English Speaking Masterclass: Fix the Common Mistakes

Daria Storozhilova, English Course Creator

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12 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course! Learn how to speak accurately

    • 2. Common Mistake 1 An advice?

    • 3. Common Mistake 2 Avoid pronunciation mistakes

    • 4. Common Mistake 3 Sorry for my late?

    • 5. Common Mistake 4 Conversation formulas

    • 6. Common Mistake 5 Don't confuse SAY and TELL

    • 7. Common Mistake 6 Irregular Verbs Mistakes

    • 8. Common Mistake 7 Yesterday I have done?

    • 9. Common Mistake 8 Been in or Been to?

    • 10. Common Mistake 9 My home?

    • 11. Common Mistake 10 Avoid double negation

    • 12. Final Words

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About This Class

Are you worried about your speaking mistakes in English?

Worry no more! 

Welcome to English Speaking Masterclass by Daria Storozhilova.

I have created this class to help you avoid the most common grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation mistakes in your everyday communication in English.

This class is great for you if:

- You have been learning English for a while but still struggle with speaking;

- You need to speak good English for work or studies;

- You are not sure if you speak English correctly and want to improve the accuracy of your speaking.

I will show you examples of the mistakes people make, explain what they do wrong and help you improve your speaking, grammar, and vocabulary.

Here is a list of topics I am covering in the course:

  • Set expressions for conversations
  • Verb tenses, prepositions, conditionals - all the tricky grammar!
  • Confusing words (words that have similar meanings)
  • The most mispronounced words
  • Phrase and Sentence structure
  • and so much more...

Start watching the course today and speak better English in no time!

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