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Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: Guide to Start an Online Business

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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34 Lessons (3h 44m)
    • 1. Intro Promo

    • 2. Instructor Welcome

    • 3. What business to start

    • 4. Starting a Business

    • 5. Creating Paypal Account

    • 6. About this class

    • 7. Being an Entrepreneur

    • 8. Being Your Own Boss

    • 9. Top Places to Work Online

    • 10. 2020 Best Places to Profit

    • 11. Time Management

    • 12. Taking Risks

    • 13. Passion to do what you doing

    • 14. Exploring Thumbtack

    • 15. Creating Meetup Groups

    • 16. Facebook Page & Ads

    • 17. Building Business Cards

    • 18. Getting Motivated

    • 19. Taking a Vacation

    • 20. Register as eBay Seller

    • 21. Guide to create a listing

    • 22. Etsy Earning Proof

    • 23. What to sell on etsy

    • 24. Create etsy Listing

    • 25. Create Amazon Account

    • 26. What to sell on Amazon

    • 27. Amazon FBA or Direct!

    • 28. Amazon Affiliate Program

    • 29. Picking products to sell

    • 30. Getting started selling on Fiverr

    • 31. Create Fiverr Gig

    • 32. How much $$$ on Fiverr

    • 33. Creating a website

    • 34. Picking a Domain


About This Class

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: Guide to Start an Online Business

Did you know the hottest and fastest growing market place is online ecommerce. Why not take part and earn a profit of this billion dollar business? Not sure how to get started or where to start then this course is created just for you.

Have you ever wanted to work for yourself and be your own boss? Stop working 9-5 and start working creating your own business? Do you have what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur if you answer yet to any or all of those questions this class is then right for you.

Join me in this class learning how to get started, what business to start working for and together we will explore all the ropes needs to get your feet wet ready to start your journey as your own boss.

In this course you will learn how to get started selling on eCommerce. This course will cover etsy, eBay, Amazon and Fiverr plus give you a fast overview of each and giving you enough knowledge to open an account and learn the basics about them.

If you want to start to sell on eCommerce this course will show you the ropes along with tips how to be your own boss and motivate yourself to be successful.


1. Intro Promo: First of all, I was on the line ever since the year 2000 and I was doing that so many years. And I used to be just like you, walking nine toe fire, punching the clock. And you know what? It drains the mental energy out of you when you come home. You know what? Go want to do anything but the West. You no longer want to try something new to get you out of your conference on. So if you're interested and wanting to own something new, you wanna work for yourself and no uncle walk was someone else. It is time for you to start warning how to be your own boss and make money. And this is exactly what I'm doing now. I used to be just like you're used to walk 95 then I decided it's time for me to quit. I can no one go do this and plus, to top it off lost a huge amount of money in the stock market. This was a wake up call for me. I decided it's time for me to do what? I know what I'm doing. Pretty well. I'm was very successful on eBay. So, I decided, would even more effort into sound things online. No. After I did this, I moved in into, you know me as well and etc. I tried many different kind of business is to see which one works best for me so I can make enough money so I can buy a brand new car so I can do whatever I wanted to always do with my wife. 2. Instructor Welcome: Hello, everyone. My name is Sochi And welcome to the entrepreneurship boot camp. The complete class To teach you how you can make money on the internet today in this ghost you belonging how you can make money online using simple and very effective methods that I actually teach myself because I do it as well. You will see my own improve in a while the places that make money online. And I will be teaching you how you can get started making money on the Internet. As soon as today point my and white suit, you actually listen to me? Well, I teach over 150,000 students on, you know, me and I have 60 pass classes and I have been doing one line. So if I was since the u 2000 something plus, I have been building my own online and true partnership career for a while now. And for the past four years I have been doing is teaching online, create online content and selling and buying things online as well. Thank you so much for enrolling in this class and I will see you on the inside 3. What business to start: Welcome. Welcome back to the cross. Now, one of the things that other people ask me and ask yourself. And maybe you have been asking everyone around you is what are you good at? What kind of business do you want to get started doing? The biggest mistake most people actually do is the following. They have a bunch of things that are good at. But when it comes to doing business, they get lost. Lots of good ideas review to doing nothing whatsoever. Why is that? But you have 100 great ideas. All of them are amazing. But you have so many of them, you don't know which one to start. So you try every single one of them on different days. That's how you get lost. That's how most people about the sense of direction yet no going. What? What do you have to do? That should be your question. Possible focus, Sleep. All those ideas you only need a three good ones. Death focus on each one of them and one at the time. Think about all the great people who got symbol Steve Jobs, for that matter. Maybe let's use him as an example. He kept on walking one planet doing it so well, protecting it until he got it exactly right. He knew the idea was accident and great. You got to believe in what you're doing as well. We can just go and say, Hey, this is a great idea and keep on doing it and not believing in it. When does the hand? Another classic mistake is to finding it an ideal. But you're not so good at and putting a honey, Put some of your effort and you believe in it. Yes. You got the passion. Yes, you've got the product. But maybe the planet is just wrong. Sometimes the talent and the pilot don't combined well as well. And you will get a lot of people saying this is not right for you. And you're quite who cows I'm still gonna do. This was sometimes dropping a better deal. Is justice good Often idea, then going into the world field too. That's also a bad idea. Awesome. So you have to think off something you're good at. So it all starts with Think of something that you're so good at that you love to do so. You are what you're doing? You're good at what you're doing. And you want to focus on this. This is the key. Once you have all those in place, you're gonna put it high, puts out of your airport into this. And then this is when you're gonna find what you put it. Once you figure all those out, it is time for you to execute the ideal and get and out. It's time for you toe. Find clients for the ideal. Find a big election where you sometimes need a coach. Sometimes it is just that Keogh. I mean about it, Coach. Sometimes you get lost. If your walkie 95 it's very hard for you to focus something. So therefore you always have a boss. He tells you what to do. So the walk always has everything written for you. It is made for simple minded people. If you're one of those simple minded people, Yeah, definitely. This is a job for you. You can't walk by yourself because you don't have a direction. When as a hand, if you need somebody to guide you sometimes that will work for you as well. But you to escape the 95. I gotta think outside of the box you can't like. Concentrate on thinking in the box doing whatever your boss always tells you and then have a separate ward where you're gonna be totally free and everything. It requires a different mind set. It requires an ability to see outside the box. If you're capable of doing that, you don't be well. And the cubicle you don't belong and walk in a small office. You have to set yourself weak. And you could only do this if you have the skills to do this. Well, so a lot of times you might have the skills yet, but it doesn't mean you can't get them. It was books board, though. His training manuals. There is, of course, instructors like me who are gonna guide you step by step of the way. I don't get you world you want to get in this life and you don't have to walk 95 if you don't have to. So this is it. This is just the starting blocks for you, how to get yourself on a different level. If you are interested in changing wife and doing something different in it, you gotta put 100% off your apple when you have the free time. So although you're walking at five, it's totally cool. Everyone who walks the time you have for entertainment could be changed into a time for you to change your life. Do you have an extra 20 minutes every single day? If the answer is yes, you can put the story minutes every single day into action. Now you can take Saturday and Sunday off. But people who walk like me I don't take any days off. Why? Because I don't want to. I want what I do. Well, that's a hand. If you want to take a vacation off and you're doing what I'm doing, hey, us enough. You can take its many days office. You want to just won't get paid for it, because when you work for yourself, you're your own boss. When you are your own boss, you want to get paid by walking, and you can get paid as much as you want by walking. Or you can get paid month and do nothing and go ax every single day. Now, if you want to get to that point of your wife or you can just sleep and make money like myself. You gotta put the effort into it. It takes a lot of up Ford effort in order for you to have it easy. Weight awarded wife. So what is waiting for? It is time for you to make this change. Are you ready to make this change? You committed to doing this? If so, you're going to see Yes, students. You're gonna go for it. And you're going to commit to doing something different in your If you answered yes to any of those of all those questions. It is tired for you to take charge and start taking time every single day towards something new to get started. Weapon you skill, weapon out. Skill that you're good at putting more effort into it. Course it straight on a few goals. Buy them down on a piece of people. After a while, all this effort is gonna pay for itself. 4. Starting a Business: hello and welcome. And you're probably one doing if you're starting a business, should you actually start an l l C. And is it required, Especially if you're gonna be to doing online to doing, imposing, getting students, and so on. Forcible there, Leo. Reason you should get an l. L. C. Is simply to protect yourself from getting sued in the United States. If somebody sues you, there was your company. You can declare bankruptcy off the actual company entity and all the assets off this company is going to go all the way to zero, and you can start a brand new loc, which is kind of to say that it's a great way for you to limit your liability toe almost nothing. So if you always take out the money from your company and you always just put it aside away from the business company, you're pretty much safe. You're not gonna lose much if somebody does decide to sue you for a lot of money. That said, this is not for everyone. And if you're gonna be doing to doing consulting and studying something this small most of the time, it is not very with wild so with L l c. Why should you actually do it? There was less regulation. You can pass the taxation right into it. It is and your own business. You own management, you can go ahead and you can file things as expenses. Also posting that asset protection. And it is a separate entity from your own entity or money management and so on. So this is grateful people who want to start doing business. You can start your own bank account. That's gonna be L. L. C. In a separate bank, all you can do it in the same exact being. Just open up a different kind of a business account. So those are a few things for you to keep in mind. You can also open your credit card under LoC as well. Before you get, start with Elsie. You can also do something else. You can start a db a. So it's good Simple D B A. Which stands for doing business as and this is the easiest and fastest thing for you to actually do. Of a db A. You're just starting your own business under your own name or under an assumed name on all you have to do is just to file this in. And the cheapest way for you to go is United States. Just go to your workers state to the county and just fire within for 25 bucks. I think it's a little bit more expensive. Wait now, but this is the easiest and fastest way to get started doing business. And what we see is just more complicated because you have to submit special recommendation . You have to put two different newspapers and put the ad in the O that you actually have a never will see. And I did this myself. And one of them, actually unfortunately went out of business just as I did it. So I had to find and different one to put the end as well. So this is it. This what you have to do? And there was many different companies you can get started, and I used legalzoom for all this stuff. It is the cheapest and one of the fastest. Wait for you to get all your Rego needs. So we goes on that. Come, this is the site you should actually go into. And over here you can start doing business very fast, and you can decide which kind of business you want to start stunning with the sole proprietor tell and going all the way to ever see cooperation on profit and so on the one of the command. If you're just going to start with to doing this one and you can do down 10 you can do it d be a So those are the ones that have the least amount of people work for you to get started The easiest and the simplest way for you to get started with could eating your own business And it is grateful for your tax purposes. It is great to keep your finances separate and also you have the legal protection just in case somebody goes about and tries to sue you for anything. So I do recommend for you. If you're gonna go into this and you're going to be doing a lot off different kind off things and you want to go right away to the professional level, I will see is the way to go. And over here you have to go find your name, and you can just type it in here and see if it is available in your area. Packages start as low as 80 bucks pass filing fees, and it takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. For most people, if you're just getting started doing business, as is what you should be doing this one over here with we go zoom, it's gonna cost you actually more money to get started. But keep in mind that loc to do every night you have to do is gonna cost you. Sometimes in the neighborhood of 500 person box, with all the expenses, fees and everything else comes together, D B is the cheapest one. And if you're doing it on the line with the convenience and simple as that, it actually starts at 99 bucks. But you can go to your local state county and you don't have to do it online, and I'm so it is gonna be so much cheaper 5. Creating Paypal Account: it started with eBay. You need a paper account. People account is the poor me away for you to get paid on eBay. This is not the mostly quieting for you to do, so you can get paid off money. Although there was also payment options as well. But this is the one that I use and most people use. It is the most secure and best way in the fastest way for you to get paid on the line. To do this, you have to sign up for people count their student. When account here one in suppose it'll personal is for small transactions. If you're not making a lot of money, Postino is the way to go. If you decide to quit the business, you should start off a business account. But this is just for people who are serious about making a lot of money. If this is gonna be a full time job, while you might as well start off a business account if you're just getting started and the newbie, I totally suggest for you to get started Weather posting our account and we don't want converted to business. The big difference between the two is that the business account? If you make a lot more transactions, you get a reduced wait for those transactions. That is the big process for you to hold a business account next day. What you want to do is, once you decide which one you want open both in the whole business, you want to place on, sign up. When you place on sign up. You have to decide between the personal and business account. Next, what say we want to start the business account? You're gonna be poison on next to heal. And you can see what is the benefits of you using a personal account Free, different ways. We get paid, one of which is the payment blow. This one is the most expensive version. I don't actually use this. This is something for you. If you're gonna be taking your business to the professional level, most of you shouldn't even have to use the payment. Bow their voice. Suggest they're free one. You have the payment standard or the express check out. Let's do the payments. Standard Western Select standard. Next thing is going to do, it's gonna ask you for the email address. You'll be using to are gone. So just go and typing an email address you want to use. Then it's gonna ask you for the password so you have to go and could eat that pass for for this. So type in a password you'll be using, and you have to enter at least eight characters, and one of them has to be a symbol. So what you're gonna be typing in the whole entire password? You want to make sure you remember the entire password as well for us the email. So get a piece of paper, Wait everything down because if you're gonna was this you lose access to their account. Then you have to do pass for the Kabul and so on. Also, make sure the email address you're using is the one that you will be always being accessed so that specific email is the one you should be using. Don't use one that you're not gonna be usedto after because you'll be checking the email constantly. Especially you're gonna get payments, person continue will be next. And now it's asking you for more questions. So forcible. What is your force name? Mexican toe that Who asked name as well and the legal business name. So if you're opening a business account, you have to have a business name over here as well. Then it's gonna ask you for the street address City State. If you have one and zip code, you might not have a state if you will overseas. But in United States, it's always asking you for the state that you live in after your down feeling everything else up, make sure you present you have agreed to the mail communication the way Billy Standard. And with that said, Oh, you have to do next is to go in and when you're gonna be feeling up everything else in here , you have to go in and type in their zip. Gold is well with you and now you're ready to get started and to make money on one so place or agree in Crete, account in an account should be clean it right away. 6. About this class: how everyone and let's look about getting the most out of this quest, what you have to do in order for you to be successful here. This is the beginner's guide toe trip and no ship to start your own business. And because it is beginner's guide, I'm just gonna be exploring some of those quiet bombs such as eBay, etc. And so on all those different platforms involved. So you could eat your own business account, how to get started eating a simple Wednesday and hard to go ahead and get started with any off those online platforms. It is not easy for you to get start with those platforms, and some people might actually choose to actually go into one platform. Boss is another one. So it's up to you to figure out which one is the right platform for you to get started with your online business. Now, since there was different kind of businesses that you can get into such a drop shipping, you can get into doing your own selling wholesale. You can also get into selling products that you hand made, such as a Nancy. You have to figure out which one is light for your business needs and which one you could actually go ahead and scale and move it to the next level. I don't suggest for you to just focus on one specific platform. If you just focus on one specific, you might be missing out on a lot of different ones. This is what I used to do when I just got started. I was on your focusing on one specific platform, and I was missing out on all the ridges that come with benefits or warning different kind of platforms. For example. I post initially don't want, even touch, etc. But then, when they get into as they realise, it is almost as much money, if not more than eBay itself. So keep this in mind that by just not focusing on something just because it's something you never tried or because it is something new to you, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't actually try it. It actually means you should go ahead and try, and even more because you just don't know if this platform is right oil. And if it's gonna get you the extra money that you've been always working for to supplement your income This is another reason why I recommend for you to look into multiple ways or in a wide variety off making money on the line. Thank you so much for watching and see you in the next video. 7. Being an Entrepreneur: Hello and welcome back to the class. Let's talk about a few things about being an ant rep and all the important stuff and things about trustable what is in tribunal? Well, I'm going to define it. What it means for me to be an entrepreneur. So in the year 2014 I have decided to quit my job and start fresh. And I went to the into the territory. I knew nothing almost about. Well, I didn't know about working for myself, but I never knew what it's like. Toe walk 100% for yourself and make a job that's gonna pay for itself. And this, of course, was something that I took over a square. So number one who when you are and you want to become an entrepreneur, you are. And you have to be a risk taker. You have to gamble of this stuff. You're not somebody who just goes about and, of course, goes with the same exact paycheck born paycheck. Well, maybe it's not that boy, but you make the same mother money every single month, one of times, regardless of how much work you put into it. Well, this is the one with the case Well, being in a trip at all, you gotta work for a lot of jobs. Then you'll be making as much as the amount of effort that you put into the work itself. Now, this is a lot to do with performance based work. So if you're not doing the work you have to do, you are not going to get paid. It is that simple. This is what only the best get and become an intrepid No, If you're not good enough and what you're doing, this is not They worked for you. But of course, it is really avoiding field, and it's gonna make you a huge amount of money. And it's definitely going to make Europe more than you walk in your 9 to 5 job. If, of course, you be applying the principles and doing exactly what you have to do in order to become successful. So being in the trump and all, that means you have tow a bunch of different jobs, not just one. A lot of jobs. So you feel up your whole calendar with many different kinds of jobs for yourself. Now, the important thing about all those jobs is that you want to make is much money as you actually wanted to support your lifestyle. So if you need 20,000 year, have to figure out how many jobs you need to fill up your calendar. For that 50,000 you have to feel up your jobs off even more amount of different kind of walk 100,000. That's even more work that you have to do now. With that, said, one specific job is not going to cut it. You're gonna find a bunch of different kinds of jobs for yourself. So I'm talking about maybe five jobs. Some people have seven jobs. Other people have a lot of different jobs, and the reason for that is quite simple. What about a lot of these jobs are seasonal, so in one end of the season, you're not gonna have that much work. So we don't want you have a lot more work, which means that the more book you have, the more things you can do so you can focus on the jobs you want to actually do. Eventually, for example, I woke on and see Bible photography, business coaching, and so when it's off season. I get a lot of downtime, which means I can walk 10 different jobs at the same exact time when it's on season. I only concentrate on the jobs that are making me the big money. So I'm going to get through it of all this west of this walk, and I'm just gonna be focusing on the jobs. Don't making me the big money instead because I have no time to do anything else. So it will be like eBay at sea. Coaching you to me thinks that I'm making me the big bucks. Everything else would be second hand. I'm not going to be paying that much attention to this actually means that you have tow schedule your time and be able to efficiently move your time as well. Now, if you're really good at what you're doing, you could just do one thing. You could just do eBay, and that's it. You don't have to have anything else. You can just do you, Timmy, and that's it as well. But variety is the spice of life. I will have to do the one things, and plus it keeps him busy. In the off season, for example, with eBay. The off season is the summer. You have that much work when doesn't hand at Christmas time. Around that time, things given to Christmas it's gonna be huge amount of work that you have to do in fact, when I have time to do anything else. This is why it's so important for you to manage your time completely when you're doing this . Now what kind of jobs? So you'll be actually walking forward and is the most important thing you don't want to walk and anything that is even resembling and 9 to 5 job. This is a big, big don't know, because if you get something that is a 95 when you punch the Corgan and you punch the cork out, it actually makes it impossible for you to walk in those flexible jobs. So what kind of jobs am I looking for? I'm looking for commission based book that I can actually quit if I want to, and I still can go back to it. For example, eBay at sea orders different kind of culture on my walk. I can always just stop walking if I want to. With those places I can cause my own shop. If I have to take a vacation, I can goes. Open it up. And of course, if I'm getting a lot more work with something else, I can do it instead. So this is exactly the type of work of working for the type of work I'm not working for is something that will keep me busy every single day at the same exact schedule. For example, if I was working as an apple technician, don't have to constantly do the same exact job for a few hours every single day. Sometimes if it is a full time job will be working six hours every single day. That means I have no absolutely no time to work for my own business, even if I want to. And I need the flexibility to do that. For example, if I'm getting 10 different packages and have to ship today and because I have so many of them and coming at different times of the day, I have to be super flexible to be able to do that, being able to pack with those things away, build things for you to me film things for YouTube, creating things for Etsy custom made and, of course, shipped up. So all these things take different time listing, posting up for sale and so on. Taking pictures, photography, All those things are small. Different jobs at all. Add up all the schedule that might actually resemble a 9 to 5 job. The great thing about working for yourself is that you set your own house. You're on time so I can walk all day long. If I desire toe, I can walk none the whole entire day if I want to. This is the flexibility that I want, the life that I desire and the type of walk that I want to actually do. I loved his job, and this is what I'm still doing it for years, and I'm totally enjoying it. Plus, get all this downtown to play with my debt, which is my dog. So that's that. Think about it this way. This job is not for everyone, but it has its rewards and benefits. Of course, Stephanie put the time into finding the white type of work. Were you to fill up your calendar, other than that, if you don't actually do it, you'll be stuck with doing the one type of job. You be miserable and you won't be happy. And you don't want to translate into 9 to 5 job that you just drive toe bunch the Krog into an online drop. What? You're doing the same exact thing, but you're just sitting at home instead. You wanna work for yourself? Do you on business? And do you one thing This is what intra pinot is all about. It is risk taking. It is doing what you want to do, is loving it. And of course, getting paid in a process. What can be anything better than that? 8. Being Your Own Boss: Let's talk about how to be your own boss And how goes to work for yourself. So, being your own boss, you are in control. You are the guy who is gonna pay for himself. You're gonna reward yourself. You're gonna do everything that your boss used to do for you. So how do you go and get started? Well possible. No longer you're gonna be working 9 to 5. You're gonna be walking for yourself. So you have to set your own schedule up and you have to decide if you're gonna be walking. We found that 65 days a year. All if you're gonna be taking days off. So I know somebody who does exactly that. So what does he do? Well, in fact, with the weekends, he never answers any e mails. One goes off anything. He waits until Monday and he gets started with this. When does I Can't be myself. I work all the time. I like to walk, and I want to make more money. And if this is a goal that you have in mind for you, you have to think about how much money do you need to make at the end of the year. If you need to make 50,000 you have to walk out more. As you know. When you're 5000 you don't have to. MoCA's much 100,000 have toe work super, extra much. You might have to put 80 hours a week in order for you to make cash. If you decide that money is not off importance, it is more importance about your health and, of course, thinking cow off your family or whatever else that you have to do, then you have to keep in mind that you might want to walk maybe as little as eight hours a week. But if your business is taking off and is going to the next level, maybe you don't have to do much at all. When you just get started as an extra panel, you're gonna be putting huge amount of time into the workweek. When they just got started, I had to put in maybe 40 plus hours, maybe 60 parts hours every single week for my businesses that I got started. As time goes on, the last smoke you have to put in a lot of it gets automated. Rather, the walk you have to do as much because now you get more over steady amount off income now . But it takes time for you to develop and mindset to develop an ability for you to walk for yourself and to do things that now would get you paid. And with that in his practice. So the more practice you have with doing so, the better you can be your own boss. And being your own boss is all about motivation. So you have to motivate yourself in order for you to do takes. And then if you motivate yourself to do things, what you have to do is to figure out how much motivation do you need and what you want to get for yourself. So for me that we single week if I get something small buy for myself is definitely going to get me more interested in making money online if, for you it is better for you to get a vacation to get something big, such as a present for yourself, Dan, you have to walk about how the an extra maybe sometimes you have to put a picture on your desk so you look exactly at the thing that you wouldn't get to go bold yourself. For example, a vacation to Jamaica evocation toe, Bahamas, Hawaii and so on. All those deeper places that you want to actually go toe. If you have it set in a sort of occasion, you'll be thinking, Hey, I need to make this much money because that's gonna motivate me to show up and do what they have to do in order. Papito. Work for myself and being my own boss. Give this old in mind. So think about this way while the things that motivate yourself that get you to do what you want. Actually, though, being your own boss means you need to motivate yourself and get the work no matter what. Sometimes you have to set a schedule for yourself if you can't do it. Otherwise, if you have things such as distractive and there will be a bunch of them every single day, especially if you work for home, then you have to find free time that you can do this all by yourself. So whenever you have the free time, you just go ahead and do the work that you have to do. Oh, you have to set that time specifically for you to do that kind of work that you have to do in order for you to be successful. 9. Top Places to Work Online: So if you're ready to make money online and are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, it also means that you have to walk a wide variety off different jobs because one of the jobs is not always gonna give you all the money. So the more jobs you have, the more money you'll be making, The more fun it is and the more different your day is gonna be. So here it is, the top 10 places that make money online myself. And you can as work with Amazon, those freeways for you to make money and was on FB a Amazon selling direct and, of course, Amazon affiliate. Now let's get started with the Amazon. A few it. This is the one most people don't even know about. So you can sell any product you want on Amazon and you get a commission. So let's check out how much I am meeting in this specific site. So here it is. I saw there was $6000 off motioned eyes on Amazon. A feel it now you might think this is a lot of money. Well, it's not because you get a very small amount off convulsion with Amazon affiliate that said it requires new, you know, walk toe, make this money and made 244 bucks with having $6000 off sales. So the commission is pretty well, but the money is pretty good because it is passive income. It is a great way for you to just make a website and keep getting money. Every single time somebody clicks on a part of em buys from you. So I wasn't a fear. It is one of the top way those places that I would commend for you to make money online in next place, as always known as Wing. So it is just one of many affiliate commission websites and off he'll you can become a member off many different programs or at the same exact time. So here you can become and a few it for you to me to come in a few it for many different places. There was a huge amount off west off course and different kind of advertisements that you can get here 1800. You event to be exact, and you get a different kind of commission for every single item that you sell. So the commissions are different. Solve it is very good as us is not so great. And you can apply toe any off those different programs. I myself is a member off a few off those places. So it's going in and go to my advertisements, and they have three different for four hours as well. So I'm a member of you to me, Gilliam, and another one which is one king marketing, which is actually this website itself. Now, this is just one off my poor files. I have two more different poor files as well in here, which is pretty cool. So having different kind of poor files is just another way for you to do this. And when I just started with this, I have decided I created one poor file and then I added more to it. This one is my biggest one, this one that Macy's in hell it get the Legos and got best buy. It got time at? No, you don't get everything approved. A lot of times you get a lot of them required, and I got a bunch of them declined. Over here, you can see a hallway, stow them some of them actually stopped doing it as well. So those specific places, no one go on doing a few it programs for down, Which is kind of sad, because I was actually part over out of those places as well. But some of them which are pretty good, such as, you know, me. You get 40 puts and commission on every single item that yourself and the cookie is only seven days wrong. So if somebody doesn't actually get a refund within seven days, you get a 40% commission on any crisis that you sell. That in itself is a reason for you to get in tow. A few it marketing. There was a lot of different voices You can do a swell. Next is meet up that calm and meet up to come here. You just go ahead enjoying a bunch of different groups for fun. But you can also create your own group and start in your group. I myself am a member of a few different groups, and I have created three different groups as well. So when you create your own different kind of groups, the great thing about this is that people can join up those groups and they can tip you. And of course, you can charge for different oh, essence in the coops themselves, such as attack a few lessons, you can teach them different things. You can get them to buy online classes. You can get them to do that when activities. There's so many different things that you can do. You can even total people, and you can make money on this side It This is a great way for you to meet new people and get started to make money online. So meet up is one of those places I highly commend for you to check it out Next place and this is one of my favorite ways is to make money online. But not the best place is my role, and you can all weigh more than five bucks on fiber. In fact, I owned this much money on my was so far, which is 3500 bucks and I'm owning at way single month, so every month is different. Some months you get a lot of money, such as this one. It hell, I got 150 two bucks for that specific month, and I know Monte got hundreds, 40 bucks. That is, for the year 2018. In the year 17 2001 of my best months ever. I own almost $400 on fiber, so you can deafen you on a while. Money on viral next place. And this is just one of many at sea shops that I have told me. 8300 73 bucks minus the expenses. Your nothing posts yet we'll take a look at this just for this year alone. 6800 bucks on Etsy. Anyone who thinks you can't make money on Nazi is totally, a lot. You could make a significant amount of money on Nancy. And this is the new marketplace that everybody should we get into next site and one of my top favourite places about times to make money online. Is eBay this specific month. I slacked off on eBay. I only made 829 box in the past 31 days. In the past 90 days, I only made $1500. So this is not the big season for eBay to make a lot of money online. The big season comes around things giving Christmas time. That's when economists start to explode and you make a humongous significant amount of money on wine. In fact, how much money was able to make so far? Well, this past year I was able to make 7000 bucks on eBay, which actually is really interesting, because on at sea I made almost the same exact amount within a year's time. So at sea is really catching up and is getting down, and he's getting to the next trouble as well. So you should definitely think about making money on eBay and Etsy and make it something that could make you consistent amount of money month after month and next place that you can make money online. That I do suggest for you to check it out is, of course, on YouTube on you took this month, I was able to make 100 doors online. This is passive income that pays every single month, and it takes time for you to establish yourself as a YouTube Oh, but once you do, you can constantly get more fans, more money and passive income. Every single month. I totally suggest for you to get into YouTube and start making big ears as soon as today. Of course, another place that I make money online inside my online class. It's and here is just an example of a typical month for made 2000 bucks selling my own online classes. So making your online classes and getting paid is a great way to for you to make money online. Off course. If you don't have the expertise to make money online, there's other ways that you can make money online and selling online classes. Want you can White label. You can buy their lights exclusive rights to sell those classes from someone else and sell them in a lot of different locations yourself. This is one thing that I do give some of my students who are interested the possibility to do so, but the fee is pretty expensive. Another thing that you can do here is you can become a you Timmy affiliate, and you can go ahead and promote those classes and make money with them. So that's another way that you can make cash soco eating on my crisis. It's pretty hard, but there was other ways that you can make money with him, and I just gave you a few suggestions that a place that you can get started making money is to the link teaching people how to do things online with take questions that come. This is a great site, and in this specific side, I made and passed a few days. Zero money. Now you might be saying, Hey, you just made zero money natural. Let's take a look at my owning statement like hell. So this specific you want in the year 2018 and the EU is not even over yet. I made a total off 600 to box in the year 2017 and made 588 bucks. And, of course, the way you go ahead and make money with this is teaching people how to make money online. How to get started a business. But she has photography, even most of out all kinds of things. You can teach yourself on take questions that come, and it totally suggest for you to check it out. With Wix com, you can go ahead and create your own Web site from scratch. After creating your website, you can upgrade to premium and you can get started selling e commerce product online, but you don't have to. You can actually get started with the free version. Off E Camel is on weeks itself, and with the free well ocean, you can go ahead and you can sell a few IT products. You can sell products with somebody else, or you can sell your own product online. And this is the easiest and fastest way for you to create a beautiful website from scratch . And with weeks itself, you can clean a brand new website, Noi. Absolutely nothing about programming. All you have to do is just pick the kind of story you want to create. Choose a template and get started as soon as today. It already creates the whole actual website for you, or you have to do next is just edit it up and add anything that you want. Then, once you create the Web site directory like, then you need to go to get started. Want to your own professional website from scratch? Easy, simple and fast talking about websites you can get started creating your own Shopify website with supper fight. You could make money selling things that you like online and other people use shopper for right now The only downside With Shopify you have to invest money in order to make money. But that's how it actually goes. Risk is something to do with being in the entrepreneur. If you're not investing money in something If you're not putting money up, want you're not entrepreneur, you're not a risk taker and 9 to 5 job is the right place for you. If you want to become a risk taker, gotta go ahead, take chances and do things and think outside of the box and with shopper far your definite thinking outside of the box you're investing in actually cleaning your own e commoli Stop and you can make a professional looking stole with Shopify This is not for everyone, but a lot of people have been very successful with Shopify business. In fact, 600,000 businesses right now are powered by shopper by 72 billion products been sold on sub . If I so far now, if you don't have what it takes to create your own store, there is another great way for you to make income. Let's say, for example, you like to actually sell something All your sites, such as YouTube. If you have a very small niche off people who are watching your YouTube channel, you can sell your T shirts merchandise right here on YouTube itself. And here is somebody They're selling their own D sorts online. With the swing that come, you can create your own t short, and you can do this yourself as well. We have to do is to present start designing and get percentage every single time. You just sell one of those Steve Sorts online, and it cost you absolute enough to get started with this point. 10. 2020 Best Places to Profit: So let's get started with the 10 places the best places for you to make money on the Internet today. And this is something I have did all by myself. So in that the year 2014 I have decided I'm not gonna be working for somebody else. I don't wanna be and help someone else get Remember giving very nice vehicle or even get anything for them? Remember, when you're walking for somebody else, you're helping your boss make more money and, you know, hoping yourself you're not creating your own business on why. So after that I have had enough. I have decided to quit my day job and start walking for myself being my own books when it has got sound with the Internet, there was a few places that I got started in. And in this video, you're gonna be seeing all the different places that I have made money one like and how much potentially you can make as well now doesn't just references Spiegel's. You can definitely make a lot more or even less using those Pacific map. It's but I want to show you all of the different methods that they make money on the line and you can as well. So when you're walking online and being your own boss, a lot of emphasis is on getting multiple streams of income. You don't get one specific location you want to get for many different places because over , well, altogether or combined, you're gonna be making a good sum of money. Plus, if any of those specific businesses slows down, all the business model actually changes. You can jump start on another business online. This is how and make money, and you can as well. So I'm gonna go into every single one of those, and you can see which one is the business right for you. So I want to go into the top 10 different ways that you can make money for the year 2020 and show you how much money I need so far. And this is just total. This is not how much I made for the specific year where gardeners who heads check it out. First of all, we're gonna be starting with fiber. This is one of the four sides I got started on the Internet as I started to become my own boss this specific side, maybe a whopping 4600 doors, and it is a great site for you to get started making money on the line. So we fly about what you're doing, your marketing different kind of gigs with the gig itself, your marketing, a specific thing. So, for example, are marketing one specific thing, and when somebody wants to buy that specific gig or they have to do is contact me. So let's go ahead and preview one simple gig over here, and it is pretty simple for you to get started. We have to do is just to quit one video and doing a sales pitch. What is the gig or about then at a few pictures and voice it up After that, somebody buys the specific gig, and you're gonna deliver it exactly too. Damn So this is a great way for you to make fast money online by giving something a digital product. And sometimes the best thing that you can give is a digital product you already created beforehand, and it saves a lot of time next place that you can make money on the line. It is on YouTube and have my own show be here. We just go the Geek tax show. And it is easy for you to make money over here as well. But in a few different ways. One just to create content to you can sell anything you like within reason, of course. And when somebody watches your videos that were quick on it and you're gonna be selling the specific product, this is the first thing you want to do before you go into the additional ways to make income on YouTube. Right now, I have almost two million views on my channel in about 600 videos on the 4000 subscribers. But 4006 cables makes me thousands off doors online. I make around 300 doors every single month when YouTube, in fact, if you take a walk, my owning exponentially increased every single month and formed a year 2016. When they just get serious with YouTube, it started very slow. But then it has the avalanche effect getting bigger and bigger every single month. The grand total I made over here is approaching $5000 on YouTube. This is just the start or a brand new business that I'm standing right now, which is YouTube. Now, let's get snow off another place where you can get really good money. It is creating online classes. And you can do this on you. To me, you, to me, is a great place for you. Will. You can go ahead and create your own online content in salad for money. You can see right here. I'm one of the best trainers when it comes to eBay. An ad. See, period, I have about 60 quest. Now, I have two different online profiles. This is why I have a lot more than the specific classes. You see? What? Here in total, I have 200,000 plus students, and some of the classes are given away for free and you can see the my Dallas. Well, how much money can you make on this? This is actually confidential. I'm not gonna be Show you how much money I make on you, Terry, But let's just say I make more than enough. You? To me. It's a great place for you to make money online, but you need to be really good at creating, marketing and doing online content. The next thing I want to show you is something called a few of marketing. Another great place for you to make money online and with a few it marketing what you're actually doing. You are selling products and the way you go ahead and sell products, you're just going ahead end marketing specific products online just about anything that you can market over here as well. So how do we go ahead and make money on it? It's pretty simple. You become an affiliate, you have this menu on top. You press over here and we have the wink, and I showed this thing on my YouTube channel. In fact, I like to buy a lot of different things online, specifically from Amazon and as a bite him. I like to create online reviews off those products that they buy. And every single time somebody quicks in my wink, I get beat. How much money can you make doing this? Well, let me show you an example. Why steal? I made a whopping $240 from the fees that they get from actually selling online products. Now, this translate into $5000 off products that I actually sold with their fury. It wings, meaning when you get a really smoked with sandwich convulsions for the products that they do sell. Although this is not a great place that I can make money online, it is a decent place to make a very good amount of money for the end of the year. 40 additional cash in my pocket for every single year and this has been going ever since is a great way for you to make money on life. One of my most favorite places to make money online is actually eBay. So how much money I made on eBay? Well, for the past 21 days, I made 841. But if you count the past 90 days, I made 1400 doors. Now this is how much I made the specific month every single month. It is different. So it's hard for me to calculate how much money I make every month, but you can see almost every single day I do have a sale that actually happens in my own shop. So having your own owner and shop on eBay is a great way for you to make money on the line the next place that I really suggest for you to check it out and make money on is at sea. In fact, this is the second favorite place that I like to make money online with. Now, the total amount that I made on this specific site is right now 16,000. Before you go into this, this is just 16,000. This is only one shop. I have three different shops that I managed. In fact, altogether, I have about five different shops, but two of them are not making any sales at the moment. This specific shop, ever since it's conception, made 16,000 doors. You can see how many visit those it has and 11 you as well. So for 2018 inmates 7000 box and this year I made $6000 so it actually fell down just 1000 between both years. Let's go into another great place for you to make money on wine. This is not for newbies. This is the stock market, and day trading or just buying and selling stocks is another great way for you to make money online. You can see a really good gain for the year 2018. Now, this is actually to say you're not gonna make gain every single year. Some years you're gonna be losing money. And the past few years I lost any made money, and you can see right here in 2018 this was a terrible year. I actually lost 4000 doors in Toto. So some years you make money as we use, you might actually lose money. So it all depends on how good your year actually goes about. So make. So when you start playing with stocks, you play with people money initially because you can actually use a lot of money in the beginning. So getting to know everything about the stock market is essential to your long term success . The next place that I can actually make money online. And you can as well. It's called Skill Show. You can see over here in total and made almost $10,000. And one of the best ways that you can make money over here is before waiting by the force or you have to do is to a four students every single student who gets three forward. You get paid about 10 box, and also they get two months for free as well. One of the best ways for you to go ahead and do this is just to create one online class to teach something on skill shot. And then you're gonna be automatically in the world in their affiliate program. And you can get 10 bucks for every single person who signs up and gets two months off free service on skill show. This is a great way for you to increase your income exponentially. And then you don't have to do nothing because skill show walks and that's all the work for you. Every single minute watched is actually translating into money you beginning, and we must not a great way for you to make money online is called Shopify with Shop off while you can make money selling your own products that you have created and all you have to do is very simple. Start if we trial, create your own shop and start selling it and then get paid. This is one of the best ways to create a very professional and the beautiful looking products that you're gonna be selling, since it works a lot more professional, and it works out better. Semper fi is the premier location for you to get started today. Now, the last way that I do suggest we to make money online, and this is for advanced people. Money is to create your own teachable class. Once you create unteachable class, you can go ahead and sell those online products to people on your mailing list or anywhere else, for that matter, and not a great way for you to make money with this method is actually two white label Close is. So even if you don't know how to quit and honoring Christ, you can just buy an online course for minutes lactose such as myself. Then take those classes and sell it to other people and keep 100% of your money that everybody lets you do it. So this is another very great way. But you have to pay a little bit off cash to get it started, and they do have specific fees for you to do white labeling 11. Time Management: that management of time schedule is a big thing for you when you walk for yourself and you are your own boss. So you have to set up the time that you have to walk. Most is the time that is gonna be downtime, vacation time and, of course, everything else in the middle. So how do you do this Possible? How I do it might not be the same way that you're gonna be doing it, but here it is, how I do it. On a typical day, I wake up anytime I want toe. I go to sleep anytime I desire. I take lunch break, bathroom breaks and anything else that I want that you're spending the dog getting my own food, eating everything else is timed when I actually feel like it. So I have my own schedule just like that. It is not an actual schedule. So how do I do it? Well, first of all, I try to get everything done when I have to get it done. And second about, I don't actually carry it to the next day. For example, if I get a package, I have to say today, as soon as I get the order I posted in as soon as I can ship it. I posted for sale and I strip it as well. 12. Taking Risks: how everyone Let's talk about intra panel being one and risk taking. It is essential part all going to the next level and making money on wine. You have to take risk. If you don't take risk, you're not gonna get where you want to get in your life or anyone whatsoever. If you decided to stop working at five and work for yourself by working for you So you are now a risk taker. You know, one go are gonna go and punch the clock in and out and get the same salary every single month. In fact, some months you might get next to nothing. But once you get thousands of dollars online, that is the life of being an extra pinot. You never know what next month is gonna bring you, but if you work hard enough and you put a lot of effort into what you're doing, you're definitely going to get to the next level and beyond. So the posting is when it comes to you taking risk, it is to invest in yourself. You are the number one person who this business all depends on. And since you are the one who this business or depends on you have to invest in some on line education such as taking extra classes, won't you more about the business that you're getting into? And this is exactly what I did myself when I decided to quit working 9 to 5 and work for myself. The posting actually did. I had to invest thousands of those in tow. A lot of things. Most of all I had to get better wrapped up better computer, which is what I got, which is called a laptop otherwise known as a desktop unit. No, you don't have to have a desktop unit. You can get just a laptop. You can get an iPad. You get what you need to get your business done. I had to get a small bone. I also had to get a microphone as well, so I can recall those fractures. In fact, they can't get the Camelot that I'm recording this rupture right now that I'm speaking just to you. So this was investment in my you Timmy business. I had to make investment on my eBay business as well. I had to buy a lot of the merchandise that I'm selling. Also, I had to go ahead and get things for etc. Now you've been on yourself vintage, handmade and your own creation on etc. So I had to open my own line off products. I had to invest thousands of those into quit eating something that is handmade, that I can sell myself, that it was only mine and my own creation with my own ideas in mind as well. So with that said, you have to always think about the next level. If your risk take all you have to think about. Have you ever seen and watch the snow think on this sort of thing, you will see there was a lot of people who are coming in into the show and there was a big group off people who are in charge and those guys are the ones with the big money. They're white people. They check, and they actually give them a one for the business. Now they would never give a one out for the business that is going to go and sink in because they want their money back and they want to get rich. And because of that, they're watching out for the businesses that are very likely to sink. So which are the risk Tecos and which one gambles? That is the big difference between being an intrepid. No, you don't want to invest in a gamble. You want to invest in somebody who is a whisk tickle. But he is going to build the business and he's going to get it to the next level. So the bad kind of business is the kind of business that you're for extra money into, and eventually this business just sinks in. So what you're actually doing is you're going into a business that you think is going to get over there, but in reality, it's gonna get noble. So being an interim panel, this is something you have to realize if this business you're getting into is a business that is worthwhile over the world tone. Oh, if this business is just gonna sink and if it is gonna sink, you have to get out of it as soon as you can, because otherwise you just be spending extra money all that time investing in it. And it is just a money pit. It keeps on not painful itself. But it's gonna suck all the money out of you and your energy. Well, you can actually go ahead and do something that's going to be successful. In fact, some of the most successful intra pinots who got to the next level what they did, they realized that and they found an idea that actually walks and captain building it and building it and moving it. And we're finding it until he got to the next level and beyond. Think about Steve jobs people or like Bill Gates. Those guys knew what don't do it. And the weather good at marketing. The product already hired somebody who waas. But we're good at marketing. But what they realize is that they found in a deal that actually was unique. It was different and had almost no competition. That is the key. Now, when you're going to be doing something on those platforms, it is something that you have toe also keep in mind. So with eBay itself, you can actually pick the long business model. And if you picked the wrong business model, you're not gonna make any income. Maybe there was too much competition in that specific field. Maybe the products themselves are overpriced. Maybe the products that you're selling people don't actually brought all those too much as a product over there that is much cheaper that are competing against you. So when Phoebe, you can definitely make a lot of money, and so with at sea and sewn of anything else that you're gonna be doing or by yourself and taking the risk. But you have to make sure the risk is educated enough, and it's modern up before you get into and you dip yourself into trying it out. So one thing I do suggest for you as a risk taker, as somebody who wants to take a risk to take your business to the next level, you keep your assets at the minimal. Which also means that maybe you spend only 10 bucks to get started buying those products and testing them out before you go ahead and buy thousands of them. Just because you can get them super cheap being a listing, who doesn't mean that you're a gamble? It means that you're making educated decisions that's gonna make you money over the long run. So keep this in mind. There's a big difference between being being a gamble and a risk taker. You want to be on the white side of the coin 13. Passion to do what you doing: passion is way more important than having money. This is something that other people don't understand. Especially with you. Come from a book background out of you think that you have to get so that amount of money in order for you to be successful. Money doesn't come. Forced passion creates money. Money does not create money. If you're not good at something, you are not the boarding 100% of your energy into creating something amazing. And passion is a way for you to be so good at something and to enjoy it so much. That money is just a second. There we go. It's not important. It is a byproduct. Oh, something that you enjoy. You have probably seen of other people doing something. But you know, like what? Don't do it. You could be totally happy walking in a 95 job and yet make no money. But the truth is that if you want to make other money, you got to be happy with what you're doing, because just doing it is just not enough. You have to go the extra amount. So what's stopping you? However, times if you're walking in a feud that you don't actually enjoy. You're not putting enough passion into what you're doing because you're not putting enough passion in what you're doing. The results are medical down. That good enough there? Never good enough. In fact, this is Well, you get Norwell one as a hand. Once you start walking with something that you enjoy doing something that you want, the passion actually shows your boss sees how good you do your work. You don't even have to ask. The boss will give me a Paley's. They automatically well, actually promote and give it to you. Sometimes this actually does happen. If you're doing the walk, you stand out. You're the best employees. Everybody gives you the extra assignment because they know that you enjoy doing it. And just on the point yesterday with this guy, he was so good at what he is doing. I called him up and I asked him, Can you do something for me? He said, I can't as much as I would do. Have to help you. I can't help you right now. I'm walking seven days a week, Okay? Every single date in the job that they actually. But because I do it so good. Everybody wants me to work for them, and I don't even have time to do something for you. In fact, there was a few months waiting list to actually for him to do something for me. This so that's that one supposes, puts so much passion into the job it shows and the results. He already has the money. He's not working for money. He's walking because he enjoys actually walking and helping people out. So he probably started all the way in the bottom. But now he's all the way into top. In fact, he's thinking big. He even told me that I'm gonna be training people. I have a few people who already are getting trained because I have so much work to do that I don't have time to do it for everybody. And this is something you should be thinking as well. You want to get to the next level, and in the next lecture, I'm gonna be talking about about a very important thing. How you could be the best possible poster that you have been created to be. This is important statehood 14. Exploring Thumbtack: So one good place that you can get started and over here get a lot of clients is go, Tom, Tack that calm. Let's look in the specific Web sect over here. You can find anything you want, but you're looking forward to doing so. You control here Any specific subject math. Do the leading science or studies, test preparation and so on. You can even teach photography, So photography Detroit and you can find full instructors in my area. But this is just an example for you. Those Aczel different awesome and cool subjects that you can teach with Tom Tag and find clients that are going to do this for you so you can let your stuff for the site and then what you're gonna be doing next is hunting for jobs. So it switched to the business section off this, and now what's gonna happen is in the business section, you're getting request and in the request themselves, if you like what you see here, you press on view that details and now you're gonna be bidding for this specific job. So how do you bid for it? Well, you simply go ahead. You write down what kind off a job that you're willing to do for them after you read the full file, and then next thing you're gonna do is actually send them the draft over it and wait for them to respond. Now, after this is actually done, they actually subtract money from your account, and eventually you will get clients. So make sure you charge them the appropriate wait for your services, and you can change and you can charge whatever you actually want. But the more you charged us, likely you're going to get those jobs. So we now have over 200 requests over here. Most government is the photography, of course him as our clients as well. Sometimes you get people who are not work. Oh, so make sure you don't get those specific jobs because if they're not local, you won't be able to reach out and actually do this service for them. Pressing on services There was a lot of different services for us to pick form and over hell. You can go ahead and add an extra service that you're willing to do so you can actually do . Such is to doing It's present, and it's always and they have more than one poor for over here. I'm using my photography poor file. What? Coming over. So vis a mature offering, it's gonna be classes. So photography, you essence. Plus, on this and now it's set up their photography. So this person next and here is my preference. I can travel to my kinds. My clients can travel to me and I can walk, actually, mostly on the Internet person save. And now what type or photography I am I gonna actually teach gonna teach almost anything except time lapse. It is the most complicated one especially to teach online was the next. I'm gonna be taking out that complicated things over here because this is the stuff that I want to actually teach you. The easiest things to teach is usually the best things for us to actually teach. What type of Camilla can you we teach and it's going to suggest that one as well. Let's put every single day of the week except the weekend. But of course, if you do this, you might have our press cards. So it's just four star that was put everything in here, person. Next I'm available. The most times. Almost all the time. Now, why would they set something up like this even if I'm not available? Well, it's pretty simple. If they go ahead and send me a request or notice, I can always reschedule for a different time slot. I can always reschedule for a different time. Next, And when do you walk? So make sure everything else here is giving the most availability as possible because you want to get this job and you want to get as many jobs and as you possibly can when you're just getting started. And here we go. I questioned Finish. Now, what is my maximum budget? You So this is actually important and I will actually only pay for the actual contacts. I we see you. Which means that if I get an actual business client, they're gonna charge me money. If I don't get their business kind, they're not going to charge me anything. So make sure you go ahead and you put in what is your budget? Which is how much money you're willing to pay for this specific service so that higher your budget, the more waker you'll get more jobs. But you have to be super careful with that because you have to put your credit card on file . So when you're just getting started started 15. You're not gonna get so many clients, but at the same time, you're not gonna get charged so much money place in a genius way, kill. And now vo setting ready for another service. Of course, you have to have your credit card information here as well, so make sure you do this to, and now, after you're done with all this, you're going to be finished and you can go ahead and get started with that specific service that you'll be actually charged. Now, one thing I do suggest for you, even if you're actually thinking well, I don't want to actually pay 15 bucks for this. This is very beneficial for you because one specific quiet is going to actually pay for itself a few times over. So for this one for 15 bucks, you can when you get 3 to 6 quotes, which is potentially wanted to clients. If you go ahead and you spend upto a fund of doors, it's more likely you get 8 to 11 clients, which actually works in the neighborhood off 24 toe thought. If we different quotes that you'll be actually getting some of the more clients, the more quotes, the more likely you're gonna beginning bigger money with thumbtack itself. So when you go into the actual camp tack, you have a lot of different events for us to pick form. So make sure you go food is and take a look at what kind off different businesses you can start such as to doing and anything else, for that matter. It is a great way to get started teaching different things online and impose with Tom Tack itself. You gotta invest money in order to make money. This is the old saying. Well, you have to put cash upfront before you actually go ahead and get results in. So how much did I actually put up from? 12 Cash tag, otherwise known as Contac. First of all, you have that counterbalance. This is much money. How right now, after I already invested and you can see how much payments are actually made by actually paying for those services. So one day on October 4th, and this is just typical for a monthly amount that I decided to invest in the service most when your in box, then another payment off, then another 1 to 4 23 and another one for 15 and it sums up to about 80 pass doors that I invested in this in order to get reads. Now, sometimes you get to you, Frances. You can see you get a leave bond when somebody doesn't actually accept a quote. But this is something for you to keep in mind. So Tom Tag is something that you put in money up front. Then, after you put money off one to look for jobs, and then once you get a few jobs, it based for itself and you can invest even more in looking for weeds, which would translate into extra jobs for you. Another good thing about Tom Tack is that you can add extra digits to your display. So a few things about the Vigen themselves once you have those budgets, it's gonna definitely And hence the mother money you'll be making on Tom tack. A few widgets that you can add, and there was only two of them that you can add right now. First of all, is the poor badge of the poor badge. It shows your professional sense as certain year. With that, you would get a lot more people who are more likely to go ahead and choose you to do so. So you have to do is just to pick the kind of badge that you actually want to it here and you can choose. The size is that you want us. Well, choose a team, and then what you have to do now is just copy and paste this and at this deal website. So it is the simplest way to become a Tom Tag Po profound having to invest anything off want, which is really cool about that. The next thing you can do is to get the review widget. With the review rigid, all you have to do is to poison on the work and you get vote. If I leave, Use white on your Tom tag for five, and I don't like this voyage it you have to get forced. The view with four old most styles form a customer, and that's it. And after that, you have to abuse growing up white on your actual display, which would small people know about you on top tech and more likely to quick and get more jobs for you as well 15. Creating Meetup Groups: one of the best ways to get extra clients and line is using meet up itself. There was two ways for you to go about this one way is, of course, toe work for clients by working for something that has to do with what you're actually teaching. Let's say, for example, you teaching photography or you have to do is to type in photography was on so much and see what kind off activities are going on in your area. After you see what kind of activities are going on on your earlier, you can go ahead and go to those events and see if you can find kinds face to face another way for you to go about and do. This is to person groups and see what are the groups around here that you can actually join . So I already have the photography meet up and classes go. There was competitive groups here as well. That could actually show up you two, so make sure you check them out. All the different groups joined them up and go to those groups. Get to know to people face to face if you want to get started with at different doing business, which is just tootling. Let's take a look at what we have here. There was zero people interested in English tudo. Now, if somebody is interested in some other kind over tutto such as Just Warrior was on that. Let's see what kind off, as all to doings are potentially in the area. So so it always springs do it yourself educational group and a few other wants. Let's type in eBay. Maybe there is eBay groups that are teaching people how to make money online with eBay. No, it's the coca this those four people who are interested in this connected e eBay meet up. There was no other groups that are teaching eBay, so this is a potential thing for me to get started in my area. There was no competition for this whatsoever. Now, if you want to know if there was other groups that are farther away, person 100 miles and you can see here. Here is one Connecticut eBay and e commerce cells, so this one has 67 cells that are doing exactly that. Now, if this group doesn't exist in your area, it means that you should actually go ahead and start your own grope. This is actually the number one way for you to get started and actually do this kind of thing now, since I reached all the way to freedom when groups I cannot go ahead and do this. But if I am going to meet a pull, I can now actually get started in Crete. Almost unlimited amount off. Meet up groups online, which is really amazing. So I can try it out for free for 30 days and actually can go my bland to the next level. So let's go ahead and start in. You meet up group and the area that we want to start the specific meet up group is gonna be actually Kobani, New York. Now, next step for us is to pick the actual topic this group is gonna be about. They're gonna be at doing photography group so to doing in photography and just pick the actual topics that you actually be teaching photography, photography classes, group photography for those for the shop, street photography, photography, business, photography location and to them which is actually teaching. So education, Toto, technology and education, cloning. And so and you have to keep picking this until you get all the way to as many as you can, which is about 15 of them. So let's continue until we get all the way to 15. And here we go. This is 15 topics. Make sure the topics always different as possible. Every single one of those topics is a special topic that actually is going to be sent by meet up itself to people already want and are interested in those kind of topics. So you want to make sure you spend this much time as you can walking on those special keyboards over here in this section, this is the most wide apart off everything. Next step one is to name the group, you should name it exactly what it is. Forcible. The location off the group should be the number one thing imposed in here. Next thing, what is actually going to do in the group itself, which is gonna be a photography. Lastly, it's gonna be classes. So Albany photography class is the most simple. You make it, the better it is. The next step for you to do it here is to introduce yourself and put down your qualifications tell us who you are, who should be actually joining this group. What will this meet up group actually do And so poof off your actual walk By putting all those free factors or combined, you go indeed to get as many people who are interested in this topic as possible. So this is basically what you have to do in order to get started with made up itself to get extra to doing clients for your online and offline business. 16. Facebook Page & Ads: in this video, we're going to get started creating a Facebook page for your to doing business. So to get started doing so the first thing you want to do is too quick on this triangle like menu. Creaking it. It's gonna show you add different menu. Will you go down? Well, it says could eat a peach. There isn't Wiebe, you're creating a peach is quite simple. We want to bring traffic to it locally. And, of course, friends that you meet anymore. So, for example, if you go meet somebody down the street and they ask you name, you tell them your name and then you tell them that you have actually have a to doing business and they can find you online. And all they have to do is end you by searching your name on Facebook. So that's how you actually go ahead and get started. And then when the do you could be eating and having a Facebook page where they can go and see everything there is to know about your business. So that's exactly what we're doing right now. So we have two different pages for us to pick, form business or brand or community Oh, public fear. Go so re out an actual business or born under its press on that next thing, what is the name of our page? This actually should be final. So whatever it is, it's much harder to change it once you clean it. And Facebook might not even approved the change so peaceable. Careful with that. So what's going to eat? What? We really want to be the final name for our beach, which is gonna be in Italy. That said, it's it makes it really simple by simplifying whatever it is. Now we have to add a category to this, which is gonna be education, website and person Continue. Next, you're gonna be adding a poor for a picture toe our page. We actually need to different profile pictures to get stunning, beautiful, poor. For pictures, you have to go to a pixel bay and here we can get fully images that we can use for anything that we actually want without any calculated notice that is needed for this. So we have to get Stipe in education, present so much and just pick some picture that's going to represent our business. So oh, I like this one. It saved on one that's gonna be one of them. And next one, it is gonna be Well, that's a lot of books. This one right here. This looks find as well, so you don't need to spend too much time searching for the perfect image. You can always go back and change it. Riddle. The main thing is clean eating your own Facebook page. You want to actually could eat it forced. So then you can go back and search for a better image after debt. If you're squatting, food is you might be able to find the better images off the world's anyways. Now, one thing I do want to give you a tip. Hell is when you find an image such as this would heal. This one is also good to it. Save that one as well. If you go with a bit mowed down, you have keywords suggested keywords on the bottom. We've suggested keyboards, you compress on it and you can find similar, like working images. That's gonna get you even better images for you to use. And this one is kind of neat as well. Would you like that one too? now. Another thing I want to show you is that there was something called sponsored images all the way the top those things you can't actually use because it's gonna give you access to another page, which is gonna be shadow stock. This one. You have to actually people to use the images. Let's go toe back to Facebook and up World out for for image, which is gonna be this one here after the up or down. One next step is to upload the cover photo, which is the bigger for water that will be using. So we have two different images that we upload this way and sometimes it will show up. And sometimes we have this issue. Well, it actually doesn't show up. So you go toe at a couple just for photos. He was the cover for though we just puts on this and here it is, and poison to see. Now that's looks kind of meat, you know. Now add a button. So if adding a button, what we can do is send this directly to a week's website. Since we actually created a week's website was on contact you, which is gonna go ahead and you can actually answer every response all. Of course, you can go ahead and create a special bottle that goes directly to your website instead. So subway or make a donation presents up with person next, and we can have a website link, which is gonna be my actual website. I see. So that's another way for us to do this. Of course, there was more than one way for you to do the same exact thing over here. What said there? So description. So what you have to do is kind of just say what exactly that you are actually selling on this, which is kind of cool by having the short description written down on this site itself. Now, after you do this part which is, we have the so description already done for this. There's a few other things we can do here as well. At page rose, which is ending, it means to the speech. So if you have your bodies walking with you, you can definitely add them is wrong. You can also get funds to like this page. This is called social proof, and they totally command for you to do this. You get as many people as possible toe come hell by person when it right and they will go ahead in the wake. This speech, You want to do this usually Wait. Oh, but if those people are not actually clients, you should do this right now. So this is one thing that's really important. Next thing is the way this thing is, actually, or go into it here. You want to go here and fix this and go to Settings Person edit page, And over here we're gonna be changing the way those things are always. So the first thing that stone is posed, we can move pictures at the top groups is gonna move to the bottom about this page is gonna be moved to the top videos, is gonna move to the top and so on. So you want to move everything in a way that is arranged, that it is need a cool Okay, next person at a tab. And now we have another thing that we can add to this, which is gonna be the shop page with boys on that. And now put some clothes. Let's move the shop beach all the way at the top off this screen, and now we're gonna go back to the page itself. So now we have an actually supposed over here on this side, and we're gonna be using that to get people to shop in our page. Also, tone on instantly. Prize. Let's press on this and told us on. So use the return key to send messages. Everything here we can choose what we want on and off. Massengill. Greedo? Yes. So this is what I want. Stay responsive. When you can get on your computer, you should on its own as well. And send instant replies when anyone sends your message. I'm turning this onto. So it's gonna give us this standard way off that Facebook actually talks to people. And if you don't like, it was a little change, and we can change the way it reprise right here, which is really cool personalization. We can do it as well. Well, it's gonna add opposing force name to this conversation that wasn't safe. And they're going to be doing the same thing I hear which is remind those and also at was so personalization to this as well. And what's at the force name do this. So it looks like somebody is actually really talking to this person. But they are not. And you want to do this Toe airway, single one of those make. So it's on, and this one is on as well, and we have this also scheduled Now, after we get all this done, promote people to send messages that are so qualities on and everything else looks kind of need general assistant, we can go to this one and it goes right back toe the same thing, which is the responses and everything else included in here. After we're done with this boat, you want to go back to our peach after we were done with this politics going back to our page and here we're going to be doing this shop, so it's person shop, and we're gonna actually turn this on a person gets started, and now we're going to be turned you on our actual Facebook shop person get started. So go ahead and fill this up. Put in some kind of information in here. It doesn't have to be a quit, especially if you're doing this from your house. And if you don't want to give your actual occasion. Don't actually do it. But you have to put something in here to get this to actress so up. So make sure you do that after this person next. And now it's asking us what kind off currency will be using, which is gonna be United States. So that is totally fine. Place on finish. And now, well done. So what you have to do next is set up the payments, which is going to be asking us to for legal details if, in case you're gonna go and actually get Facebook to process their payments, which is not so what I'm gonna be doing. Instead, I'm gonna get the payments toe, actually, go ahead and get it from another location, which is just my own one business. So therefore, I don't need all this information to be posted in here. So what I'm gonna be doing instead, I'm just gonna be adding my website, so the payment is not going to be processed. Buy Facebook. Also, it's asking us what kind off business I'm in, which is described what this business is all about. So go ahead and some eyes what you're actually teaching here so people know what kind of product that you're really selling and they're more likely to buy. Next step is to present at the product, and here we go. So what kind of particle would be adding? Well, basically, you can add any product that you'll be soon, and I can sell my crisis Over here. You can sell your online classes. You can actually sell your viral gig. You can sell anything you actually want over here within reason. So how do you do this for forced about? You add an image off the item that you'll be actually sound, so just take a picture that you like Hell, that's gonna present the product that your son, which is gonna be just a totalling package. So it's get just one picture off somebody who's a total and add the picture right here. When they use that picture totaling, so is and this one is gonna be only 20 bucks by, and it really is. Doesn't have any shipping to this. They don't policy. Well, I guess we can put 30 days, but it's not an actually physical quality. It's actually water product instead. So let's go ahead and add put on in the photo. So, like their picture off the item, does you'll be sewing? Use this photo. The name of the product that you will be selling is gonna be one doing procession. The price is going to be 20. And over here you can describe what they were getting, which is doing session. And now what we're gonna be doing is just placing on safe and it's gonna ask us for our email. So let's go ahead and do that. So there we go. This is processing right now, and Facebook is gonna actually try to approve this item. Sometimes it will prove it. Sometimes if it doesn't like what you're selling, it's not gonna prove so. You can just go ahead and try again until you get a bunch of different problems that are in your shop. So I would like to create, like, one to doing a Session five, too, doing sessions free and so on. You keep on adding it to this. Nothing you want to do here is in the description itself. If there is no actual wink that goes directed to the product, you can do it with the wink and you can do it with farm. If knowing actually exists, you can just put your website right here where people can go and porches on this item. So that's another suggestion for you to actually do here. And now we can press on in this shop really to you and it. Bijan vote. And we can add the website to this as well. So let's take it in in person. Save changes, and we can post in that it's always open. And we can even have the actual street location in case your conducted business from your house or maybe even Starbucks. So you said that when you feel all of this in another few things that you can do here is you can go into some management and you can add more things in here as well. So that's upsetting. It's gonna be Well, you can add additional things in here, which is the drone policy customers, soldiers, Steve, registration, taxes and so on. So there you have a D. Just finished grading off Facebook page. Now, this time for you to generate some interest in the speech itself, which is to contact your friends or even post the force post for the speech. Next up for you to do is to promote this speech person promoter right here. And we have a few things that we can do here. One you can just post a message and get more messages to Is Busta Post free is create a custom advertise point. The one I suggest for you to do is to boost a post. So it's press on this one. And if you have a poster ready, you can just go ahead and boost this one by boosting their post itself. What you're really doing is advertising this post and get more traffic to your Facebook page. You said on you do this once. You already set up this business. You already finished with the page itself and you have a bunch off likes to it. But we're gonna be covering this anyway, just in case you want to go ahead and actually do so. So the first thing that you want to do is to quit the audience for this speech present, clean the audience, and now they're going to be looking at what kind of audience we wanna actually add to the speech itself, which is gonna be coaching session, you're gonna be targeting all genders. The age will be. Actually targeting is gonna be from 23 all the way to 50. Let's say 60 new occasion. This is pretty important and we're going to be just getting our work with City and Dave ethnicity off this area, which is the city and all the suburbs included. Next thing will be doing is looking for people who are interested in life coaching. Let's do that. Coaching inputs on that and this is a very specific audience and you can only reach upto 1000 people and examine. It was then that it's not enough, so we want a definite add more to this. So what's add people interested eBay in Tokyo and now religion. Even more people know it's at people who are interested in photography. And now the leaching even more people at home. Do you wanna have at least a few key words over here that we're gonna be using? And now the a witching, a lot more people who might be interested in this So it's now if you want a super target toe, only one niche and special area within a very walk away. You can do so as well. Stephanie. Good tow experiment with this present save next. And now, after we do this boat, we have to set the women for the advertising you're going to be using for this. So this one exceeds my account of limit. So it's going ahead, and we set this and they have different choices for us to pick for five bucks for day 10 box, full day and so on. Let's do it, buck for day. This way. We're doing the cheapest possible target for this for the next 14 day. And they're gonna be running this ad until September 2018. No, we have to see that everything works well. Said minimum budget door today. So your budget needs to be at least 14 box. What in days should actually can voto 14 box. I'm not sure what's actually wrong here, but this would actually work. Technically speaking, if this doesn't work for any reason, you can go ahead and customize their mother days. You want it actually like this one? Who it with more, which is running it a buck full day. And the situation is only one day. I don't know why it took you like this one more than the 14 days one. But this is much cheaper, Willy, because we can experiment by doing this on you once. Now we can change a lot of things in hell. 14 days, 15 bucks each day. I'm not sure why it works this more. And some of it eat, actually. Doesn't the Ministerio off Facebook? I guess the more money you give them, the more don't happy toe under ads for you. So 15 bucks a day. They were off this one day. What? You do it for 14 days. But if you bring it to a market day and you tried to wonder for 14 days, it's not gonna hurt you unless he wanted for any one day. But of course, if you are attempted to do something like this, you can want it for one day, every day and every day you can do it manually, just like this, because you don't pay any more than a book. But the good thing about this, you know, with experiment with everything in hell and to make it most suitable to actually go ahead and make it work for you and it's gonna take a bit of time for you to make this actually work. And one of the things you have to actually do here is always change the images in here as well. So if this image is not working well for you, next day you will be using a different image. Also, you're gonna be changing the keyboards around, including what kind of people you're actually bringing the traffic to. So one day you're doing a buck budget on one thing, another day of doing about project on something else. Eventually, you'll be spending only 14 bucks attracting local clients to your actually Facebook to your actual Facebook page and see if it's gonna can vote to actually paying clients to make this gonna vote toe paying clients to convert this to paying clients. One of the things hurry suggest for you to do is to write down in the actual post what kind of things you want them to do for you. Which means that when they go in hell, you're gonna give them a 15 minutes if we coaching session. So every potential is going to get that with this 15 minutes we coaching session. What you're really doing is you're trying to convince your student toe by a full session with you. You're gonna give them a lot of value in the 1st 15 minutes, and then in the next few minutes, you're gonna try to sell them and actual session makes. So you do this after the 15 minutes are over. This way to get the full value off the free session. After that, you're gonna go ahead and talk to them about the paid session and what you can actually teach them in that specific session. So to sign up over here, all they have to do is quick annoyed something like that and highlight it in different kind off once. And this one looks factory the neatest one. And you can also show this page in your story as well if you want to. If you don't, you don't have to do this poison. Show it now. And now we have this highlighted right here. After we highlight this. What hell, You can go ahead and pin this to the top off the page so everybody can see what you always right now that is going on for this specific page. So this is it. This is all you have to do in order to create your amazing force Facebook page with an actual Facebook store, the people can go ahead and shop for the things that you are. Sounds such as your coaching sessions online. 17. Building Business Cards: the force do you want to do when you're getting started with your to do in business is to create your business cards. And for that, I usually go to Mr Point that come now, before you get started with the point, you should go to Google and type investor 0.0.50 ports and off and see what kind of waffles you're actually get. So over here you can get a what cheaper waits for rest up wind. So it's put us on one of those offers would heal. He was a great deal in there, and it is fortified by two people and you can get it much cheaper magnets for 10 bucks and so on. I do suggest for you to find an awful that you actually like, such as this one Enjoy for parted business cards starting at 9 99 wasn't so code. And the next step for you is to present copy the code itself, and now you're done. So piece this and check out and you will get the cheapest late possible for this. So after you did the specific part now, this time for you to create your own business called. So let's go ahead and play its own business cards. We want the police, me, um, business cards. Next step for us is to browse their designs. Was a lot of designs for us to pick from. And here we're gonna be typing in so doing and we have a few choices for us to pick for. I do suggest you find a very nice looking graphic for us to actually use because this is gonna be the front page of your business. And when you give it to somebody you want to look as legitimate as possible, this one seems the most interesting one. So it's person selectors design, and you can choose a different kind. Of course, Put as well, the green one looks the most fancy after your presents like their design. Next thing is the people thickness off this product, which is gonna be standard over here. We have the one choices as well, Matt and glossy Matt is going to be a little bit slick looking and feels more professional . Met is not going to look so good because it's gonna be interesting, but I don't make it so much. The glassy one looks so much more professional. It is for active, and I like the way it works. The other choice is hell is encoded and problem some of those choices, my actually bringing the price point much higher. So watch the price point when you price on those just in case. So let's go ahead and take a look. All those seems to be okay, except the poll one which is gonna be much pricier. So the one I want is the glassy one and the same thing over here that believe me in one cause much more. The Bohemian Plus is also going to cost us much more money. So we put a price on standard and now the finish itself. There is different kind of finish for us to choose form. Of course, the metallic finish is the most beautiful one, but it's also is one of the most expensive ones for you to pick from. So I don't like a man for you to pick the most expensive working for this project. You're not professional yet, And unless you're making over 100 bucks for every client that gets the business coat, it's not really evolve it for you to invest this much in your business cards, but it's still very woven for you to have a professional business card clean. Eat it. You're not considered a professional. Unless, of course, you have a business card. So every time I create a boy in your business, I start off reading a brand new business card for myself as well. I want people to know that I'm qualified. And also I want to show them my business. Covered a few tips about the business card. Never put your home address on it that phone numbers should always be your business for number. Sometimes, if you give it to somebody and you don't trust them of the phone number, you might as well quit, eat and special for number from Google. Now you can also put in your email your job title and your name is Well, you don't have to put your last name if you don't want toe so it's going can't and fill in the blank. Next thing is the job title, which is gonna be on Line two, which is not gonna work for us if you're gonna be handing this in to individual students. Therefore, you have to type in what kind of Trudeau you're actually gonna be all just be a general Tuto. So, Dodo, let's start being everything with those swish coach and life coaching. So this would be and would walk in most situations, and that's what you want to actually do. Next step for you is to, of course, to have your web address written down in here as well. So I have a website. I'm gonna be just typing it. Then if you have a website, you can go ahead and type in in over here as well. Include your email for number and the rest of the contact, including your company information. There was also a back beach that you can use as well in the big page itself. There's a few choices for us to pick from and we can do the blank one, which is the cheapest one gray scale, which is gonna be a lot more expensive. And the reason why you want to have an actual back page is if you have appointments for this so they can write down the appointment. Remember when it is at, If you don't wanna waste money on this, you can always not include anything and make it break. Some people like the blank college because you can write any kind off notes. Condom. I do suggest for you to invest in the one that says Appointment on it, and you can do a little bit more extra here. If you want to buy pressing with more, you can go ahead and you can fixed it so you can add different things to this can and lines . You can make it avo. You can bring in sheeps as well, such as this one. You may have a shape that be composed in, and here we can go ahead and do extra things. It is arrange sent to back, and this one actually is the same course. So it's not gonna do it work. So let's give this end of something else. We could make it black and pressing on that again range and blamed backwoods oh sent to back and so on so you can do it actually is and walk in front of this graphic. But it works for the world right here, so that's kind of cool. There's other things you can do here. You can still change the call in case you decide. You know, like how it actually looked like, kind of like this guy. I know, I know. And here's how it works in the bull. Always check the different cause and see which one works the best for you. I don't like the hour over. He'll what? Sometimes when you poison more, you get different choices for us to pick for. And you can actually add extra tax here as well. So it's personal text and we can add new tax fuel to he was a new tax field. Make another right here and add the will go for our company information. Hewitt is study more and come I smoked. Oh, by running. Okay, that sounds much, much better. The company itself is gonna be my company, and he will be Go make sure you capitalize it as well. So here we have what we are going actually use for our to doing business make it a simple as possible President Mole. If you wanna change a little bit off the details, if you don't need those extra things here, just puts on healing person their lead and let's go ahead and get rid of everything. That's not needed pretty much. This is all set for me. And this is really simple to doing bracket I was. So if you want to change the course displays over hell personal cause and you can change it toe any designer call your actual like so you can change the different kind of forms and you can make them work as wacky or interesting as much as you want. Just make sure it's legal so people can actually understand what it actually says in the front itself. Other than that, if they can't understand what it says, your message is not going to come across and people are not going to visit the website, especially if this is the primary way that you're gonna be contacting your clients something. You do this person preview and you can see exactly how it works. Like if you actually holding this item, then placed on the backside to see her talks in the back and side by side. When you're done comparing how it actually works, we're gonna be placing on next. And now we have to do. Is the person that have reviewed and approved the design Faisal next once again make sure you sign up to the account if you have already done so. If you're Hammond, it is time for you to actually do that. Now we have the different price points for us to work for 500 of them is only seven cents for item. So think about it. This way. Every single business called you hand to a potential customer might be costing you seven cents. But in the long run, you can actually get on 22 50 or even potentially 300 or 500 bucks. Pull client. So keep this in mind and think twice before you give this toe a client is a really wolf it for you to actually waste this amount of money. If it is so, make sure you give it to them also, the more business cards you get, the cheapo each business card is gonna cost you. So 1000 is allowed six cents. I recommend for you to start at 500. If this business goes well, you will continue an older, more radio on. If it actually Forbes and it doesn't work for you, you only actually spent totally free box wasn't approved. And this to the court, and now it's gonna give us a few extra office for us to choose for. Let's press on standard people because it is the cheapest one. Another thing I do suggest for you to get it is to purchase a business card holder. The ones that they do suggest for you to get is actually the following the metallic one is the cheapest one, and it only cost six bucks. So every time you go ahead and you go to places, you can use this and protect it from water damage. And, of course, you can carry those business counts ability from your wallet. Now their second best one that they do a command and this one looks the best one is the following. They were rather one because it looks the most fancy one as well. So I would add this to the coat because I don't have this specific one. And I do like how professional it actually looks like Next step for us to do is after you choose this. You see, the total card purchase price went toe 45 person next as well. Make sure you skip around most of those choices because they're not really necessary. You also get T shirts and even a kado magnet. This is something I have tried before and it wasn't working for me, but it doesn't mean it's not gonna work for you, so definitely go ahead and see some off. The also options for you how to advertise your business. Such a screening he sold and so on. That's actually pretty cool as well. Having a T shirt that describes your business and you can walk around and having a professional will go down just for you for a very cheap price. Press on next is going to give us more office wants to choose from. Of course, the best one for us would have been to just go to the college itself. So person go to court and we're gonna be skipping on all those offers. And here is the poem A coat. Now, before you go and present check out. Remember, we had a poem, a quote for us to use. It's question based placed on a pie and see how much we actually are gonna say so with this promise code be saved 16 bucks on our approaches. Which brings us the poachers itself toe only 29 box, which is pretty great. So I kind of get the business, got hodo for almost a week and plus and get 500 business cards for me to actually use. Now if I didn't want to use their business card. Hodo and I just wanted to get just the business coats themselves. I'll be paying 20 bucks, which actuate. So answer. It's two, maybe as little as four cents full business card, which actually beats pointing your own business cards themselves on just a piece of ways of people and not making the book professional. I know some of you guys want to do it as cheap as possible, but this is a belly required investment. If you want to start with to doing, you want a simple national, and by giving an actual, very nice looking professional business cards, it definitely is gonna put your business to the next level 18. Getting Motivated: no excuse and get motivated to. Actually, this is the most important lecture off this course. Of course, I always say that this is the most important factor, but this one actually is. There's a bunch off people out there and it probably includes yourself sometimes. Well, you are just like, don't want to do nothing. All you think that you're just like Okay, let me take this class. But I'm not sure about getting motivated getting doing this. What am I gonna get out of this? Like those oldest self doubt in people? A lot of people who are not successful, that's the number one tweet then on. Do not. And they're not somebody who is willing to take the time to study something, to get something done and to get paid for it. In fact, that what separates that 1% from the 99%? It is the ability to do something. It doesn't matter if you fail. What meadows? If that if you keep on trying or if you give up, the worst thing you can do for yourself is to give up and to think that you can't actually do this because that's a very bad, negative, self defeating attitude. You gotta think positive all the time. Even if you are a negative person, you gotta force yourself to think positive in order for everything to become positive in your wife. So positive attracts positive, negative thinking attracts negative thinking. This is why positive thinking is the way for you to be successful. You gotta think positive in every situation, no matter how bad it is, because eventually you'll find a way out. So there was no excuse for you That was like really no excuse for why you can't make money on fiber. And in fact, it doesn't matter what you want to try to make money in. There is no excuse for you not to do it if you have time. And even if you don't have time, you can always find extra time for you to study. You have to force yourself sometimes to do this because eventually the reward is gonna come to you. Wayto so for me, for example, I had to force myself hundreds of different times, Toby successful and to get what I want to get in my wife. And a lot of times I didn't even know that I could get what I wanted to get because there was times when I was in a deep bottom and it happened to me a lot quite often. And I have to climb all the way to the top. Think about wife as a mountain, like a humongous mountain that you gotta climb. And the bigger the mountain, the better. The view from the top of the mountain actually is. So once you get to the top of this mountain, you might be tempted to go into another mountain and see the view from that one. So this is what you have to do. You got to think positive. You gotta crime over humongous obstacles to get your goal. And in fact, the bigger the obstacle in front of you, the most challenging it is to get where you want to get. This is why money is the ultimate reward because eventually moved this specific money you can buy yourself something to so that you actually did a great job. So if you want to get a brand new car, this could be your board. If you want to get a nice awesome house, you gotta walk a lot how, though this is not something you can just get overnight. But you have to put a lot off effort to get the better rewards in life. So either you get a lot of smaller worlds and you just spent all the money you got. Oh, you're gonna save up every single door after you own it for hard work, and then you're gonna go and make a lot more money with it. So this is called investing. Investing means you're putting money inside. You're putting it into something that's going to give you more money in the future. So education is one way for you to do this. And not away, of course, is for you to become a lot more smaller person. You can go to college if you haven't done this before. I highly suggest for you to do this, and it is expensive. I went to college. It cost me a huge amount of money. But that no, which I gain from it is very, very valuable by listening to professors telling you a lot of things that you can't get it out from ordinary books in fact, that maybe lead huge amount of books because I am a history major, so I'm just letting you know a few things that you could do to be a successful and the most important thing out there. I want you to have no excuse for yourself not to be a successful person. You know why? Because I believe in you. In fact, if you ended up beginning all the way here, toe this rupture and you keep on listening to me, that means that you want to hear this. And that means you want to do something with your life, and this is very, very important. So if you're willing and you're listening right now, I want you to take a piece of paper out and right down the free things you want to actually accomplish in your wife. Why them down right now on a piece of paper and then after you write it down for this piece of paper up and put it somewhere. And don't touch it for a long time, because when you're really, really gonna have, like, a bad day Oh, you're not motivated to do something? Open that piece of paper up and take a look and the things you want to get accomplished and get going at it. Now, on the other side of that piece of people, make sure you lie down, flee different kind of we were. Would you want to give yourself once you do accomplish those things that you won't down on it. So this is gonna be your world map. That said, it's gonna be this simple. I want you to do it. I want you to get this list down. And I want you to do this West as soon as you can because I want you to be successful. So think off free, positive things you want to do to change your life for the battle. 19. Taking a Vacation: So let's talk about two X Asian vacation in downtime. This is my favorite part about working for yourself and stop working 9 to 5. It is very important for you to get the relaxation, vacation time and downtime that you actually need in order to request yourself and to be able to work even harder when you have toe. So what you have to do is pretty simple. Decide what kind of we won't you want to set for yourself, such as getting a massage may be going on a vacation. Taking a dream trip tore the place you always want to. You have to set those goals in mind. So what you're doing is you're working the whole entire year. We're saving up for this big thing that you're going to be doing. And for example, if you want to have two weeks off and you want to travel the world or you want to do something, you really want it always do. So just go on a vacation on a deserted island and enjoy everything else over there with your family or going to Disney World. Definitely make some time for this to actually happen. So what you're gonna be doing is making sure that your schedule itself is always gonna be open for those two weeks that you're gonna be taking off. And because you work for yourself, you know won't go have to tell your boss that you're taking this time off. Now it's highly desired for you to pick those two weeks exactly when you have to do it. The best time off the year to pick those two weeks is gonna be in the downtown, which is gonna be during the summer months whilst the war stand. For you to do this to take a vacation is gonna be around new use or Christmas time. Now, around that time will do you. The majority of your work is connected, happened. So since you work for yourself and you're walking, drop shipping or shipping packages on eBay ordering, etc. Sign, that is when the majority of photos are going to come in. That is actually well, the majority of your money is going to be made as well. So why actually take a vacation during that time? You're better off just taking vacation in a different time of day. Oh, and working harder during that time to make even more money so you don't have to work in a downtime. So instead of getting when you're three days off around Christmas, you're gonna be getting three weeks off and the summer because you're gonna be making so much more money by managing a time more efficiently and taking time off when you have to see your request yourself and you're ready to face the challenges or walking for yourself and working for 9 to 5 job because you don't have to walk for 95 you're your own boss. You are the one who is making the world's and you decide when it's time for you to take dedication. Nobody else tells you exactly when you have to do it. In fact, if you want to take the whole month off doing that sample, you can go ahead and do so. Just keep in mind that taking that month off during that time of the year well, the majority of your income is coming in is just not a good idea. So with that said, just keep and making sure that when you want to take the vacation all this specific time off the year is gonna be exactly in the white time. So after you walk a whole entire year, figure out which is the exact time. Well, it is the most downtime, and you get to do absolutely nothing is probably the best time for you to take a break. Injuries, um, and do something fun and injured people. And just for you, with your family with your significant other were home with about anyone else. Maybe it's just time for you to do it by yourself. Thank you for watching and see you in the next director. Now get a piece of paper out and the light down a few places. Well, you want to go ahead and go on your vacation, be it. Let me see. Destination. Maybe the ocean. Disneyworld, Miami Beach. Oh, end of what we do. Travel The world don't know. Come up with something cool anyways. Regardless 20. Register as eBay Seller: eBay is one of the world's largest marketplaces, and creating an account on it is actually and no bueno to create an account over here. It's pretty easy for step for you is to place on register over here, and you have a few choices for you to make one. Would you like to clean a business account? Do is you can create also a personal account. If you're creating a business account, you're gonna get a lot more options for you. And, plus, you're going to get into the business section off eBay. They're going to give you excellent tools, us selling women's mobile emotions and so on to help your business take and get to the next level. One of the requirements, if you're gonna be creating a business account, is having a legal business name that is where you stood and also having a legal business and us as well. It's not required for you to have a legal business address, so if you're using the same address to conduct your business, you can use it as well. But the legal business name is actually quiet Now. You don't have to go about, and I just throw this business name yet, but this is the name you should be using on eBay. Tree means you have to go to a website called Legal Zoom that come on this website, you can go ahead and you can start your own business as fast as you can. The only requirement over here is too could eat what kind of business you want to do. So you can start often, Loc, which is in advance. You don't have to do this yet. You can start a corporation, which is simple. Advance. This is for big companies. All you can do doing business asked. This is the easiest one and the one that is the easiest for you to create. In fact, you can either do it online. Start the db a on we go zoom, and it costs you only 99 bucks for state filing fees. Oh, you can go to your local county in the United States and the latest Oh, and that's gonna be super cheap going on 25 bucks. And so So keep this in mind that this is just one way for you to create on legal business name, but this is not a quiet for you to register. In fact, you can just start as a personal account. And over here, you have to do is to type in your name and then type in your last name. Type in your email address as well, and then your password. And that's all you have to do in order to get registered to sell on eBay. And then all you have to do is to put in your user name and the password, and you'll be signed in. Now. The only thing I will command for you to do here is toe really think about when it comes to clean your user name. It is unique. It is what you're gonna be using for a very long time. So think it over before you create it. It is not something that you can go ahead and change very fast, but if you decide to do so, you can always change it. And then after you change it, you have to wait 30 days before you can change it again. But don't keep on doing it because it's gonna confuse people. And it's gonna make so much harder for repeat customers to come back to you. EBay shop 21. Guide to create a listing: hello and welcome everyone. And in this video, I'll be showing you the simple way to get started with clean any of post eBay listing and what you have to do in the whole process that you have to go for it. Are you excited yet to make money online? And if so, it is time for you to do it. So what do you do? Forced well, forced a bull? You have to do a little bit of a lease. So which, in fact, one of the best things that you have to dio Mr find out. How much is this item? Actually, Wolf, before you go about and South, we're going for a place that's called advance and creaking white on it. When you click on advance, you go into a menu that works like this. It's called the advance search. We have to type in the item that will be actually sign, which is the widow, this pet shop Geico. That is the item that is we're gonna be something that is actually diamond, that I'll be so myself. And therefore you'll see the process that I go through to create this simple wisdom. So when I go and actually do this. After I type it in, I make sure to press on sold listings, not completed. But so I want to know how much money this item actually sort for. So I can get a feeling much I should price it myself. So after you do this right after the next is to price on search and now they got a bunch off items that actually sold here. Now, the key word here is sometimes you can see something like this. Take a look at this. Somebody over hell. So that long here is a Western mistake that I actually see here. He saw the lot off items, but he made a few mistakes here. Want he didn't name How many items are for sale? The keyboards would heal. It's missing. The item number is missing as well. Along with what exactly does selling. So this listing could have went for way more than actually did. And what you do with West, things like this, you grab them, you buy them and you will sell them for more. So we're looking at what kind of off items that we can sell and potential price for it. take a look at this. Here is somebody who did very good job in the listing. He saw this for 50 bucks. He was a listing that I potentially I am going to copy because this guy saw this for 12. 95. But I'm gonna top it off. I'm gonna try to sell the same exact listing for 15. So like this as an example. Once you find an example you want to copy, you press on it because now you're going to use this in your western next step. You're gonna go and going to the pictures. So here are the pictures that I took off this item itself. And now you got a fix every one of those pictures because they don't look good. So it's going toe effect. Adjust, and they're gonna give some white tow them. Look at this. It looks so much better now. And sometimes you have to just cropped the image as well. So we're putting a lot more attention in hell. And they were touching Dow. There was a bunch of blemishes in here. And you wanna remove this as well and we burn. Miss, You see? Has to be out off the image. Sometimes your computer screen might be Dodi and you're not moving any blemishes whatsoever , so that could happen as well. But look at this. My image that's fixed forces the original image. What a difference he was. Another one. No, we have to do is to make sure it looks better and also to make sure that was a lot more white. Indo that gives a lot more value to the item had details. People love to see details. Look at this. This is not good. You don't want something like that. Nobody can see that this is too dark. That's bad, too. You wanted to be quite in the light location, and then you want to zoom right into the item itself like this and Central. There we go because it looks good. He was another one, getting the same exacting right here, too. And let's go make sure to expel. Oh, and you're trying to give the most value as you can for any of those items. You're upping the value off the wasting by getting amazing images. And if you can't do this, you have Ohio. Somebody who is a professional photographer to do this for you, such as myself goes and let's go rotate the image here. This is important. You gotta show every kind off image possible underside sides have. We think people want to see how it looks like before they are making their mind to purchase . This item here is another one year. Why am I spending so much time in this? Because pictures is one of the most important things when it comes to your product. Bad images equal bad sales. There was a big difference between a bad image and a good one, and it might be with an extra 50 to 100% more profit difference. It really is that much of a difference between them. So you want to make sure you have a lot of images, different images and good images, and when they will move things that don't belong here, like I just did it here as well. So even a bad picture could become a fairly good picture. So that's enough. I think there's two more it hell, and if you think you've got enough of them, we have to do is their wheat, and now it's just gonna be moving them into the desk up next step is to go back to the listing itself. And here is the actual east. And if you're going to be copying, so present copy. Go backdoor listing. Bless on sale. Now let's go into what it says Could eat the twisting I know. Single listing. Waiting sometime today. Maybe. Here we go. Based on dynamite, though. Do eat their long thing. Details about has to go, and I doubt you See what it did. It already found the title off the item and found it exactly. Well, it belongs so Oh, I have to do next is just to put on it. It found the category for May. I don't even have to do this much work sometimes on eBay. Sometimes it's that easy. Yeah. Now, after I did the title itself. And this is not the correct item yet. No, what I'm gonna be doing, making sure it is in the white store category. If you don't have a story, can you know? You don't have to do this sport at all. See what we got healed? Which kind? That's an animals. I think that's a good one. U P C. This is pretty important. Would see if this guy what he did. The work for me says, does not Abi kill itto family? We're gonna be coming. That blend. Who has Bauer? Sure. We put that in. So it is used. UBC code does not apply. We have to put this in. It really is important condition. Accident used you. Perfect. Electable shape. Next day, pictures actually grab or the white images. I know. Person open. It's gonna upload over the images bland. Make sure we get the white brand in hell. And is this the right brand that would check up capital? Family got have that as well. And make sure you post all this info in here. It is not bundled listing now. I m p n it's not requiring it. So you, Philip, as much as you can heal, next step for us is to just go incompetent and time wasting. Now, it's not the same item, but I like the way the for mentors. You see, I'm getting the same format as this guy. So I just had to do copy and paste you. No, we have to go and fix everything in here because there was a few mistakes Before we go for that, they're gonna make sure the best image comes post you. This actually looks like a good one, but I like this one more. So it's put this image force. Now, if an item doesn't sell, you can just go back and you can switch the images a wound and see if that gets you there sales and the different animals. So I doubt and remember the post pictures they come and you move them to the last place off course we have. Do put kids just to eat one and sometimes even battle. You might actually have to go full and switch the order around as well. So if it's not selling, you could just switch the older a little bit around if you want to like this. Oh, and the other way around. Those two look really similar, so I put them in different places, and it's always good to rearrange things as well. We didn't take advantage of all the images. We should have those four images. You have to go also those tools here that you can go and adjust the brightness. Fix this up a bit as well. So you can do this. So, auto adjust where the computer was just for you. You can go and put most sunshine in here. If you want to like this, I'll make it. Delko. It's up to you to decide what you want. Hume already did all the adjustments, but this is just for you. You can do a quick and easy adjustments using this specific tool. Now, after we did this, we're gonna go into the most important thing and fix this up. So that title is what? Awfully. And there's a few numbers here, and they're not using the core economics. We gotta find the correct numbers for my listing, actually, and this is the wasting that I have right here. And that's the one wasting. Let's go into my listing instead. Hewitt is that this is their listing where I bought the specific item wrong, and it has the correct numbers to them. So here's what I'm going to be doing here. Gonna be pasting this in. So we got the little keyboard spam going on here. Not exactly something you should be doing, but it always works. So it's smoking, too, though sometimes keep what's found so We're getting all those. What numbers? Right here in the back. So this item itself will actually show up because people are working for those specific items. Make sure you put the spaces in here. No. Over Hubie A putting one off we expect with getting and those numbers don't mean anything. They're just there to catch this. Wasting from everybody who is working. Subtitle Don't do this unless it is very expensive item. Otherwise you'll be wasting tons of money that's going down, Hugh. GPS CO does not appoint condition. We did some things. You have to review it again. And over here, which is gonna be switching the listing to the correct one. And it just get rid of very nice phone. So let's go back to the fonts and put some nice fancy phones in here. Gonna make it look good. More likely, somebody's gonna buy this. I don't like this call. So let me go and find something more interesting confused to be like, Yeah, this looks a little better. And then, like his original stuff, though, So let's keep some of his original things that he put in. And I'm kind of stealing from his resting, but that's OK. I'm gonna know because I'm changing a lot of things around. So those free adorable wept owes are looking for a new home. Like what? He wrote some keeping that in hell. Great shape, make cute gift for a loved one. Things to sell this idea for. And I wanna change the call. Just a book. Details what? Details. Like the way he stated this. So I'm gonna be the reading the West of this up. I put in three. Yeah. I mean, change this a little bit healed the We did the front, and I really liked his form. So it's keep that really nice, Have you? Full bet collection? We find reasons. So that's what they had to do. Like you. Now it looks much better. I think next step for us is the selling place, which is gonna be 15 98. And as you can see, I bought this. I bought this for 22 and it got what moved them. I got seven of them and I'm something half of them 4 15 You might say I'm not making much money on this, but this is just an example. I could actually price that anywhere I want. In fact, if I wanted to, I could go even higher. But nobody's gonna buy this. No, I was gonna break this into two different lots. Q. And we have seven of them, Which means I can sell free of them and self free of them for 15 then self all of them for maybe 17. And I'm still gonna make money. Not that much. So I have to think about making more money. So I'm upping the price with a bit more. And it's almost as close as 22 box that I originally bought this for. But I didn't buy it for 22. I gave the guy a best offer, which means I bought it for 17. So now I'm actually at break even and selling on the free items. What else? I still haven't inventory or for extra ones. Isn't that ingenious? So what? So I put this in for 17 98 which is the bite now? Price that I had before. But I'm only selling free items. Forces the fall. No, I'm done after the next is press on voiced item and this is it. This is all you have to do in order to create a listing online. This is done. And it is now yo tone to go and create your own amazing listing. So go ahead, go forward, create your own wasting and good work to you and see you in the next video. 22. Etsy Earning Proof: So let's get started with how much money you can all on Etsy. Now. The reason why I'm sure you this is not to go ahead and black. How much I made it is more to inspire you so you can figure out and see for yourself how much you could make if you put out a lot of effort in time into creating a successful and a winning Etsy shop. So one of the four shops that ever Klay eat it was this specific one so forcible we'll start of Shop number one. I have three different shops, and this is actually the smallest one in terms off revenue. This one started at the year 2014 and the dude the u 2018 I was able to sell 64 items Whippet and only 1748 box in the specific shop. Keep in mind different shop. Different niches are gonna have different amount of money in them. So this is not something you can really control, how much you can make with a specific niche. And if that niche is not working for you, you definitely should change to a different one as you can see in this specific niche one year it was doing really well in 2000 15 when they just got started as a 14. I got zero sales whatsoever. I didn't know much about that, said back then the different deal. In 2016 I only made 155 bucks. I probably was busy doing something else. And then 2017 I made 684 and in this year, only 270. Now this is the released shop will make the least amount of money. But I want to show you this as a big example Here, traffic source is coming mostly from NC itself. This is what majority it's gonna come from. Next is external search which is totally put sent and the act so which is when the 18 social media is only 3.7%. So given mind, most of the traffic is going to come from etc. And external search direct. So which is well, you before people to buy something? It's not this much. Now let's go ahead and take a look at my shop number two. So this one is doing so much better this specific one started at the year 2000 toe teen, actually, and this one is doing so much more better 280 different odors in this 1 7000 amount of revenue. So this is a big shop and then it just got started, forced you. This one was very successful. 727 box Next year I was busy doing something else. And I told you at the shop go. The year after that, I went back to the shop. I mean 1718 box. Next year, I doubled them on the money to 2544. The year after that, it went down to 1618. Now you might say, Well, it went down well, that really because I started everywhere in your shop. I thought this one was good, but now I'm gonna go into the next one. So keep in mind and keep working at something going interesting here how I go about and after I go and do really well in once up, I replicate the same thing and make it even the better version in the next shop. And so on so something off way, which is the recent and the best shop I have so far. I sought 367 amount of items on it. 8400 box that they meet in it 1017 2000 box 200 revenue the next year. 18 8000 bucks in revenue. So I tripled that amount of money I made in the last shop. So this extra pose to show you that the best you get and the better you get at antsy and selling on it, the more money you can put them to be making. 23. What to sell on etsy: selling when that see one on one. Why you should go about and start someone, etc. And what is the benefits of it so etc itself? You can sell free, different things on it. Full stop handmade products. Second thing, even so, is vintage politics. In the last year, you can sell digital points, so I have all those things I can commend for you to start with whatever works for you, but at sea itself is most simple. It is easy to sell products on hell, and it is natural rated, which means if you get in tow a specific niche, you can market a lot higher ourselves in it. So let's go into more details what kind of stuff you can sell on Etsy itself When it comes to a handmade products, it means if you can make something with your own hands, it becomes handmade. Oh, if you can put your own handmade touch into something already created, such a sweet goes, Oh, if you take something, would it? Let's take something wouldn't for an example. If you find a wooden item and you called your name into it or you come off someone's name into it it becomes handmade and you consult on that it is that simple. So this is one off the nature's you can get into in etc. Itself. The second Age is vintage problem, so something that is over 25 years old, you find it us a Nazi and you make a cell. Vintage items are more difficult to sell on Nazi, then also as good as handmade products because that's what etc is famous. And it's all about. And the last thing that Nancy is very good at itself being. Of course, a digital platform is selling digital points. So if you're an artist, you have to draw stuff. All you can do is take the drawing itself and then take a picture of it and sell the picture, and you can sell it infinite amount of times and make money with you don't even need to ship it. That's the cool thing about etc. In fact, it's one of the best places for you to sell your artwork and get people toe by form U by just buying the items in your shop. So if you have a tango four, if you're somebody who likes to digitally fixed items, that you could create And I'm talking about for this up. This is the correct place for you. It is one of the better places for you to get a good variety off money selling things that you like to do. And you like to put creativity until online. That's what at sea is about and not a good thing about at sea itself is just the good part of you Quit eating something and how long it actually stays in etc. Itself. Roses are the websites as he gives you three months. That's like three months for the item to be featured on ANSI itself. It's like having your own shop and just letting it go for three months and then seeing if you're gonna making yourselves the bad part about etc itself is that you gotta generate and mostly bring you on tropic toe, etc. Itself in the beginning. So if you just get started on at sea and nobody's buying your stuff, you got to find somebody who is actually gonna buy something form you and then at sea might market your kind of more so the most sales you get, the more antsy is gonna do its part to get more clients to you. It's gonna feature your item on Nazi. In fact, though, is the way you can tweak the CEO to get a lot more people to come in. So when I just started my shop after I did all those enhancements do it. I got a lot more people to come in, and I don't have to market whatsoever any of my pilots. Every once in a while, somebody buys something that I have in my shop. It is a little place for you to make money on the line and use a definite try. 24. Create etsy Listing: this particular section will be exploring how to make a very good idol description that will make sure this particular item is gonna make you a lot of money. So the posting that I suggest for you to do this to make sure that whatever product you be sewing has a very good title to it. So when you're lining their product that you're selling, make sure every single item in the title is being used. And the keyboards itself is enough to attract somebody to come and buy this particular item or if they use a search engine that will actually be able to find your particular product. In fact, sometimes I would go into the Red Sea search engine and type in the name of my Pollock and see if it's gonna come up on the top of the West or not, because if it does, I made a very good job putting the white keyboards into it. Now about this listing, this is also very important. You want to choose which one is most one that you can actually use, so it's either you did it. Somebody in your shop did it, or another company or person So I did all the member of my shop. That would be, ah, handmade product, On the other hand, and not a company or person that's not gonna be handmade is gonna be a vintage product that you'll be selling dope. They're allowed categories to sell or Nancy vintage and handmade, so make sure you choose wisely. So if you did this, the item becomes handmade and vintage, and the reason it becomes handmade and vintage is if it's if I put in that it was made before 1996 and if I put it into 10 4015 the item is only handmade. On the other hand, with another company or person makes it, you can't sell this critical item on us. It was actually created before 1996. So keep in mind vintage products out anything that was created before 1996 which is not that long ago, so that potentially let's yourself a huge amount off products when etc. Because there is a lot of items out there got a vintage and Bo created before 1996. No, since this particular part of I created myself, it's called. I did and it is a finished product and I created it right now. So either you created this now all it's actually has not been made yet, So if somebody actually approaches it, you're gonna create it for them, and it's gonna might take a little bit for for you time to create this too. So you can say it's gonna be the wait for a few days until you actually create this particular let's put it into the actual time that this product was actually me. Next thing very important is they can't ago itself. Make sure you actually choose the white category for this particular product. If you choose the wrong category, you can always switch around. So don't worry if you choose the wrong one. When I was a hand, if you choose a category and this particular item is not signed, well, you can choose a different category instead and see what happens. And then we category. There's actually another category which is a sub category and subcategory. There was a triple category which is a sub sub Get gather go itself so you can be very, very specific for the category off this particular item and you don't have to be that specific. In fact, you can just put up games and toys, which is this particular item is. Then you just put toys as a section, which is selecting the category, which is a sub category over category. And here is another subject ical. Inside, it's up. Get going, though it sounds a little bit of Dan did and confusing, but it really is. But, you know, we have to select the third category. It's not really that important here, but it will help you. And if somebody is working in that particular section, it's gonna be a lot easier for them to find this particular category. If you actually are wasting it as such, when it comes to the price, this is something you should decide. You have to make sure you make a police some profit on this particular product, so don't sell something for the same amount of money it cost you to make it or find it. So you have to put in at least 20% or even higher margin into the cost off this particular pilot. That's how you make your money. People understand that So you have tow price it a bit higher. Then you buy when as a hand, if you want, when you have a very few of those particular products, are prices much trial because you might not be able to get them again. So if somebody does sport, you sit in a few months. It's fine with me. But if you want to sell it faster, you have to put the place a little bet West and the new AB sins. This is very important. I like menu. I don't like when them for them to automatic. You renew it because they'll be charging me 20 cents each time. And and it will actually put up your budget pretty high if you don't have any free listings the walk with So I like to do it manually when it expires. I go in there and that's he. Doesn't you know when a listing expire? So menu is the choice that I like to use quantity. Let's go back to it. The quantity off their particular product. You're having stock now. I like to use brother fuel because the reason for that if you put a lot of them in those, you might not. People will not think it's cool, unique and different, so they might not actually buy it. So I put one. But in fact, I do have one particular product at the time. So when somebody dies by, I will have to create a brand new one. So it is the quantity I have one handling now anyways, and the type did you know you connect yourself digital products on at sea. In fact, that's pretty cool, because if you sell something digital, what say, for example, you make something photo shop and there's a digital picture, you can actually send it to them as an email, and they will pay for it. So that's like, very cool feature on Etsy itself. So that is handmade as well. Oh, the physical product is you have something on hand and you have to ship it. The good thing about digital, it doesn't cost you any money to actually sell this particular part, which makes at sea a very cool site to make business or description. The best thing about that is you can actually use Corporal html Zoran Jassal. Fancy stop. It's all black and white. So when you're actually doing it, what is important here is to make the description very need and straight to the point. And in fact, if you make it too long, somebody is not gonna take the time and the greed all the description about this particular park. So you want to make it showed to the point and to make sure that somebody reads it and they know everything about this particular product and then they decide So they buy or should day not. And don't forget to put this size and the weight off this particular item. It is important for some people toe know how big this item is and how happy it is as well. Lastly costume, you can actually have a custom can ago, and you can tell people that they can customize the older itself. And it is very important because you can make it a very cool and different product that you will be selling and then telling them, Hey, listen, if you like this product, you can order with and Blue Green or any other choices you have, And if you do use this is a choice, you can even put in the bottom with them. No. What kind of custom items that you can actually queen with this listing. Let's keep going down section. You have a choice. What vertical section you could post your particular item into. There was many different sections, and when you create the sections, you actually have a choice where you want to put them into so people can find them a lot easier in your store affiliations. Relations is what kind of different options somebody has, especially if they want a customer of this particular product. So the motive revelations you put in the more different products you can waste. I don't use it that much, but you could use it, especially if that what product you're selling has different. Kahlo's has different dimensions as different heights. Owen. So you can use a lot of different police stations to this particular park, so somebody can actually custom over the and product. So what? They actually do its simple example that it's gonna have different call. So you put in different call. So now people can have different color choices. Black. You can get this in green. They can get this in Guay. Now you can add different kind of places toe every single variation that you haven't stuck . In fact, let's go and customize it even more so if somebody gets it in different cause now, they can get it in different paddling or its Seymour in different dimensions. So let's get the conventions here and inches. So now we have another option here so people can actually buy it in different dimensions. And this is really interesting. So you can have all kinds of affiliations toe your particular product and makes people really want to buy, because now they can customise that they can make it look whichever way they actually want this particular product work. So it becomes a handmade product that they actually specially ordered and design, which is really cool about that. Sipping you concoct, went the shipping, or you can actually with the Post and calculate exactly how much it's gonna cost them to ship this item toe the location. Therefore, you can put the waiting here. You can put the item size and he'll and they can just press and calculated, and we have different shipping option. Still a lot of different locations, you can actually add different kind of locations. Pacifica liked Australia, Germany, Greece, or whatever you actually wanna use as a choice. And then you can put different prices. Or you could just do to your country and everyone else and put the student when set of prices, to make it more simple, which I use. We do. Lastly, this is very important. This sword storms. This is the most important part, or your ads a listing. You want to use every single tone you can about whatever item you're wasting. And this one has a few times at a warm. So I have to Actually the Whitcomb. So which and this is part of the reason this particular and it was not selling is that I had some of the long tags on this particular product. This is why it had a lot of issues with fit being selling. Before that it had the white tanks in it. So you have to make sure it all has the light tanks in its you have five different tags who left for me. But you can use all toting off them. And when you type it in, just make sure it is describing whatever you're selling and as many keywords as possible. So this one is Statue of Liberty. So that should be in there. So it's gonna have statute or legal, okay? And you put it in to make sure you spell it the light. Because if you make a mistake in spelling, nobody will be able to find this particular product, So that is very important. Also, materials make sure you put on the material is being used over here. We just usually goes and there's a few mega bucks. So it's good that end up. So people are not actually gonna send this back because there was a mistake in ballistic. We want to be as honest as you can about everything you're selling. And here we have four more tags that the left. So we have to use formal tags and one of them is going to be building blocks to We put another one in here and now I think we got most of them in kids toys. Do we have toys? So you have to make sure you're using every single tag possible. So we have another one. This statue put that in and we have two more and we can put um, I guess we now know them. So when I think of tomorrow actually gonna Adam Brickley on? But this is just for demonstration purposes. I'm just trying to teach you how to do this occasion. This is really unimportant. I would not be using it for occasion because then everybody who has a particular occasion for that say, for example, you just selling it for Bulls Day. So people are just gonna buy it for that specific day. That's not good for you. You want everybody to buy this every single day they come up across this particular item, therefore, occasion for me, it's something I would not be using. I'll put none because that's going to get more people to buy this particular style smile discouraged this particular item to. So for mine. I don't know what I'm going to actually call at. Exactly. Or maybe it's not even site fly. Lana, Someone's I don't know what I'm actually gonna call this political. I know. Is it fantasy? Maybe I totally realistic to so historical. Yeah, historical is exactly what describes it. So I put that in stops. We've been in a factory to different styles into it, and stylish just makes it work. interesting and most sophisticated recipient. You know who is going to get this but the grinding if they buy, I like to put not because it gives all options on the table. So if somebody is gonna buy, they're more likely to buy this particularly. So when you're done, just click on, publish the copy, and that set your job, is that? 25. Create Amazon Account: Welcome to Amazon F B A in this section will be covering how you can create an Amazon FB account and which steps you should go about. Amazon dot com made it very simple for you to become a cell. There is no hidden things that you have to do. All you have to go and do is to become a member of the site to become a member of decide. You just have to register yourself in that count and why, Just tell yourself is a bio that's all you really need to actually do. Once you set up your account as a bio, then you can easily transform that bio account into a selling account as well. So therefore, staying that they suggest for you to do is to go to amazon dot com. And I just don't as a bio if you're not, don't really want. And what you guys bubble? Yeah, so it's probably going to acquire it for you Now some of you may think, Okay, I joined. Prime is not gonna give me an advantage as an Amazon salable it's not. That's not gonna make any difference. In fact, it has nothing to do with you being in Amazon so whatsoever. So I suggest for you to do is what you decide. You want to become an Amazon sell. Oh, you need to do is place on cell and that's it. It's that simple. When you push himself, we're gonna have a different menu. As you can see, somebody talks here about that 40 puts out of profit coming from something on Amazon because definitely Amazon drives a lot off business in tow. Every kind of company that does business with Amazon is a huge retail worldwide. It's one of the biggest outdoor. So what do you want to do is to try the one month out or we as a sell and sell as a professional and see how this works for you. Now, I don't recommend you start registered as a several white after you take this class. In fact, I will command you test out the products. You get everything ready. You could utilize this one month as best as you can. This is releases. I suggest this for you is that I don't want you toe spend any money unless you actually can make money. So once you know that you have products out there that you can sell your gonna use that for a month and be very successful. Once you're ready to be a successful sell, you're gonna start getting profits. It's much better for you to go into this when you already have all the information down. In fact, if you take this course, I don't suggest we have to take this course once I suggest that you listen to our actual twice. The reason for that is you wanna get everything down, every single thing that this course tells you to do, what not to do and get everything down the basics off the business and the white notes on a piece of paper. Because when you have all the basics down and everything covered once you go for the forced a month, you'll be successful and what most successful the most settles out there and you will stop making really good cash doing this method after taking this course as seriously as you should, because you're gonna make be making a lot of money, and you have to be determined enough to be able to do this and be very profitable at it. So after you pass on cell, what's when it happened is going to come up to the specific menu, and it's going to say where you stop and start something today. So what we need is they need your business name, address and contact information. Therefore, you have to establish this stuff before your register because it's going to ask you for this stuff anyway. And then it's gonna also ask you for your four number, A credit card and violent billing address and your tax identity information. So all this stuff is very important for you, and then it's gonna ask for your legal name or whatever the name of your business name in step. So all this stuff has to be covered by you, and it has to be all already put down before you're gonna start. Your Amazon have being business. Therefore, it is important that you don't start the registration until you get everything else down. And then when you get everything else now and everything is ready to start the business, that's where you're gonna go about and the way to start as a cell. If you do this before you already, they're not gonna accept you in their agreement. And because Amazon is supremely picky who it's walking where? So you've gotta have all the documentation down. You can just go and that half hour, one piece of the limitation down right there, and that might not to do business with you. And you definitely don't want to reject you at all. Do you want to have everything down and ready so you can start doing business with them and start to make you money as soon as you're ready with this process? 26. What to sell on Amazon: welcome everyone in this section, we will be taking a look at how you can make simple profits with Amazon. So your go hell is very simple. It is easy to do, but it requires a little bit of work on your part. So the first thing you have to do is to actually find items that are selling on Amazon that are available for very cheap price. Then you can take those items. Who is them on eBay itself and sell them for more money. There is two ways for you to go and do it. The first way, of course, is to drop ship. So what you want to do is to find the best Selves in the category off Amazon itself. He was the Amazon bestsellers like hell and over there doing Hubie off finding items that are number one, number two, maybe the top 20 items in each category. The next thing you want to do is to take the item itself and whatever it is, make sure it has a bunch off five stars to it because you don't want people to give the item back. Now we wanna have items that are more essential that people are actually buying here is something interesting right here. And you could find a want off things on Amazon, and I'm not going to go about it and say, Hey, this is a good thing. This is not, but I'm going to go a lot more into details What kind of things you should be looking for. So, for example, Sony PlayStation for If somebody wants to buy a PlayStation, they're not really going to buy it from you. They're going to go to a place like Amazon and by directive from them. They're not gonna buy it for me. But you're not gonna make money with something big ticket items. The things that you want, a self course are small tickets. Thinks so. Something that cost over 50 box would be ideal for you to actually. So something that cost less than 50 is not gonna work really well for you. And the reason for that is quite simple. Right now, if you have more than 50 door wolf of items on Amazon, you can actually take those items and ship them for free to your destination as a gift. Now, if you have a prime membership they're not gonna let you do this. If you keep on doing this, you're abusing the members up. So if you don't have a prime membership, it's totally a lot for you to do this as long as you don't abuse that system now, another can. If something looks pretty good and it cost a little bit Wes, then the 50 door mark, you can definitely buy it. But now you have to pay shipping, so you have to add an extra value to it. There was a lot of different items on Amazon that you can get. So if you go to the best so itself, you can take a look at every kind of item that is selling find things that are useful. And then sometimes. And here is something that I really liked to dio is to look at the difference between how much the actual item is costing and how much you can get it as used over new item. Sometimes you have exponential difference between a new item and they used one. So you want to take a look at this listing and see why is the used one is pretty cheap. So here is one that has both feel meant by Amazon, and this one is almost half off their price. So sometimes you will get something like this, and it could be pretty good. So it healing for voiced one. This one right here is walking. It's perfect. And there was no lead mailbox forward. So you're kind of safe in buying this and then marking it up and we sign it for more money . If you do this a few times, you definitely will make some cash. This is one way for you to go about this and do this. The second Wave ghost is to go find the items that are selling hell and just wasting them up on eBay itself. You're gonna take the same exact Western. You're gonna post it up on eBay and then you will market a bit higher. So the reason you want a market higher is, of course, to sell it. Because if somebody buys it form you, you have to get some profit. And the only way you make profit is of course, you have to market higher than the price you actually bought time. So their stores a ways for you to actually do this. That's gonna also make your pretty good amount off. Perfect. One way. Of course we talked about is to drop ship Dynamo. Second Way is to go and buy the item itself. And then once you get the merchandise, you're gonna sell it for what? More money on eBay. So we're gonna go into Amazon and as a compartment in it, and it's called Amazon Warehouse Dios. And in about house deals, there was a whole storefront with here that has thousands off different products. So all you have to do here is very simple. You're gonna take a look at every single product that it's selling here, find one that works pretty cool, nifty and is selling for a very good bargain. Take this item, buy it from Amazon and then twisted up on eBay. That way for you. For this to actually walk. You don't wanna buy too much merchandise. You wanna buy very few items and you want to see if it works for you. If it doesn't work, Amazon does have a return policy so you can go and return the items back. Now, make sure you don't abuse this system because, of course, if you back 20 0 Tony items and none of themselves. And then you return more back. Amazon might actually ban you from actually doing this. So be smart. And the smart way for you to go about It's very simple. If you shop a lot on Amazon itself and you buy a few extra things that you wanna actually sell, you will try to we so and sometimes the best thing to do for you, even if the item doesn't actually. So after you actually buy it is to go and tried toe actually sell it. And the same place you bought it on eBay itself, which is still good, because now you're not abusing the return policy. And at the same time you're getting your eBay account toe have a lot more cells, which is also very good because you're getting people toe go into your store and buy things Formative. Your have a store. If you don't have a story just fine, just have the listings up 27. Amazon FBA or Direct!: Welcome to Amazon F B A in this political section. Ruby exploring, which is the better way to do business on Amazon. Using FB A all selling it directly on amazon dot com. The benefits for you. Why you should be selling it as an f b A. So but you have to do is to decide if you are going to store the item in your house or store it on amazon dot Come if you'll be selling as an f b A. So you'll be actually shipping all this particle products that you have and shipping directing toe Amazon. That good thing about this is you don't have to have storage space in your place. And if you have a lot of items to sell, uh, and you don't have the money to have a basement, Oh, toe went out, Go out. So any as a location that's gonna have a lot of Pollocks. Their fall, I suggest for you is to actually sell it directive as an Amazon f B A. So you have to have everything stored in Amazon. That comes the good thing about this. You don't have to ensure your items you don't have to worry that somebody comes into your place and takes and helps themselves for all the merchandise that you're Gallo. And I was. So it's gonna be easier for you to pack and ship it because you don't have toe do this. For every individual item that you're going to be selling, Amazon will do it for you. Every time that something sold, they'll be packing and shipping the item themselves for you. The good part about this. You don't have to even have the shipping supplies you have toe ship and bully about every single individual product that you're gonna have on merchandise at the same time. The good thing about selling it on FB A. You don't have to worry about popular scam. So it's a somebody actually buy something on Amazon that come and they ship it toe on conform address. This is something that Amazon would have to worry about. Not you, because the shipping is not up to you now its upto Amazon. So it's up to them to do their job. We're securing the shipping to whatever location item has to be shipped to. This is the benefits for you. What? It should be selling an item as an Amazon. FB do itself now. The concept for doing business this way is the margin your religion is going to get hit. The reason for that is when you're selling it and using Amazon itself to do everything for you, they are the ones who are gonna take a bigger cut off the profit, the bigger cut for packing, big cut for storing the item on their location, and therefore you have to pay 40 cent storage feet for every single item that you have stored on Amazon that come at the same time. The amount of money that you have to pay them is only 40 cents for a whole month of storage . But if the item is not Poppel and it's not going to be actually selling that good, you'll be, and you will end up paying a lot of fully sent fees to Amazon. And if you're talking about thousands and thousands off doors of items, we're talking about a huge amount off stuff that you're gonna be stolen at the location and if so, that the amount of money you have to pay them every single month is going to be significant as well. So you have to keep that in mind before you do this. And I will Can about selling at as an Amazon FB a cell. You cannot test out items that good, because once you have a bunch of those items that you're gonna be selling, you already have to ship them. Directive toe amazon dot com. And once you do that, they're gonna be there for a long time and then to get it back. It's a for example, about something you decide. You just gonna try it out and you just sell it and ship it immediately as Amazon FB It's gonna be though it with a sitter for a very long time until it actually it's gonna get So So it's harder for you to test the item out. It's harder for you to actually give the item back if it doesn't work for you. And a lot of my methods is actually to buy the item tested out, formal retail stolen. If it does work for you, keep on buying more items from the retail store. And that's not gonna work for you that good because now you already bought that item and you have to keep it Amazon FDA for 20 days, and after 20 days you won't be able to give the item back to the store itself. So second work they're good for for you That way, either. Here's some benefits for you to sell it. Directing it is much easier for you to manage this particular business because you know how many products are out and you know how much you're selling it. It's easy for you to keep track of everything. That's what I think about and higher margins. When you are doing this or by yourself, you can charge for the shipping fee off every single item that you're gonna be sorry. And you can tell them how much you want the shipping people each item Toby at as well. So this is good for you to make a little bit more profit for every single item that you will be selling directing. Also, you can return the item back to the store. So, for example, if you sell something and it doesn't really book that good and you listed up as an Amazon FB direct, if it doesn't work, that's fine. You just and the listing and when you and the last thing, you just give the item back to the store and get the store credit, or we'll get the money back and trying at different item as you're testing out different items. Still, the count's off selling it directly. Our no is no protection for you. The item gets who asked or stolen. They also have toe actually store the item physic e in your location. And, of course, you have to take out insurance if it is pretty expensive item. Also, you have to have a lot of storage room. If there was a bunch of items that you'll be selling also for shipping, you have to have the shipping surprise and equipment in your place, and you have tow by the lift. If you don't have time to do this, that's not good for you to sell it. The elected 28. Amazon Affiliate Program: Welcome toe, Amazon Associates. This is one of the best view it programs on the Web itself. Well, you can own money without having to sell any physical product whatsoever. This is a website that I have been using for what, Off times, and you probably have been as well, you probably buying stuff from Amazon all the time. Now, how about you get started and get paid for actually selling products on Amazon without even having to create eight or even go and create an Amazon F B A account? How cool is death? So what you're gonna be doing is very simple. You're going to be joining now for free and become an Amazon associate with Amazon associate. You can all different kind of commissions for a wide variety off pilots that you can sell on the line. The fourth step is to join. Next step is to advertise, and that's how you can start making money. The great thing about Amazon associate is that you can go about and you can send the Amazon links. Do acted to your clients A. For example. I'm gonna go in tow Amazon itself right now and show you how the program actually walks. And once you're in that count itself, the great thing about this is that Amazon gives you a code for any specific product. So the first thing I'm gonna be doing your show, you how you can easily take an Amazon product. And we saw the same identical product to your current. It is easy and simple for you to actually do. First thing you have to do is to go into Amazon itself blouse and find a product that you want a self for somebody else. Then you have to place on it once. So this is a product that I'm considering right now to buy it for myself. I like the part of and I'm gonna go review this product once I get it. Once I get this product, I can create a commercial on it on YouTube posted on YouTube itself. And then after I do this, I'm gonna be posting the part of cold into the description off the item. And then if somebody is gonna buy it, I'm gonna get commission for it. Now here is the way I go about and do it off, Amazon associate, or you have to do is to press and to get the wings, you can get a tax link off the item itself. If you want to use it in your bog, you can get just an image link if you want to use it for the image itself. And that's how it actually works. Like on this side. Oh, you can use text and image, and this is exactly how it looks like as well. So the first thing that you have to do is to go at you, copy and paste this and use it in your HTML code in Europe. Set itself if you don't need tohave the whole specific code and you want to use it and send Let's say you have a friend and you want to recommend them something over the text message . So if you're going to be doing it like this Doctor, somebody on Facebook, you tell him, Hey, Liz, and I want you to get this product is kind of cool. I'm using it myself, and then what? You're gonna be doing personal tax like hell, high writing it, copying it and sending it to your body. Once he buys this product. Now you're gonna get commission for it. That is the most awesome thing about being an Amazon associate member. So you get a bunch of warnings, bunch of money using this method. In fact, you can even in command this part of to yourself by the product, and you still get commission for it. And the reason for that is quite simple. Every single item that is sold on Amazon itself already has built into it a small amount off boners for anybody who's gonna advertise off this product for himself off with somebody else. So this is a cool way for you to get some additional extra cash, and we all know that you all need extra money. Now let's go into YouTube itself. And over here, I'm gonna be showing you how I do the same exact thing I just told you about. Some force thing I'm gonna be doing is going into my account, and I'll be showing you how I'm doing the same identical thing I just told you about. So let's go in hell and take a look at all the things I'm actually. So it now and you can see there was a video. I don't off how I'm doing and woke out and in hell. When I'm doing the walk out, I'm showing this bench that I'm actually selling, and here is the product code right here. 29. Picking products to sell: hello and welcome everyone to the Amazon cash machine and how to profit using this amazing new system. So that military post about what kind of works I think it should be actually saw him. Making money in this place is so the kind of pilots. How we suggest for you to sell is something you will like to dio you enjoy. If you like to ski. And that's something you want to do. And you have a lot of ski equipment. Why not just go about and tell people what they should get? The same thing making YouTube video of your skiing that's gonna be even better. So that's the kind of things I suggest for you to get For me myself, I like to take pictures are like photography equipment. This is something I would like to do. So if I get a very good ones, very good equipment, really good things that I like to use. I put them on my own website. So when you go into my one website that with the section dough and you can actually see all the kind of equipment they used and of course you can quicken it and of course, I would get a commission off their self, so I only wanna actually saw a part of that. I know. I use I wake in any Well, because this is the part of I can attest to. I can tell people that they should be using the same exact look as I am actually using. That is the way you will make cells and you'll make good money. You want to sell a part of That is good. That is awesome. And people are going to actually like it because if you sell a part of that, somebody actually is not gonna like they're gonna beat on the part of back and you won't get a commission for it. And, of course, they're not gonna buy again for you as well. They were gonna think, Hey, this guy just scare me out of work there, either. My God, it's not good. Why would they want to do business with them again? They were commending the bad kind of quality equipment. That's why you always want to sell high quality equipment. That is good and they're likely to keep on. They come back and tell the point about hairless and that they do. It just told me the recommended me to buy this awesome camera. It takes amazing pictures, and you should get as well just use his link because he's going to get a commission woman. And you know what? Just because he gets a convention doesn't mean it will cost you more money because of Amazon itself or the prices are the same. And it doesn't matter if you're gonna get a commission over with. Oh, if you're using it about the commission, wink, because the price is not gonna change. And the big difference is either you make a small profit or you're not gonna get anything out of it. That's what Amazon is such a great place for you to profit because a lot of people go in tow and shop on Amazon. It is very easy for them to buy the product. There was always the possibility of them. Hey, of data, I can take always a tone of those easy. We don't easy exchanges. It is the world's largest market place. And you know what? You can go with Amazon reviews right on the product itself. You read about If you like it, you know why you should be actually buying it and why you should not. It is a very small business for you as well, because now you're kind of walking for Amazon, you some of the products and the best thing about you don't even have to spend a single dime on advertising on actually buying the product itself and try to sell it to somebody else. All you're really doing is pointing them to the court, part of your telling them why they should get it. And once they bite, you get the commission. Here's some other tips that I highly suggest for you to do. You can go about two concrete. Use a media pages you can create your own brother. You can even tell people about. You can go about and say, Hey, this product is a handsome Tell people why it's on some. They're all the benefits or the core personal reasons when your suit beginning it and I will give a little bit advice when they shouldn't get it. Be honest about what kind of things are great about this article. Item it. You're so white kind of things are not so good about as well so this makes it more actually a good judgment for them to decide, and then after will give a late into the park. So if it's a five star part of, just tell about this item is five style, because it gives me this and this and this this is why I should get it. It is awesome, and that's why you should use it as well. And of course, that's going to get your at more people who are going to buy your product. And when the primal works with you off course, you're gonna make more money and you keep on doing this. It's a great business and see you in the next lecture. 30. Getting started selling on Fiverr: who would welcome everyone. My name is so gay and I'll be your instructor for this awesome quietest about how to make money on viral, to grow your business and to get to the next level. When it just started on fiber, I wasn't making any money myself. In fact, I couldn't figure out how to do it. And I was just like you. And after a while I decided to go about and study some of the best people who thought how to make money on 50 itself. I won't inform them, and they implemented all those methods myself on marble, and they finally started to make money. In fact, made over 1000 bucks on Barbara in a very short period. Amount off time. He is my 50 poor file. And they have about 20 different gigs right now on sale at any given time on the Bible itself. Now, keep in mind, I started sign on fire well, since November 2014. But I wasn't successful until around the middle part of actually 2016. So I saw the amount of time I was able to maximize the mother money I was making fire by cross trading a lot and doing the white things on fireable itself. Now, if you want to sell in Bible and you want to make money and five all keep in mind, you have to follow everything that this course actually teaches you because this is gonna help you how to get to the next level off you selling and making money on fireable itself. The secret to be successful on fireable is to create as many different gigs as you possibly can on a viable itself. Another thing is, once you go about and you quit your final gigs, it is time for you to go and visual cash for Bible itself. It's also a little bit off complication here. But that's the sold I will teach you everything. And here is my own ings on five and how much I was able to make so far on fireball itself. Keep in mind when you want to this video. My own ings are probably substantially higher because this video has not been updated ever since I posted it up here. So my latest own ings are going to be posted in a special different section off the course itself. Now, when you are on fireable itself, you have to follow certain rules. So for you to be successful and in this course out did you have to create the wasting how to list correctly on fireable what you have to white in order for your gig to be accepted and how to do it in a way that's gonna get you a lot more cells. A lot of people start on fireable and they don't make much money in it. And the reason for that is quite simple. They just don't know what they're doing long you're gonna have a bunch of gigs on Fiverr itself. And only a few of those gigs are gonna walk very, very well for you. So my thoughts and my way off doing this is gonna help you to get the next level. How do I know this is walking? You have seen my income both, And as you know, I'm very good at online business itself. And I can figure out for you what's gonna walk for you and how to make it work for anyone else who is watching this video it now. So, to your success, keep on watching the west of this cause and implement all the strategies that I teach you because you're definitely going to be very successful and be able to make almost as much. And if that more on fireball itself by implementing average strategy, I will be teaching you in this course in South. 31. Create Fiverr Gig: create your own gig. All you have to do is pretty simple. You go like to this particular I can heal. Then you go into selling and in selling itself, you just placed on that once and here we have a huge menu, and the only thing that's important in this menu is my gigs, and that's gonna actually show you all the gigs that you have active. But right now, we're just gonna put create our own gig because we haven't actually have one up, especially you since you're a newbie and you just get started. That's what you want to do. You want to create your own gig, So let's get started and placed on that. So now that we pressed on clean your own gig, just make sure it is written entirely in English. This is 20 thing, and it does make a lot of sense here because if you all right the gig and something as a language than English, nobody will understand what you're talking about, and you definitely are not gonna get in yourselves now. This is a little bit he'll confusing about 50 and when it just got started and made the mistake, and it just couldn't figure it out. So it actually says I will. No, you can't write anything right here. And it's always gonna say that anyway. So what you want to do is you just want to continue this sentence. What are you good at and what are you gonna do? So I will. And then you say, create, uh, and gig about maker Bible. So that's what the electric court and he was something that keep in mind. You cannot actually put the door sign in here. What? I'm gonna do this anyway, just to see if this is gonna catch me and tell me I can't do this now the next thing you want to do after you write your title and make sure that title is good because it's going to say just perfect because it lacks the title. Now you have upto 80 capitals, Max that you can use here. And do you really want to use every one of them? Not necessarily. This is not the same as on eBay. The key votes don't mean as much as you think they do. It's more off a few Esmie awards that are very, very important that are gonna get all the attention that is more important than just giving up the space of anything that you possibly can. So the next thing you want to do is you want choose a category that you're going to actually do this. So create a gig about making monument Bible. You want to look at which one is the most appropriate for this article gig title and the one that I think is going to stand out the most is gonna be the business one. So I'm gonna put it in the now it gets me have another was subcategory. So I'm gonna put in business steps, so just select which one is the most appropriate for that. The next thing that's gonna ask you to Dio is to quit the gig gallery. Now here is the catch. You and valuable e important Forestall is going to reject almost any kind of picture that is not this particular size. And if you have a picture that is, wait, why would you know that it's not gonna take it Second a ball. You have to own the copyrights to this particular image or just find one that is not in it doesn't have any particular copy lights to it and go to that particular website. Then I'll be showing you that in and not a different watcher. So what you want to do here is find a picture that's gonna really stand out and make somebody really want to buy it. You have to go into your computer and you have to find something and add to it. So we will actually be doing this little waiter because it is not that important right now . But it is important eventually. So let's go next to the description, because the description is really what's gonna sell this particular gig. So here you can white anything you really like about the gig, and you want to get escalated as you can. So you want to tell them why they should be buying it. Daniel, tell them the purpose of this game. What kind of like don't those the fleet main things that the gig should actually talk about ? Now there's not much you can do in it. You can actually capitalize things in it. And the tax year there was a women off the number off Cal, it does. You can use, which is upto 120. And I do like to use most of those characters because people actually do pay attention to what you want here. You can't relight anything fancy here, and it's so kind of black and white and Boeing. But it is important, and this is, well, the S e O comes in Andy, because the search engine will pick up on anything you put inside the description off the gig, and that is very important. The next thing that's even more important is that tags for this particular gig and you get we then went tags possible when you want to use every single one of them if you can. So let's get one in hell money putting gig You put on leaving forfeits. We're just putting land on things. Here s no and what happens is when you put something in here, it's that simple example Paseo. It gives you some different choices that you can use so we'll pick one of them. That's your marketing and that's it. You just used five of our tax, so you want to use as many tags as you possibly can, and you want to make sure that all relevant to the search off, whatever your gig is all about. And we only have upto five that you can use to make sure every single one of those 10 X is as related to your gig as it is possible the days to delivery this is a little bit tricky here. Now it's going to take your long time. You can put five days. Most people want it fast, which is one day. But what you can do, you can own extra money. By doing this, you can put five days to deliver this. And then you can say that if they want it now, they can pay an extra five box to get the table right now. So that's what I actually like to do because it's gonna get people to talk to you, pay you want more money. So if somebody wants something now, their bike Okay, I have to buy this right now. Paid extra five and then I get my gig so you don't get just five bucks. We woke. You get actually 10 for doing this, Master. So the next thing you want to do is saving Continue. And here it is a deal. Like something that I put in this gig. What did they don't like you is very simple. It is like the picture. It wanted me to have an image. So we're gonna go back here and you can just use a window image. The damage is gonna put point in it. And here is another issue we have healed. It doesn't like small images. It wants tow them to be a little bit more wide, and this one is less than the minimum size. So what I want to do is really simple. I want to go back into Bible and you're gonna go into the free website. And this is the pick. So makes a baby that come. So what we're going to do, we're getting the high quality image, and they're getting it for free here. We're gonna get something about me money. You're sniping Indian here. Now we have a bunch of choices that we can use, and this one just stands out out of all them. So what I'm gonna do is just we download placed on it and it's gonna give me this particular choice and I can't see what it says he was. So let's go 99 feet download And that said they just found it right to my computer. So I'm gonna go back. But I was, and I'm gonna get this particular image. So here I found the image and I'm opening it up and he will be Gobi got an image while going and you can have when you want. But I do suggest you have two extra wants as well, because it's gonna give people more choice toe. What to look for is gonna look about more fancy and more interesting. Another thing you have here is a choice to have a pdf upwards, you create a pdf file. You write about all kinds of samples and all kinds of things that you already created. It's like a vulture portfolio, and you put it up here and somebody can just press in it and check it out. And that's a really cool feature or Bible itself. 32. How much $$$ on Fiverr: on fireable itself. You could make a lot more than firebox board gig. A lot of people are put off by five or because they think, hey, everything is only selling for five bucks. Why should I get on it? Why should I make any money on it? I'm just gonna get five and out of this. Five have to give 20% 050 itself. So I'm not going to get any money whatsoever. This is not true. Firebox is just the start that you're charging somebody for the most basic type of service . But if you're already an established so on fiber, you can get started at whatever price you want to get. Start your gig at, For example, this particular selling is starting his gig at 100 doors. To top it off 100 box is just the beginners feed that he gets to get the job done. If you really want to get his riel gigs and the most quality out of them, you gotta buy the gig. AC stores take a look at all the different gig extras that he gives you, and some of them are package deals. In fact, if you order more than one gig. This potential sow can make up to 1500 box if you order a few off his gigs right away. This is a way for somebody to make a lot more money on viral. But the biggest day and the biggest selling point for you is not the basic gigs the multiple gigs themselves but the geek access with the gig excellence. You can go and select a bunch off different options, and you are the one who customized the gig extras themselves. So if you're gonna be doing something like this, you want to get as many different kind of gigs excellence that you can charge a quiet. The reason for that is really simple, since you've seen the gig that he is starting his starting fears. 100 bucks with all the gig extras wind up. He gets 270 bucks for a job, which actually translate to big bucks for him. So you want to make this same exact thing. You want to create a gig with a lot of cool, different gig excellence and when somebody is gonna buy this specific gig, there were all of the gig excellence and you will make a humongous amount of money on fireball itself. I wanna show you that you can make up to 2000 bucks, if not more on viral itself. So fiber is not just a bottom down market. Boys for people hold cheap. This is a place that has a lot of quality people homemaking, very decent products that you can get for a significant amount of money. And if somebody can make a significant amount of money a fireable, you can do it as well. 33. Creating a website: another place you can get started is called weeks that can't. This is the primal place where I have my own website, which is mine Quest also have created a bunch of different kind of websites over here because it is easy and simple to use for you to get started. All you have to do is person create a new site, and over here we're going to go in the book. What are our choices? And the one that would command for you to actually pick is gonna be the business one. Now, you want to start with your own weeks editor by choosing at temperate because it's the easiest one for us to do. Then go ahead and find the consulting and coaching one over here as well. There's gonna be a few sections for us to pick for is gonna be the business at wise oh consulted, burning and all kinds off different other sites as well Hugh present to and you have a few other successful websites that they created for you. Those are the kind of websites that the high command for you to get started with as well. The reason for that they created the template for you and then what you have to do next when you find the template director like I was on it and you can view it and edit and make it work exactly how you actually want what's next at this site and it goes straight to the weeks. Ditto. And your job would be to go ahead and edit the site and to make it work exactly how you're actually wanted to look like. So the next step for us is to go for this and take a look at the graphics. So if you don't like the graphics themselves just west on the graphics, why in the different graphics you won't actually use and replace the image and then what you have done? You can also work for for you images from Wickes itself. So here are a bunch of different images and person business. And just pick the image that you actually like that you want to use, such as this white here. Off course, you can find something else instead. So far it's been swept up present search A lot of people using a wept up. This one looks interesting like down one was on it. Present choose image and pleasant done. And this is actually as slight. So So you have a bunch of different images for us to pick form. So we have image number one, Image number two that I just added an image number free, and they just dragged it to actually be image number one person down here, and it changes the image. You can also add a rink that goes to a different kind of website to your own email and so on, including a white box which is actually standing out as your own squeeze speech so you can create your own squeeze speech that works exactly like this. So over here you choose the squeeze beach that you like, such as this one. This is actually the same one that they use myself on my website. And over here you can manage the way it actually works by just that will quickly on appeal and working and adding extra features to the squeeze speech. So the hell we have a few choices with the text. We can change the text the way it looks around. You can also change their way out over here, and we can change and graphics as well. So if you don't like the way it actually works, you can always go ahead and change it and make it so much better. Next thing that we won't actually do here, this person save and publish if you're actually done. Even if you're not done, it's still beneficial for you to save your work. Just in case after you do this part, the next step will us is to go back in here points on this. And now we're gonna be taking a look at other things such as the home page, which we can go and edit our team, which is a different kind off beach in Hewas. Well, every one of those different pages, we can go ahead and access with Wix itself. And if you don't like something here, you can always drank it around. You can go ahead and edit. You can write down your own information in here. So what makes itself a lot of things that come up here? It is not complete yet. You have to add a lot of extra information such as I'm an image title. You want a title? The image there you want to describe what kind of services you provide and do for your clients, including If you already have a client, you can go ahead and add examples off kinds that directory service. If you don't have any clients yet, you can go ahead and hide the specific beach by placing on the power menus and pages. Wasn't quienes wasn't this thing with you I was on setting and puts over here, would says, Hide from menu So it's no angle is going to be shown in the menu, but you can still access and edited, and when it's ready, you can go ahead and show it to everyone else to see. So if you're walking on a specific page and it's not done yet for anyone to see, that's what you should actually be doing. Go back to the home page, make sure you put as much information as you can hear, including describe about yourself what you can awful, what kind of things you offer to the client, especially when they're just going to get started with you. Some of the graphics may not be appropriate for what you're actually doing, so make sure you go ahead and fix the graphics and make it look so much better. Also heal it is copulating 2023. You want to copyright this instead to the you that it's supposed to be copyrighted. Those are some basic and it's that you should be doing to get started with Wix itself. 34. Picking a Domain: welcome back. Everyone in this section will be exploring. Why should get and domain name how to buy it Which one you should get and why, Of course, you should even get one in the fourth place. Domain names is the name of your business. This is the full step that somebody sees about you. This is you and it represents your product Toe everyone else, There's many different domain names out there. The most popular one and the one I would command for you to get is the one that ends before dot com. That come is the most recognized one. And this is why you should get it next step for you when it comes for you to get your domain name is of course, toe Put the name to it and when it comes still naming you have tow niche name whenever you're the main name is all about. So if I was going to sell canon cameras and this is the store that I'm gonna be cleaning, I will have to write something like Canon camera and then try to see if it is available for sale. So the next thing I'll have to do is press on such now. It is very important for you so far in one that doesn't cost too much money. So when I did the soldier for Kevin Camera, of course it was already taken. Somebody already bought this name itself and then gives me, like, commendations off other choices for me to get. Some of them are more expensive, the nozzles. But keep this in mind that you don't want to get something that ends with something that's not that come like film. Steam Video does a well looking names. It doesn't make you look official. The only way we look official f it has dot com toe the name itself are trying to find other names, and nobody takes you day seriously, unless you have dot com in the ending. So that's what your enough to do this you have to keep on trying different combinations off that don't may name itself until you get one that is gonna walk for you and it's not taken . So if this one doesn't work, you can definitely add if you acts the extensions to it. Some people like to add the wacky numbers if you have two different numbers that work for you. And you think the rocket digits, although as two digits off the U. U O born tried them out and see if it is available. So I just put 98 here. As you can see, this one is already available, and I can get in if I wanted to, for when you free box for the 1st 2 years, and that is a definite a good deal. So if I was gonna get this, I would definitely selectors, because this works, so I can Okay, domain name the numbers don't meddle this march, especially if it makes sense with dazzle. Two names and it's easy to white. You want to make sure it is as easy to memorize and as easy for whoever is going to go in, though. Don't get in and buy whatever product they want from you, and you don't want that mission to be too complicated. If it is, the person who is getting in is more likely to misspell it and more likely to make him a stake in it. And if it is pretty wrong, they won't remember it. Just think about this way. If you go outside, you meet this posting. You start talking to them and he doesn't have a pen. How do you get them to the website? What you do? You just tell them that my website is Kevin Cameron Idea. This is easy. This is simple to spell, and anyone can just go about and remember it. But if they can't remember it, it's not a good domain name and you should and actually use it. So it has to be catchy. It has to be simple. And it has to be something that doesn't cost a lot of money. So free box for two years is a great deal. You don't want to spend too much money on it. So after you do this, just select the one you want. Please don't continue to count. You only need one domain name, and that's it. After you do this, it's asking you to do it. Private and private is what happens is when you register. It shows all your information, and anyone can find out more about horns, that domain name and who you are. I don't actually do this. I think it's just a waste of money. If somebody really wants to find out who you are. They will eventually will anyway. So what's the point of me wasting eight bucks a month on this? I'm not sure it even protects you this much because your info off our privacy and your info with privacy it doesn't make much of a difference. It still shows where you ever and it still shows your others, though anything it doesn't show is your name, and that's about it. So it doesn't really do much for you. Those Asil extra services is trying to sell it to you, but all of them are not wolf it. I said, Just just say no things toe. Have we one of them? You're just buying one item and it is the domain name and that's it. I don't get anything. I was extra. It's waste of money and you don't actually need it. So after you do this, the next thing you want to do is to check out and to buy the domain name you got. Just make sure whatever domain name that you're getting your 100 ports, and so you want to get this name in your be OK off it in for the next two years. Because otherwise, you just wasted this money. And if you're not happy with that, you can't really cancel. Didn't mean name. You have to go in and buy another one. So that's an additional waste of money. Now, if you already build a website, just make sure you're happy with the name. Then you go to check out and you buy. They're name itself.