English Grammar: Past Simple vs Past Continuous

Rance Keating, English Teacher & Video Editor

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3 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. English Grammar: Introduction

    • 2. English Grammar: Past Simple vs Past Continuous (Part 2)

    • 3. English Grammar: Past Simple vs Past Continuous (Part 3)


About This Class

In this class you're going to learn about the differences between the past simple and the past continuous. This grammar class is all about understanding the basic rules of grammar, but then becoming better at grammar by USING the grammar. Too often, students only read books about grammar, learn grammar rules in lessons etc but don't USE the grammar structures enough. I think the only way to become fluent with grammar when speaking is to practice USING the grammar tenses again, and again, and again, in different examples until the tenses almost becomes automatic for you when speaking. That's why, in this class, I explain the basic grammar rules, but I also try and give you plenty of opportunities to create your own answers. Remember to press pause and think about what was said, and remember to press pause especially when thinking of your own answers to give yourself plenty of time to think of a good answer. Some more past tenses, conditionals, future tenses and passive tenses are coming soon. Good luck!


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