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Enterprise Resource Planning System - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

teacher avatar Nejla Z., Manager of Information Technologies

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 47m)
    • 1. Introduction: Welcome to course

    • 2. Chapter 1: What is ERP?

    • 3. Chapter 1: Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface

    • 4. Chapter 3: Significance and benefits of ERP

    • 5. Lecture 6: Introduction with ERP practice

    • 6. Lecture 7: Accounting in ERP

    • 7. Lecture 7: Accounting in ERP

    • 8. Lecture 10: Work in ERP

    • 9. Lecture 10: Working in ERP environment

    • 10. Lecture 11: Role center

    • 11. Lecture 12: Filtering

    • 12. Lecture 13: Chart of Accounts and Dimensions

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About This Class

Why this course is something that you want to listen? Well, if you have a business or business idea, you probably want solution which will enable you to control all actiivitities in your 
organization - from accounting, through sales and marketing, human resources, supply chain, logistics, customer relationship management to administration - ERP system is tool which will enable it to you. 
In this course you will learn how ERP systems occured, how it developed over time, what are its basic features, what are functions within and how to use them. 
This course is divided into two main parts - teoretical and practical part. Teoretical part include information about features and activities, departments, options within departments 
and second, practical part give you insight into the program and basic activities you can perform in the program - such as creating items, vendors and customers, creating sales and purchase orders, scheduling reports, and so on. 
After listening this course you will be able to use Microsoft Dynamics Navision program and to teach others to use it. 
If you click enroll I hope you will like this course, that you will learn what you need and of course beside everything to enjoy it.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nejla Z.

Manager of Information Technologies


Bachelor of Management of Information Technologies
International Burch University
Oct 2013 - Jun 2016

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1. Introduction: Welcome to course : welcome to enterprise resource planning system of Microsoft Dynamics Television program Course. Here you will learn how to unite all departments in your company within one program and how to coordinate and control the activities in your company from wherever you are. My name is Nayla and I will be your instructor during the electors. I'm certificated in Microsoft Dynamics emission training, and I'm also graduated from International Border University Department Management. Off Information Technologies Why you want to rescind a scores? Well, if you have a business or simply a business idea, probably what you want is to control all the activities. Feeding your company organization from accounting to human resource is sales and marketing to administration, supply chain and logistics. Ear piece system is a tool which will enable it, and in this course you will learn what is Europea, how it secured how it's developed over time. What are its basic features and activities and how to use it? This course is divided into two main parts. Theoretical and practical part theoretical particles. Information about features and activities, departments and options within the parts and second practical part give you insight into the program and how to perform basic activities into program such as creating new items, wonders customers. Ah, and creating purchasing and sales orders as well as scheduling and running reports and so on. After listening this course, you will be able to use the program as well as to teach others how to use it. If you click enroll, I hope you will like the scores that you will learn what you need and off course besides everything to enjoy it. This is all for me in these introduction part. And I hope we will see later in course, goodbye. 2. Chapter 1: What is ERP?: Hi, everyone here ease course off enterprise resource planning. This has left her one introduction business functions and business processes. Objectives of the scores. These that after a blood in this chapter, you will be able to name the mean functional furious operation used in business. Differentiate between a business process and business function. Identify the kinds of date that each mean functional area produces. Identify the kinds of date that each mean functional Syrian needs and define integrated information systems and explain why they are essential in today's globally competitive business environment. Introduction and definition of under pressed resource planning or air P programs aren't this European is a core software used by companies to coordinate information in every area business it helps. It helps manage company wine business processes and use common database and shared management reporting tools. On the other side, we have business process definition, which is a collection of activities that takes some equals and creates an out of the debt ease off value to the customer. Functional areas on business processes are needed to understand DRP and how business works . Functional areas off operation are four basics for basics functional areas of operation of our marketing and sales supply, chain management, accounting and finance and human resource is and also we have definitional business functions which are activities specific, functional area off operation. Um, figure one. You can see examples or functional areas of operation in their business functions, so you can see for basics functional areas, operation and down, for example, or marking and seals business functions will be marketing a product at the beginning of the process. Then later taking sees orders, customer support, customer relationship management seals, forecasting and advertising also or for human resource is it is straining payroll. But if its government compliance is functional, areas are off. Operations are ito dependent. Each requires data from gathers. Better integration of functional areas leads the crewmen in communication works full and successful company which is force ah what every company needs. Also, we have information system, which is one important one more border functional areas on definition of information system . These computers, people, procedures and software that store organized and deliver information. Now we have a business processes and figure, one to which sample business processes related to the sea off a personal smartphone. Business Processes is a collection of activities that takes one or more kinds of the boot and creates an output that is, OH, value to customer customer can be traditionally external or internal. Customer thinking in terms of business processes helps managers. They'll look into the organization from the customer's perspective. Businesses must always consider customers you point in any construction. Successful customer interaction customer in uttering, journal or external is not required to eat correct with each business function. Invoking the process, Successful business senators view business operations from the perspective. Off a satisfied customer sharing data effectively and efficiently between and within functional areas leads to more affection to business processes. And we have integrated information systems which are systems in future functional areas. Share data businesses takes imports, it asked. Resource is and transformed these imports into goods and services. For customers, impulse can be, as we saw on the last lecture materials, people and equipment. Managing imports and business processes effectively requires a cure it and obsolete information. Now we can see marketing and sales functions, functions off every area business, and we will start with marketing and sales. Functions of marketing and sales are, as you can see here, slide of developing products. Good Thurman pricing, promoting broadest customers, taking customer orders and helping create a sales forecasts. Now supply team management, functional area and functions. Weeding supply chain management. We have only two functions and use our manufacturing or production and buying room a hero or purchasing it. Production Planning the requires seals Forecasts from met marketing seals, functional area and sales forecasts Ease analysis that a temporary the future seems off a product. Oh no. We have accounting and finance on functions within accounting environments are recording a row data about transactions including sales aroma, ferial purchases, pay rule and received of cash from customers Definition of road data As you can see here Flied ease that, uh uh uh Those are numbers collected from sales, manufacturing and other operations without any manipulation, calculation or arrangement for presentation And at the end we have we have human resource is functional area and functions of human resource is our recruitment trained evaluation and compensation off employees Human resource is uses sales forecasts developed but by the individual departments Plan personalities systems integrated using air be software provided data sharing necessary visiting functional areas Functional area. Also as I mentioned earlier is information system potential inputs and outputs for each functional area described axed No to the kinds of data needed by each area and how people use the data. Information systems maintain relationships between old functional areas and processes. Now we have figure one for which shows how marketing and sales functional area exchanges Vaca with customers and with the human resource is accounting, finance and supply chain management. Functional area. This shows us that marketing and sales needs information from all other functional areas. Customers communicate orders the marketing and seals in person or by tower ful. Evening fax Do that. Marketing and sales has a role in determining product prices. Pricing must be might be determined based on a products unit. Costs Blessed some percentage markup requires information from accounting, violence and supply chain management. Data marketing and sales meets the interact with Human resource is the exchange information on hiring needs? Legal requirements at that time in polls for marketing and sales are customer data order data sings trendy toe per unit costs the company travel expense All seat while outputs for marketing seals are seal strategies, product pricing and employment needs. Now we have supply chain Management and Figure 15 which shows supply team and have been functional area exchanges data with suppliers and with the human resource is marketing, sales and accounting and finance functional areas. Supply chain management needs information for varies functional areas. Production plans based on information about products seals actual and projected dead cops for marketing and sales with accurate data about required production levels. A room of your own packaging can be order is needed and in mentally levels can be kept the whole by saving money. Supply chain management data and records can provide a comedian by accounting and finance to determine how much off each resource is was used and so called support that m s function by providing information about what has been produced and she supply chain management interacts in some ways the human resource is, and now we have a picture off accounting and Sleiman's, which shows that functional area exchanges data which customers and with the human resource is marketing and sales and supply chain management functional areas as well as in author two cases accounting dinos need the information from all other functional areas and accounting and finance personnel record companies transactions in the books of account record accounts. Babel. When room appear ALS are purchased and cash outflows when day P for materials. They also summarized transactions data for prepare reports about companies, financial position and profitability. People in other functional areas provide data, toe accounting and finance. For example. Marketings is provide sales, data supply team management provides production, and eventually data and age are provides zero and benefit expects data marketing and sales personnel required data from accounting and finance to a volleyed customer credit. Now we can say that imports for accounting violence are things from customers, accounts receivable, data accounts, payable, data sales, data production and mentally Dayton, and payroll and stands datum. Now we have out was for accounting and fine, and sandals are payments to suppliers, financial reports and customer credit data. And again, we have Human Resource is, which is a figure on seven, which shows the human resource is functional. Area exchanges data with accounting and finance, marketing and sales and supply chain and a different functional areas. Human resource is needs information from gather departments. The tests related to employee hiring, benefits, greening and government compliance is our old responsibilities off human resource is human resource is and these a cure it forecasts of personnel deeds from old functional units. HR needs to know what skills are needed to perform a particle job and how much the company can afford to pay employees. Observing governmental regulations in recruiting, training, compensating, promoting and terminating employees in polls for age are our personal forecasts and skills data, while output for H R regulation compliance, employee training and certification skills the to these employee evaluations and conversation, a significant amount of data is main thing by and shared among the functional areas. Timelines and accuracy off these data critical to each areas success and the company's ability to make a profit and January you to growth. AARP softer allows old functional areas to share a common database. They lock a cure it real time information to be available, which is what ever business now is mated. This is old for the first chapter and see you later in the 2nd 1 Thank you 3. Chapter 1: Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface: now, after these theoretical barred off opened program to see what we were talking about. All the song here is the problem and help each of the problem. Later on, we'll see every thought of thes page all sodders. But now I want to shoot you. What's we were talking about and is our departments, as you can see here, you bargains or functional areas or we what? We were a listening till Now lose our financial management and those are about activities which you can do in department whole financial management, Olson, sales and marketing. Here we can see Bert spreading the mansion Burgess was. But according to the activities here at sub off purchase, you can see that knows our everything's we mentioned in sales and marketing. So Microsoft Dynamics Division divided in more functional areas and then eat cheese e business. So we're house and manufacturing, as you can see it going to the activities those are in functional area all supply chain management jobs. We can related the human re sources as well as service and, um, use peixian. No, sir. Activities You can see here under those headings he's averaging a We will bleeder in lecturing, mentioned and goes in details For now, this is all for first lecture. We will see later in a 2nd 1 Thank you. 4. Chapter 3: Significance and benefits of ERP: Hi everyone. Decent electric tree off enterprise resource planning system. And it is significance and benefits of Europea Systems and frequently asked questions about the RPI systems. After completing these tractor, he will be able to discuss the Crossing consul of implementing in the RPI system and summarize ongoing developments in air the significance and benefits of here. The software and systems. Those are some points. All obvious benefits of Europe is doctor, and systems and goals are more efficient business processes that cost last. Endo's in on integrated systems easier global integration in it integrates people and data while eliminating the need toe up days and repair many separate computer systems. It allows management to manage operations. Not this money, Thor Damn, and it can dramatically reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Now we have a frequently asked questions about the R P, and those are how March doesn t r P system costs should ever business by an AARP package. Easier peace offer Inflexible. What return can accompany? Expect from it? CRP Investment How long does it take to see our return on in Europe? Investment and why do some companies have more success with the R. P than others into continue Awful cry on square on, uh, all of it. How much of us in here he cost? It depends on a separate fuse. Firstly, size of the R P software. Because size of the R P software corresponds to the size of the company. Serves need, uh then need for new heartburn that is capable front in complex CRP software. If you don't have hard for that support complex, there be software you will need new one, which goes in a cost off here, a system implementation. After that, you need to pay consultants and analysts. So your fees also goes at costs off. AARP Assistant implementation, then time for implementation because caught a time or implementation of the R P software causes disruption of business, and it can take time and acne and training, which costs both time and money. Should every business by an AARP back, it was sacking question. This is some discuss herbal question, but we will see that some off the business operations and some segments of its operations might not be a good match. With the constraint of Europea important, our reported being that sometimes accompanies not ready for AARP AARP implementation difficulties resulting one management does not fully understand its current business processes and cannot make implementation decisions in a timely manner. Third question was easier. Be softer, inflexible. Many people queen that therapy assistants especially that's a PRP systems are system are rigid. Sometimes options for customization offered by S a G R B have numerous configuration options that help businesses customize the software to feed to their knees. Programmers Jen writes. The city authorities using advance is this application programming also wants in your system eating, please trying to reconfigure it while retaining data. Integrity is expensive and time consuming. Once return can accompany, expect from its Air P investment. Air P eliminates redundant at ports and duplicated data. It can generate savings in operations expense as the first return. Then we have. The TRP system can help produce goods and services more quickly because off a flaw off data which goes around all departments. Then we have company that doesn't implement and Yorkie system might be forced out of business by compactors that have that haven't therapy system smugly running therapy system can save accompanies personnel suppliers and distributors and costume balls. Much frustration, cost savings and increase revenues a cure over many years. It is difficult to put an exact dollar figure to the amount accrued from the original European vestment body. Our implementation. Also the time other business factors may be affecting the company's cost and profitability . It is difficult to easily to the impact off the AARP system alone. Air B systems provide real time data, which improved circle customer communication or Washington. If I'm not wrong, is how long does it see to see a return on a new European investment? Richard on lessons or are oi Ease assessment? Often invent investment projects value. It is calculated by dividing the value off the projects. Benefits by the project's cost AARP systems are I can be difficult to calculate. Beer Storm research studies say that 63% of companies that perform the calculation reported a positive. Are I for your key? And must companies felt that non financial goals or the reason behind their Air P installations? Why do some companies have more success with your Ethan Unders? He's next question, and we will see that usually a bump hero out and low are I are caused by people problems, and these guided. It's vacations, not computer malfunctions. There are three border things. 1st 1 is that execute its blindly, hoping that you saw herbal cure fund amount of business problems that are not curable by any software. 2nd 1 is that executives executed and Artie managers not staking enough time for a proper analysis during planning and implementation face. And this is one important king, because later on it can these cottage us. It is seen here executives and I T managers standing on employee education in training easa . Third thing, or which can, Because why some companies have more success off a week in your feet than others. Also companies on not pleasing ownership, ownership or accountability for the implementation project on the personnel who will operate the system unless a launch products such as an AARP instalaciones promoted from the top down, he's going to say AARP implementation brings a tremendous amount of change for users, and we have to face facts that for men users, it takes years and before they can take advantage off many off near P systems capabilities must AARP installations do generate returns, understanding the social and business implications off your tonalities is not easy Airbase systems have been in common. Use always is in United's AARP. Vendors are walking, too. So adaptability problems that flag customers and summarize e R. P software is expensive to purchase in time consuming to implement, and it requires significant employee training. But the payoffs can be spectacular for some competence are oh, I may not be media's or even calculable. Experts anticipate the that er piece. Future bottles will be on managing customer relationships, improving planning and decision making, and linking operations to the intimate and other applications through service on the architecture. This is all for me, for the electric three or two significance and frequently asked questions off air, be softer and system. I hope you enjoy it. See you in a lesson for thank you. 5. Lecture 6: Introduction with ERP practice : Hi, everyone. Here we are continuing which Microsoft Dynamics in Asian course and were unlocked or six were We will start week practical part. So in the previous five elector, you can see you can hurt about erectile part of Microsoft Dynamics emotional alot of its ah functions, areas, functional areas that set him. Now we'll see how it functioning program. I hope you like it. And because in eight and nine lecture we also continue with the radical part After we too will also goes Direct me on the practical So, uh, I will start with the basic things in this lecture six, for example, how to use thes navigation being here on the left side. How do you search field? How toe change this role center etcetera for example, As you can see here, RL center ease for the sales order process their role And here you can see old things that are related to this to this role. For example, trailing seal seals orders items off thesis role reporting in books notifications At that time here, thes roll center is like your desk, for example, these zeros and numbers shows the how many papers you should have on your desk you have on your desk, for example, you can change it. You can change it and everything you click on here, you can see what is it and how you can change it. For example, I will start. I will start to be the changing role center. If you're accounting manager, Theis kind of roll Center will not be useful for you because, um, you don't need a proven sales orders information, for example. So Mike said that an exclusion have a really good option, Uh, which will help you to you for your desk to look as you needed to look. For example. As you see, I click on Search Field, which is another very important option in my CSA Dina. It's innovation program. And because anything you need, you could just I for example, customer, you can just type fuel after securing hurry and you will get all leased off old things that include those three letters in its name. On these kind of table here could be Brighton shows us that it is a list. Those are reports and you also have a different different types off these icons, which will suggest you watch type of document by clicking. You will enter. For example, I that now don't need customer. I know you took arose, so I will just i pro and a role center, which is home. I don't need it, but I need a role tailored to client because I need profiles and I will quicken profiles and get all profiles that I have I have can have in my my crystal dynamics and program. So, for example, it dives account by clicking two times off. Accounting manager. I will help improve our card in which I have a further information about about this role and because I need to be full, full center and for accounting manager, I will just checked these little box and quick a king. I can't go back on home, men you can see and nothing changed. This is because I need to reopen my system, Teoh because, um, marks of Adam's image in function that way and now this'd is a little bit different Role center. In comparing with previous one, you can see now that, um, a role center and control pain on left side, a head inside the departments and departments and home I have also administration passed the documents cost accounting, cash flow, raw eggs, acid journals of Pro Bowls. And that's after them Because those information are important for our county manager. You can see now here is stash for wondrous reporting that e in books at that important things for accounting manager. But because demo version, ease off, Mike. So dynamics is actually for seal sort of process. Er again changed my a room and do back on a sales order processing double. We concealed border distasso deferral center Lucky level again. Close the program and you open it so we can start. As you can see in a small, this will be our bees for any for any activity that will making, like Sudan installation program here importantes mean for seals older process their home, bossy documents and departments anything we need. For example, if I click on departments you can see as Igor dimension in actual one as you are. If you can remember, those are functional areas and activities that you can do weaving these departments or functional areas about home and we will now see a second important thing, the mean Maxell Dynamics division, which are helpers I'm now to see voters. I need some voiced and Advil again. Click on customer. Trust them Always as you can see, these are my customers. I can change. I can change it whatever I want. For example, if I need customers, as you can see, these are filters, for example Now filter through which I want to to see my customers is number. But by clicking piece bam small down arrow I could see Tre which focus I can see my customers. For example Application code, full number of contacts Search name, credit limit Just type just that, for example, for, uh, responsible the center or nay, Just type name off, customer and or number customer because anyone hardly is it is hardly toe remember and number customer. You can just die Eat by the name and you will get all onis or letters if you talk, uh, which will which you have customers here on your list Also, uh, you As you can see, those are just a few off filters. But we have by clicking this down arrow. Um, just beside customers, we can see it at the best filter. Advanced fell for eyes. Dis option. You can add how money filters you need for example, number, name, responsibility. But also by clicking thes down arrow you can see all and thes thes are wary along voiced for example Now we will now I will a Cody just in Maine, for example. A Let's see Pat, I need uh Let's see that I need at least off customers death. Are you, for example, I will go on. Oh, balanced you. I want to see customers that aren't you. Enter value, for example. I will see that are speaker done zero balance You bigger dance you go. And I had felt third according to the location koot Also location Cody's You have Allstate Grain warehouse. Now my list. He's shorter. As you can see, those are just three customer three customers that bones you ease Raider, even zero Just this option. As you can see here those articles and you can see whatever waste you want. For example, I want according Teoh much seen shipment matters code and you have options to choose. For example, free career. I want to see a list of my costume. I wish use shipment mattered code as free career and, um, I will. Now we fresh. I don't have any customer which use sheep and magical as free Korea. You can see whatever always do you want or for example, you can see. Let's see that our work us our chief want us to see do you customer balanced? You, um for example, a cooling according to Dan currency code. And we will choose bones you greater than zero greeting zero and bigger than zero and Australian dollar Marty trying trying to shine Europe. But I cannot find it. Ah, here here is violist for Euro and balance your customers. And if I want to this I can um, Ochsenbine, I'm finishing hole. So helpful option to, for example, export. Each time Microsoft excel, you can see before saving saying it You can see how it looks like example. And this list Can you immediately go to your chief, which was actually which was asking for it? Um, I won't save it, and I will know Go on home. Um, these are some off the options. So are we have all options in the marks of an an examination and the beginning off our a practical practical bar. So I hope you enjoyed. And mobile suit leader in lectures. That and by 6. Lecture 7: Accounting in ERP: Hi guys. Here we go again at the Enterprise Resource Planning System course and now after seven, which is Accounting India Assistance. Other Completing these chapter. You even be able to describe the differences between financial and managerial accounting to identify and describe problems associated with accounting and financial reporting in an anti integrated information systems. To describe how happy systems can help so accounting and financial reporting problems in and a new degree system. And to describe how the engines Campbell and this turban is awfully active, have a back account information system to explain accounting and management reporting benefits that accrue from having any of the system ends. To explain the importance off extensible business reporting language in financial reporting in the chapter, you will weren't about the activities in the accounting functional area Accounting East tightly integrated with all other functional areas, and accounting activities are necessary for decision making. Series of accounting, our financial and energy really out. Financial accounting is documenting all transactions off a company that have you booked on the financial state of the firm. You using documents transactions will create reports for external parties and agencies reports. All financial statements must follow prescribed rules and guidelines. Oh, various agencies. Common financial statements are Balance sheet and income statement. Balance Sheet is a statement that shows account pounds. He's such as cash held amounts old tow company by customers, costs off a room, materials and finish rudimentary long term assets such as buildings amongst old job unders , banks and other creditors. Amounts owners having us that in company into figure 51 As you can see here on slide, you can see fears Backer and sample all the balance sheet on one side, which is bright side. You have amount off. What? Peter Sacker Company. Oh, and on the other side you have. We have liabilities. Were, which is what they have to pay because this is balance sheet at the end. They have to this scene as they are. As we can see here we are a continuing we'd account activities NC That's augur. On the other side, we have income statement, which is profit and loss statement and shows company sales, cost of sales and profit or loss for a period of time. Typically 1/4 or year. Integrated information systems simplifies the process of closing the books and preparing financial statements. On the other side, we have managerial like how which bearing costs and profitability off competence. Activity activities quarterly financial beaten are closing, folks closing increased a nominal accounts. Numbered accounts are 00 Balance to start next cycle Didn't sure accounts a cure AIDS and after beat and adjusting and trees, Integrated Information System Advantage simply pass process of closing books and preparing financial statements. Then we have managerial accounting, which Thurman costs and profitability off. Cos activities provide managers with the feel of information, such as informed decisions, grading budgets and did thurman profitability information that managers used to control date the activities develop long term plans. Now using here people accounting information, we can see that problems associated with any degree the systems are data sharing usually did not a cure in real time accounting data were often out of date. Accounting personnel had to do significant research here be system with its centralized database. On the other side of one's thes problems in traditional accounting companies, accounts are kept in a record called a general lecture in the system, including the general ledger of yours simultaneously with business transactions, we have now operational decision making problems Dear our dues for kings on integrating information system in this real product management in the in the continual si deus workings , we just also feeder Sacher credit management procedures and credit management, meaning some problems that UN integrated information systems a meek to operational decision making any degree information system is out of a bait or in a curator. County data can cause problems when a company is making operational decisions. So we have industrial credit management, which is which requires a good balance between grant exhibition products to support sales and making sure that the company does not lose too much money sending elite on how much money a customer can owe it any one time. Monitoring back, you mean his orders coming? A. M pains are received. Sales representative needs to be able to review and actually the accounts receivable balance when an order comes in, problems arise. Ish marketing and accounting have until degraded insulation systems less than whole corporation on its problems should not arise with an integrated information systems. Because account receivable, he's obviously updated. Now we can see future slackers Friday of management procedures which jiggles like this bigger snacker seals Clark refers to a weekly print out of a customers car. Bring balance and crowded cleaning to see if Brad it should be granted. SEALS. Data are transferred to accounting by these three times over Accounting clerk Can you sales E book To prepare a customer, evils and accounting must make and your jasmine score partial shipments before preparing the Ingles and an end. Accounting clerks process customer payments on the other side. We have breaded management in year B. Ah Europea will allow better snack to set a Craddick Lee made for each customer and company . Get configure any number Freddie Check options in your system. Advantages of using your beat humans credit e the ease that processes out meted in these our available in real fun since the this lecture on this chapter, which is accounting, is a worry wide, I'll be divided it into two parts, so we will continue in are two senior thank you 7. Lecture 7: Accounting in ERP: now to continue the selector. Seven. Off Enterprise Resource Planning System course. We just accounting in your system product's profitability analysis. We can see that these managers use accounting date that perform perfectibility analyses off a company and its for when they are in a cured or incomplete. The analysis are flawed. Many reasons for inaccurate or incomplete data are inconsistent. Record waiting in a cured mentally costing systems and problems consolidating data from subsidize series. Inconsistent record keeping. Um, for example, Egypt of feeder snackers. Marketing Visions maintains his own records and keep tracks of sales data differently. He sees a big problem because people Iraq was maybe in a cured or me seeing making validity over the final report. Questionable without integrated information systems, accounting and reporting to management requires working around limitations. Off information systems produce useful outward here. Is system minimizes or eliminates these problems? 2nd 1 in a cure it in entry costing systems a major problem in a way that correctly talk. Waiting in country costs is one of the most important challenging accounting tasks in any manufacturing company in mentally cost accounting. Background means that manufacturing darkens cost has three elements crossed before materials. Cost of Liber employees. Iraq Ling production of item An overhead which are old. Other costs in mentoring cost accounting Background has also three types of costs and she's diary costs on materials and labor can be asked media fairly. A curently indirect costs, which is over had items it is difficult to associate with. The city products and standard cost for product are established by studying historical, direct and indirect costs patterns taking into account the ethics off current than actual changes. And also we have cost arises, which is a difference between actual costs and SANZAR costs. European him entry cost accounting It is that many companies were uninterested. Accounting system. Analyze their cost. Mariah sees infrequently. Often they do not know how much it actually costs two producing units or a product to produce a unique of a product. If theater snacker had any therapy system, employees throughout the company would have recorded costs in a company wide database as they a cure. DRB system configurations allow analysts to track costs using many basis product costing example. Suppose feeders snacker wishes to update standard costs for energy, a boss product plus analyses on it, one for a energy bar and private cost analyses in e. R. P. Broader costume. Arriens mattered for developing a product costs in an ear, a system active activity based costing in here. Yeah, activity Based Costing or ABC. These accountants identify activities associated with over had cost generation and then keep crackers on costs and on activities. ABC requires more bookkeeping than traditional costing methods. Then we have, ah, companies with subsidiaries. Account balances for each anti must be compiled and forwarded to the Home Office. Consolidated statement for the company as a whole must be created. And also we have concept for inflation problem problems when currency inflation is needed for a subsidy diaries, accounts and inter company transactions, which are contractions that a cure beginning confidence into your subsidy. IRS management reporting in this system is generating the right reports for the right situation is often challenging without in Europe the system. The job of tracking all the numbers that needs to go into our report is a monumental undertaking. With the AARP system, last amount of information is available for reporting purposes. Now we have, ah, the anger calls topic in October 16 2001 and one Waas, one of the world's largest electricity and natural gas Raiders, reported a six 100 and $80 million third quarter loss and the schools a 1.2 billion reduction in shareholder equity. U S Securities and Exchange Commission inquiry into possible conflict of interest. Political companys dealings with partnerships around by C F O. Fastow. Valuable financial contracts. He was far greater than volume off contract to actually deliver commodities. Some partnerships were fake to mask billions of dollars in that animals. Financial statements had been audited by our understand ah high regarded accounting firm. Anderson Employees on the Android engagement team were instructed to this route a commendation. We've got hundreds Uncle Yemen's Candle Waas that shareholders lost and an estimated $40 billion. Thousands of workers lost their jobs. 31 individuals were either charge or a plaid. Guilty to criminal charges. Jurors convicted accounting firm Arthur Andersen for abstracting justice by destroying and other documents in US Congress passed Service Awfully Act of 2002 which is which act was designed to prevent the kind of proud and abuse that lives to the end downfall. Here are some key features of the servants awfully act. It is designed to encourage top management accountability in terms that are publicly traded in the United States. Dies a line is that financial statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission must include a statement signed by the chief executive officer and chief financial officer certificates certifying that the financial statement complies. We as seals title to that all for independence. A limits non audit services that an auditor can provide cycle or more string strangers requirements for financial reporting. Now we have implications for the Servants Oxley Act 40 Our assistance. They were no control Report requirement. A company must document the controls. The current Please verify that the controls are not subject to our Orman permission, and companies with the artist systems in place will have an easier time complying with the service. Oxley X and then we'll competence Without Europea, we have archiving. When Europea Soft were easy. Question. When are hiding is in question here. The software offers were, if you face to delete items, data are from your assistant on Lee after they have been recorded to media. A backup DVR or Berman and storage are kind permanent storage air persistence keep track off one death are created or changing or changed, which is changed. Iraq Word also how your assistance has user authorization. Yeah, B has investigated user administration tools that allow different levels off authorization . Men of Mons ensure that employees can perform all need for Section's report for their jobs . Also, profile it on reader provides a simple matter for selecting functions, and then a user should be allowed to perform. We also have dollars groups, which stacking limits on the size of transaction and equal you can process in in the therapy system. This is done using tolerance groups. Dollars groups Pre Sakhalin. It's on an employee's ability toe cost transactions. It saplings on the dollar value for a single item in a document as well as the total value off document on then Financial transparency. ER, persistence provide the ability to drill down from our ports to the source documents, transactions. Death created it making. It makes it easier for auditors to confirm the integrity of reports with a properly configured and managed air system. There are direct lines between the company's financial statements and indeed, your transactions that make up the statements. Fraud and abuse can be detected more going. And at the end, we have friends in financial working extensible business reporting language, which slumbers the language Extensible Markup language code in detail directly from Web page into the these reports Processed Foster and validated Easier Year assistance except data in XML and eats br out and the summarize companies need a happy system to record conceptions. Engine with financial statements. Honey degree the information systems. Accounting data. Meena might not be carbons. It can cause problems for sales representatives trying to make operational decisions. And they can be in a cured, which can affect the decision making and therefore profitability. Close the books at the end. Off an accounting period can be difficult with an UN integrated information system. But Israel look relatively easy with an integrated information system closed. The books means zeroing out Sampdoria pounds using an integrated information system and come the to these two record. Ah, counting data has important inventory cost accounting benefits. It can lead to Maura cured product costs, calculations and can help managers and determine which products are profitable and which are not. That's news, often integrated system and a common database to record accounting data has important management reporting benefits built in drill down and query tools available and at the end , serving softly. AG Summary seven Softly Act 2000 to a U S. Federal or regulation. He's written and passed in the week of anyone columns. It's promoting management accountability by requiring extra financial approval and reporting e R assistance can help companies meet the requirements off these A legislation. Thank you, old. Thank you for listening the scores. And, uh, this is old for from actress happened. See you later in a lecture eight. 8. Lecture 10: Work in ERP: Hi, guys. Here we are on Electra Thon off my crystalline on exciting course and also a second part off a practical second lecture of practical part. On today we will see how the green card off on before a new wonder and you item end new customer. So let's start as I told you, Ah, search field is a very important function that will come usually use in mark seven an extension So, for example, because I want a great item at the beginning our will just die, I think and hope knows off items cheer. You can see the list off artoms I have in my Dita bees end on. These are proven. You can see all options related to the items. But I know you. I am a quicken. Likely he on you. I will open new we do in which you can see these new Arctic card and I card have to for 77 different parts off information that you need to full sail because you want to a function later. First field in a general art off. I didn't I can card informations. He's a number. You can type it manually, but by clicking on description of diet and you will get the number of diet and which is next number in your database. For example, the last number Waas SSAB 162 or 61 for example. You can talk about manually, as I said, but it isn't necessary. These a little red flowers mean that does failed our obligation to fulfil our mandatory the fulfill cell description. Oh, uh, type the name of new products, which is, for example, tire higher cute Lansing. These units of measure, as you can see, that whenever you see a legal down arrow, it it means that you can choose option. You can choose from options or but this is not a mandatory. By clicking on meat, you can see new and advanced Volker's on defense, for example, by clicking on you, you can create new evening pressure, but it is not necessary because you have enough options here and because tires art off juice basis because they are, they're peace. UniChem Ashaari space. Those options that bull fills, as you can see here, are so cold floor feels, and they are changed by other by other activities in the program. We cannot change manually it will be changed. Buy me some water. For example. Making some water changes were accounts or seals. This is not something that is necessary. So we'll skip it. But shop number, you can add it or you cannot. You You don't have to. I can get agri cud. We can see Miss Cullen. Use product group number, group code also Service Item group. Or we can also skip this file, Sir. Description Fire Q We are. I finished with the general information. Now we have a more When NBC using in question. We have also a several parts that were different Film. For example. As you can see, costing matted you have, um, down error so you can chose option in which you want to be your costing rattled And this is standard and we'll just stay to be Is that thundered? Cost on those three dots I didn't explaining room here means that you can see overview off every how it comes. For example to thes number here, Sunder costs a ruble. See, we have standard gossipy can see $10 unit cost out thematic low will be changed because this is not changeable. Filed by aunts over had read. We will skip that and we will see that indirect costs are also $10 and last time cost $5 price drops. Calculation is another very important option. You have a tree types and choose, for example, that profit ease prize minus cost price minus cost. Or we can see that price is equal to cost plus profit. But those days, on price minus cost, we can decide what although, how much we want, how much percentage will want our prophet and we will see ki percent, for example onions Price. I felt it will be completed by, for example, I'll say $50 in 80% off profit I had most. We'll see now what it is A retail you can see here Kept making manufacturing this queens no wacko services that you meant Rick Austin girl. But ever stay finished. And, uh, this with this, I will finish my Lucy part off, creating your active. We're plunge mint. Next action is replenishment. Her Bunches. Listen, system east purchase or I can say production order assembly, but it will be purchase. We can't calculation. Yeah, I don't have a too hopeful the options you can, but you don't have to will be just easier for you. I will be sport because information that I need are already written playing. For example, As you can see here we have rewarding policy reserve order cracking policy Dim Panera period. A lot for a lot para meters. I also don't the sparse so much these more for planning manager foreign trade. Because this is not this is the last product foreign created. I can see for example, which type of every number I want country regional foraging for food These are a worry helpful options and it is very important for you Fulfill over These did not have problems later in when you're selling or purchasing. It was kind of product as a busy year reside of tracking. I've been tracking code. You can also have some options or you can create you Serial Knauss lot US Expiration calculation at Veta and warehouse at the at the end. You can see here of last counting period update next counting identity barcode use pross talking information that are that you I can't have, but you don't have it is old depending on your policy. It off off the policy or you're making business, Elsom. And when we are finished with all these information, we can just click. Ok, also, what is important before I click? Ok, I just won't show you these on right side thes two boxes 1st 1 in six seasons, for example You can, uh, link this, uh, item with something. For example, if you want to telling piece I don't week Teoh some specific customer will wonder You can make it. We'll see some later, later Electricity how to do it and notes If you want to greet note about this I think you can see for example, this is price just for past Summers s Timmers too. Best I can see if I have, um another users, I think. But it will be It will go to my vast because it is only user off this martial dynamics innovation program. Not if I see okay And I've all finished or it are creating new item. This you can see here 7762 type for you peace there and all information that I need for mine. I knew I that's a key, so I will no 9. Lecture 10: Working in ERP environment : as you can see basis purchased for specific customers. My notifications each comes to my best, but because as I over the side eighties my it is my desktop. So I'm down now what's going on and see how to queen? You wonder always the wonders also the same process. You have a list of unders. You have a ribbon, witches and all information related to to the least wonders. And you have a new option, which I look weak and get new wonder card. And also seven sections about Wonder Card new undercard, which I need to fulfill So I will start a number is also you can act on nearly. But you don't have to. You can add, didn't name off wonder, for example. I see. I know. Let's see Canon Canon healthy D 15 address abreast. We can see, for example, Red Road 43. What I rest always optional. You can add it or you can or you don't have to. For example, pass code as you can see little down arrow, which should give you, um, options to Jews post gold and I will choose, for example, city contribution code more beyond automatically as you can see here you can great on you. New possible. The phone number you cannot adore You can't. And these little, um so in here means that you can automatically by clicking on Thisun You can co your lender You can call your under on our ah, helpful featuring in e myself immunization program. So if you have, for example, activities and he activated any option here You're a computer desktop. You can call it primary contact number. Can it out to be a key contact, for example, you can you can choose the name of that. For example, chains One person that will be ah contact for a T's kind for display under purchaser Clue Do you can add it or you cannot. Also, we have all here balance which is fulfilled and cannot change it. Responsibility centre across London walked You cannot block it and we finish with general section communication So number, fax number and email hoping I see Barker could accept them something that I'll not now Pedro under. Now we have So we have I went in museums in question. As you can see here we have a tree Mandatory field watches General isn't spotting Room and Moviles National, which is master. It will be also full field and wonder passing room. We will also choose the mask pricing quoted What a que were pinged this pings application that Emanuel Partner Time Priority Cash Hoping Term School, for example. You can choose 14 days 21 things that in these current bond kashinda labor or you can create a new one. For example, you want 15 days? I'm just saying, Oh, beside one month, I prefer out. You have all options that you need useful. Definitely easy your job. You have a location code, which is our origins outside bull shipment mattered. Code shipment method code on a cop application leads on calculation, and these calendar could I want a focal that this is something that you can have all options. If this is rain trader or for a dream, you can choose, currency cooed, and I'll see euro a language code. For example, German off Germany, a mask registration number. I don't skip this more also as a 40 active or you have on the right side boxes, which is wonders that this sticks and you can see further information about your product here ease. Thes are all zeros. These are all zeros. Because this is any walking, which I don't know. Ah, press J and I make my you, uh, can a penalty if being as you can see here, this is my water. No, I will just, um, click here. Double click. You will open him under guard off every wonder from your list. And here, just to show you understand this sticks for example, because in those parts was zoos. You can see here Wonder statistics Ah, and buy from under history All information that you need that this is very helpful because you don't have to go on something or when you are When you want to see from which wonder you want to buy, you can see your totaled you balance. You, um everything that you need for your quicker decisions. Now look up, cane and go back up. Enter our ease at the create your customer customs and oh, I can open customer list. Click on. And also I have, as you can see here, sections number skip. It won't be in the same as you can see. See ah here Represent cut a customer name, for example I can see, but bicycle tour L d address. Oh, I see. Badge right, that word. 45 address toe s Keep bust. Food are again. Now I will see Sophea gari for number. Let's see here. Primary contact number Que Choose this working contact mean? Let's see Robert Quinn is a key seals person code blessing and had a hail. This means that, um when these custom raising question ah seals person which is responsible. Curtis customer is on a hill and anything that I want to see According to discuss tomorrow or some views that I have I want you to every person that I have in company. I will just move John Atta, hail and ask her about what I want about discussed. Some are responsible Center will also be London service Zoom Coach Blatt See East, Sir. Last month I finished general again. Communication will said have number You can add backs meal hope age at that time Then we have Imo sing build customer number Bring sound I choose peace Enbrel Scott, His company General Boston Group can now is not in this customer and wondrous meaning you I can We'll see you Customer price book a payment. I'll keep those punts and go on things in terms coat because you can see I can looked I will now. Anyone days being the matted cud even on account reminded trance crude rain customer I had all those part because of the time but this is also as I already mentioned you, as I already mentioned you, uh, booze information that you adhere will help you. But if you don't need it, you will just, uh, lose your time by adage and you will not anything but for the bigger companies. And one company had a lot of customers, a lot of wonders and a lot of mountains. It is very helpful to pacify a little bit because off fritter where we, uh, finally, uh, brought a protocol off seals and and making purchases and orders. And Ceta I know we have shaping location code again. Well, same do spurs are optional partial and that's chipping in Agent Kubicki paddocks. She needed service crews standard delivery. I will go on for entry since this is some pop magorium leva one Gloria by print cheese and cold do here also, you have customer shields and customs statistics see your service sales. These are all zero Bic Ocean. Because this is new customer, But it will be leader. Probably so and we'll click on options, and I will go back to home. So these are Oh, uh, information that I needed to grind you here in Electra 10. I hope you've enjoyed. And I hope you, Florence something So, uh, seeing leader in lecture, I want 10. Lecture 11: Role center : Hi, guys. Here we are on electric 12 all markets of the vaccination course. And also third part of practical. I will start with you will start this part off practice Wheat. How you can change your rule center, our home feed. What are you want for example? Oh, now, uh, quick on home. Go back And here you can you have option customize customize rebroadcast by this page cost my navigation pane anything you want, you can customize here, for example, I will customize this page. And as you can see your old centrally out you have activities. You can remove it. My customer remote report in looks remote my job cure. Remove it. I will just let's see. I will add that it is more up else. Oh, in my items are removed and I will add report and books I have left and identification I will not a huge moment laughed and recording looks more right and move it. Uh, I lucky if I don't want wanted, I could just I could just click on restorative folds and it will be as it was at the beginning, talking. So this is offers are also you can, uh as I show you customize like you should be. For example, I don't want to be those three here. I don't want posse documents. I can remove it. I can add, for example, something from financial management. I want, for example, chart of accounts. I will. Our came a copy. Too lucky. So you can add something or anything you want. You can end to your do your control pain. Uh, I will just go to customize. Okay, I even save. And I wanted it. I even see you. And these are interesting. I'm the same state as we heard it. No, I will. I want to go on the next thing that I want to show you. And next thing, uh, that I want to show after in last part, we. So how to make reports and how to hold her. Then we'll now see how to run them on server. How to frame to freeze while reports are running and have schedule and save them from later . You, um, we'll start with the schedule in reports. How will village in the next week You can see first in the search field again on beating go Very important. Um wearing sort of bitter in the Microsoft dynamics I already created. But I will. Diligent. Yes, because I want to show you how to drink, how to do it. So you will. Great, not new job kill. For example, Let's a little sea route towards as a coot and description will be back. Back around 3 40 But crown boarding, Jack that got could have Reomel launches and rebels talk. Jack, you okay? After we finish it would will go back on home. We'll go back on home, and we will quick on report that customer orders summary. And, uh, after we ran bit or after reschedule of jury spatulas will just preview we to This is our a smallholder summary, and I will go out and I can customer order this little down aggro. As you can see, we have options. Gadgil and sure got worried which is control shift and us. I will quicken schedule. And as you can see here, option pdf off the side. Pdf you have word Excel, read or non What is processing on Lee? So I'll keep pdf and have a quick okay, but before that because we already changed our page world is something because we mean my job, Q. We will add it in our old centrally out, and because we need report in books will be moving up. Also, my job Cuba will move it up and quick. Okay, Now we have ah report in books at the beginning. And as you see what we already know what we already did in reporting, we now have customer order summary. After I cook in it, I can open it ends. Meet my customer order summary. Okay. Uh huh. I want to see it. I know, breeder. As you can see here is my customer order summary customer order summary With always information that I need, which is very useful. I can just print it or send it toe whoever I want. I will just go out as you can see my job. Que Here my job cure here. Uh, he's showing my doc use, but you can also see that showing our here option show at her. For example, if you have my job, you're here, which we That means that you cannot something you have something, what you missed. And by clicking and show error, it will show you what kind of think you did wrong so you can go back and make its right and it will be okay. That's all for this part off a practical Barto Ochsenbine on finishing course. I hope your wife, kids and one something. So let's see means next lecture. Thank you. 11. Lecture 12: Filtering: however, one here we are continuing weight Electric 12 all my Crystal Dynamics donation program. And today we're going to talking about being university Gordon and creating sales orders. So let's start again. We'll go on search field and tie purchasing, of course or disorders. Sorry. So we will go on, waste the purchasing order off birth disorders, and we will quit on you as we already learned ing bring this last since, uh, we have to decide from which wonder we want to buy. And Moviles the break sample Joe Gold Line. And we will immediately have all information that we have here. Click on 101 101. And now we have to decide. This is about Wonder and general information about under in the upper section in the second section We have information about the item five I will see. You will see that it is item number light and they will decide we cannot choose Act on that . We don't have any allergy to bees. So we can't actually by creating its right now. But it will be reviewed more so we decided it would be a dream and location. Flu and quantity will be spring sample 30 We How old? Other information that we need to fulfill. We have diving unit costs. Exploding what? And oh, information as seen that we need our full gold Selves. Mobile click. We don't go further because everything that we I only have here and Al just now Quick. Okay. Before I clique aqui I should release my document and lost it Receiving ones. Okay, now I what? My document in, uh, that we I finished my purchase order. Now I want to seal something and I will take you See Order. I want to sell the customer number if you can not aside, you can change filter Sue and I just Kids see Canada, for example Or I want to sound classical. So the bicycle ter Yes, I change it. Yes, bicycle ter and I want to sell them arsons number dropping or kitchen code Just quantity 20 . He and price excluded back will be, um $25. See? Everything is finished. We have total quoting. But you can see that I think those are of the sections that are here and we don't change it because we already want creating our eye and slanders and customers, as I already showed you in the earlier electors, How we over the decided on all these questions. As you can see here on the right side, we have south customer and everything that we need in detail to decide also to decide what this town how to sound, want to sell and to decide whether to sell. Because just the availability Eigen Loyalty Ah, unit of measure everything. The amount off jewel that also also we have a notes get old and knows box where I can create note, as I already showed you and I can. Old Elise, I have lost my documents. Shipping invoice. Okay. And now I both my doctor and sound. I can see, uh, my boss documents, for example. I have Moscow through and my boss documents I can print it or I can, uh, Microsoft words, uh, transparent Microsoft Word. As you can see here, this means my in Los Austin seeing shipment toe bicycle throughout t d and all information general information wines here. You can see that's I to bring this production planting peace 20 paces shaping you tinkled fattest. I can send it like this to the customer or I can go immediately, such as email attachment Also what I want to show you here that you can syringes. I will now go exit this and what I also want you to be. Eat that for example, I what I already to do? This is items for example. I will go on. I did this a link on breast I can click on the wings And you think, for example I want joing my likeness of dynamics and the practical Judis save That's that already saved. So you can see in my my crystal dynamics Practical is going to do this item anything you want, you can just click on links into ripping off your ID card and we need some specific document some specific media's related to your bicycle pictures, for example. I set that to these to these like So this is ain't or you can create note. As I already mentioned talking, I get back and I hope you understand what I want to deceive. A week what? I wanted to see your about creating for disorder and seems border. So you you saw how to sell and purchase some different items. What is really border ease to define all information that you need about. I know that you purchase war cell as well as information about a boozing costing and about not defying your customers wonders. Or I didn't know contact person about these particles sale. That's all for me in this lecture, self seeing leader in next one. 12. Lecture 13: Chart of Accounts and Dimensions : Hi, guys. Here we are on our last lecture off Mike. So dynamics innovation Horse. And today we're going to talk about chart of accounts and dimensions in an 80 sees, a chart of accounts is directly related to accounting. I will change my rule in roll center entrance accounting role for the beginning. So let's go in the search field. As we already mentioned how to change our profile in General Center, we will go and time, uh, road feeler con clients and going profiles and click double on account Manager. The Cultural Center M click. OK, now I will close the program and a GAN open it. Now Meyer ALS Center easily will be different and accounting manager is my role, so I will click on a chart of accounts chart of accounts. As you can see here we have some headings and some totaling counts, and those are handy for both, viewing a quick trial balance and screen as well as for creating a financial reports which will see led a week later. But what you're not is here. Did my chart of accounts east very flat? All I have here is a natural accounts, as in this keys a week. ALS bring sample. Um, I don't have reference with divisional department or a customer type or any type off business because or any type of that, then because any doesn't track that in a chart of accounts. Any tracks that using dimensions. So let's take community here and took about dimensions in N A T dimension is the functionality that allows you to analyze seals or purchase. They don't. We don't breaking or changing the chart of accounts. What it does. It provides an additional level off analyses toe any constructions, and it is flexible because it is not site to chart of accounts as well as you can and new dimensions at any time. There is no meat to maintain an open GL account segment as well as you can sight to the full dimensions for mustard files. Why it is useful. It helps to understand which region is more profitable for the company, for example, or if you have to add new analysis levels to track more information. In an 80 in a segmented chart of accounts, you will have to add additional segments. But in the Microsoft Dynamics division, you don't have to change structure off your general larger or off your chart of accounts. All you have to do is to add a new dimension. So let's take a look at dimensions. You know what? Maybe in that case, I'm going back to my role center and again unlike my search field and die damage. So by clicking my inventions, you can see here eight dimensions, but also in the rebound up. Here you see a new card and which you can also buy shortcut control plus. And to create new dimension and as many diamond means as you want, I will get con department, and here you can see dimensions are also those dimensions, but by cooking by dimension on diamond's value into ribbon up here you can see three dimension values whom and three different. Three different keep our moments three different departments, which is administration, production and sales. Also, you can see here project we each have by mentioned mounds of the project are three different products and a swell. As in honor and dimensions. You consumed dimensions values, but also here in up ribbon off, you can see a new car, which you can end as many dimensions as dimensionality is, as you want, have a long ago back to see the result of using dimensions and recording per sections in quoting those I'm passions. For that I will go back to my old center and click on analyses Eataly out off here to see a leader A to see waas going on. I will go on accounts catchall on accounts Catchall. It is in the Navy in accounts casually, simply a financial statement report. And in this case, we will look at the data for incoming expanse chart. You can choose whatever you want, but I'm just this one and I will quick overview to see my overview of accounting schedule. As you can see here, uh, these my accounting schedule is divided into three Perea's because my column the out mean east Very. I can buy cooking these down arrow. I can choose whatever kolyma coat calmly out mean, which is cash flow or fold or degree. But I will go on period because I want to see, for example, current period in two previous periods, but the two previous periods and, um also by clicking on the's. For example, December off current bridge minus one and by clicking these three dots, I can see vehicles off old transactions and it have faucet off the market lower account. And, uh, I mentioned what also I want you to see here in these lecturing his dimension filters at the end of this page at the bottom of this page, for example, here, as you can see, ease department filter by clicking face down you down a net a room, you can see dimension value least as a Z we saw in the previous dimensions what we I would be already it stop, for example, if I choose seals as I mentioned value on Filter, I, um, ask you to see how you eat attention with more attention my general information for the carbon card over the current period. And those two previous When I refresh, I see a little bit different current period. For example, these car period, I have a less data than in Wendy Barton filter. When I don't have a partner both there, for example, I don't have as I stood eyes our he said, I don't have information for a must off the for most of our description. Also, you can add seals and administration or sales and production and to see um I hope hopefully you know, you can see that using by mentions in any allows you to break out your data of the way that you need to see eat. We don't having took water up your chart of accounts. So the main point off the main point off dimensions he's to make analysis, Nick further analyses and meek more analysis of For what? Ever talk you want forever type you want, for example, for her Aydin's in order or you're I know some financial report we doubt clattering up or writer up your chart of accounts. And since this is the last lecture, I want to thank you for listening my course. And I hope you learned basic things about this problem, how beneficial it ease and how you can use thes for your business. Since this is just the beginner level, the course, I hope you will see later. Invalidated version. If you have some questions or unexplained bars off the scores, feel free to happen to me and ask Thank you for your attention. Goodbye. Since Errol yours, Nailah