, they would probably happily pay someone to shovel their driveway over having to do it themselves. So you can't have to think I had a little bit as to who your market is. Besides, just people of snow in their driveway who are the ones that are really gonna be more likely to hire you to shovel snow now with mowing grass is well, you ideally want people, obviously with a little bit larger yards. People with just a small patch of grass aren't gonna be is interested in having you do that . It's just not worth the time or money for them, and it's not worth your time as well. You know your to do a small front yard just to get their gets it up. Start the motor. You know, spend five minutes mowing grass probably isn't worth the five or $10 that they're only gonna be willing to pay you where Somebody with a large yard, they're probably much more likely to do. So Now what? This type of business Shoveling snow. You can kind of have your own equipment. Most people that live in those types of environments are gonna have shovels that you could use. Anyways, when it comes the moment grass, obviously, you definitely would probably want them to have their own more that you can use. You don't wanna have to truck your own lawnmower around. That would be a lot of works. So, uh, that said, get out there getting again to the local neighbourhood advertise. I really think of this one is much more a door to door go just and think about the different houses and the people maybe do a bit of work up front. And then the nice thing to with this one and Samos with the dog walking. When we talk about the previous lecture, once you have clients, those they're probably going to turn into a repeat client, so you want to be sure to do a good job. And I think that goes without saying with any of these businesses, you really want to put your best foot forward, and we'll talk a bit more about this in the business skill section later in the course. But getting those repeat clients is well worth it, because while you might only make $20 from any given person on a given day, but if you get to mow their lawn every week, we'll all of a sudden now it's $20 a week that you're making from that person, not just $20.1 self. And that's a person that you don't have to re market to. You just have him as a client. Keep those things in mind. There is a lot of potential, and those clients of yours can become refers as well. And that's one thing. We'll talk a bit more about the business skill section. But one thing to keep in mind is, once you have a client, they're happy just mentioned to them. Hey, if you know anybody else, you're out. You have friends. They need their driveway shall please mention me. I'm trying to, you know, grow my little bits in there 6. Website Building: now, the next one, we're gonna take it sort of a different path. It would be much more work from home and almost pretty much 100% be essentially website building. Now there's so many different ways to build a website these days. Back when I was growing up in the Internet was just starting. It was all HTML and you had a few programs that do it or you could hard coded yourself. Now there are so many ways to build websites. You can go anywhere from the simplistic websites like Wicks, allow you to basically drag and drop and build a website that way to the advanced coding stuff and that stuff I don't even know about anymore, you know, talk about JavaScript, PHP and all those other things. And somewhere in the middle there is wordpress as well, which is somewhat easy. But not, you know, not something everybody could do. So depending on the technical level, if you will of your child, they could build websites now who they build websites for? Well, there's a couple different avenues. So one way would be to really focus on small businesses. So the local restaurants, the local you know, barbershop, Whoever might be if they don't already have a website, just approach them and say, Hey, you know, I'll build your website for X amount. Now you have to figure out it's going to depend on you how long it's gonna take you. Um you probably want to build in the price of what it costs for them to maintain the website after that so that they know that they're going to pay like an annual renewal fee, etcetera. So whatever the price might be now, you obviously don't want to turn from $1000. Most people probably Walcott that, but you charge them $200.300 dollars, one time fee to get the website up and running businesses may well be interested in that. You can obviously sell them on the benefits. I mean, what businesses don't have a website these days? Well, if you get out there and just start Googling, start looking and seeing which local businesses don't actually have a have a website. Is everybody gonna want one? Well, no. But you know what? Some of those might they just didn't know. How are they? Didn't know how much was gonna cost, so they put it off. Maybe it's a new business. Maybe a new restaurant opens in your area from some type of new shop in the local strip mall. Those great people to approach as well. You have people where, like the previous business, we talked about their running, their local dog walking business or their long care business. They just need a simple website, something they can point people towards. They might need your help setting up a website. You might only be able to charge them $50.100 dollars. But if you're a pro making websites, it's not gonna take that much effort on your part to provide them with what they need. And sometimes it might feel like, well, who would pay me to do this? It's really simple. The thing is, those people don't have the skills or the time or even the desire to set up their own websites. So they want to pay someone like yourself to set one up another great place if you are really serious and really want to get into and have a bit more volume is advertiser services on sites like up work dot com and fiber dot com. And you can look those up these air websites where basically professionals like a website designer will list themselves and say, Hey, I'll build any website for $200 within reason, obviously not any website, but I'll build you a basic one page WordPress website for $200 for your business, and it includes up to five images and X amount of text and etcetera, so that's a great way to do that. Those sites are reviews. For the most part, you might have to pay the $10 membership fee, but if you get even one customer out of it, you've already major your membership for you for the month back and weigh Maura's. Well, it's a great way because now you've gone from exposing yourselves from just a local market toe worldwide. Honestly, this is one that I can speak from with experience. I mean, I've used I don't so much use five. Everybody used up work for probably 15 years back. Long before it was up, Work used to be called Office Moon lighter than it was called. The Lance and the Lance merged with a different company, and now they're up work, providing CFO services, building excel, different financial models, etcetera, writing business plans. A lot of the things that I do from my clients. I'll have companies approach me on up work and say, Hey, can you do that for us as well? You know? And they might be located in Australia, Europe wherever. I pretty much had clients from entire around the world, and they all came from up work, So definitely a great place to advertise your services. So if you have those Web site building services, um, inabilities definitely would encourage you to do that. And even if you're not the most technical person, you don't know, the more you know, executive, you know the Java scripts, the pH piece. Even if you can just look on wicks and figure out how to build a basic website, you have more skills than a lot of other people do. So you could market yourself is just a Wicks Web website building pro. And that's your niche. In some ways, that might actually get you a little bit more business, because now you're very focused on your getting those people who just want a quick, basic kind of graphic space website. So for those of you tech minded, want to work from home, definitely check out website building 7. Jewlery Arts Crafts: so the next one is for them or, let's say, artistic type of people. Now the Internet is really sort of opened up. The world obviously toe everybody in lots of different businesses. Now, some of them we talked about, you need to physically be there shoveling snow, playing with pets. This one, though, really, the Internet really has been your friend the last decade. So I'm talking about crafts and jewelry, making your own cross, making our own jewelry. A lot of people just do this out of hobby. They really enjoy and obviously really have to enjoy whatever it is that you do regardless . But some people just like building different jewelry. You probably have your own style that you use, you know, the materials that you work with, whether it's leather, it's deeds, whatever the case might be. Well, in the past, people that sort of built jewelry want to result. They kind of had to do it locally, right? Talking pre Internet. Whether that was the fair slop made just marketing at school, whatever might be. It's a bit of a tough go honestly back in the past, but now you have the Internet at your fingertips. So if you are, I'm assuming, you know, you obviously have the skill sets of building jewelry. Most people aren't going to get into the jewelry making business without a passion for jewelry. Start with. So let's just assume you have that. I'm getting out there marketing it. You hopefully have heard. And if you haven't office for their sites like eBay, where he could sell pretty much anything but specifically for more artistic things in jewelry specific, um, sites like Etsy E. T s y dot com is a perfect venue for you to list your items again. I believe it's free. There is a membership fee, and I think they take a cut. So say you sold something for $20 etc. Will take a small portion of that is their feet. The site is terrific and allows you to create your own profile, obviously, and then put up nice pictures. Describe it. How are you gonna ship it at C handles the entire payment process so you don't have to worry that something to this nice you have to worry about. Well, how do I get money from people? Well, they're gonna pay their pay, etc. and etc. Will then pay you and you can have a positive PayPal, your bank account, whatever the case might be. So definitely look into a site like that. See, in turn, this one. We're really turning into something that's more of a hobby, like making jewelry. And I mean, I've sent jewelry, but there's other things as well. Maybe you like to knit. Actually, another personal example to speak of. It's not myself by my mother is loves to crow Shea and she'll crow Schaefer days, and she'll just make stuff just to make stuff like shouldn't really just really likes to crow Shea hats best, um, you know, place holders, different things, blankets, tons of blankets. So I introduced her to, Etc. On. Now she has a full Etsy store where she's selling these things where she was just making them for the heck of making them, and she would often just give them away. Well, now she's selling them that she had basic has her own sort of little side business that started just out of the blue because I introduced her to this place, this whole marketplace, where she could sell all over good, So a great example for all of your artistic endeavors. Definitely check out at sea a zoo business 8. Social Media Marketing: now the next one again is online, and it's kind of more back to sort of the digital tech side about a social media marketing . Now this is a huge area, and this is grown. So if you have any interest in social media marketing and you really want your either already good at it or you want to get good at it and you have a passion for it, this is definitely when I I encourage you to check out. Now we're going back again to businesses. So whether it's your local new restaurant that started, it's a clothing brand. Maybe you know the person who started it, whatever it might be, Social media marketing is really the way that everything is going. The thing is, it does take a lot of time, and it really takes effort to create quality content. I mean, anyone can throw up some pictures on Instagram, but to really put nice pictures that have engaging content and written descriptions that's gonna drive traffic eventually back to the company and turn into sales. That's really those extra steps that people are after. So if you're great at managing somebody, social media marking you could just turn from a flat feet for a month. And you would say, you know, it includes up to whatever may be 60 instagram posts and 60 tweets on do whatever the case might be. So get out there, you know, and talk about set different packages up for people where you'll post on Pinterest, twitter, instagram, Snapchat and not just post. So maybe you're posting on their account. Or maybe you don't start the effort from scratch. Maybe they have absolutely nothing right now. Well, you maybe have a package where you get them set up on those things and then you have a package where you actually maintain it for them and do the things. Now some people might only want part A. Some might want party. Somebody want the whole thing, though they just want somebody who's an expert to handle it for them. Now, of course, being an expert, you have to do a good job. But this and we've talked about this on one of the other lectures. Do you really want to deliver? So you don't want to just kind of throw things together and say OK, well, here you go or just randomly put a post just because you know you need to make 60 Twitter posts or instagram posts, etcetera. Really talk to them and make quality content for them. And again, this is the type of business that once you have somebody doing kind of a recurring monthly package with you, you're more likely to keep them than to not and as well. That's a client. If you do well by them, they're gonna refried other people. So this is definitely one obviously going do it from home, or you can almost out almost go supporters say, Get anywhere once you have them set up, you could promote Manage this on your phone if you had to. It's probably a bit easier to handle it on your computer, but so much of this could be automated as well. Once you have a customer set up and you want need to make their 60 monthly posts, if you already have the content and you write it out, you can schedule all that stuff forward so literally you could probably spend one day a month scheduling out a month's worth of tweets and instagram posts and Facebook posts and Lincoln articles. Whatever the package includes, and that's it. You don't have to do anything else. Maybe you also is part of that. You're responding to direct messages. It really depends on, obviously, have you set it up, but a great business opportunity, something that probably more companies than not don't have or they don't do a very good job at it. I've seen it many times. We're just, you know, I maybe follow like a local restaurant, and it's like every three months they make a post and really doesn't mean much at that point then, right? They're not really out there. Have, ah, a big social media presence approached those types of businesses let them know the benefits of being out there, constantly posting, reminding people about themselves, telling people about deals and specials they have. Hey, it's happy hour. Come on down those types of things, they obviously really work as long as the efforts put in and you could be the person doing that for them. So look into starting up kind of a social media marketing, Mrs. Figure out who you want your customers to be, and on the societal. This is another one, like in the previous example where we talked about marking yourself online. You could just do the local businesses and companies or set yourself up on a website like up work or fiber cereal. Have companies coming to you looking for somebody who is a social media expert as well on those sites, and I didn't mention it previously. You can search for jobs as well. You don't just have to wait for people to come to you. You can look for people who have already posted a job saying Hey, we need a social media marketing expert Now obviously, you need probably a bit of, ah, history, a bit of a portfolio, but that's where maybe having the local clients first and now you have people that you can say, Well, hey, I handle all these five different companies social media and see how they're doing and how their accounts have grown. So great example of it something you're passionate about definitely encourage you to look in the social media marketing expert 9. Be Passionate About Your Business: So now let's move on to some of the business skills that I recommended. These kind of apply to pretty much all the different ideas that we talked about now, the very first thing I would say it's not even so much a skill. It's just be passionate about whatever it is that you want to do. I would say the number one flaw that I've seen entrepreneurs as they pursue an area because they think there's a lot of money to be made there, not because they're good at it or they have any interest in it, and that's just gonna backfire. Even if they get over that hurdle and they are able to get business up and running and start making the money, it will eventually burn out on them because they just don't actually want to do what it is that they're doing now. Each of these ideas that I kind of gave you do take some level of either knowledge in the area or passion about what it is. Some you can just do So, for example, shoveling snow or mowing grass. Anyone can do that now. There's definitely money being made, but you have to be willing to, you know, go the extra mile, Put forward that kind of customer service aspect to it. Market your business, get out there and marketed. So those kind of skills that you have to be passionate about in that business in order to make that business ago, you also have to be passionate about working hurt. So you might not be passionate about mowing grass. But you are really good at working hard. And once you're given a job, you want to do it. Anyone do a good job at it. Those were the skill sets that are important. Something like that. On the flip side, something like building website, obviously the customer service and marketing your stuff that's gonna ply promised Universal and Mrs Building website. Though you do need some technical knowledge, you need to know how to build a website. And we talked about that in that lecture. How about it doesn't have to be the most elaborate. You could have basic website building skills, but you need some level of skills there to do it as well, though yeah, again, you have to be passionate about. You have to actually enjoy helping company. Basically taking a company or person, whatever it might be who has nothing and saying Okay, long inability to this cool website. And it's gonna do this. That and the other thing and that links to your social media. If it's a restaurant, you know we'll have your menu on there and a map to your location, maybe pictures of the staff, whatever it might be, they have to really be passionate about it. So keep that in mind. Don't sort of latch onto anyone given idea, because it sounds like it makes the most money, but you don't necessarily know that much about it, or it's just not something that you're actually really into yourself. 10. No Overnight Success: now, the next thing when it comes to business to realize and kind of reinforce with your child is there really is no in overnight success. Some of these business ideas lend themselves to earning money much quicker than others. So kind of on the extremes. You could do something like Go to Marshall's this morning by a bunch of different shoes for 20 bucks a pair lissome on eBay with buying now and have them sold by this evening. So some instant success. But you still have the side of writing the eBay placement, getting the money, shipping them etcetera, leaving feedback. There's still more to it on the fire. Other extreme was kind of the flogging of blogger, and we talked about There's a huge ramp up time before that has a payoff. The payoff potential is a lot bigger there, but it's also kind of a gamble. It's, you know, your not necessarily your not guaranteed a payoff in the end. So other businesses in between you know, like, say, the dog walking business and grooming well. So if you have your idea and you think, Yes, this is what I want to do I mean, there's the potential. You could go out and go to every house in the neighborhood and maybe get some clients right off the bat. But most likely you have to spend a bit of time a front designed like a logo. Maybe design a business card. Or just put together a flyer that you don't even need the logo on a website and everything else just putting together a flier that's gonna take a day or two and then getting customers and, you know, getting payment from them, etcetera. I just realized that there is no overnight success. You're not going to go from making nothing toe watching this course to making $2000 a month off for your new business. Take some ramp up time, and if you can prove me wrong, I would love to hear from me. Definitely send me a message. Hey, I I'm not saying it can't be done. I'm saying, realistically, most people there's gonna be a bit of a ramp up time 11. Opportunities For Synergy: So the next thing I want you to think about it sort reinforced with your child is there's opportunities for synergy can essentially be kind of running two businesses at the same time without any extra effort now or minimal effort, I should say so the one and we kind of touched on a few of these or I mentioned them, So save logging is your your choice. You really want to get out there and be a blogger, put up YouTube videos every day and know that it's gonna take some while to grow. But once you kind of have a bit of a name for yourself, that's when you could also then start to sell merchandise. And basically we talked about clothing brands. So maybe you sell your logo merchandise on your vlog and wear it in every blawg. You wear it when you're out in public, and then you mentioned in the block. So hey, you know, visit my store. If you'd like to get you know, this clothing or the shirt that I'm wearing etcetera. It's actually quite prolific in the long community that they do that now. So the more kind of popularity have now they need viewers. Otherwise, it's kind of pointless, but it is something you could start early on. There's nothing saying that you couldn't start of long and started calling Brand and use the log not necessarily as a marketing tool for the clothing exclusively, but it is. Part becomes part of your blog's. So again, for example, I mentioned I watch a lot of travel of lawyers. I enjoy watching their videos etcetera. So most their content is about the places they've gone, the food, the culture, etcetera. But they have their own clothing brand, and I'll throw in, you know, Hey, you know, at the end of the video, if you I would like you know, this T shirt it's available for sale on my shop is sure to visit up, and you know, that's how they get out there and basically market themselves on their clothing brand again . It's not the primary point of their content. They don't just make log saying, Hey, go by my shirt that's basically just promoting your clothing brand through a YouTube video . But really, it's two things tied together. I'm same thing, you know, twitch streamers do it. Lots of opportunities. There And then there's also opportunities. So something like blogging again. You could have, you know, branding on that sell advertising. You might also so, for example, with longing to think of another synergistic type of business You know, your travel blogger? Well, you might get a sponsorship. You might get somebody who says, Hey, you know, if you use our camera, you know, our type of camera and you kind of mentioned it in your videos will give you the camera for free. Or, you know, we'll pay you some small stipend. So there's opportunities there to tie two things together. You're still just doing your primary flog, but now you're maybe getting sponsorship money as well. So something to consider. I mean, obviously not all businesses tie well for synergy, but some do. And it's something to consider with whatever it is that you set up. 12. Basic Accounting: alright, guys. So in terms of pure business skills, I want kind of teach your A B. C's on a few things on the 1st 1 is accounting now. Counting is not everybody's favorite. It's something that I actually stumbled into in high school. I was really good at it. I was good at math and numbers, and here we are many, many years later, CFO, which is basically kind of a higher end accountant. So basics of accounting When it comes to any of these small businesses again, we're not getting into hard core counting here. Essentially, what you want to make sure you do is you want to keep track of your sales, so you want to know whether you write this down, use a spreadsheet to do it. You can use accounting software, but let's just keep it simple. Let's just say you're writing it down. You get a notebook you write down every day. Hey, I made $30 from this person. This person paid me $100 on this day, etcetera. This person owes me $50. They didn't have cash to pay me for whichever service it might be, and then you have a way to keep track and say OK, well, now they paid me. So now we've received 50 cash from this person on a different page. I would encourage you to keep track of all your expenses. He might have none, but you might have some. Maybe there's some printing costs may be your you paid for some advertising online. Maybe you had to, you know, pay for one of those memberships toe like up work or five Her, like I mentioned or etc, maybe have eBay fees that you need to keep track of. So on a month by month basis when I would do and again depends on how many sales you have, but maybe have one page dedicated to each month in terms up. Here's what I sold. And here's not like senses where at the end of each month, courage it a total those and say Okay, I sold a total of $600 worth of whatever it is you're doing, but I had $50 in expenses, so I made a profit of 550. Now that's essentially what you've done. It's actually a true accounting report called Income Statement or profit and loss statement where you show you list out all of your revenues, all of your sales. You list out all your expenses, places you paid money to and what was your net amount? Obviously want that to be positive, So I'd encourage you to do that in terms of keeping some very basic accounting. Um, it's good. Both track your success, I would say for you, it's sort of young entrepreneurs. Your main point is you want to see your success. You want Tobe able to look back six months from now and go Wow, that first month I only made 500 but now I'm making $3000 a month and look at the growth over time and also see where you spent your money. So you don't want any surprises because think on the flip side. Let's say you, um, deal exclusively with cash. You don't have anything online. I mean, it's probably rare. Maybe the snow shoveling are mowing business. You could, but you think you think well. I'm owed 10 lawns at $30 the lawn. I should have $300 but only have 220 where that money go and you have to think back here like, well, I remember I had to buy, you know, the shovel. And, you know, I paid for, you know, some marketing, but you might, you know, rather than kind of haphazardly try to remember those things. Just write them down is what I encourage you. Very basic accounting won't take you long. And in the future, when you look back, it'll be well worth the time to invest to keep track of all that stuff. 13. Basic Marketing: now the other area in business, and I think it's really, really important for any of these businesses is marketing. So, uh, you're gonna have to go about it different ways, depending on, of course, again, what the business is. But Social Media marketing, which I know was one of the jobs we talked about having maybe you could hire your friends who are social media experts after this course. Uh, but getting out there through social media is really kind of the primary way to go about it . I would say at least one of the avenues. One. It's free. That's just one of the biggest benefits to its where people really are looking for things, you know, they're searching Instagram. They're looking on Facebook for local people that provide whatever service it is that you choose to do. So get out there and market yourself that way. Have a Facebook page having Instagram accounts after an account Twitter account and actively posted those so much how I encouraged, you know the person who chooses social media marketer as that job. To do those things for other businesses, you need to be doing that for yourself or pay someone else to do it, but probably it start. You want to do all that stuff yourself. It can seem like a lot of work, and it takes time to grow, but it's well worth it in the end. Aziz Well, depending on the type of business you start. So those online businesses doing things like creating a great Etsy page for the jewelry creator that's marketing in and of itself. Just spending the time to create a really nice about yourself page and describe yourself how jewelry is a passion of your own. I mentioned how my mother, Crow, Shays and she created Etsy Store while the start really kind of got legs once, she really did all that post a profile picture. Write a description about your stuff you know, your passion for Croce and where you live and everything else about yourself. So, uh, Kurt, you do that and then a swell. If it's something like the dog walking and grooming and play, this is well, marketing in that regard may be involved. Putting out flyers like I said, post him up the local stores, the grocery store, local restaurants, the mailboxes or just going door to door you don't even have this after not gonna read or you could print out a little fire, go door to door, put it on people's doors, doesn't take that long, cost next to nothing to do so, and it's a great way to get out there and market your business. So point of this lecture is whatever business you choose, plan on spending some time and possibly some small amount of money marketing it and you have to pick and choose what the marketing avenues are that are best suited for your business. But definitely that kind of becomes your job. But first, so you're going to start the dog grooming business walking business the first week or two. You might just be marketing yourself, just trying to get out there. And then once you start getting calls and emails, that's when you transition more to spending your time on doing the actual thing you want to do and maybe spending a little bit last time in the marketing. But you'll never get away from marketing, so keep that in mind as well. Running a business isn't always just about doing the thing that you're doing. You're not just building websites. You're not just walking dogs, your not just creating logs. You spend a lot of time marketing those services and, you know, stuff that you do. 14. Collecting Payments: now, this last lecture, I just want a little bit about payment. How? How do you get paid by people? Now again? Keep saying this, but it really depends on the type of business. A lot of those online ones, like when you work throughout work, you sell something through e bay or through etc. Payments usually handled through those websites, and then you can choose. They'll send it to your pay pal or send it to your bank account. If your child doesn't have those, I mean, I would seek it. Send it to parents, and you could keep track for them. But let's say something like the dog walking business. How do you go about getting paid? Lobbyist cash is one way, and it's a amount that people would carry its not your charging, you know, $1000 for dog walking services. They're discharging maybe 20 bucks for the day or whatever it might be. You know, somebody can give you $20 Tash. Now I would encourage you to offer people the ability to pay up front for maybe multiple one. You get your money up front, so maybe they pay for a month where the service and you'll walk their dog twice a day while you figure out what that is and maybe get a slight discount. That's usually one way to entice people to pay for sort of longer term services. You see it all the time online, right? You sign up for a month subscription to any site in its $20 or you can sign up for a year. And instead of being $240 it's only $200 to give you two months free. So things like that essentially should do the same with your business. Now back to collecting money. Cash, of course. Obviously terrific way. But say you're gonna have somebody it just wants to pay. With card. They never carry cash. Something like PayPal. You can get card readers these days. It's really simple squares, another site. There's other app to like Venmo the cash up. There's so many different ways to get paid Apple pay. You can pay people their Facebook google. Now there are so many different ways to get paid, so I would encourage you to look at all of these. You don't necessarily need to offer somebody like every single method But look at what options make the most sense for you. You might have to have your parents help on this one again. If you're the child watching this videos or if you're a parent, you know how I think about that in advance against with whatever business you're setting up , how are you gonna get paid and then put those things in places? Well, that's again part of that set up thing and why you won't necessarily be in business for a minute. One. There's a bit of set up involved. So think about that. The more up options you can provide customers, the more likely you are to get customers. You're obviously gonna have people that would love to just put something on their credit card. So if they haven't easy way to do that with you, they're more likely to want to sign up for your service and your business. Then, if they have to pay cash 15. Course Conclusion: Alright, guys, that's the course. Congratulations on making it through. I really like working with entrepreneurs. You know, my passion. Why left corporate life over 10 years ago was because I want to work with entrepreneurs. So when I can create a course like this and hopefully inspire and give people tools to start their own business, all the better. So I really enjoyed this teaching this course. I hope you found some ideas that you want explore further, may be put in place. Maybe there's one idea that really struck a chord with you that you think would fit great with your your child's sort of situation. You can start exploring that as mentioned. Definitely. Send me a message with any questions you might have. Happy to answer those a swell those business kind of tips and tricks and sort of basics of accounting and marketing? Definitely, really. Consider those as well. It's so many times that see, entrepreneurs just skip over things they say, Okay, I don't want to deal with the account, and I don't have to write down every sale, really, really encourage you to do those things and take them to heart again If you have any questions about how any of that works. Send me a message. Um, with that, that is the course. Guys hope to see you on another course. Good luck with all your businesses. Would love to hear about your successes.