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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Entrepreneur Basic Introduction

    • 2. 01 - The Definition of Marketing

    • 3. 02 - Generating Leads and Convert Them into a Customer

    • 4. 03 - Two Steps to increase your Business Revenue instantly

    • 5. 04 - Create Insanely Great Customer Experiences

    • 6. 05 - Your Brand is what People Say About You

    • 7. 06 - Sales Made Simple

    • 8. Bonus 01 - Start-Up Entrepreneur Mindset

    • 9. Bonus 02 - Start-Up Business Model

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About This Class

This course is a simple, quick start short course for people who like to learn more about:

- Easy strategies to generate more customer

- Immediate plans to improve business revenue

- Create a great customer experience to get a customer to return often

- The no-money FREE ways to do BRANDING

- 6 Steps Sales Process which you bring you instant results

- Bonus: Have Absolute Clarity and Validity about your Business Mindset and Business Model

Meet Your Teacher

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Leik Hong Leow

Author | Business Coach


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1. Entrepreneur Basic Introduction: Hi. Congratulations and welcome toe the entrepreneur Basic costs Once again I am Kush like home . Let me want you Tre very quickly. What I have prepare in this cost for you. They are poto off six we dio that I have prepared tree off the video are related to marketing Topic one we do is dedicated for the customer experience Another video for branding and the last video is about the pop it off cells. So beside the six video I have also prepared an additional pool bonus video for you. The first bonus video is about the entrepreneur of my set. And the second bonus video is about designing your business model I will love to hear from you What are your comment and feedback about this cost and also do share with me What other ? Some off the business topic you like me to shall review in the near future Please to leave your comment at the Q and a section I would see you around and joined the costs. Thank you 2. 01 - The Definition of Marketing: Hi. Welcome to small fish. We do China. My name is Coach, like home to DeMichele. Review the idea off marketing. Right? Let me ask you what? What is your definition Off marketing right you have. You may have very rarest definition, but in my definition, I think marketing need toe consist on this tooting number one education number two communication. You need to educate What is your marketing message to your target audience And second, selecting the right platform to communicate your message. All right. Marketing is always about positioning. Meaning how you like toe position your product and market toe a certain group of people. Because in marketing one no one do not market toe everybody. When you market to everybody and the up you market toe nobody. So try toe. Make sure Who are you marketing toe? Because in marketing animal, we need to understand Number one most important thing is who Because by identifying the right target audience, only you able to sell the right message accordingly. Second, you need to understand Where can I find this group of people? For example, if I want to market to shin center toe a primary school student, the target audience that I'm having is the parents, not the student himself. So number two question is, where do I find a group of parents that act that I can deliver my marketing message? All right, On the tree is what you want to tell the school or parents or what? Your offer. What kind of special? Et that you have. You what can't guarantee that you're giving to your customer. And lastly, only you decide all how you want to marker many that should I use flyers, disrepute toe the parents when they kiss? Or should I want to use social media? Should I want to talk to a teacher toe, recommend institution center. So this art of force that number one I don't they find who exactly you want marker? Where do you find that? What we tell their and lastly, only how you're gonna deliver your message. All right, marketing is always about being different from what your combatant is doing. You don't want to do the same thing. So in some lay mentum, people like to call a blue ocean strategy. You want to market toe the group or people there are not come pitting with what you are doing. You won't go find a brand new niche market, for example. All right, a niche market, maybe something like this. A square water melon. Normally, we go ahead and buy watermelon, whether in wet markets or supermarkets around shape. What a man and normally costs a consumer about hiring. But a scrap high water manner in Potter from Japan cause near toe to hunger drinking. So you see, there is a very, very big price different why people want toe market and buy a square water melon instead of around time. But when you have a niche market, that's one thing you don't have to do, which is price competition. You don't have to come in prize. So what other people are doing because you have a niche, people will buy your uniqueness and create your uniqueness in marketing being different. Thank you very much. I will see you on my next video 3. 02 - Generating Leads and Convert Them into a Customer: all right, Welcome to a small fish China Coast, like hung. So them a share review. How are you going to get new customers? So when we talk about marketing and we want toe attain new customer, it is think that every business wanted to do all right. So I'll give you a very simple formula. Customer is equal to your lips. Time from Russia. Meaning what meaningless is your prospect? How many? How many prospect can you get? But getting a prospect doesn't mean that they immediately become your customer. You need a separate strategy toe. Convert your prospect in tow a buying customer. So very simple example. Let's say you want to have customer you don't measure by customer. You start with how many leads or prospects you are getting. For example, let's say we are having 1000 leaks from your marketing campaign. You dough fry years. You do Facebook maga T You do also a marketing and you get 1000 these meaning that there is 1000 people call you and get to know you. Oh, this 1000 people you managed to convert state 30% off them. All right, So very simple mathematics you will have three hunger new customers. So you may have The next question is how do I do this to How do I get new leads? How do I convert a show you some examples. All right, So where do you find customer? Okay, let me show you this thing. Your fight customer. Yeah. All right. So when you market your product number, one thing you can consider is to tell a story. Do you have a good story to tell about your company? Your brand, for example, we have here had make soap from Taiwan, right? So even look at their product and their website. You can find very interesting fact they are not selling new the stop itself. But they have em baited in integrator a story into the product for Azam. But they have named this particular product things one tings one meaning that they have written some interesting point over here that tell you that what this product about So they are not trying to sell you a soap. But the story behind all right, that there's another way to attract more more lease into your business is to make your product really simple. Alright, for some. But we have four different medicine Name over here. But if you look at the medicine in were you able to pronounce the name correctly or perfectly unless you are pharmacy student or medical student? If not many people who have difficulty pronouncing I want to know how the All right. So if you want to create a product which is easy for your custom, want to buy? Why don't you do something like this? For example, I have Trias. I'm over here. They have banished the border in such a way. Help! I have a headache. Help! I have a aging body. How I have a blister. So when you have such symptoms or you need to do it, just go to the pharmacy and pick the system to symptom product that unique next Madonna is brilliant in terms of creating easy toe by situation, for somebody will go to any Madonna the manual iss Lashley display on the bottom. So Castleman, even though in this case, even though you don't read Chinese but it is very easy for the Byman, don't you need to do is just going on a counter. Pick the number that you want and point the Kasher even if you don't speak the language and the way till we're able to satisfy your knees. So simple, so straightforward. All right, make it easy, easy to buy for your customer. And lastly, if you can do do are on your product packaging right here We have some examples that stand out from my cup competition. For example, here we have the strategy. If you go to a supermarket and you look at the speck a T column which wants that up from the competition Very easy. This one. Right? So a good portrait packaging also help you toe attract let's and convert them into customer . So they are a few ways we can do today. Number one, tell a good story. Number two Make your product really simple number tree. Create a cool product packaging to it. Right. I thank you. And I see you on the next video. Thank you very much. 4. 03 - Two Steps to increase your Business Revenue instantly: I welcome to small feet China. My name is Coach like home today I'm gonna show you How are you going? Toe? Improve your process. Revenue. Right. In terms off. Improving business revenue. We need tohave tree. Different element number one. You need tohave the number or customer. How many Castleman do you have currently? You can go back to you did a bit and have a look. How many customers do you have? Number two is on averagely this customer on averagely by how many time from you in a month or in a year's time. And lastly. And every time he's customer, come back and do business and purchase review. What are what are your average spending? So we we need tohave history element in orderto improve your revenues, business revenue number, customer, the number transaction and every spending. So you may have a question. How so? Why in push each off them? Okay, let's look at some of the example to improve number transaction. All right. Very commonly base. Just like to implement royalty can or membership card. So we have a few example over here. You may ask why I want to implement this to your customer, for example, you own a Starbucks Cup. What will you do when you need a coffee? You will go back to stop. All right. In the way that this is creating the sense of belonging between you and the customer. Rookie card can come in many ways off from some some business like give life, for example, You come to my shop, you talk five times. You get one time free, right? You can be a product like stop or like tango. I automatically dash up the product with the prepaid money. When I need to spend, I will go back to the same business. All right, So this is how you get people to come back to you very, very frequently. Let me show some Other is on. Here's some example how you ableto create a number of transactions and also improved every spending off your customer. But when we look at our cases, they have very brilliantly they bring the power as a voucher. For example, if you re seats us about fast and how you can take the power back does okay soc spending So it is a very breeding way that you can track your custom will come back from whatever gift that you are giving away. Okay, Number two star, But also do similar things by the tumbler. If you purchase a Starbucks tumbler and because they are so the abandoned feet out from the tumbler, for example, you, when you go and back and purchase a coffee, you get a percentage of discount. And on top of this number is a walking about this one for stop because you carry me everywhere. Okay, Some of the example that you can increase every spending. For example, Hamadan a dusty, I don't know, use a very breeding Wait. They call it but the meaning geometry product into 131 So we such is their buying one. Alla Karpova. You decided to buy tree product in one Madonna position is value meal. So it's valuable to pay a little bit more, but you get the maximum benefit. And lastly, no, only in McDonough Oniy mark only south the tree in one but the marketing they will stop that. They always Upsell you something. So example, you have potential value meal. They don't stop that, Dave, you ask you whether you want to go lunch by one ringgit or at Southern Thing And in this example is how about cooking? Does it? They have one drink, a gold lash. You want cheese? You had that. We just or at another combo. So this is how you encourage your customer to spend slightly? A little bit more. And lastly, if you want to create something that people want to buy, you must always stand from a customer point of view to create the demand creation. For it's about you have a steeper, popular protecting glacier. Call my lawyer. All right, So if you look at all this Milo product, the ingredient off, those are very similar. What they do is they are changing the packaging. So my no longer is a protect that you drink before you go to war. Prefer go to school by changing some other packaging. My loss feet in tow, various environment, my ofit in tow Spot environment, Barrow pinto office environment and also environment. So this is how you could improve your sales revenue. First number one you need to identify how many councilman you have. Second, how do you encourage them to come back to do business with you? A little bit more and totally. How do you Upsell them? A little bit more. All right. So this is my today sharing about How do you improve yourselves? Revenue. Thank you. Very smart. And see you next. 5. 04 - Create Insanely Great Customer Experiences: come to another small feature. My name is socially home to them. The share with you. How do you create a great customer experience? Case number one. What do customer experience mean to you? Right? Because in today's world, cast a muscle weighs is expectation is no longer a requirement by his expectation, because people come to you with certain level off customer expectations but us a business older and you other bread. How are you going to create experience that your customer we remember for a long, long time and therefore they will share with their respective prince? All right, so I have a very interesting calming over here that showed that during lunchtime. Sorry, I can't take your order right now because I am my coffee break. If your customer encounter this when they call you, what kind of experience or example you try to project? All right, it's not a good one, because now, in 2016 every conversation, every moment, every story, create an experience and that become your brand because when customer incorrect with you every single conversation, you talkto them every moment that you create that and every single story become who you are because customer experience customer service is all about feeling. People don't buy what you do. People buy why you're doing it right. And that is a statistics show 85% off brand today happened in our daily conversation. It's no only leave me toe face to face conversation, but also the conversation happened on your watch strap to eat a Facebook account and what? No. So you must make sure that the conversation between you and your employee and the employee with the customer is being designed and the experience is being deliver excellently. Right here is another example I like to share review. This happened in UK. There's a company called a Rse rescue. How, how, how they help a lady creating a while experience. There's one time in the snows wintertime. There's a lady car broke down by the roadside and she was very panic, and she give a rse a call and ask for rescue. And throughout the conversation, she mentioned that, Do they? I'm really bad like is not good day and for the more today is my birthday. So when the driver arrived to rescue her a performance, she just help her toe on a car issue. They also bought her a bouquet of flower and congressional her happy birthday. So this is some experience you want to bring to your customer? No, only by solving via their problem, but also a standing the extra mile right, because in today's 75% 8% on Millennium don't want to buy stuff they want to buy what the other experience go with the stuff. So make sure designed this into your customer service and Lassie as the example off Starbucks. Sabah is not a company that sells only coffee, but it's a really, really human touch company. Why you want to go to stop apart from the good coffee, you also want toe enjoying the environment. So do create a space that your customer would like to come to your place and hang out and join your environment. So today is a sharing about how to create a good customer experience. Hope you like it. See you in the next video. Thank you very much. 6. 05 - Your Brand is what People Say About You: All right. Welcome to another pistol. For small fish video. My name is ghostly calm. So they're gonna share review brand. All right, A So you can see your brand is what people say about you. So your brand Brendan, is no longer what? Like the old days saying that we have of a last budget, we will invest on the branding everything smart advertising agency and what know they will help you spread the brand brand has become very personal. Is what about your customers Say about you. Right. So if you want to come, the shot brand is equal to treat things in my definition. Number one, what is your purpose But to the people and lastly, the culture. So, purposes, why you do something that you are doing, the people who are you doing with and number tree culture and how are you going to do it? So let's go in tow, each of them by detail. When you begin your business, you need to ask yourself what is the purpose you are doing The thing that you're doing and make this purpose your brain? If I Zambia just our issue when he just after potentially Tony Fernandez Oneto make Everybody can fly. So the reason that he operate the online is to make mission can fly, not because he want to make money, so make the purpose as your brand number. Two. All right, Brent Experience is always about people. The people are the people surrounding, you know, only limited toe customer, but also to this group or people. Can you, from your supplier people that you're supplying for that to you, the employee, the customer and even though your neighbor people surrounding you. So these people who are surrounding your breath we'll go ahead and talk about your brand and product toe the our friends and family. So you want the right message to be spread out from this group of people. So if someone is not howling a group about you, the toxic brand spread number three. You also want to make the culture your brand, meaning there how you do something as a culture for us. Azam Burke Outer is how we do things around here. Two sources. So this involved the behavior they believe and the value that your brand is representing. So when people ask you what your brand 3% okay. Your brand could be represent, happiness, fun Deliver while one. So you need to identify the value off your brand and how you How are you going to spread around the information? And lastly, you do no oneto produce a toxic culture because it gives you a toxic print. For example, if a company's data, their core value is toe do open communication. But in the end, the company have a lot of quarry scolding around that does not represent the open communication culture. So do create a brand that you want people to talk about brand equal toe purpose. People and culture hope you like it. See you next time. Thank you very much. 7. 06 - Sales Made Simple: no small feat. China. My limits, coarsely home to them. The share reviews I'm idea about sales. All right, So when you run organization and the business, what is sales means to you? So what it's selling means to you, Mr Is is is a very important expect in terms of any business that you are running so you must able to sell in order to generate the business income. All right, so what is the definition off sales? Let's look into it. Alright, Sally, in my definition is professionally helping other people to buy. You don't want to sell to someone. You want to help people to make a buying decision, all right? And you want the soft problem people's problem for a profit. And the more problem use off, the more profit you make. All right, so they are field type off sales person out there. Number one is what we call the order Take. Many in this group are salesperson. We only sick there and wait for orders. So if no one come and ask them, they keep quiet. Nothing happened. So it's a very passive type of serious person. Second type person s o proton, Portia meaning that this person only talk about the Pota and the only one to sell you something. Number treat Heart is over, seller. Meaning that they will promise you anything just to get the seals. They will always promise you you can get to the moon. But in the end, whether they can deliver or not is a second story. But you want to be kind. Become the fourth puzzle. Meaning, that is, the problems over your customer come to you with a problem with a challenge. Is your job to overcome and help them result? The problem. And by doing so, you make the profit out from it. You are problems over. All right. So let's look at some off the idea that why people don't buy number one. We have the people who is unable to buy, meaning that they have no money or they have no authority. Meaning that you have a good product. You come to sell me, but I don't have the budget to buy. All right, So you are targeting the wrong type of person. Oh, you have a good product. You come and tell me I don't have the authority to say to make the final decision. So you are starting to the wrong kind of person. Meaning when you meet this kind off target audience is totally wrong. Shift your target. Move on the second type of people. What we call refused to buy properly. They have. They don't trust you. They no need for the product. No feet and off. No hurry. So this or customer is I don't buy from you. Not because I don't have the money. I am the authority Plaza. But I don't trust you. So we such you need toe overcome this. So people who are refused to buy east where you want. Oh, develop the skills process. Okay, Number one. Okay. When you do still selling, they are 16 or sales process number one. You need toe prospect correctly. You need to find the people who can afford and buy your product. Number two, you need to generate in, not least, for people to buy your product. All right. So as we share before in the marketing session, you need to target the right type person. Generate in at least on the tree is toe make appointment to see your customer. I like to share some idea of a company appointments that thing. Don't don't make a phone call and call customer. Are you free to meet next week? Because you even if you ask a question between yes and no very like me, you get no so Alice matter question. For example, if you like to meet with a client next week, always called them or us with Wednesday or Thursday to pee and be convenient for you. So you let them choose a or B Wednesday or Thursday. All right, so it's a obesity is a better, better, smarter question before when you mean our customer, you need toe come out with the A business solution objective that why you want to meet the customer and what kind of solution you want to provide your customer number off. Number 50. Yes, close the feels when there's a lot of times those people make a very common Mr is the customer have no much objection, but they never asked for the sales. One way to ask what are still in the you are in the retail environment. You can ask we like to pay cash or credit cats is a matter or closing. Give you in the B two B environment. You can ask your customer when you like your product to be delivered next week, Monday or Tuesday. So it's a matter of closing the steel, asphalt and sales is very important. And lastly, after you have such successfully satisfying your customer, do ask a customer referral after customer. If you like my protection services, do any one off. Your friends and family were also like my partner. And so this is you mind? Give me a referral. Let me call them out and asked for them. Always ask for referral because this will help you easy. Uh, your prospecting process. All right, so here is a little bit information about how to become a better supercell. Hope you like. See you on the next video. Thank you. 8. Bonus 01 - Start-Up Entrepreneur Mindset: Congratulations. Well, come toe the end off. This costs. I hope that you have learned some very bird keeps about marketing, branding, customer service and sales. But before we end this cause I like to provide you an additional bonus. We deal to help you begin your and Trump internship journey and joint. In this video, I'm going to share refuse some valuable information toe help you Valley Day. Do you have the right business, my set and having a function of business model to help you build your business for long term, sustainable and profitable. So if you are starting up and trip honor to stay with us until the end, you find all this information very useful. So well, you know, discussed this to primary topic in this video number one, your business. My said, second your revenue model. So let's speaking with the business. My set. Having the right business meister is very important as an entrepreneur because it defined the quality the whole you are. So in this topic, we cannot this country primary component that whether you do have to write myself as the and Trump Ana, the first component, that having the right my set as an entrepreneur is toe have in Genuity ingenuity here, meaning that I use someone who are constantly seeking new ways, doing things differently from the competitors, creating new value for your customer. So you always ask Bounced out this question. What can I do? Better so soft? My target customer problem. So you always trying to create a unique value proposition for your customer. If you are entrepreneur who are constantly seeking for new idea creativity, solving your customer problem, then you can click and check out Bix Box. The second component is agility, agility, meaning, having the ability to move quickly and flexibly. As an entrepreneur, we begin our business plan based on the few hypothesis. For example, we do some market research and survey that I will finding show that are what harder audience are having X problem. And if we manage to create a why product, then our customer, we're willing to pay a Z amount off money to buy our products and services, which ableto softly our problem. But all the above finding Ah, many based on our assumption, you do not know for sure if any off the above is hunger percent truth until you test it on the market. Therefore, launching a minimum viable product VP is the key and we p meaning that is a simple Alfa Samper Tass Prada toe test your hypotheses should they are valid and from the feedback data you collect from your M V. P, you should be flexible enough to make the necessary amendment to your product. And even though some time on your business model, the component is being collaborative. When you start a business, you are just like a small fish swimming in a big pond. You have limited resources Zamfir, money, men, power network and even everything else. But in actual fact, you do not need Toby good or have off these resources on your hand. What you need to do actually is toe have the wing willingness toe couple to collaborate with other people, companies that process all these resources that you need only willing to what with other for a long time, bigger again than only you can grow your company in a must faster pace. So here you are. These are the tree primary component for, and trump Ana my set. So on the next video, I would talk about the next tree key piece us Mordor. They're going to help you build a sustainable, profitable business. So see you at the next we dio. 9. Bonus 02 - Start-Up Business Model: on our last video I share about the tree key component off a start up and Trump Ana my set in this video. I am going to talk about another tree key element off a successful business model or revenue model. Can you build a sustainable business out from your business idea So they are not a tree key component in this business model number one. Your product. Stickiness. It does not really matter what products or services that you are providing, but you have to ask yourself this $1,000,000 question. How sticky is your product? Toe? What's your customer? How frequent your customer would need your product, for example, for smartphone is a very sticky product. We all can live without our food These days. Coffee is also another sticky product for many people, right? There are many people out there who need to drink coffee on a regular daily basis, but no, all our product plasticky. Some are much the gear than one another. But if you are starting a new business, make sure that your product have enough stickiness, a power having a sticky product. You also need toe have a recurring revenue in your business model. Is your business able to drive a recurring revenue or it just only a one time deal Have high frequency off. Recurring revenue is very important for a sustainable business model. The more frequent a customer come back and buy from new. You definitely help you stable down your business and eventually grow. Therefore, you might want to find out how frequent danced your royal customer come back, and how much is there ever spending? What can you do? Better to improve the repeat transaction and every spending off your royal customer? The third important component here is business scalability. How easy for your business toe skill up in order to grow and double up your business. Does it involve a lot off initial investment? Does it bring you? Allow high risks, for example, for the comparison between and traditional retail business and the economy is business in order for a traditional business toe. Skill up and handling one million transaction cells in the retail visit is much more expensive and complicated because you may be required to look for a new outlet to rent a place reasonably the place having start or the ghost inside. So it requires a much higher capital to start a new retail business for you to skew out as compared toa and e commerce business. Or you need properly it just to invest another two more silver than the one million more transaction could be done easily so that you have it. This are the tree key important revenue model. If you are designing your business model number one, the product sticking us recurring revenue and business skill ability. So at the end, off the video I share with you one page the startup matter between myself and mother ish off the three key components off the each other important thing. So hope you and joined the video and learn something valuable. Thank you.