English job interview: Success your Job Interview in English

Gaia Massara, English Teacher | Cambridge | TEFL

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31 Lessons (2h 29m)

    • 2. Get Confident & Prepared

    • 3. Breakdown of the Interview

    • 4. PART 1 - Introduction to the STAR Formula

    • 5. S - Situation

    • 6. T - Task

    • 7. A - Action

    • 8. R - Result

    • 9. STAR Formula Overview

    • 10. PART 2 - Introduction to Grammar

    • 11. Present Simple vs Present Continuous (Common Mistakes)

    • 12. Present Perfect vs Past Simple (Common Mistakes)

    • 13. ING vs Infinitive (Common Mistakes)

    • 14. Future Structures

    • 15. Present Perfect Continuous

    • 16. PART 3 - Introduction to the Job Interview Questions

    • 17. Questions About Yourself

    • 18. Questions About your Weaknesses

    • 19. Questions About your Strenghts

    • 20. Questions About your Past Experiences

    • 21. Questions about Current Work

    • 22. Questions About Career Goals

    • 23. Questions About Why you Want the Job

    • 24. Questions About What you Know About the Position

    • 25. Asking Questions

    • 26. A full English Job interview

    • 27. PART 3 - Resume Writing Tips

    • 28. Make Your Key Skills Stand Out

    • 29. What to Do and What Not to Do in a Job Interview

    • 30. The Power of Buzz Words

    • 31. The Best Business Phrasal Verbs


About This Class

The Complete English for Job Interview course | 2019 Edition

Do you have a job interview in English but have no idea what to expect?

You’re probably feeling anxious and unsure and questioning if your English is even good enough to take the interview.

I know that you want to finally start reaching your goals and you’re tired of your English holding you back. I want to reassure you that what your feeling is 100% normal and that i can help you. You don’t need to take years of studying, you just need the right tools knowledge and strategies to realize your potential.

I have been preparing students for Englsh job interviews for years and i have created a method of teaching students so practical and complete that i can proudly say that it has helped every single person pass their interview and get their dream job!

Don’t take my word for it, see what my students have said:

“I would like to thank you again for all your support and help during this job interview process. Your advice and strategies made the difference in my interview and I’m so happy you are a part of this achievement. Thanks for all!” (Lais)

“I was so scared about my job interview in english but Gaia made me feel calm and prepared. Thanks so much Gaia for helping me get this new job” (Giorgio)

“I am so grateful for this achievement. Thank you so much Gaia for your teaching and your course, I’m so excited to begin this new job!” (Maria)

In this course, I will take you step by step through the interviews process and its questions. You will discover that you are capable of constructing unique powerful answers that are grammatically correct, use targeted vocabulary and that allow your key skills and abilities to shine. You will get over your fear of speaking English through active speaking exercises and begin to believe that you, just as much as any native speaker, deserve to work in an English speaking environment.

In this course, you won’t just be passively watching videos and listening to me talk. Instead, you will be writing personalized answers to the interview questions, rehearsing for your interview out loud and completing exercises that get you to actually speak English!

You will master answering all interview question by learning how to use the unique STAR technique. A technique so powerful that each and every one of my students with this alone has drastically improved their speaking skills. It will ensure you to use only relevant information in your answers, key examples speak powerfully and make an impact.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to construct unique powerful answers that are grammatically correct, use targeted vocabulary and that allows your key skills and abilities to shine.

  • How to master answering all interview question by learning how to use the unique STAR technique.

  • How to get over your fear of speaking English

  • How to avoid making common english mistakes in the interview

  • How to speak English to get attention and sound unique

Stop comparing yourself and thinking your not good enough!

Feel the satisfaction students before you have felt and take the next step to getting your dream job.