Entrepreneurial Accounting in 20 Minutes

Mackenzie C

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6 Videos (22m)
    • Learn about this course in 1 minute

    • Welcome to Entrepreneurial Accounting

    • Income Statement

    • Balance Sheet

    • Cash Flow Statement

    • Summary of Entrepreneurial Accounting

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About This Class

Entrepreneurial Accounting is designed for entrepreneurs with nonfinancial backgrounds. If you own a business or are thinking about starting a business, this course will help you understand financials so you can grow your business.

We will start by going through Methods of Accounting and then the Financial Statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement. Please note: this is a beginner level class.

If you're looking for a financial model, check out Simple Finance for Entrepreneurs: bit.ly/2jo1of5

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Very short but very clear!
Great course, thank you for the help understanding some of the fundamental concepts!
Mat Brown

Be grateful, work smart, love all...

very basic introduction of accounting