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11 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Welcome to English Level 1

    • 2. Lesson 1: Body Actions

    • 3. Lesson 2: Classroom Objects

    • 4. Lesson 3: Daily Habits

    • 5. Lesson 4: City Directions

    • 6. Lesson 5: City Places

    • 7. Lesson 6: Family

    • 8. Lesson 7: Food

    • 9. Lesson 8: Weather

    • 10. English Level 1 Grammar

    • 11. Thanks! :)

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About This Class

Welcome everyone to English Level 1.

In this class, we are going to learn some interesting Vocabulary words and Grammar lessons related to English Level 1.

This class is for beginners.

Don't forget to download and solve the attached file in the Project section.

Hope you have fun ;) 

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Learn English with Omar

Hope for the best!


Welcome to Learn English. Hope you have fun in my classes and learn a few things too! ;)

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1. Welcome to English Level 1: Hi, everyone. My name is Omar, and I'm an English teacher. I have three years experience in teaching English on on my skills, a page. I'm going to be making my own courses on my own classes or students who wish to improve their English. Okay, so this classes English level one. This class is for beginners. Each class will have parts for a country apart. For grandma in this class, we're going to be discussing in the cavity part vocabulary related to board the actions, classroom objects, daily habits, city directions, city places, family food and whether so these are the vocabulary that we're going to be discussing in this class. As for the grammar that we're going to be discussing in this class, we have propositions with time, months, days and years. We're also going to look at the different between this, that these and those another grammar rule that we're going to be looking at, which is the present simple verbs on the other frequency which come with the present simple verbs. And also we're going to be discussing there is and they're off. This is the grammar part off this course at the end of the course, we're going to have a certain project or a certain exercise document in the description that you can work on unsolved and hopefully this class will be fruitful and interesting. I hope you enjoy it, Andi, Let's start. 2. Lesson 1: Body Actions: Okay. Welcome, everyone. This is the first cavity. Listen. And English number one, Of course, with the class of sticking together on a vocabulary lesson is going to be about body actions. The things that I can do with my Okay, first of all, we have many body parts way Have head, face, eyes, arms, eggs, stomach back. Have many things. Very good. Let's start with senses. How many senses? You have my senses. Okay, First of all, you have eyes. How many guys do we have? Two. Very good. What can you do? I can see What is something that you can see. You can see many things, right? You can see the sunrise sunset Because your friends you conceive the booth nature. You can see anything, right? Very excellent. Very good. How about the second sense? We have also years, right? How many years we have way Have two years, right? Canvas picture We have a dear. What is the deal is what are you doing? You can listen like so With the years can listen The things okay? What is something that you can listen to You can listen to them Sound off water. Sound our sound future. Listen to your radio. You can listen to anything, Right? So this is what we do with years. We can listen. Very good. Pass war. Another sense. It's the sense off touch. Okay. Now, to touch something with your skin, as we can see here in pictures. Okay. Uh, kids, right. It's kid is touching. Somebody s his hands. Maybe, father. And you just you in touch with anything? Just hands. Anything good skin touch with your skin. Okay. You can touch many things you can touch since, right? Which is very nice feeling touch. Or you could something, or you could touch something that is very hard. Like, for example, rocks. Okay, finance, If all of these are very hard on draft touch. Okay. Very good. As for the next sense also have knows right now what can what can we do with those? As we can see here in the pictures, the baby boy is smelling right, smelling the lower case. Where the noses many smell something you can smell. I work here. You can smell food is very delicious food. It smells bad. Maybe also. Jeez, thanks. Meeting since mend nature work, right? So this is what you do with the nose smell on. Also, you breathe. You reads right through the nose. As for the next sense we have Which is what? This All right. As we can see here, pictures is a baby Baby is holding. The baby is holding cold has, like Cherries. Maybe on some yogurt. Okay. What do you think this baby is going to do now? The baby is going to eat them, right? How do you do? Even by tasting? How do you feel? The food? You have to taste it right? Taste means to slip something in your mouth. Sense what it feels like. Okay. You can taste all kinds of foot, some food, the taste Hold some Food can taste very warm. Very hot. Some foods can taste nice. Some food contests. Not so nice. A bit bad, baby. OK, but this is what you do with your tongue. Taste rituals. OK, so these are the five senses eyes, ears, nose, hands, maybe skin on the way to do many things said, or the actions to see Listen, toe touch, taste on. Very good. How about others? Actions like emotions, for example. Emotions are actions. Okay? Motions are also part of ours. Hearts right on me. Make us do certain actions. Like for example, here in this picture. See this this'll person? This guy is smiling. OK, Smile used to be what? To be happy. So your emotions inside is our that you're happy emotion is that you are happy as a result You flying snow capped smile Very How about if somebody says something very fun? And what do you do as a result? You that as you consume this picture this man a lot just smiling is lack okay, Means somebody says something funny like a joke maybe then person Okay, It's a nice feeling. Very good above the opposite now person is very sad is motion inside is that it is very sad How elation what she wanted to do You want this mind? No going to drown Frown means toe look upset because if you are sad Okay frowning look upset looks at Okay How about the person is very sad. Ok then see, a person can try as this baby for example baby is crying, baby Christ. Okay, Very sad. I'm not just founding. I am crying these I have years coming out of my eyes. Very. How about other daily actions? Very actions that I do with every day. You must wash our hands as many as we can. Many times we can wash your hands water with as we can see here in the picture. Very good. After you wash your hands what you do, you wash your face began. You wash your face with Walter on with, so wash your face were faulted on with soap. OK, this is something that you must do many times. Rebate Wash your face. Good. Also every day. Also another. The activity is to take a shower. Okay, take a shower. Some people like to take a shower in the morning. Some people like to take a shower. It depends. Okay? It's basically you're not washing your face only or my hands will need washing my whole book through. This is what it means as we could. Very good. What else did he do every day if you meet somebody, some of the new or even somebody that you know. Okay, you meet them. What you do shake hands, right, Jake? His hand she cans with that person is usually it's a sign of respect. Okay. Example. If you're going for a meeting, shape the hands. Shake his Hey, this is a sign of respect to meet somebody for the first line shape. That's very good. Okay, What else? Now this this is usually are being women. Okay, What do they do? Also they kuhm now, as we can see. Be silent. Letter B side home. So women, they like to comb their hair on some mental Brush your hair. Make sure that this tidy nice, neat looks nice home here. Very good apples as another daily activity Push. Okay. You could push anything as we can see here in this picture. This guy, maybe his apartment. He's pushing the grass with a okay, But for us, in our normal very life, push anything chair pushed the car. Push the door open. Push on it. Okay. Means to drive it in front of you to push it. Push it. How about if something is front of you and you want to take it to your signs? Take it back. If you say you like, push it back. What? I pull it back. Very good. As we could see here in the picture This guy. He's working out exercising. He's actually pulling himself up. Okay. No pushing is pulling himself all. You could do something toward you. Okay. Anything else? Door to a car. Okay. You're pulling something. Means you're either putting something towards you or putting yourself as this guy pulling himself up to work out that it goods. Doesn't we have? Okay, good. As you can see in this picture, uh, this is an old guy on. He's carrying somebody back, okay? He's getting boy or girl, right? Is getting a boy or a girl on his back. Caddy lift All? Yeah, lift something up to put it in your hands. But in this case, the most on the back. Carisa like he's also carrying a bank. He's getting a boy or a girl bag to lift something up in your hands back. Very good. Now, how about fuel? How about you see, Just something that you really like. What is an automatic action that you do that's you? Okay. As we can see here in this picture, it was a girl on. Maybe she's at the birthday party or something that she likes. So she's clapping hands clap to put your two hands together to make noise. And it's a sign off. Admiration off interests. Okay. In other words, another really activity that cut. Okay, as we can see here in the picture, you have scissors. Scissors you do use with. What do you do with this? Is you cut, Cut anything you could cut newspaper dress, anything. Okay. Cuts means to make it to pieces connected or join them. Very good. OK, Another, another activity or something. Like all the action for you is to hit. Okay, now, obviously, this isn't something very good. Okay, You hit somebody. This is actually something. Thank you. Okay. Usually people are fighting way hit each other, okay? Because you get the picture. Example. I have a hammer. It's trying to hit a Okay, So what do you think would happen today course. Great. It would open up. Okay. So, again, this is a body action, People. Some people do it to hit somebody. It's something. Thank means not just you're pushing it, but you're pushing with force. Okay, Good. Very good. Another for the action. You'll love you just to sit now. Right? Sits, means walks. Just sitting next. Okay, You're not standing just sitting. You're not. Now after sitting, what do you get up or you stand as we conceive. It happened. This man here you're standing is not moving also. But he's not said. He's just standing. He needs to be on your two legs and you're not okay Now, after standing what you do, you walk after you stand, you walk. Walk back, right left front street. OK, so this is something that people love to do is to walk. It's a sort of exercise. This is a body action and of course, I must have strong legs. Walk So walk isn't walking isn't very good. Also, some people, especially kids in the picture, not just walk enough to one. Okay, As you can see, these five Children, we have a race having a race. Most of sense, they are running very, very, very, very fast. Okay, looking very fast to the point I'm called. Okay, cold front running or force Also exercise, which is very good for the body. You need strong next goods Also we have sometimes after running, some people love to jump. Okay, As we can see here in the picture, this man is jumping very hard. Okay? And after the very, very energetic you have to be very light. Very heavy. Okay. On jump needs to lift yourself using legs from the ground jumps in the It's very this is it . Jump good on. Finally, Pastor, you're finished jumping, running, doing everything. End of the day. What do you do? Line Now lie down. Neither me to sleep or just means you're relaxing on a chair or bed. Lie down. Usually things lie down beginning toe here in the picture. This boy is lying down. Very That's what these are words. Toe Lesson one in our host, which is about the body actions. Now, this is your turn. You have some questions I want you to think about. For example, What is something that smells nice? You, What's something that smells nice? I remember that smell means I'm doing it with my nose. Okay. What is an animal that can jump? Fine. Did you think of an animal jump? Okay, X question. When do you nine down? Today. When you My next question. What does something heavy Is your parents before every means working hard for you. What does something heavy that you carried before hands back. Okay, then. The last question. What is the funniest joke Made you laugh. Remember that You hear something funny, but you, like, makes you very good. That's it. These are the questions related to recovery. Listen, which is about me? All the actions. That's it. I will see you in the next message. Thank you. 3. Lesson 2: Classroom Objects: Okay. Hi. Everyone again. This is finished one market back on in this class. We're actually discussed in every classroom options. So this is I would mess. Okay, First of all, what can you see in this picture? I can see a small girl, right? And she's probably studying. It's where she becomes walks student, or she's okay. This, of course, doesn't mean that she has to be young. I asked you any age. Okay. As long as this student learning something, taking a course or studying something, he becomes the students. Your she comes student or people as we can see him in the picture. There is a pupil at very good. And when a person goes to school, Coast Center, what does your county with back That is a bag or a backpack with them off. It's basically something. Carry that back on. You can put all of your things size. Okay, Take it with school ordered tickets, and it's anywhere apples. If this is what we call the backpack. Very good. Also, what are some things that you could keep with you in the bag? First of all, we have a pen. A pen is something that you used to write, you see, and then and on you can't Reese offend easily. So charts an ink like blue ink writing. Fucking Okay. So called goods about the pencil pencil. As you can see it in the picture, you can erase. Okay, because it has led side, and you can trace it using something. Okay, this is what we call that Pence way. Use it a lot. Withdrawing when you're certain notes. Used the pencil. Very good. About if you want to erase, use racer or trouble as we can see it in the picture. Have a racer. This is yours. Race. Anything to do with the pence off the good? How about if the Ned's side It's not big enough? What do you do? Try to sharpen. Depends a fight. Except you do it using something called the shop. As you can see here in the picture, there is a sharpener. Use it toe shop, and then you could shop so you can use it. You can write very good. I will also have something else on the calculator again. This is for school or outside of it. Any time anywhere. Okay. But usually in schools for past. Present on. As you can see, you can either Ads numbers, subtract cumbersome, multiply numbers by numbers, get many things using the calculator. Small advice. Make calculations. Call this the calculate Very good. How about if you want to draw something if you want to make certain line using the pencil and you use something called Who? Little something that either metal or plastic ever use it to draw lines or draw margins, or to make any sort off goings in business before and as you can see, a force that has many numbers Has many numbers on its for the distance. Very good on you. Also have something else called scissors, as you can see here. Victor, you have scissors. Have four ends before markers. Scissors is there's one left. Use the scissors way have plastics isn't used them to cut cuts, paper chart. Got any kind of picture? Okay, usually at school. Kids use this in the heart lesson. Heart session. Good. Now also, we have workers. Okay, we have formal markers that's going as we can see you taking certain colors. All you can use market farther boards right before the white. Okay, these are markers you are. They're a bit like pens, but they're usually for coloring. Okay, this is what we call the mark. Good. How about the basic thing? You must have almost our students. You must have with you a paper is reporting. People is always usually people, usually white. Sometimes it has lions. Sometimes it's printed paper. Sometimes it's completely white. People is necessary to write notes on draw to write anything. People ready? Very good. Now, as you can see here in this picture, we have a notebook. Small copybook has hopes, Looks floats off papers. Okay, so you can take notes because it could have 100 pages, 100 pages. Whatever. Okay, so this is what we call a note book because it has many papers inside. Very good. And when you enter class, enter through the door. Okay. This'll is a door. Very easy. Course you can find the door anywhere. I'll just class just school. You can find it in any place. Any house, building, apartments that anywhere find goes very good. Also, every class must have chairs. As you can see here in this picture, I have one chair fight off course classroom. Have many chips from classrooms, engineers. Classrooms have 25 years, so it depends. Depends on the number off the students. Very good. Okay. On you put the chair. Stephen. Desk again. All students again. Each student must have his or her own able desk canteen on work on can write stuff. Every student, every class. Isn't her people. Very good. Now, each class cold, the student must have a teacher right on the teacher Water. The teacher. Right on. Right on the white port. White is a color. Right? This as you can see, it's the board. Okay, so the teacher explains, Maybe writes things on the white board on the students have to copy the's notes in there. This is the white board that you write on using for partners. Now we have another type of Ford's not quite all this back. As you can see, it is much darker on. It's not soft. So you have to write who's in something called chalk. Okay, not a mark. People don't usually have these just how. But the Blackwood is an option that some teachers, as you can see this back very good. Every classical usually has clock. Clock is very important because it tells Wendell s start under this end piece for the clock is very important. Each class must have Okay now, especially also some classes. Actually, a lot of classes. We have a computer. As we can see here we have a laptop computer, laptop, computers, laptops found any many classes teachers can connect. That's a computer project. Okay. Teacher connects left with projector on. The students can see whatever on you See it on the screen. Okay. That's how they could practice activity games on. You can watch videos learn watching the screen. That's why the laptops projectors come together in many classes. Very good, of course, to make sure that the glasses are left clean, then each cast must have a basket or a waste. Okay. Course, we must make sure that garbage publish trash waste. Make sure that we owe them inside the waste. You could make sure that the class is very good now. Each glass, of course, has many balls. Okay. Each class has many wants on the teachers like to display projects on the charts. Work conductor. Stick them Sometimes in the world that walls, colorful ice from very nice to look at. OK, so one what is on the wall is very important. What does this do? Class student guns on the teacher teaches right hand student and a very must understand Understand something instead. Now I can understand it. Mind Don't. Okay, two plus for sport becomes easy for you to understand. You can think about. Okay, Very good. So that's it. These are our vocabulary words related to classroom objects. These are some questions. Thank it out. For example one. What can you do with question number two? What will happen if you don't understand something? If there's something that you don't understand what happened? You do question three when you throw something in the waste basket When does this happen? And you throw something in the waste basket. Very good on question four. What do you write? You know, able to something that you liked? That's it. Thank you very much On your next bus. Explore Cadbury works. Thank you very much. 4. Lesson 3: Daily Habits: Okay, I'll come back. Everyone, this. Listen, listen. We're going to be talking about Billy parents, all of whom have towards this lesson any gaps between something that you do a lot. Okay? Really? Someday something is really have it. You do it every day. Like for example, daily habit is to make the bed to make the bed wasn't means designing the cuts would make. No, it just means that after the wake up, make sure that's your I d. Bet. Okay, that you put the cover that should be make. Those should be so as even in the picture. Woman, She's making bit. It means to make sure that this clean idea Nice. Very good. What else do we do? Every eight. When we wake up in the morning for most picture breakfast, some people make make breakfast. Action person does yes of your making breakfast in your the person who's cooking making breakfast like here, for example. All of these types of foots are just eggs, bread, cheese. All of these are precious. Excellent. When you were making breakfast what do you do after after his need? You eat? We have many meals a day breakfast. We have lunch. We have brunch as we have. Okay. As they see in the picture, man is holding hamburgers. Good with it. Enabled us. You do. You drink now Something you must do everyday forces. Drink, Drink. Walters here, for example. Pictures drink on. It's just vitamins. So it's very important. Okay, Absolutely. Weeks drank. You can get dressed. Get dressed into where? Put on clothes. Whether for work. Well, with friends. Get just in stoop, Put on clothes. Very good. After that will be Dr Work. Okay? Not many people up, All the people drive, but some people do. Some people do everything as we speak in the picture. This is a count on the person inside the car is driving Drive into. He was the car to use anything else that's moves very good. When you drive after you after you drive, you go to work all your stock You work your core kid, for example Picture way have to people on their working on something. What? We are doing something that means work. People work from home. Some people work in another country. Some people have all kinds of jobs. Of course, people most want very good ask for kids or students on the radio. They don't go to work in a school as we can see in the pictures. Have a classroom for many desks and chairs on. It's a classroom at school. People go there to learn, get information. Study had good grades, very good. Another really have it. People do, and sometimes they bind the courses. Groceries is like shopping, shopping for food. Could be fruits, vegetables, buying groceries. Pains are getting shopping, Getting waken See, for example, here in the picture way have some types of vegetables at this meeting, right? This is to buy. Of course, some people by as we see a picture using credit cards to buy either cash or I or the bank are very good. Another daily Abbott do that. Cold friends they called parents called weeks people that you know okay, so to call needs to use fully toe talk with other people, whether they are in the same country, even a different, even with the mobile call. Other excellent. Another daily Abbott people clean was to make sure that the house is not 30. It is shiny. It smells nice assets to clean, very good. Also people do the country as we can see her in the picture. I have many washing machines on through the laundry means taking clothes on going to these Washington jeans on. I washed them. I make sure that they are washed. Do the laundry to make sure that clothes are in what I can wear them, because also another activity is Do the choice. How do the chores? It's a general words general location, because the chores means things that you must do home any job or any task you must could be cleaning laundry, gardening. Be cooking in it. Okay, so just do the chores. Is do any job Very good. Asked for students major in most actually do after school. When we go back, it must make sure that they do their homework or it will go back to school. Renews rates were lose points. Do the homework means studying at home, just starting school. No, you're studying as deep splitting at very good. Sometimes after you study after you do your chores. Ever. Some kids, some people also lost. Okay, complete anything. They board games, a football play, any kind of sports video games, just playing today we're doing something on You can do it on your own. You can see your picture, have any kids and old We are having excellent very good awful things is something else Very good. And we also have another daily habit some people, religious people to do which is to pray As we can see here in the picture you have a month . This man is free. Three means to be close toe gods have close connection with cold. Okay, Some people love to do this every day. Great, Good. Also another habit Any that important Just read waken See here on the picture we have Boy, this boy is reading a story read seeing the words out loud on also understanding it in your mind It's a good practice for tongue and also we practice for understanding in your mind Reading is very excellent Another daily habit which is toe watched as we can see Victor Way Have a TV just turned off. Some people they love to watch TV watch programs, watch films, Watch Alan shows anything patron, watch TV. Some people do it every day. Some people they use the Internet, actually most rolling as you can see them. Even picture. This is a picture all media smartphone. It has all kinds of applications. All of these on the the Internet, as you know, connected with everybody around. Some people used 70 X and guys. That's it. Very good to these are the very words related to any habits out your turn to think. All these questions. Question number one. When do you make the bet? Number two. How do you go to work? Question number three. Do you like watch TV? Its collective watched the beast. What do you like to watch? Okay. Pushing before question on before What do you like to read? Question five. When do you do? Okay? This was the lesson related to daily habits. I will see you in the next four kabaddi. 5. Lesson 4: City Directions: you will come back. Everyone, this is this or in a one on. These are the words which is city by elections. City means the place like Addis London. Any city that you live in on the direction and the directions is how I can get this place. Okay, this is I will listen to City. First of all, if you want to go something off, you know, cats must look at the okay, this is very important. Most craft map. Look at we're off and you look at were cases then you see, How would I get when I am? In this case? You got this. The place that you want to go toe call this location. For example. Here's a picture picture a mask. Australia on There are many different locations on the okay. Meaning that this person wants to go These locations. Most of these places. If the location is another world or place Accent. Very good. How about some of the directions this election is Point Okay. Using to go in this direction right about the opposite production. This is called course. We have two hands right on the left. Very good. How about this person is not pointed, right? There's not going to the next Great. Instead, this person could be going straight straight minutes to go front. Front of yourself. Just going head. Same direction. I'm going to write. I'm going to the left. Just going straight. You're going to the sea and direction. You're going in front goods about if you're in a slain, you're looking down. You are looking from above. Okay, Both means up something over something up in the okay. Above means, yes. Something something cute, for example. Person in the plane is looking from above. Okay, good. Well, sort of the city way. Have many places where we have many directions. One of them is poorly coordinated. Any streets with another street corner means to points meet Children. They call this the quarter. Okay, so here in this house, we have two sides beside right side left. The picture itself focus on the important x reported means point point or the edge. Call this the very good. Except how about other places in the city or other places on a map? Okay, we have crossroads. As you can see, this is like a big X for example. On were driving the car confined crossroads. You'll find cars that opportunity right Are turning to the left cars that are coming to write. How many from the right from the nest? Cars that are going head cars were coming towards. Yes. We call this stuff. Crossroads would actually call it some intersection. Okay. Crossed. Would intersection section two words go over each other. Like you, for example. I have many directions for the track. Very good. Something else when you're driving, sometimes you could go on the highway. Highway means that's sometimes a very big road. You can go fast because it's highway. This is what we call the highway. Are no buildings. Right? Left. Just going straight on your going very fast. Call this. Excellent. Very good. Also in the city sometimes between. And things have a very, very, very, very small tiny our streets between the buildings. Okay, hold this. Ali. This was a very small streets. It supports for cars 24 walk. Okay, we call this as you can see in the picture, we call it the Ali. Very good. Also, when you're driving, you can come. Two are crammed about as you can see. Pictures very clear. Roundabout means turn. Take a U turn right. Go back in the same direction. This looks like a big surgery. You can take first exit, take the second exit. Come back. Can we call this ground? Good. And when you one intersection. Very busy. Very fast food you can't cross for. Sometimes you could go under. I call this the underclass. That means you don't cross the road. But you go under throat, okay? Without gets hurt out. Know anything but call this under less. Okay. Of course. It's very good for everybody if you're young, old other passengers. Very, very good. Something else that you see everywhere. Driving, walking all this lamp post lamppost obviously is very important because it makes light in the street. Okay. The streets can be dark on drivers driving. See ST faced with a lamppost. Of course. In the morning we don't use the lampposts. We just use them tonight. Good. When you're driving, Hostal confined many science. A sign means something. You look at you understand something, but here I have a sign. Certain sciences. Private operative. Also listen. Also visiting. Trespassing. Okay, I understand this sign. I can't insert this area so it's a different type of science. Excellent. Very good. And we have also another sign If you're driving, walking sometimes says Stop. That means Can't go have to stop at this point. Moving is it another sign on the other type of sign is traffic lights traffic life force driving very, very important way Have three different colors. Okay, The green beans that you can go ahead driving red color is stop on the yellow color piece. Go on. Standby. Ready? It appeared. Start right. Very good. Exxon. Guys, these are the very words related to the city directions. Right now it is. I want you to think hope these questions. I think about the like, for example, Western one. What do you look at when we look at the map? You know? Good question. Two after the different water question number two traffic lights. And what do they do? Question three. How do I get back? Imagine we do all at this moment. I'm asking you. How do I get? How do you get back place? Is that what you do? You take a right left straight. How? How can I get good? Other questions was before How far is the school again? Mask able direction off. Out to get the school. Okay, Very good. Question five. Where is the nearest underpass? Okay, again. Imagine the place that you are. Now I'm asking you where is the news? Under attack is the nearest underpass to the place that that's it, guys. Thank you very much. East, this world. This was a lesson or created toe city directions will company. And I was here in the next. 6. Lesson 5: City Places: Okay. Hi, guys. Welcome back. This is this and find in English one on today's will cavalry. Listen, for in this world capital lesson, we're going to be discussing city places. Last removal is costing city directions, but this one, we're going to be talking about city places. Okay, so first of all, it's picture. You can see. This is what we call bakery. Bakery is a place back thinks dreads sweets or anything like this. Anything that is big, like maybe bread biscuits. Something sweet. Maybe. Sometimes cake this cold, big. You can find it. This is we call this place good. Next. One thing is what we call a butcher butcher is the person the place we call the butcher's takes. Okay. As you can see, the butcher is the person who cuts meat. Okay, Maybe took out the needle off cow, maybe, for example, Or the sheet he cuts meat on groups them. That makes them shapes and way call this way. Call this man. I got about two short to go and buy something, whether it's for shopping food or anything. You call this school as you can see it on the way. Have a store says Yes, we are open. If you look inside, have some clothes. Okay, So this store or this shop is for clothes about the store can be for many things. Just very good. How about this thing? This is what we call the on a Mom is a place that has many stores to get. Okay, As you can see, it's a big shopping area and sit. You can have a cafe au a funny. You can buy something from the store. This is what we call upon. It's like a huge shopping with many out of proportion is sick. Need some medicine in this passion goes with arms, as you can see in the picture way. Have many pills on these air. What you can buy on the arms. How about with money into your account with Rome money? You have to go to the bank. If a bank is the places on the picture, you know this is the machines A but the bank its face. Okay, how about this picture? We call this the porterhouse. Okay. As you can see, this picture from the outside or inside, you will find the judge, find a jury behind uh, audience. Okay, So what's happened in the courthouse is that people are either guilty on innocents. They go to the courthouse to start the case. Okay, This'll what we called courthouse. You find inside. Also find lawyers. Okay, so this is what we call the where I go to. How about if somebody does not live in the city in the city is filled with many buildings, stores and fisheries. Okay, but the opposite off the city, hoping. Call the country a country side. As you can see here in the picture. I don't have anything I have. What? All nice options. I have multiple of the green area. Okay. This is what we call the countryside. Very simple. Very peaceful. Very quiet. Call this. The country's very good about here in the picture. Very easy. We have the fire department. Our department is the people sense. Okay. And as you can see, they are trying to put put the fire act, put the fire out, put water on the fires that there's no more fire. We call these people the fire department. Very good. How about the person wants to work out extra science, begin muscles be strong. That person must. Jim, As you can see the picture, we have local numbers or weights. Weights can be sometimes very light on sometimes. Very heavy. Question goes to the gym. Very good. How every summer people usually like toe travel. I usually like to relax from time to time at the hotel. They can book a room, it going have breakfast restaurant. You can sit at the pool Is your picture. This is a hotel. Very nice. It's a place that you stay out a few days on. It's very nice. Excellent. What else? Another place to find in the city or anywhere. This is called Park. Okay. A park is like a garden that you can go to on, as you can see. Also has six as a snake. Okay. It was just a nice place to sit. Have a picnic. You with. The family begins with kids. Very good. About if somebody is hungry and it does no one tweet at home in that person. Go to a restaurant. We have many restaurants, anything that's restaurant. And they conserved all kinds. Okay, This is what we call the best fictions. Okay. Ask for kids. Where do kids go kids usually go to school. OK? The ch you go to school, they can go to learn to read, write, speak lessons. Learned a lot of things, right? And all different subjects. Call this, uh, school Very good. How about that? People are interested in sports, whether it's foot bald Huckabee or a kind of sports. Then sometimes you like to go to the stadium. Okay, Tow. Watch their favorite team play this sport. Okay, so we call this the stadium stadium to be small pick ends on the sport. In this picture, we have a big Okay. Okay. What else? We have something called the theater. As you can see here in the picture, I have lots of seats. Okay. On way are watching something we can either watch play. You can listen to the opera thing. This is what we call the when I have lots off seats. People are watching or listening. Excellent. Very good. When people want to put petrol or gas in their cars for them to run or indeed to drive where do they go toe to go to something off the gas station. As you can see here, this'll is a gas station exit. Very good. Now, this is another type organization that we call this the bus station. Okay. A bus station is a place where you can get on or get off of us. OK, we can go to the bus station, find many different process on, take a bus, go wherever you want. Can we call this bus station? As you can see, the bus is the the transportation here on the right. All this fuss Very good. So we mentioned driving cars, buses about If you want to travel to another country, then of course, you must go through the and they force you find airplanes. Okay, So the airports course when you or how you truck travel is when you travel abroad. But I have to go through the X and guys. That's it. These are the very words related to city places on. Now it is your turn, and I want you to think all these questions like, for example, question Question one. What do you do at Steven? Push in on the to Do you go to the butcher's Apply number three. What is your favorite restaurant at number four? How often on number five? It is the best. Okay, that's it. Ankle these questions and I will see you next lesson, which is lesson six or the range. 7. Lesson 6: Family: Okay, we'll come back. Everyone, this is less six in the vocabulary of English has a one on this point to be about family or family members. Now each of us force has a family. For example. As you can see here in this picture, this person on the left is the mother. Okay. Course. Each of us has other means. The team name woman giver. Okay, she becomes very good. Concezio is adding baby. Very good. How about this person? All this person X again over his caddie. Maybe on is the main parts off the relationship. He is not X. Okay, now you can see here in this picture I have two Children on. One of them is a boy, one of them girls. Okay, so the boy is the brother of the girl. A girl is the sister off the boy. Okay. Some people may have brothers. Some people only have sisters. Some people I don't have brothers forces very good about other family members in the family and the families. We have grandparents, as you can see here this picture, these two elderly people a man to the left grand father on a woman to the right. She's the grandmother. Both of them are. It's on. They're carrying babies. Children. Very good. What else? Yes. So as we said, this guy here is other. But who was he carrying? Starting his son. Okay, son means the boy trying to call him some. Okay, how about it? There's a girl child called. Hey, as you could see your picture, Have a girl. So she becomes the doctor. Excellent. Both if a person has any sons and daughters. Okay, then they are called the Children. It's what Children general means either sons or daughters. It's OK. We call them the Children. As you can see it in the picture. There are many Children on even your friends. Your family off their old Children having Okay. Very good. Okay, so these are some off the angry words. Now we have some expressions. Latest toe lesson related to the cabbie. Like, for example, first special black sheep off the family. Okay. Cheap in general are usually white, right? You see a black sheep? That means that person was different. Or that chief. Okay, so if there's a there's a black sheep off family, that means that this person or yeah, this person is treated differently. 20 is a bit different or special, basically is different from the other 100 back. Very good. Second expression is only China. As we said, you don't have brothers sisters, and there's only one child. Family. If this time is the only child, very good. How about if you want to ask somebody you want, Ask any person about his family? How are they doing? You can ask for house the in other words you're asking What's going on are the okay, everybody are they doing? But X expression is family viewing. As we said, we have many and first family. Sometimes each family member gives a certain place certain country. Okay, there is if there is a family. If there's a family, the union, that means all the family members come together at a certain place or at a certain time, like holidays, events, weddings. There's a family reunion when you see all of the different cavity. Call this family very good, and the last expression is close. Hit and K. Here is science. Close knit family in what family is very close to each other. Very strong, very helpful, very connected. It's a very close knit. Excellent. Very good. So these air five expressions that you can use related to our Houston. I would hate to think of these questions on question one. For example. How many Children do you have? Number two. You have siblings, brothers and sisters, Siblings, brothers. And do you have any Sydney's who is fresh? Number three is the black sheep. You have a black sheep in the family street. Number four. When do you have a family? Or just think of this question? When was the last time when you always usually have family? Okay, that's it. This was a very simple, very pleasant more family on you. Next lesson seven. 8. Lesson 7: Food: Okay. Welcome back, everyone. This is a sin. Seven in English, 11 1 on his lesson, please. For every words are out foot, we're company today. Having this is all about OK, as for breakfast, breakfast is mean. Mean for the first mean that you have it in the morning. What can people have for people can have business as you can see it in the picture you have biscuits with jam. I have all of the back. We call these biscuits. Also, people have They have faltered. You can see on on the red. I have. It's a bit like cheese, but it's also different. Okay, so this is but very good. What else do people have? Breakfast. Especially kids always have Syria. Okay, cereal. As you can hear, the applicants have to get the whole You put milk sides on. We put the Syrian on you have it with you, call this Syrian. It's very good. Has local fighters Very good. One else. Also. People have cheese in the morning for next. Okay, as you have cheese cheese, of course, comes from the right thing. This is yellow cheese. Very good about for lunch or dinner. Lunch is the second meeting. Then there's just sort of mean you could have out. Okay. What can people have lunch off? Examples way have. Okay, as you can see here, this ball has some. There are different types off. It is chicken filled. You have all different kinds off the old days. Very good way. Also have beef. Maybe it's just like eat. As you can see in the picture. We have beef. Beef has off proteins. We also have shrimp. Shrimp? This is a pipe. All Okay. I have three different shrimp in this picture on, and you have to cook them force first before you. Okay, so this is shrimp on. People like them. Some people don't. OK, but has also some proof. This is what we call way. Okay. Another type of proteins for lunch or dinner. Is the chicken okay? This'll is very common on its own all this time. The left, whether it's oil, right? Grilled. Okay, so this is very good. Another type or I guess, Seafood. What we call the crab. I've never tasted myself. Some people like five them on. As you can see in the picture of this is a crab. Some people like to eat Very good Off another type is the Cradock like birds Obviously like chicken. But you know, some people also like to eat stocks also because they have way we call the ducks very good . Another type of seafood is the fish You can see very easy way Have many fish pictures and the approach in on official force have a very strong smell. Right? But still a lot of people love to eat fish. Very good from another type that is common. Certain places around the world is the man. Be silent on exploring some slams. Okay, land as you can see, It's the baby she people like cheap or very good. Another type of seafood is the okay. Looks a bit like shrimp at the same time. It's another type of seafood. I've never tried it, but something like it, although very good. Okay, on we also have a sausage. So surge, I guess, is also another type of meat. Yeah, as you see there are made in. We call these. Okay? What else do people have from lunch or dinner? Have asked. They can have rice as you. You okay? Very good people. Sometimes like at Labour your foot. They like to add something for some things. Like for example, here people add spices All of these different types of spices adds a nice a fever foot. Call these spices also, Some people like to add flour, especially to sweet foot. People like to add flour. Very good people also sometimes like Odoms. As you can see here in the picture, These are types of hurts like Faisal beads, brass or flats. Okay. And they also add different flavors. Okay, Also, something else that people like to sometimes Maybe just something small. You can have nots, as you can see in the picture of the different types, elements cash you all kinds Very good. Something else that people use fry or sometimes as on the foot is okay. I just picture this autumn that is dripping very good on also, sugar issue, of course, is very common. Even usually sugar, sweets, chocolate in anything taste sugary or nice. Okay, this is sugar, but also very good, except guys. So now we have some expressions, okay? Or they have some food in the expression that we could do something else. Like for example, find, say to somebody don't buy over spent. Obviously, this has food in it as milk. You see the picture? Okay. What does the expression don't cry over spilled. Okay, so I ask you a question. Imagine it. There's milk milk on. Suddenly the medic spills everywhere on TV. Can you do anything about any use this film anymore? No. Right next. That's it. If I tell you, don't cry over Spencer. That don't be sad over something adult to change anymore. Okay? Something bad happens, and you should just accept it. And there's nothing more. So don't cry over except the situation. I don't Very good. Now, another expression. Put all your eggs in one basket or sometimes don't put all your eggs in one basket. As you can see here, which many X? They're all in one basket. Okay. I use this as an expression says somebody don't put all your eggs in one basket. That's as if I'm saying, don't put all your hopes or all your chances on your money. Okay? Try to do other things at the same time, don't you? Don't you just one thing. Try to do many things also at the same time. Okay? very good. That's it. These are the words and expressions. Now it is return. I want you to think these questions. Question one example. What do you have for breakfast? Question two. What foods has sugar? Question number feet. What is your favorite I all question for How often do you have question five. When would you say to your friends? Don't cry over Spilled. Okay, Very good. So that said, this is less seven. And I will see you next. Time for lesson. See the next class for lesson eight on So thank you. 9. Lesson 8: Weather: Okay, we'll come back. Everyone, This is lesson 8 11 1 which is the best lesson related to the property. Words on days with gravity, words, cavity words about the weather. The weather means the climate temperature a certain place on. Okay, First of all, of course, we have on Earth have four seasons. First season is the summer. Okay, summer. It's really very hot. Summer on the beach for swimming travel. Wear sunglasses. This is what way summer after summer comes Bolton Haltom. As you can see, the she's leaves change other, sometimes before, and the weather is starting to get between the that's This is what happens in autumn or very good after autumn. Come to the winter now forcing the winter. Sometimes it's know we sometimes it's really very cold. Okay, except after winter. Last season is the spring, as you can see in spring, the word that comes with better hours again, training anymore. Whether it's nice, like to pull out, it makes the weather becomes the weather. Very good on, of course, after spring comes summer again. When we started, this seems like for the next, so that said, these are the Four Seasons Way also have certain things. Two points in the weather. Okay? Like for example, it is cloudy. Okay, then that weather has flouts. It's about to rain. Good as opposite off cloudy is try. As you can see here in the picture. The weather is very dry. There is no water at all. There are some flowers, right? Victory dry means training. Okay. There's no water coming very dry. So what happens sometimes? Something okay on here we have a float. That means too much rain. Too much. You'll recall this flood as you can see it in the victor. It's a local office. Loves there is a plus. Okay, how about this type of weather? This is old fogey, all you ever as you see in the picture. The weather is not clear because there's a lot of folks out of water you can see period when you called, Mr O. B. Except how about this freezing, freezing weather? As you see your picture, the water has turned to ice. Okay? It was very cold. It is very freezing on the force. This happens if the weather is very then as you can see, the sun will be shining. Is not going to be one. Being clouds would be very hot. Okay, Ready? Sometimes ocean when it's hot becomes sandy, as you can see in the picture here I have sent. So whether can sometimes become windy, sandy, meaning that there send winds. That's what it means to be sent about in the winter. Usually the weather Very certain places on earth, especially in the north, becomes okay. That's the wife. The white stuff comes this kind of snow, the weather becomes. Except what else do we have way? Have something cold stormy, as you can see here in the picture is a lot of wind on its pushing growing tree country. It because of the strong weather, is told me a lot of wind. Very strong winds on something else. Also find, despite when it's straining, find all this light. As you can see it in the picture way have, like lightning, its electricity that comes down from this hold This like usually it's with Okay, very good on. We have some expressions. It's to the weather. Like for example, people see raining cats, dogs. All of people say it is important. Okay, so people can see it is raining cats boats or they see this as your picture. Whether is ready. Very rainy, straining, straining. Okay, so we call this training cats. Doesn't mean with cats and dogs describe. It just means that it's training. Always consult because there's a local train coming down on something else that you can use for summer when it is very, very, very hot. You see this court, It's coaching. It's very excellent. So that's it, guys, these are gravity words related. Best seven out your turn. I want people these questions. Question number one. What do you do this summer? Question two. When is the weather using question three. When does the train cats and dogs question for Have you ever seen lightning in the sky? What was it like? Question Find. What do you do? The weather is That's it, guys. Thank you very much. 10. English Level 1 Grammar: Okay. Hi again, guys. In the last eight lessons, we were discussing vocabulary. But this lesson is just for the grammar parts. Okay, so we have a lot to discuss in this grammar. And this is the grammar related to English. Level one, this course. So the first grammar rules that we're going to discuss is the propositions. Okay, what are the propositions that come with time or months or days for years? First of all, the position, it's a certain words. Okay, that's usually indicates or talks about place. Okay. Like if I say I am sitting besides, my friend, besides, here is a proposition. Okay? So besides, here is a deposition that tells me position or the place off first. But also, propositions can be used in this case today. Talk about time off. Just It's like, for example, if I'm talking about certain I'm, like, six o'clock or it o'clock or 10 o'clock I used at sea access of Look at 7 p.m. At 11. Okay. I don't see in six on 70. Okay, so I'm talking about the time I say act very good. How about I'm talking about months? Of course. We have 12 months of the year. January, February, march Come me Drink July, August, December over a vendor send. Okay, Something is going to happen next December. Okay? I used in I don't see at December. Darcy in. As we can see in the examples here in front in May, June in November. Okay. Very good as well as for if I'm talking about days way. Have seven days in the week, have 31 days a month, 365 days a year life. If I'm talking about today, then I use the composition on. Okay? I don't see at and I don't see. I see on Wednesday on Tuesday on Wednesday on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Okay. Very good. How about if I'm talking about years again? Years just like months. I use proposition in in 1990 in 2000. In 2009. Okay, Every good. So this is the thing. This is the difference between certain propositions. He was at a time certain hours I used in with months I used on with face like on the third of May on Tuesday on with years was okay. Quick question for yourself. When is for first I want to dance for now. When is your you are born? Okay, good. I hope you answer it very other positions. Way you is like, for example. We see in the morning. In the in the evening. I say rats. Okay. I'm talking about the motor me afternoon. Even even even then I use the proposition. Okay? Something's happening least than I see at night. I don't see in night. I don't see on that night. Okay. Very. I think this left with this lesson is easy. These are the depositions Come with. I'm these very good. Let's move on to the next lesson, which again is very easy. What's the difference between this? That he's and those? Okay, first of all, it's basically it's as if I'm imagine if you're pointing at some, okay, you're pointing at something. Fingers hand. Okay, then you're either pointing to something that is used something that this are It could be pointing. That's one thing. Many things. Price. If you have one. This'll pen. Okay. This pen is a hall sneer. Very good, because it's, uh, on 10 or many pens on pen. Next. That's why you will use this This pen or something. That's 21. Something that is okay. Very good. That's for number two. That Okay? Is it near or far? Very good. Is it many or just one one X. That's why you see that, Okay, Because the pain is far one. Okay, how about if I have more than one thing like example Here. Have number three. Have to pants, right? What are the near are they are near writes. I really need to see what? These pens. Because there are many things on the Are these good? How about more than one thing? Say the spoons? Those Okay, so this is different. This that these boats okay on usually also this That on these and those still just for the position off something. Your file. You can use it also in your right, writing anything. You want to prove the point. You're talking about something. You can see this point that it doesn't mean it doesn't mean point to spot. It just means that we're talking about Okay. Thistles. Lesson number to ask for lessons. T grammar is present. Since on we're going to be discussing presence of a subject. I first of all, what a subject subject means person or the thing that is doing the action. I was I Okay, so I hear is the subject. Okay. How about President? Simple. Present. Simple. Basically, action happens present. Okay. You're talking about something in the past. Finished? No. Talking about something that happened. Motile huge talking about something that happens present. What happens a lot. The presence or it doesn't have a lot of rest. Okay, I'm just talking about something that it's a general idea. How do I form as a simple, very easy on almost subject, which in this case, I plus base base for beans normal verb. And I don't I don't I don't add Like for example, I go, I like, I see. I do. I play, I eat. You run. Okay. Is a force of very, very simple sentences. OK, it's it's correct. It has a subject. I it has the go like sea. Do a any verbs in the present. Just make sure that you don't add s I just see the normal. Like if I ask you What do you do? Every day you'll see what I space, right. I a o Because this is the present. Okay? Now we have something else which is created. It actually doesn't number four for adverbs off frequency. Okay? Other people basically means How often do you do something? Do you do it? Not you Don't do it at home. Okay? This is what we call them like, for example, if you look at this table way, we'll see what way will see on the left. We have the number. The percentage middle have observed frequency. Then on the right example, let's look in the middle after followers always means I do it 100% all the time. Like I always wake up early for work. If this is something that happens all the time, good x one is usually really means find process. I don't know what always what's most of the time. For example, I usually drive to work means what Most of the times I go to work by car. I drive good next. Other frequency is often open in 70% instead, a lot, but it's not all the time. I often go to the gym brokerage in many times, but it's good X one is sometimes some planet means what 50% complains. Yes, sometimes you like? I sometimes Okay, sometimes a steep early. Some plans. Very good. As for the next one is really, really means 10%. Almost, almost almost. I don't for me, for example. I really don't like somebody. Didn't just I would I would drink. Okay, But it's fairly I really have. Then finally never, ever means 0%. I don't do it for me. I never drink. I don't like I don't drink. I never drink coffee. Okay. These are adverbs or always, usually often sometimes really. You can use them with presents. Infant to talk about things that you do also. Something that I always do. What is something that you usually do? What is something that you often do? There's something you sometimes What is something you really do want to something that you never Very good. Then we have five clamors Very easy. A different scene there is there? Okay, this is usually this usually happens when somebody asks you about how many things For example? How many days How many cars in the street, How many jackets in the world? How many? Okay. I want to ask off the quantity. I ask how many then How many jackets? How many cars are many tables, not papers. Okay, if I only have one fucking examples, it is one jackets, okay? Or there is a sky Won't say there are. There is there is on Jack. That's why I have only one, and I must use there is. How about if I have many next example for closing? There are many because street, there are seven days a week. Okay, because I have many cars. And in these seven needs more than one. I don't see it. It is. See what's there. Okay, Very good. Okay, guys. So that's it. These are the five lessons that we took for the grammar in English. Level one. Now, these are some exercises that can help you. Okay. Exercises are mainly just for speaking earlier. Here. You have some questions and you can think about them. Or you can talk about them or try and gets to speak as much as you can. So if I ask you, for example, what do you do at 6 a.m. Okay. What do you do in the morning? When is your birthday? Okay, How many chairs are in the room? How often do you go swimming? How often do you play video games? Now? Imagine if I'm pointing at the very color. And I say, What is that color? Okay, Very good. So that's it. Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy these grammar lessons. Thank you very much. 11. Thanks! :): right guys. We finally reached the end off the course. In the previous eight lessons. We talked about many different things. Many things rated vocabulary. So get practicing and get to speak as much as you can on also for the grammar parts. Make sure that you practice as much as you can, whether through writing or speaking to your friends or even speaking to yourself or thinking, thinking out loud. Okay, all of these should improve your grammar skills. OK, As for the class project, you're going to find a word. Find word documents find in the description below. He's open it, and you can answer the questions in the attached file. The questions are based on, based on all of the lessons that we took, whether it's the Calgary or the ground. But remember, it's not just about solving exercises. I want you to speak as much as you can to try and improve your language skills. You'd have a cabbie words that we've taken in this class on. Get speaking. Try and listen to a lot of English and try to get yourself to speak. Okay, so I hope you really enjoyed this class. Thank you very much. If you like that, please give it a like review. On I look forward to seeing you in English level to which is the next course. I'm going to be doing so. Thank you very much.