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English in 60 Seconds | Fun & Quick Descriptions

teacher avatar Able Lingo ASL, American Sign Language (ASL)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Flying Burrito

    • 3. Times Square

    • 4. Evil Crab Lady

    • 5. Green Monster

    • 6. Turd Bird

    • 7. Box Head

    • 8. Monkey Madness

    • 9. Bored Girl

    • 10. Prison Shirt

    • 11. Burning Cell Phone

    • 12. Treadmill Chips

    • 13. Laptop Love

    • 14. Good Liquor

    • 15. Airport Security Flop

    • 16. Tin Can Life Hack

    • 17. Drunk Mini Mart Shopper

    • 18. Fainting Lady

    • 19. Overworked Dishwashers

    • 20. Conclusion

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About This Class


IN THIS CLASS, we're going to:

  • Explore multiple unique and interesting situations each lasting 60 seconds
  • Analyze and summarize each of the videos
  • BOOST your English fluency
  • Improve your ability to describe what you see
  • Have fun!

Basically, we're going to describe a bunch of videos in English. Each video and description lasts about 60 seconds. Each situation is unique and requires specific vocabulary in order to describe it effectively. This is a great way to see how a native speaker summarizes and describes what he or she sees.




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See ALL of our classes here.


Meet Your Teacher

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Able Lingo ASL

American Sign Language (ASL)


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1. Introduction: in this class. We're going to take a look at a lot of different videos, and each video is 60 seconds. So I'm going to give you a 62nd description of each video. Now, I can't get into a lot of detail, but I'm summarizing what we see. And this is a great way to understand how a native speaker would describe things. Okay. Are you ready? Let's do it. 2. Flying Burrito: Okay, so let's talk about this crazy video as to the setting the time in the place. The time is sometime during the day because there's clouds. You know it's not night time. It's not too dark. The place somewhere up in the sky, in the clouds, right and the action is 1/2 wrapped burrito is flying through the air like a rocket. It's shooting through. The air is blasting through the air and it's half trapped, half wrapped in tinfoil. We can call the silver stuff tinfoil, and no one has taken a bite out of this delicious burrito yet. Perhaps it's flying towards someone. Someone's mouth. I don't know where it's just flying through the air. I don't know. Looks delicious. I like burritos. 3. Times Square: Okay, lets see if we can describe this video. Answer the questions. What's the location? Well, it's Times Square in New York City in the United States. What time of day is it? Well, I'm gonna say midday or mid morning. It's bright out and definitely not nighttime. How do you describe the activity going on in this video? Wow, we could take some time to describe this, but I would say there are lots of people milling around, which just means like walking around, moving around. There are crowds. There are people in cars there, people walking, probably running, moving quickly and everything in between. What sounds my to hear if you were standing here looking around, well, people car horns, honking, maybe sounds or music from the stores or from the advertisements may be people trying to sell something on the street. Babies crying, people having joyful times and everything in between 4. Evil Crab Lady: so if I was in this movie, I would not want to be the hero. The evil crab lady seems quite serious. Psycho insane Kuku and out to destroy things. Or maybe she's just trying to destroy haircut and like, she cut off the bangs. These air bangs, right When you have hair hanging down the front and and she cut off the banks of that that girl. Now, if she if the evil crab lady doesn't like my hair cut, I don't have that much hair eso If she like, you know, she clips a little bit low, I'm dead. So I think I would like to be one of the unnamed, unheroic people in the background who is quietly moving to safety and is not attracting attention to themselves. 5. Green Monster: All right, let's see if we can describe this monster video. Looks like it's somewhere in a cave. Could be night or day. We have no idea, cause it's just dark inside the cave inside the mountain and there is green mist all around over the floor on on the ground. I'm not sure if that represents that the monster smells really bad, but let's see the monsters in the middle. And it has, like four tentacles, kind of like four arms and the body just looks like kind of a cucumber with big teeth. And it's probably going there are all of a sudden this thing that looks like a candle must be a bomb, but it looks like a candle that flies in and boom, right, kapow! Monster explodes. It's going to be like a seaweed salad for everyone. And, uh, yeah, we can see the concussion. The explosion explodes outward, and then it just repeats over 6. Turd Bird: Okay, so we have two little girls. I don't know if they're twins or just sisters or friends wearing the same clothing, but they're separated by I believe they're called French doors with glass windowpanes. And one girl is, I think, trying to keep the other from entering or exiting, or at least opening the door. And she says, One of them says, You're a turd bird. The other says no, your Attard bird. Well, Attard is a piece of poop, like a piece of crap piece of shit, something like that. But turd is not very strong. It's just, Yeah, it's not a strong is saying like shit, something like that. And, uh, yeah, so someone's video taping. I think on both sides. It makes me think of like, a reality show, because it's like they're almost being encouraged to have drama just like reality shows. 7. Box Head: Okay, so let's describe the setting and the action. All right, so it looks like it's in the corner of a room, probably inside a house, and the wallpaper is covered in flowers. So it's flowered wallpaper. All right, the time of day, I'm gonna say sometime during the day because it doesn't seem too dark. Right action? Well, we have a girl sitting on her bottom with her legs flat stretched out, and she's sitting in the corner, I think, kind of leaning against the wall. She's holding a cardboard box, and then she puts the cardboard box over her head and puts her hands down on her lap. She's wearing a blue dress with polka dots or some sort of design on it. And she has, I think, high heels shoes that are like bright pink, something like that. I think she's Asian, and she has long, dark hair, and she seems embarrassed 8. Monkey Madness: Okay, so this video should be a fun one to describe. Let's do setting and action. So here we go. The time of days during the day, maybe midday, because the shadows aren't very long. The place could be a zoo or a park where there are a crazy amount of monkeys, like an insane amount of monkeys. All right, the action. This is the fun part. It looks like. Well, first off, people are just kind of walking around. Maybe the guests at the zoo or the park or the visitors and all around milling around, just kind of moving around slowly. Whatever are a whole bunch of monkeys, right? And suddenly this man comes running, passed on the walkway, pulling a cart, and it looks like from the back of the cart, food is falling out and the monkeys attack the food crazy. 9. Bored Girl: Okay, I'm going to describe this video in less than 60 seconds. It looks like it could be Disneyland or Disneyworld or a birthday party. I'm not sure there people in the background sitting and probably eating are snacking or something. And, uh, the daytime, it's in the daytime. The people in the front. We have snow, white or lady dressed up a snow white on the left side, and she's crouching down next to of this cute little girl. And the little girl is just She has a blank stare on her face. She was just like right, So she's completely ignoring Snow White. Snow White is trying to be cute in trying to get the girl to art in a laugh or cheer up or not be depressed or something. But the little girl I'm gonna imagine, the girl had a long day, and she's just tired. And she's tired of all these characters coming up to her and trying to be cute and her parents asking her to take pictures. Yeah, 10. Prison Shirt: Hello, everyone. I imagine the guy in this video is upset because he doesn't like his outfit. He doesn't like his shirt. It's kind of like a leopard, leopard print or leopard skin. And it looks like he's saying, Can you imagine this in prison? As in If you were in jail or if you were in prison and you were wearing this outfit, you would attract a lot of unwanted attention. Hmm. So I guess he's upset and just trying to make a comparison that it's a horrible outfit. And he brings up prison, too, I guess. Make his point sound even stronger. I don't know, right, Okay. 11. Burning Cell Phone: Okay, lets see how we can describe this burning cellphone. This nightmare. Okay, so we can't really tell if the location is because it's a bright kind of blue background. And in the middle there is a phone that's laying down. It's a black phone. I'm not sure what brand exactly, but looks like the screen is shattered. Looks like it's been dropped and it looks like a bomb has been dropped on top of the phone . MM, and it's still burning. We have bright flames shooting up from the top part of the phone, and there is a lot of black smoke floating away in the sky, and it's just burning and burning and burning. And I'm going to guess this is not a riel image. Someone took a phone and Photoshopped and added, the added the video of the flame to it. But it looks pretty riel. Yeah, it's kind of neat 12. Treadmill Chips: Okay, So let's describe this very unique video. I'm going to guess it's in a Western country because it's a white person, probably America, because Americans are crazy. Okay, so the guy is lane lying face down on the floor at the end of a treadmill, and the treadmill is turned on. It looks like it's going in a fairly good pace, and he has a line of chips or crackers lined up in a single file all the way up the whole length of the treadmill, and someone must have suddenly turned on the treadmill imminent. Imagine it's someone who's taking the video. They probably push the start button and the guys down there with his mouth open. Ah, at the end of the treadmill. And he's trying to gobble up all of the crackers as they come shooting off the back of the treadmill. And it works, probably for a little while, until his mouth fills up. But it's dirty and kind of 13. Laptop Love: All right, let's see if we can describe this video. It's black and white, except for the heart that is on the computer screen. But we have a woman who is lying down in bed. It looks like she's asleep because her eyes were closed and her hair is kind of flowing out behind her head as she's lying on the pillow and uh, beside her on her left side is an open laptop computer. We could say Notebook. A notebook computer. Something like that. And on the screen of the notebook is a heart that is pulsating. Pulsating means getting larger, smaller, larger, smaller, like kind of a beating heart. It's pulsating, and the woman kind of has her arm. She has arms stretched out towards the laptop and kind of hugging it in a way. One arm is underneath it. The other arm is on top of the keyboard, and she seems totally at peace with the world. Okay, what else would you say? How would you describe this video? Interesting 14. Good Liquor: Okay, let's describe this video. It's one of a kind. All right. We have a middle aged guy wearing Coke bottle glasses. All right, So when we think of Coke bottle glasses, think of the bottoms of Coke bottles very thick, the glass bottles right. He has these very thick glasses on coke bottle glasses and in his left hand. He's holding a bottle of liquor, says, Raise good liquor. And he's saying so sassy. I guess it's like the best liquor ever. I'm not exactly sure what the situation is. Looks like he's standing in front of, ah, like a dump. I don't know, with a whole bunch of maybe a storage place, the whole bunch of stuff. And he looks kind of upset, very intense. And this part of the conversation, you saying so sassy in his Coke bottle glasses. His hair is combed neatly, though. Okay, so 15. Airport Security Flop: Okay, so let's describe this video. It starts out, okay? We'll do the setting first. We're at, like an airport checkpoint. I think you have to go through the metal detector and people are going through. A doctor does when suddenly this guy, the soldier guy, comes through with this huge freakin machine gun, and he just walks through. And the security guards are like, Who cares? They don't even look at him right behind the guy with the machine gun. Is this old lady this cute old lady who looks just kind and nice carrying her purse, I think, And she's getting ready to go fly it immediately the security guards grabber and shove up against the wall and start probably searching her stuff. And I don't know, I think this is from the movie called Airplane, which is a It's a comedy that try to be funny, and it's Yeah, Okay. So if we summarise the security guards were not doing their duty. They let the machine 16. Tin Can Life Hack: All right, let's see if we can describe this life hack and it's a video of life back. Okay, so the bottom it says how to open and can without a can opener useful for the zombie apocalypse. Okay, so we can see two hands holding a can of I think, when it's opened its A can of tuna, maybe, or salmon or some type of meat. And the person is giving us a way to open it when you don't have a can opener, right? So what they're using, they're using like a brick or like a block of cement, and they take the can and they turn the topside down and they start scraping the can on the cement block. And I don't know if this is a Realtor trick or if it works, or if it doesn't, I don't know, but I guess, ideas to scrape off the top layer so it releases the top and you can peel it open 17. Drunk Mini Mart Shopper: Okay, So in this video, I think pretty sure the location is a convenience store, maybe a little grocery marked kind of a mini shop. And, uh, it could be night time, Especially since the guys, I think, trying to buy alcohol like beer. And we could only see one person in the video, and he is having ah heck of a time moving around. I think it's pretty obvious that he is drunk. We could say he is really drunk. He's very intoxicated. Some other ways to say it. He's snookered. He's completely plastered. He's wasted. He's drunk out of his mind. And how do we know this? Well, he could barely walk. He loses his balance and he tries to grab onto the handle of the door. But he misses it, falls backwards and ah, falls on the ground. But the most important thing. He never drops his beer 18. Fainting Lady: Okay, let's describe what's happening in this video. All right, Uh, setting the location. It looks like kind of a nice place. Maybe in in like, a convention hall or in a hotel lobby. Something like that. I'm not sure. And the lady she's wearing, I think we can call it a pantsuit or, ah, women's woman's business suit. Something like that. It's yellow, has a top and bottom piece, and she is fainting. Alright. Fainting is probably the best word we could say passing out. But sometimes when we say past, you know that's more from like drinking too much or no drugs or something like that. But you could say passing out, I would say fainting. She puts her hand over the middle of her chest and she's a ah, and then she faints. She falls to the floor, and then she's asleep, right, So someone will probably walk over and maybe shake her and say, Hey, what happened? Are you okay? And she fainted because she received some information that was shocking 19. Overworked Dishwashers: Okay, so let's describe this video that will do the setting first time in the place. I'm gonna say midday, Who knows? We can't see the window or what's outside the location. I'm gonna say it's in a big restaurant or in the kitchen of maybe ah hue rich person's house and they've just had a huge meal. All right, so the action we have two young ladies who are washing dishes we could say to female dishwashers, and in front of them are huge stacks of plates, Right? We're not just talking about one stack with, like, five place we're talking to stack with, like, I know 50 60 plates or more. And there are stacks everywhere, and there are so many dishes that they need probably at least two people to do it. How long it will take? I don't know. This kitchen is huge, and maybe there's a meal still going on, so Mawr dishes could be coming, and then they need clean dishes. So they're like, I hate this job, but I have Teoh earn my sushi 20. Conclusion: All right. So in this class, we took a look at some videos and we summarized them. Right. So I gave you brief descriptions. 62nd descriptions of what was happening in each of these videos. OK, I enjoyed it. This is just the beginning. We will have mawr videos to come. Okay? I look forward to seeing you around, have a wonderful, fabulous and exciting day.