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English Cream Tea Made Simple - Scones are Easy

teacher avatar Lea Harris, In the Kitchen with BakersBunny

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. 1 Welcome to English Cream Tea Made Simple

    • 2. 2 Mastering The Art of Scones

    • 3. 3 What You Need To Know About Equipment and Ingredients

    • 4. 4 First Turn On Your Oven: How To make Fruit and Plain Scones

    • 5. 5 How to Make Cheese Scones

    • 6. 6 Pimp Your Savoury and Sweet Scones: Jam Or Cream First?

    • 7. 7 Troubleshooting Tips

    • 8. 8 Final Thoughts, Your Projects Please and FutureClasses

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About This Class


Learn how to make plain and fruit scones and dollop on jam and cream; savoury ones to have with soup or smoked salmon.


You'll also learn how to adapt the recipes to make your own signature scones!

I will walk you through each stage including what equipment you need, what is the best flour to use and why, how to serve your cream tea and troubleshooting any problems that occur.

So join me in my kitchen, turn on the oven, roll up your sleeves and, as Mel and Sue would say,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lea Harris

In the Kitchen with BakersBunny


'Food is my passion - in words, in pictures, in cooking, in eating but most of all in sharing!'

Passionate baker and amateur cook, Lea Harris is an Edinburgh-based freelance food writer who was on the first series of 'The Great British Bake Off' and firmly believes that food is for sharing, especially baking!

Her first experience at making anything was when she was 4 years old, being taught to make jam tarts at the kitchen table with her dad. Half a century later, Lea is still learning and teaching herself new skills.

Whenever she is abroad, you will find her immersed in the local culture, whether it's at a market, sniffing out artisan bakeries or eating traditional food in someone's kitchen. Lea is passionate about food in all its guises, championing local producer... See full profile

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1. 1 Welcome to English Cream Tea Made Simple: todo, This is Mae. I'm Lee House, and I was on the first series of the Great British Bake Off on I Love Baking. There is something amazing about taking flour, sugar and butter and transforming them into something delicious tweet by adding a liquid, popping the finish mixed into a tin on, then putting it in the oven. If well, are a cake, a batch of shortbread or, in this case, the perfect Scott for an English green sea, as well as a prolific instagram er and Tweeter, you'll find me on both this baker's bunny. I'm a freelance food writer on amateur cook based in Edinburgh, and I'm still learning about baking and have been since my dad showed me how to make jam talks when I was four. You're never too old to learn to bake, and I'd like to take you on a step by step journey into the magical world of baking. No one is culinary challenged. It's just lack of experience that's holding you back. I want to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend. Show your in laws that your partner isn't going to start. Perhaps you fancy showing up your new skills to friends by having them over for tea? Or are you a newly single parent with limited time with your kids? I want to do something special and delicious with them. In my first class, you will learn how to bake three types of sconce, plain fruit and cheese. I'm excited at the prospect of having you join me in my kitchen to create something very simple, but looks like you've spent hours over a hot stove. You'll learn what equipment is useful, What is the best flower to use and why on how to serve your cream tea. I'll even have a things that can go wrong. It happens to everyone, including May. There are bonus recipes in the project area for you after we have completed the basics. So come and join me in the kitchen. Turn on the oven, roll up your sleeves. Ondas melon soup would say, Let's 2. 2 Mastering The Art of Scones: So we're in my kitchen and I'm going to be teaching you how to make the quintessential English cream tea going to start off by making ordinary plain and fruit scones. And then we're going to be doing some savory scones. There's a little aside, Andi. First off, we will be learning about what equipment you need, what ingredients you need on. I will walk you through each step of how to make scones on, and we will also learn how to set the table out to give a really good impression. At the end of the course, I will also tell you what other ingredients you can add. Two scones. What flavorings you can add, Andi, also, what other classes I will be doing. 3. 3 What You Need To Know About Equipment and Ingredients: In this first section, we will be learning about what equipment you will need on what ingredients. So for the equipment, this is gonna make a bit of a clatter because metal always makes it a platter. You will need ago my preference a large bowl, but it's not essential. You will also need a set of scales. I use these Elektronik scales. Um, the nice thing about these is they do grams Andi kill oh, kilograms on. They also do pounds announces as well as fluid, ounces, Andi millilitres and litres. That other thing about lists is, once I've switched it on, the counter sets itself to zero, but when you put a jug on it, you can reset it to zero, so you can put the ingredients in so that the jug is already taken into consideration. So you need a jug for measuring liquids. You will need a baker to wear your ingredients out with. So just in any obiko horrible makes no words. You will also need tablespoon. Always hand your tablespoon a teaspoon for measuring out your rising agents. A flat knife, a flat bladed knife to mix your dough, sharp knife for cutting a lemon on for cutting your butter, uh, chopping board, small chopping board. Or you can use your work surface. I always prefer to use a chopping board for cutting your flower her cutting your butter on before cutting your lemons. Um, another useful item, but not necessary. Not necessary is one of these measuring jugs. If you haven't got a scales, one of these is fantastic because inside it tells you a lot. The measurements that you need So you have got separate ones for sort honors and lentils, sugar, etcetera. So this is very, very cheap on a very easy way of measuring. What else you need is a baking tray. But if you haven't got a baking baking tray, you can always use your grill pan, which you can put a piece of foil in Andi, You could also confuse with regards to your grill pan. If you haven't got one of these, which is a cooling rack, you can use the grill part of your grill pan toe. Act as a cooling rack. You'll also need for cheese scones a good old, greater so I That's the equipment that you need, what isn't essential, but I use on gets a bit touchy because it's been too so often. Isn't oven thermometer. If you have been oven that you're not sure if the temperatures are correct? I suggest you invest in buying one of these because they are very, very accurate. So that's the end, or what you need with regards to equipment now onto the ingredients, which I have set up over here. First off the flower this is playing flower, which will be using for the fruit on the plain scones. This is self raising flour, which we will be using for the chiefs. Cons and I will go into greater depth about the different types of flowers later on. Then we have the rising agents. I have baking powder. Andi. What I prefer to use is cream of tartar and bicarbonate of soda is something that I've done ever since I was little. These are the things that I use you can use, like I said, the baking powder, but I prefer to use these. Then we have milk. Good old milk. You can use any milk, full fat, single fat, semi skimmed or skimmed. Andi. You'll have some a squeeze of lemon into that which curdles it, which you need to have to help the rising activity with the baking powder and rising agents you can use. Buttermilk is a good alternative. It needs a pinch of salt. Andi for the fruits guns. We just have some sort honest, good old school thanas. I quite like that. Shouldn't really. You can use currents if you want, or raisins I like. Sometimes you will also need butter. I always use unsalted butter because we add our own. I had my own salt on. It wants to be at room temperature. Some people use it straight from the fridge for room temperature because my hands were in the bowl less time. Sugar is the next thing. Caster. Sugar is great. Don't use granulated because the Granules are too big. You want something like Costa Sugar, Andi for the cheese guns. She's whatever cheese you like. This is just a box. Standard books under strong cheddar on the Final Thing for the end clotted cream when the scones are done on your jam. It doesn't matter what jam strawberry and raspberry a normal ones, but you can use a prick court or black current whatever. So that's our list of ingredients. Time to get on deuce and baking 4. 4 First Turn On Your Oven: How To make Fruit and Plain Scones: Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. But first off you can hear in the background is my cooker. I put that on already, which you will need to do. It needs to be at 220 degrees C if it's a regular electric oven. 200 degrees C 200 degrees C. If it's a fan oven. Andi Gas Mark seven If you're using gas, so we're going to measure out. Are things personal? Use some flour. We need that flower. This is playing power, as I said before, so we lied. My scales home on Just reset it. So a chance just fine flour. Always measure out your ingredients first. That way you're not going to be sending out in a flock. I promise that eight ounces and we need Lets reset that outs of caster sugar Onda. We need our rising agent because we're going to use bicarbonate soda Andi cream of tartar on that Scarpitti spoon each a teaspoon is about that much to spoon of bicarbonate soda on the same with cream of tartar but onda a pinch of salt. I should put that all in same tight my ingredients to one side. Now we need two tablespoons of salt honest you can use. You can use currents if you like, or raisins. I just happen to, like, sort honors on now. Most butter comes in 250 grams, which is about nine ounces, so it's a neat little. A little trick is if you cut the butter in. Oh, it's about, but that's 4.5 ounces. If you caught the butter into birds, got to get back. Three. That's one of the harp ounces. So what we need to do is just cut little. Both come with scales. Zero it down. You can zero it down with your container on top. Onda, we will just take out. Hopefully should be on else just long enough. There we have it. 1.5 ounces of butter. Andi. Now for the milk, you can either use it either. Pour it in a jug that has a measurement. These are very, very faded is a very old jug, so I'm going to measure it on my scales. So I sure put it down on two fluid ounces such a back to zero. That's it and you want five fluid ounces off milk. Like I said, you can use any type of milk. It could be full fat, semi skimmed or skinned. Makes no odds. Yes. Five. Fluid ounces. Andi A. Squeeze off lemon Now. The reason we do that it's one with it is we want the milk to curdle. Adding lemon to the milk will make it curdle when I show you what it looked like in a second, and it helps activate the raising agents in the flower so they produce little bubbles that when it cooked, it expands, which makes this one's rise. So I don't know if you can. If you could see a sugar to see that, it's it's on the side on the curtly. Fine, which is exactly what you want, right? So we have all our ingredients. Wait out now. Time mixing. Just clear a space Oil ingredients get my bone. So first in is the flower eight ounces of flour. Next in is our raising agent, which is half a tea. Spoon off bicarbonate of soda property, spoon of cream of tartar on a pinch of salt. So in that goes, give it a stir around just to mix it all up. Next in goes our butter, so you cut it into small pieces. It's quicker to blend in and the least time you spend with your hands in the bowl the better, because over working the ingredients makes for heavy scott. So we just quickly land everything together. Obviously didn't want to be part of the show. It's takes a couple of minutes. If you use harder butter, obviously, it's going to take longer. Some people say that using butter straight out the fridge is a good idea. I'm not another that you could try it and see what the results one little bit is. I haven't blended over the buttering yet, but if you give the bowler shake away, the bits of butter will rise to the top. So by the time you finish with this one, you should call the bow sugarless Scottish shake. Then there shouldn't be any bits of bottle that's all combined and give it another quick Schickele. But few bits, that's what. So that's the flower on the raising agent in the butter. We now add the sugar straightened on the ad, the salt onus on way. Just give it a quick mixed around, so the salt timers are evenly distributed. Now. We have our curdled milk, I said. You can use buttermilk welts. Sometimes it's difficult to get hold off. You normally have milk and lemon lying around, so you may not use all of it. It really does depend on the flower. Different brands of flour will take on different amounts of liquids. You may use all of it, and you may need a little bit more or you might not use all of it. We shall see which way it goes with this, so I'm not going to pull all of it in just in case. So using a flat bladed knife draw in the flower into the liquid shouldn't take very long. You want to. It's sticky. Sticky does not overly sticky. This is coming nicely looked together, so that's a good, good dough. It's nicely stickina, overly sticky. If it is a little on the sticky side, just add a little bit more flour when you're quickly needing it together. And the important thing here is being quick because that lemon with raising agents is working already. So you want to get these into the oven as fast as possible. So just a little flower something. Andi, quickly need your dough. You don't need a rolling pin at this state. I'm just taking up excess dough in my hands. I don't want that in my scones. It just makes it You have little hard bit. So I switch my hands to one side. You don't need a a rolling pin because you compress this out with your hands on your not so much pressure on on. Did you want it to be about and in just over an inch thick? Now you can have fluted cutters for playing cutters for hearing. Um, I'm using flew to Qatar's for scones, and this one is a little bit bigger than the round one. I think these are about two inches, two interesting things to so we just push down. This should make between four Onda six cons, depending again on the size of your data, you can use a smaller cutter if it starts to stick. Just a little bit more flour. I was just but yet trivial. Catherine. That's a big stick. Just that's what I think we're going to get five and a baby. It's not taste just sometimes, I think, and I have a baby. One never come across a pregnant comical. Thanks. On what we need now is out tray. Unlike if you haven't got a baking tray, you're more than welcome to use your grill pan. Just what the grill bit but the base. So you want a little bit of flour on your tray just to stop sconce from sticking? Andi, we can. You can glaze them blazing means to put something on a wet liquid on top. You can put a little bit of milk on, or you do an egg wash, which is beaten egg with some splash of milk on that thing on the top. But I don't like doing that whole Hollywood does. I don't wanna Paul Hollywood in that respect. Fantastic Baker. I drink my so these. Now go into the oven, your preheated oven. This is a fan off, so this is a 200 degrees and it goes in the center show middle shelf, and that goes in for between 10 and 15 minutes, depending on the size of your skulls. So it's always way wise to time them and check after 10 minutes because albums do vary. And that's the end for the moment, right? That's the time I got off. So I'm just going to check my scones off 10 minutes. Then they need a few minutes more, just the way looking good. So they risen. Culture just a couple of minutes more. Store fairly heavy, which means that not all the liquid has evaporated. So go back in for maybe another 34 minutes. So I turned. The trade rounds has turned the trade around for more baking, but they go for another couple of minutes, which gives me time to put everything together for the plane. Schools it. There's my often time up, so I hope that that be done have been in 14 minutes. That smell good. It's a bit hot. I shouldn't be using a dump detail because it's not so much incident insulation in the damp detail, so they look and smell good. The bottoms air nicely, nicely browned. The little one will be overcooked because it's much smaller. It should. I should have taken it out of 10 minutes, but I will show you why. What an overcooked it's gone looks like later, So we're just put them on our cooling tray. Like I said, you don't have to use a cooling tray. If you haven't got one, you can use the grill rack in your grill pan, right, you get on. I will put these to one side. I'll take call them down on, then will split them open and put jam and cream on them. So believe this constant one side while they're cooling and we'll get on and make the plain scones. Now it's exactly the same ingredients, so I've already pre weighed. The only thing different is there are no salt honors in it. So in goes the bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar on a pinch of salt so already pre weighed and it goes, Andi, just give it a quick mixed around on the potter already weighed out 1.5 ounces on just cut it. What it's already cut up goes on to say exactly the same method. A couple of minutes. Cool. Price it, Andi. Once again, the nice thing about having a big bowl is you've got room to move, so you're not in a cramped space trying to do something you also airy. It's the flower by lifting it up, which also helps with the rise. I don't know when you watch the bake off, it's It's quite it's quite funny because you do things that you don't do at home. I can't remember if I did it, but I guess I must have done. At some point on, everybody hankers down and looks in appearing in the oven, sitting on the floor, watching, watching the other, making sure that everything inside is is all right. It's, ah, quite a little bit disconcerting when that happens, but it's good fun. It's good fun on Yes, Paul Hollywood does have blue eyes like that incredibly blue and Mayor is an absolute poppet, everybody's marmol grandmother, but that's all incorporated a few little bits. So in with the one ounce of sugar, give it a quick stir around. No salt on is this time so straight in with the liquid that I've already pre curdled with the with the lemon? And again, I don't know how much liquid it's going to take on. It might take all of it. It might need some, or it might need less so that it's the same flower you can never tell, so I don't a lot together on that needs a little bit more in it, as you can see has come together. But there's still lots of little bits left, so just a little fraction. More again, it wants to be the same slightly sticky, so bracket is on again. Like I said, if it is too sticky, putting the flower onto the work surface will help jumpers away. It comes back onto the work surface, but now and again work quickly because those little bubbles are already expanding, so it doesn't want to be particularly smooth on the top. Doesn't matter on again. It wants to be about an inch thick on this time because before I'm going to use around UNF looted plane. Qatar. Plain cut of plain scones hasn't etiquette about it, but so it down. This is a smaller cutter than last time, so hopefully we should get some more scones out. Well, maybe not. Might just get five this time. Five. Same as last time. Maybe a baby. One again. That's it. Yeah, five. And a baby one now goes into the same temperature. Other 220 degrees. Even electric 200 for a fan on gas. Mark 74 guests I'm going to use this trade has cooled down considerably considerably going to use the same tray that I use for the fruit scones. It doesn't matter. Just a little bit more flour on. So you put these in on into the up when they go middle shelf again. But 10 minutes se, we'll have a look in 10 minutes and see how they are. 10 minutes. Must almost be up. Property things gonna go? Ping Ping. There we go. As on cue. So have a look at our planes Gone. See how they're doing the smell. Nice fuck's, but nowhere near done. Very, very, very pale as you can see. Very power here. Repair on top. So I'm going to put it back in for another full minutes. And I've turned the trade round again just to get an even bake. Andi, just go and put the time around. Time for a quick slip, Jim. Water. Too early for Jim. There's my timer. That was an extra four minutes. So hopefully these will be ready up on. They look well. The good Get the nice and light. Oh, they smell nice to, so we just put them. Just pop them on trade with the others. Andi Like the fruit scones, they could be split and filled with cream. I quite like the planes comes with a peacock jan, but you can have whatever jam you like. Chris Conte's always raspberry or strawberry, always with cream. 5. 5 How to Make Cheese Scones: right, we've done the sweets. Cons. We're going to work on the savory now on these going to be a cheddar cheese skull. So this time we're actually using self raising flour, which already has the raising agent in it again. I use it for preference. I could use the original recipe, but I just like using self raising for this recipe. So we need to way out flower. There's my spirit lurking behind the boat, so we set the scales again. 20 fluid ounces. Want to pounds and ounces, so it's eight ounces off self raising flour. Now, when I was on a narrow boat, I didn't have any equipments away. So I used just a tablespoon a teaspoon onda a glass to do all my measuring. I'm weighing. That's eight ounces, so that goes straight into a boat. Andi, we don't need any sort this time because there's enough salt in the cheddar cheese Onda. We are going to way out on ounce of butter this time because we already have soaks and fats in the cheese, so I should put my little the show cut. Such a zero spot on announces always pleasing when I put that in, so that just it's cuts up into the boat on the same sugaring mechanisms last time sugaring and rubbing in again. It should only take a couple of minutes. I want to be playing the options thing today. So as I was saying yes on on a narrow boat, so I had no weighing equipment. This one's came out okay, but you do have to be ready, precise when you're weighing out. But the the lock keepers were very, very pleased. They don't get given cakes or scones or biscuits, only verbal abuse, but rubbing it in as before. That's why I should wear a penny, I suppose. Never want for pennies, not set. It's a quick trigger, bits and bumps. So just rinse my hands off and then we'll wait and great the cheese. Like I said, that's just one side. I like really, really strong cheddar. This is a Scottish chief. Take it home, and I really accept that. So two ounces, almost difficult syrup this in great this down Such a small piece. Start with a small piece, just careful of your fingers. Andi, your nails. Let's take it nice and slowly. Then there won't be any accidents you must get. This isn't particularly sharp. Thanks for, thankfully, last little piece just well, the larger pieces of broken off and fallen into the bottom of the bowl. Just getting this. Break it down a bit more. That's it from behind on. Put this into click Click Click. Put this into flour and butter on this time you use your hands because you want to coat well. Bits off cheese you don't. I want them sticking and clumping together, so that's why you use the flour to coat them. Andi. Same amount off milk as we used before, which is five fluid ounces. I work in imperial. I always have done when I need to. Groups need to reset that to the right, but you can changed the scales to work in metric a little bit too much there. No, I said that it doesn't really matter. Have a bit too much. That's it because you don't know how much the flowers going to take up Andi. But I take that out. Don't want that in it. Little pips on a squeeze. I'm glad that one shot up squeeze of lemon just to curdle the milk back over here. Andi again, Don't addle the milk at once because you don't know how much the flower is going to absorb . Yes, One side on. Bring it all together. As you can see, I'm going to need more of it. So I use the rest of the milk. See how we go again. It wants to be a reasonably sticky donor, overly wet. But if you turned this into scones now, they would come out very, very dry, which you don't want. Dry Scott is a no good. So going to use the last of the milk? I may even need a little bit more. I don't know. Coming together. Quite my sleep. You can see nice, good dope. Let's draw together. Yet that's reasonably sticky. You can see not overly sticky just right. So again, using some flour onto the work surface again, work fast, get quick, die quicker need and again, about an inch or so thick. Andi, A little bit of flour on here that really matters, but I'm going to use the small, two inch plane cutter side. Hopefully, this will make the same amount of scones is the previous day. It's This might just make just make five. Maybe a baby one in there as well. We could never tell. It's gonna be five in a baby one or is my friend render would say Tom, stop tasters. We just put up much smaller than the previous ones. Just take them remnants off my hands. Andi will get out tray. It goes into the same temperature Robin, which is 200 degrees for a normal electric. 2 20 for a fan. Gas mark seven full. Gus. Everyone in the middle on again. Same amount of time. 10 minutes to 14 minutes. Middle shelf. Andi will come back in 10 minutes. Gives us time to clear down. Oh, that's my time. A again. So cheesiness, grand cheesiness. So no, I can see that they're not done so that another four minutes, Michael the ones. It seems to be a regular occurrence with the these scums at the moment. But as you can see, all the cheese has started toe split and whose site? Another four minutes Not smells, even mawr cheesy yet looking good. I love the fact that the cheese is oozing out of this one. It's stuck. Should they need a couple of minutes more. I think they're still a bit on the heavy side. We'll take that one. That's fine. So it's mostly because it's got cheese. And at this time, so just give a switch round on back in for a couple more minutes. Oh, there's the time up. So thes ones have been in for just over 15 minutes. All that's much better, I can tell from the car. Yeah, nice golden bottoms, golden tops, golden edges. So let's put him on here, I hope. Hopes. Now, what I like is let cool down for about two or three minutes. Five at the most, I suppose splitting them open and having them with ice cold water sorted from the fridge. Let it melt. Very nice. Doesn't give you indigestion either. So I think five minutes is up with that. Out with the bottle with a knife. Oh, Now which one? My ankle tight battle Smells good. Still a bit hot. Now. I don't use a knife to cut my scones. I just like to tear them apart or the steaming that might be still a bit halt. Nice and cheesy on a slice off a little bit of butter let it melt over. Now. These scones are great with soup, or, if you want to push it up a bit, split them open and put cream cheese on both top and bottom. Andi, some smoked salmon with a little bit of lemon and it's very, very nice. Lots of lots of compliments. What? That's nicely melted. It's still nice and hot sauce melt the butter. My knife. It's Oh Nash in two. It can't be a tree scum. I think somebody wants to it on something That's my cameraman spoke or time and my husband . Hey, you know I'm right on having this one, you numbness. It is all mine. Due for the top is all the bottoms. 6. 6 Pimp Your Savoury and Sweet Scones: Jam Or Cream First?: scones are very adaptable, and if you make too many there some leftover, they freeze really, really well. And they're very quick to be here. So I made some some time ago. They were in my freezer. Just got to get him out. Finding a zit Put back What you do is just leave them to one side for an hour on our whole , and then you pop into preheated oven 180 degrees C. If it's a normal electric, 160 if it's fun or gas, mark four. So time's up should take my scones out. No smell of cheese when you open the bag. It's fantastic. Now these cheese scones are going to be covered in Got smoked smoked trout so they're going to have smoked trout and cream cheese a little bit of 11. These are fruit scones, and they're going to German. Great trying his I just couldn't go on the sentry middle show that's away. I'll be in there for about on the politicking, telling me it's time to take my school's out. - Just leave those two five minutes or so. Layton the cheese with the I will you house how to Devin way. She's okay. Generally. - Just get it good. All right, Big. - So is this Is it to you really big right now, on to the cheese Golden's. I'm going to put some cold smoked travels onto them with queen trees on a little bit of lemon. So what we need to do first, this comes to do that. I'm going. I used use a 1,000,000 that if you use in life to cut it, the insides but different is more dense. Is a lot more fluffy. Doesn't really matter. It doesn't make much difference to the taste, but I just like that more craggy units of the hand pulled apart. Scum. Just see melted cheese listening that I don't tend to put lots of on my storms because they're rich enough as it is. So we need some. I was good cheese this night, but it's still covered in German cream, so I'll just wash it. So I'm just going to put some cream cheese on it. You can use no fats, four pi facts or medium fat cheese. You use it with herbs, plain cheese, but you do not want to use cottage cheese. That's not that sort of cheese that you want to want to use because it's too wet to pump it so smooth. Block each one. I'm using a teaspoon here. Just she's out. You have to be very precise. So they're all laden up with cream cheese. I mean, down. Just need to put it used hot smoked salmon. Or you can use cold. My family trout's that's traveling. You could say best slippers are going to cut this down the middle to that. Get it out a little easier. I just tend to stick on. This. Hasn't got any cellophane between the slices, which is a bit of a shame, for it tends to stick. You can if you want it, be a little bit flashy and cut it row so you have a of rose. But smoke Simon smoke trying to this case just like pretty. Just the simplest way of doing it is just playing it across. Maybe it a jaunty angle. You can use scraps. You can get Taylor bits, which cuts the points don't, but it doesn't really matter because it's just going to go on there now I need another. I need to wash my hands. Fishy, smelly song chopping board, My Lemon, I seem to get through an awful lot of knives. Got it? Take the seed out. Always hate doing this job. If I got little come from my hand, it stings. Let's go down between the little segments on the lemons I've made it into Made it for the little Rose. Want to pieces? I think it looks like please. You can use line. Doesn't have to be Lemon climate is good and you could Sprinkle a little you're using line . Sprinkle a little bit chilly. A little bit of chili on it. Yeah, now it's the cheese. Scones are traditional English cream. Take. I'm just like, what? A nice display bait he's going to. It's That's the last thing you want is to squeeze lemon and you end up screens. Now it's on the on. Welcome to mine. Tables aside, Promise. This is a quintessential English cream. I like to set my table out with mismatched cups, sources lates and nights and seems to be in fashion at the moment. And it's now where do we start? We start with savory or do we start with sweet? I think. Okay, I think 7. 7 Troubleshooting Tips: right. Well, that's the end of the baking section. And like I said, I was going to talk you through some trouble shooting. Now. Hopefully, your stones have risen nice and evenly. You may. You may find that they have risen on one side, but not on the other. That's fine. That shouldn't be a problem. The reason that this has occurred is because you twisted the cutter when you've been pressing out of schools. Ideally, you should go straight down and up, but it doesn't matter quite. I quite like my scones are a little bit one sided, deflated on the other. They still taste good. Now if your scones are really flat. So you rolled them out to this this thickness, and they haven't grown several reasons for that. You didn't have enough raising agent. It's one reason Joe was too dry on the When you flatten the dough out, you didn't. You flattened it too much. Didn't make it about an inch thick. You made it. Scones must go straight into a hot oven middle shelf at the correct temperature. Andi, you don't want to overwork the dough, so what I mean by that is when you're mixing it. You want to be very quick on when you're needing it. You need it very, very quickly, but you don't be. You're not heavy handed with it. Just gently pat it out instead of using a rolling pin pressing down very, very hole. And that's also another reason why your scones are hard hard because you overwork the dough . If you have don't crossed you over baked Scotland's, that means that they've been in for too long or too high temperature. Now you may find when you go into the oven for 10 minutes, they beat me. If you take them out and you notice that some of your scones are darker than the others, just turn your tech trade around. Pop it back here. That will show you where your hospitals now, if you're scums, are dry or crumbly. They've been over baked. They've been in the oven to look, or your oven was too hot. You didn't add enough. Let quit or the sconces stoner sconces stale. The best thing you could do with those is to split them in half a minute. Toaster happen with the currency. Come, don't put them back in the oven because that will just dry them out more. Now if your domain, if your scones a doughy, they are under bait, the reverse of over bait. So they I haven't been in the other long enough or the oven temperatures been too low. There's nothing you could do with those except 8. 8 Final Thoughts, Your Projects Please and FutureClasses: sitting here like this takes me back to the bake off when just sitting, waiting for things to happen. But it's all done. We've done the class. You've made your scones, Andi Weed on the troubleshooting on. We've gone through the equipment. What you need to buy ingredients method. I'm troubleshooting. I'd like to thank you for joining me in my class on. I hope this has inspired you to carry on on bake. Once you've mastered the basics of how to make your schools, you can adapt them very easily. You can take a spoonful of flour out and replace it with cocoa so you have a chocolate scott. You can put chocolate drops into this into school mixture. You conserve them with cream on black cherry jam and you've got a black forest school. My one of my favorites is Vanilla Andi Dried apricots. There's something about Giant A pickups that in love and go with the seasons in winter fuel making scones at a little bit of spice. You could put some ginger in, or in summer you can you've got some really good roses in the garden. Chop up some highly scented rose petals a little bit of rose water and you have a rose scented school. Very, very easy things that you could do with savory scones. You can use dill hole fennel. Oh, Parmesan combination of Palmer's on Federal is fantastic, and I've even made why call sconce across their scones with Edison. Very, very adaptable. I'd like you to do a project for me. I'd like you to make your scones, prepare your cream tea, take a photograph on putting in the projects page. I'd like to see your process of how you how you've made this your Scotland's to the final to the final product. If you have any questions, just leave me a message. I'll get back to you as soon as we can. If you have any any subjects that you like me to cover or you got any problems again, just pop a note to me. Future classes will feature how to make a very simple germ making your own butter and buttermilk. Andi, The next full class will be about banana chocolate. Both settle back with a cup of tea on a school