English Common Mistakes , Using the Wrong Preposition | Ahmad Rabiee | Skillshare

English Common Mistakes , Using the Wrong Preposition

Ahmad Rabiee, TESOL Master , Lecturer and Narrator

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About This Class

Recognize and Overcome the most common English mistakes made by English language learners worldwide

You made an English mistake, and you’re feeling so embarrassed! Are you tired of making the same mistakes in English again and again?

Your face feels hot and you’d like to disappear. That’s okay. Embarrassment is universal, and everyone makes mistakes when learning a new language. Often, when you’re learning a new language, embarrassment occurs as the result of a spoken or written error.

But you need to make mistakes in order to learn better! End the bad habits that can leave the people you talk to confused.

The Lessons in this course warn you of hundreds of typical errors learners make and explains the reasons behind the mistakes, so you can correct yourself in the future. This course discusses - and gives tips on how to overcome the most common English mistakes made by English language learners worldwide.

Improve your English skills with this fun and comprehensive guide and avoid all the common mistakes

At the end of this course: You will

  • Speak and write English as if it were your native tongue!
  • Recognize the most common English Mistakes and You will be able to  Correct yourself
  • Understand the role your first language plays when learning English
  • Establish an understanding of the distinction between English and your Native Language’





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Ahmad Rabiee

TESOL Master , Lecturer and Narrator

Founder and Manager of Englishvid ( Professional English Learning Center )  I hold MA Cambridge degree in Linguistics .ESL Cambridge international exam Instructor   I have more than 8 years of experience Teaching different courses such as IELTS , TOEFL , CPE , Grammar and Pronunciation & Accent Training I have written several booklets and books regarding Teaching and Learning subjects and I have lectured in many Universities I ha...

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