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Enhance Your Landscape Photos With LightZone

teacher avatar James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Enhance Your Landscapes Photos - Intro

    • 2. Editing Landscape Photos - Basic

    • 3. Editing Landscape Photos - Intermediate

    • 4. Adjusting Region Mask For Realistic Photos

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About This Class

Landscape photos requires a bit of tweaking to enhance it, and look amazing. You don't have to go overboard using various types of graphics software to over enhance a photo.

In this class, "Enhance Your Landscape Photos With LightZone", I'll show you how you can make small adjustments make make your landscape photos look really good. Even though your photo may look bland initially, LightZone may be able to make it look a lot better.

This class is part of a series on how to use LightZone photo editor.

Part 1. Introduction To LightZone Photo Editor - Editing For Beginners, shows you how to install and some basic edits to get familiar with the software,

Part 2. Bring Faces Out From Shadows. This class teaches you how to edit faces of people who are in shadows.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

James Woo

Skills For A Better Life


I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website JamesWoo.net and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

Feel free to connect with me too.



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1. Enhance Your Landscapes Photos - Intro: do you find your landscape photos? A bit frightening. Boring? Sometimes, no matter what you try the last photos, justice and hefty extra pop. Well, look no further in this class, you will learn how to make your photos look amazing. With just a few tricks. You don't need an expensive, sophisticated graphics editor to make those landscape look great. The software you're using this class is free and works on PC maker. Even the next computer. Your friends fellow for the gravel soon wonder how you can create those great escape for us . I look forward to seeing you in this class. 2. Editing Landscape Photos - Basic: in this video, I will show you how to make your landscapes more dramatic, like zone right. And all you need to do is actually used to tools, which I'm going to use in, like, zone or the like. Zones have many tools. So let's take a look at this image and this image is pretty nice. And it is just taken with kit lens on my Panasonic blue mix. Right at 14 millimeter, right? Nothing special. But you can actually turn this image into something along Mantra Matic using Lie Zone. And that's hit straight into that. So I'm just going to turn off the mater that in four and click on edit. So the first step exactly to crop the image. Now, if you want to use the crop more the crime, what is here and you click on the crop mood and I'm gonna turn it more in tow, wider landscape picture rather than more squarish. At this point in time. This photo is at the aspect ratio or forward three, which is what the camera picks a photo. If you want to lock the expect ratio, then you click on this lock here to lock it so that if you were to make it smaller, the photo will be in the same aspect ratio of it. The original photo. I am not going to do that. I'm going to remove the aspect ratio constraint. And you can see that as I move here, there is a fence lying over here, and that is actually the what? Timeto. Okay, so I'm just gonna put the border at the bottom right at the bottom. Okay, so I'm just going to heat enter. And now that the photo is cropped, how do I turn this cry to a little bit more dramatic? And unless I'm not going to use any off the white balance to I'm just going to use the zone , Knepper. Okay, so let's take a look at this for too fast. So this is the zones. And look at the history, Graham, your notice that most of it is in the brighter side, okay? Almost hitting to the peak and in Assam. Dark spots over there. So let's head back over to the Zordon tab and click on the zone member and get a first zone member too. Okay, I'm going toe. Have a move. My mouse down. So this point is actually that Brightpoint, as you can see on the yellows, the yellow over here. Okay, Yes, I moved miles down. You will heat more and more doctors spots. And basically, this will be the that point on the front door. Right? And as I moved down or there's something Doctor today, Mr That sees this anymore. Okay, so basically, that would be the dark point off that photo. If I want to put it down, it would actually increase the contrast in the photo. Okay, So I'm not. I want to ensure that this part is not good. Overblown. So I'm going to heat as a lot over there. I'm gonna add in that zone lot over a day. And that is under the reason I used to buses. Each vice actually represents basically almost one stop off exposure in number if you're using a for a camera, Okay, so let's make the photo early to be more dramatic. This and this is on my professes Goldmember is going to affect the entire image. Okay, so I'm going to make the doctor a little bit doctor over here, so that's less well, disability and see how this change. How does he change this cry? I want to make the sky more dramatic, and And it's been moving. You can actually change this guy. Okay, so let me just click on the original. So there's some changes in the grass. Still very light. Okay, so this would be the first zone mapper to which affects the entire photo. Okay, so I'm going to have a more dramatic sky and the doctor or ground here, so I'm going to add a second zone member to this. 3. Editing Landscape Photos - Intermediate: okay, and be this don't mapper toe. I will use a region more, and I'm going to use their all the gun region. So once I've selected that, you will see them a plus. Sign your cursor and you have a dot and you can actually and put the dot outside on the image to mark zone. So I'm just going to roughly first. Once I'm done, I'm going to right click on my mouth and release that zone. I'm going to come here and pull. This is going down with it a bit testing the Zune. Okay, So as I did before, I'm going to mark my zones first, and I'm going to do that. You zones. Okay, so since I'm interested in the sky the time I'm not so interested in the road. So now there's only actually affect the skies. Let us see if you could make this kindly debate more dramatic by making it Doc, over here. Let's make the sport doctor by became the contrast doctor s will. And I'm gonna change the blend mode. Not we all. Let me just hide this, uh, region. Fous it. This is original. It's This is this is how the photo looks like brighter. And this is actually there. No member. And I'm going to use a different landing more. I'm gonna use a soft, soft burn, right. And immediately you see the image a lot more dramatic. Begin the sort price. A soft light. This even looks nicer with the blue. So let's adjust this region again. Get this guided to make it a dramatic sky dramatic as we want and even meet your doctor And aside, then the zone member to this is original sky. And this is the sky. There is so much are moment dramatic. Okay, if I want to click on the original, this is original photo. This is a sky did This is the photo day so much more dramatic. You see, the grass looks a lot more greener. Okay, All I did wants to change the blending moto a soft mood. Okay, you can change it to highlight and also do that as well. And you'll notice that all these clocks now is so that's so much more more defined. Okay, you can come back here to adjusting the gin. So from, uh, for two days, looks all right. Just we two tools in Lisbon changed the landscapes toe, not more dramatic. So you can actually do this for your landscapes as well. And I hope that in your class you can also change this and let us go back to Zoom Apple number one. Okay. I want to changed their if the foreground here, making more to make it make the grass looks early to be greener. Okay, so that you have it just using to Tuesday's. Remember, I have not touched any of the saturation. I have not used the white balance. And I haven't even used a hue and saturation to which I can if I want to. But so too simple tools like zone. You can have a much more dramatic landscapes. So what you're done? Just click on. Done then, like someone's safety photo. Okay, so I've done a similar photo with slightly different, slightly different anything. You can see this, right? This in my first example. Although the sky's blue, the zone isn't exactly us as nice as this one. It is a slight glow, and I probably need to adjust this. So with that, I hope that you your photo and try to make this adjustment in like, zone. I'm sure you enjoy it. And I find that, like, zone is a very, very powerful. For the editing tool, you will make your photo a lot more interesting. 4. Adjusting Region Mask For Realistic Photos: in this video, I will show you some extract tips about using the region to and adjusting the region mass in like Zune. I did this image and I have created a zone mass over a day. But as you can see in the photo this side of the photo, there is a health halo over the horizon and that's just going to select the zoo Knepper and click on the region to and double click on the region that s been selected. Okay, so this is the region that you can see and let me zoom in a bit. Okay, Let me double click to select it again. So as you can see, this other region on the mask points the points that has been mosque and over here, I didn't mask it so well and that's why you see the halo over there. So in order to edit this, you can actually come hover your mouse over the point and move it by dragging it. So I want to pull this point down to ensure that this part here doesn't have that halo effect with the horizon. So I need to justice. The halo is either less noticeable it's not there as well. And to zoom in closely, you need to click on the zoom tool over here, and then you can actually move them photo on the part that you're looking at by moving the rate box over there. Okay, so let me just show you another one. I can drag you down, select an existing point and drag you down. But that halo no longer store, are they? And you can also at another point, okay. And a stronger coins. Your mask. Okay, we're here. As you can see, this is obviously I'm not done very well. When did this again and reduce? And this uses the halo effect. So you need to really adjust your pass to see give you the best results. Let me. Right. So this point here. Oops. So we're here. Let me hide the mosque and see it properly at the region. Isn't isn't done. Very well. Let me just double click on it. Pull yourself. So you really need to see which at the point that you need mask and that changes your photo . So this lying is asking for you to feather the tool and click on you as a regular way, it would be a feather effect. So with lying here, feathers over and let me decency the region, it is not so noticeable by that it's a slight halo effect. And if you do, no one that you have mass your region probably. And actually just move it down. Totally agree. Use us there. So let me hide their region. No, you can see that the halo region has actually gone, so this tip would actually help you to great Better. I'm asking for your region tool in like zone.