Engage Your Audience with Interactive Tools and Activities for Audience Participation

Carol Harvey, Language Teacher, Education Consultant

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18 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. A Quick Taste

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. How Much is Too Much?

    • 4. Behind the Scenes: Useful for Beginners Only!

    • 5. The Personal Touch

    • 6. For Your Consideration: Icebreakers

    • 7. AWA and Connect Fours

    • 8. Talkalong and Padlet

    • 9. An Audience Response System

    • 10. Considerations for Partner Activites: When and How

    • 11. Examples of Partner Activites

    • 12. Small Group Activity: Example 1

    • 13. Small Group Activity: Example 2

    • 14. What Stuck With You Today? Two Activities

    • 15. Make a Test, Take a Test

    • 16. Letter Writing

    • 17. Review Practice Activity

    • 18. Goodbye and Thank You


About This Class


Your topic is important and your slides are clear and powerful. Now what?

Make your seminars and workshops more engaging and effective by balancing information and content delivery with interactive activities.

An interactive seminar helps your audience to

  • Learn more
  • Remember better
  • Understand how they can apply the content going forward

This course is for you if you are a newbie presenter looking for additional ways to connect with your seminar audience.

Together we will walk through a typical seminar from beginning to end and learn

  • Short, interactive activities that will set the tone
  • Ways to connect your audience with the topic
  • Strategies to help the audience remember the content
  • Techniques that the audience can use to apply what they learned

Why this course?

Many presenters have expert knowledge and are truly passionate about sharing their topic. But learning how to work well with an audience is the piece that is sometimes missing. It takes time to find appropriate activities and to know where and when to use them. This course pulls all of that together for you, using free, easily available online activities as well as pen and paper activities-all field-tested. Together we will move through each stage of a typical seminar, from the time the audience enters the room to the end when you are asking for feedback.  Whether you like low-tech or high tech, and whether you are speaking to a small group or a large audience, you will find useful strategies to choose from in the wide variety of activities included in the course.