Enhance and Repair Your Photographs with Adobe Photoshop CS6 | Richard Sneyd | Skillshare

Enhance and Repair Your Photographs with Adobe Photoshop CS6

Richard Sneyd, Lecturer, Founder & CEO of CyberMyth Games

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7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. 1 A Quick Look at the Photoshop Interface

    • 2. 7 Crop Tool

    • 3. 12 Spot Healing Brush

    • 4. 13 Healing Brush

    • 5. 14 Patch Tool

    • 6. 15 Content Aware Move Tool

    • 7. 16 Red Eye Removal Tool


About This Class

Quickly learn how to use Adobe Photoshop CS6 to greatly enhance and repair your photographs using the spot healing healing, healing brush, patch, content aware move and red eye removal tools In a very short space of time, you will have gained a valuable, lasting skill with Photoshop on this photograph repair course.





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Richard Sneyd

Lecturer, Founder & CEO of CyberMyth Games

Richard Sneyd (B.A Hons.) is founder and CEO of CyberMyth Games. In the performance of his duties within the company, he must wear many hats, including that of a programmer, designer, digital 2D & 3D artist, sound designer, scriptwriter, texture artist, leader, marketer and business man.

He is also a fully registered, qualified, and highly experienced lecturer. His speciality subjects include 3D Modelling & Animation, Computer Game Programming, 2D Image Processing, Game Design, Desktop...

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