Energise your Mind with 5 Minutes of Kapalabhati (Yoga Pranayama) | Deep Kumar | Skillshare

Energise your Mind with 5 Minutes of Kapalabhati (Yoga Pranayama)

Deep Kumar, Yoga Teacher

Energise your Mind with 5 Minutes of Kapalabhati (Yoga Pranayama)

Deep Kumar, Yoga Teacher

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12 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Preview Video Kapalabhati

    • 2. Introduction to Yoga Kapalabhati Pranayama

    • 3. Be aware! Precautions before entering into the practice

    • 4. A demonstration of the right technique

    • 5. How to make sure that the breath is flowing properly?

    • 6. Laughter & Coughing will help you

    • 7. The Ideal point to feel your exhalation

    • 8. Don't make this mistake with your throat!

    • 9. The right speed and duration for your practice

    • 10. Powerful effects on the mind

    • 11. Let's do it together

    • 12. Go into your own practice and have your own experience with it

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About This Class

The benefits of Kapalabhati

  • increases energy

  • removes fatigue

  • energises the body and the brain

  • reduces overthinking

  • prepares the mind for mental work and meditation

  • improves digestion

  • increases oxygen in the bloodstream

  • cleanses the lungs 

  • makes your skin shine

  • supports your immunity

  • improves circulation, particularly in the head

  • balances and strengthens the nervous system

  • sharpens sensory perception

  • stimulates chakra energy

  • increases overall well being

Kapalabhati is also known as ''The natural Espresso-shot'' of all Yoga practices.

Once you have learned it it will take you only 5min to do it, and you can do it always and everywhere. In your office, before you go to a meeting, before you meet someone, in the morning etc... Afterwards you will feel energised and refreshed.

What is Kapalabhati Pranayama?

Kapalabhati Pranayama is a Yoga Breathing Technique that energises your body and your brain.

Also known as “skull-shining breath” Kapalabhati comes from two Sanskrit words: Kapala, which translates to “Skull,” and Bhati, which means “shine” or “light’’. It’s an practice that purifies and rejuvenates the mind and body. Kapalabhati has many cleansing and energising benefits. This practice makes your head literally shine by creating a beautiful glow on your face. 

Pranayama in general refers to yogic breath-control or energy-control. 

Kapalabhati is one of the most dynamic breathing techniques that is taught to modern Yoga practitioners. Understood and practiced properly it comes with a multitude of benefits. 


“As a wild animals are tamed very slowly and cautiously, so should Prana be brought under control very slowly and under consideration to one's capacity and limitations.’’ Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Do not apply this breathing Method when suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke or epilepsy or any abdominal pain. Women should not apply during pregnancy and menstrual cycle.

Please make sure you are considering all the precautions before you start your practice.

About this Course

In this course Deep is teaching everything you need to know about practicing this technique. 

The right technique is most crucial in order to make the practice fully beneficial and safe.

You will be given a demonstration of the right technique and be shown where your breath exactly has to flow during this practice. You will learn how to identify and avoid mistakes. 

In this course it is also taught how to advance in this practice. 

After this course all the tools have been given in order to teach and practice this method. 

You can watch the lessons as often as you want and always come back. Please feel free to communicate with us, we are always here to help.

Examples for the implementation of Kapalabhati into your routine

In the morning: Since the Kapalabhati Pranayma is so energising, try it first thing in the morning as an wake-up call.

When you are feeling cold: Kapalabhati is generating heat, so if you suffering form cold limbs or your body  feels chilly, a few rounds of Kapalabhati can warm you up, even on a cooler day in winter.

Mid-afternoon: Use Kapalabhati to energize your mind and body to power you through the rest of your day.

For our Students

We hope this course will help you, to take in all the benefits from Kapalabhati, for your well being.

May you be energised and glowing.

Love and Gratitude

Deep, Yoga Samiti

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deep Kumar

Yoga Teacher


ERYT-500 affiliated Yoga Teacher approved by Yoga Alliance


Deep is a master of the body and mind. He is the founder and creator of the Deep Yoga method, Physio Yoga Therapy and Deep Conscious Vinyasa, all which works precisely on organic alignments and conscious mind and are healing for the physical, mental and emotional well-being.


He has trained hundreds of physiotherapists, psychologists in addition to the thousands of yoga teachers in these methods and this has started a new worldwide movement in yoga.


His philosophy is simple: when you understand your body, you understand your mind. And when the mind can be understood in its complete totality, then your whole experience within and without will be transformed.

&nb... See full profile

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1. Preview Video Kapalabhati: No, my dear friends, my name is deep and ah, we are here with Yogi cleansing technique. Couple a happy kabbalah mean had and poppy mean shine. So I mean, this is a technique which can make your head shine and a lot of things happening in this technique. In this video we're covering what is the right technique to do it? Because there are many confusing about this technique where it should happen, how it should happen, what you should feel when you're doing it. What you should feel after when it has been happened on DA. What is the way to go into it? How and what is the way to come out off it? Especially what are the physical? What are bad psychological? What are the spiritual benefit off this technique in yoga that is most important to understand, especially what are the contradiction who should do it and who should not do it? I will explain in this video and the same time you can learn it as a student. And if you're a teacher, I am providing Aled the fact about this techniques so you can teach your student very well this technique with the right way. Yeah. So are you ready for it? Let's enter the do it 2. Introduction to Yoga Kapalabhati Pranayama: I am a teacher tree No. And from all over the world, students have come to me to learn from I am and Arsenis. And almost I have to say it 90 to 99% Students have done this technique wrong. They have learned and do regard to all those learning. But what I have found they have not properly understood this technique like when they're doing, they're Talovic is not rightly aligned when they are doing it, their shoulders are not properly aligned when they're doing it, the breath were it should happen. It is not happening there and their brain is tends Their eyes are tends their throaty Stens . So actually they end up dancing themselves rather than relaxing and they are not taking any benefit off it. So while seeing it on I think 100 off two dames, I feel like OK, I have to do if you do about it. So the students all over the world can really approach this technique right? And about this technique, as I have said, Coppola mean had and poppy mean shine. Then the head will shine. Yeah, many glories happening on the face according to our your B band Yoga. First thing is digestion lunch talk about physical. If digestion is wrong, there cannot be any globe because digestion is the base according to our your way that most of the problems happening to a human being because digestion is wrong. So this technique has direct effect on the digestion. So when digestion is right, all other systems are working really well. Them again Couple of happy glow on the face shine on the face when it happened. Then there is no stress happening. All if the stress is happening, we know how to handle it. So kabbalah poppy become a stress relief because when this technique is happening, it cleans ing all the barriers and blockages which stress had created inside off the body and the mind is empty. That is the most important thing. Because if we know what is yoga, we have to enter a little bit in tow that you coming see ization off the mind according to potentially means physician off parts it thought less stayed. Only a human can shine. So this couple about eve and it is happening in the right way. It is helping you toe enter into your own inner silence and that what we call meditation. So it's not only physical benefit, which is there, then it is giving you psychological benefit. Psychological benefit is as a human. We daily repress a lot of things within ourselves. Our emotion, laughter, anger, jealousy, competitions. When I want to say something like a lot of things, if we are aware about our daily life pattern, we repress many things. Not that repression is the block it. So energy cannot move. And that repression create most off the disease. No, Kabbalah. Poppy is easiest and a beautiful way. Get out off all those repressions to and even you will do it. You will understand it. What I'm saying. So there are physical benefit on the decision. There are psychological benefit toe Have all those repressions emotional depressions out off the body and the third spiritually, it helps you toe enter into your own silence. It helps you to go deeper into meditation. So we are going for it. Thank you. Thank you. 3. Be aware! Precautions before entering into the practice: almost three. Dear friends, we're going to talk about the precautions off Coppola European. So the first things in the woman's if pregnancy is going on in the pregnancy. This technique is not allowed. Second menstrual time venda periods happening that time. It's not allowed. And the third thing, which is common for men and women. High blood pressure. It's not allowed. Fourth, If any stroke heart patient is there, it's not allowed. And if any surgery has happened around the stomach area, and it should be actually avoided, at least for 5 to 6 months, another thing has to be a beer. If any person who is going through anxiety, Seaver, anxiety and panic attacks, it should be all right. It Why? Because it's a hyperventilation technique. It ah, increased energy. It's increased oxygen in the body. So these precautions are there. Then we want to go further into this technique. Hope you will take care of these things before entering into this time. Thank you 4. A demonstration of the right technique: now. What's that? Dear friends, let's enter into the method of couple a happy and before entering into further I would love you to watch me. How I'm doing it so you will understand it and then we will go for that. So I'm just going to take my T shirt a little up so you can see my stomach. There is a wire where it's all right going apart. So just look at the stomach. What is happening with the eggs? Elation, which is quick but gentle. The stomach is going in and inhalation, which is passive. That stomach is coming up. But you see one thing when I'm eggs. Ealing, it is active. But when I'm inhaling, it is passive. So remember one thing eggs. Elation is active. Inhalation is passive. Eggs, elation, stomach in inhalation, which is passive. Stomach is coming up here without any effort and then eggs. Elation. There is a sound when inhalation there is no sound. So hear it again. So this is actually technique. But no, I'm going to explain for the 5. How to make sure that the breath is flowing properly?: So the first thing is that most of the student when they sit, they're lower back, is rounding their shoulders a rounding, and they're doing like this, and the stroke is happening above the navel above the navel. It's like under this the area stomach is are going in, which is not right. So whenever you are going to practice, I'd be little eyes. Always have a block or a bolster or sit on some height. You know, like when you sit on the height so your knee and your hip either align are either knees are below the hips. If your knees are higher like that and shoulders a rounding, this technique is going to harm you. Really, it's not going to give you benefit. It will actually tends the nervous system there. So what? We want your sit bones on the block or any height, your hips in line with the knees and cross legged position. Simple and spine straight and chin parallel to the ground. So this poster has to maintain throughout the technique. Your posters should not slough out. Your lower back should not round your knee should not go higher than your hymns. Is it clear, so that is the first thing you have to appear about it. And second might. Some people are easy to sit on the heels. If you see here, knees are together and heels closer and I'm sitting on the hill. This technique can be done in Wajir, Rocinha to diamond pose, so pay attention to dispose first. So he'll they're coming closer and sit on the heels here. That is the post, but somehow some people are not able to do. If they want to sit like that, they can use a block in this way. They can use a block in this way, so at least there legs are comfortable. And whenever you use, dispose, which is diamond pose. Ouattara's now, Ah, here that there is no pressure on the knee. That has to be a view. So now I'm going to sit front a few on the block, and I'm going to sit in cross like position. Soto's directly under the knee, and if you see my knees are aligned with each other, you know, find out what is whatever is comfortable position for you. And what is the comfortable position that when you breathe your breath is reaching to your die from under the rib cage area easily, huh? Is right. So what is the first thing? This one second thing When the poster is right, What will happen? Check your temples, area this brain. It will be relaxed. And if you try around your back shoulder forward, chin forward. This area stands so understood. Brain is relaxed. Genies. Parallel spine is a long gait. There's no pressure on your knee breath a soft and come that is the first condition off this technique. Got it? Now, second day's pay attention to your shoulder. They are not coming up. They're down and skip allies in the body. So your heart rib cage area is lifted. But it is not disturbing the rhythm off the breath in the die from Some people can go just forward like that. And then they can breathe. No heart is lifted and breath hiss soft. So if you want, you can bring your hand by the side of body, and you can lift the side off the body easily. Now you're feeling the center of the state. Boone. Butchery. Straight minutes. Not this position. You have to maintain throughout exercise. You So now one, it is done, then the basic step is Take the bull tends on your stomach. Inhale stomach up. Eggs ale, stomach down. This is the rhythm. Inhale stomach up. Died from up eggs. Ill down. If this is not happening yet, you might have to practice only this step for one day or two day or three days. If your breath is happening on the chest like inhale chest is coming, exit chest is coming. And when the person is taking the stroke, then happen like that chest is moving. It mean it's not right. So the first principle of this technique is breed from your die from and with inhalation stomach should come up with X elation. Stomach should go down here. 6. Laughter & Coughing will help you: we all know how to cover so many person is cuffing. So with the coffee you can get the idea. So inhalation is soft eggs. Elation of the the voice and stomach is going in. Second idea you can take there is a sun coming up there but no worry. So the second idea is laughter, laughter of any person laugh from the belly What happened? So you can laugh a little bit because it activate this area. And when you laugh just simple, open your mouth and uh huh you will seal This area is getting activity and then mark this area, you know, then you eggs ill stomach has to move in. Second step is some can try, like while giving some force to the stomach Inhale up exit and then step. Best up Not in any hurry Gentle inhalation. Quick eggs. Elation. You can do it right now. Gentle inhalation. Quick acceleration. So this is the second step to go further it and slowly, slowly you will develop where you will feel the technique is happening like this 7. The Ideal point to feel your exhalation: now, what is the common mystic has seen? That student is feeling the stroke above the navel here, So if you're feeling the stroke above the navel, you will find your brain, Wilton. So I will not recommend that when it is right when you're doing the technique and might you have to check that your pelvic is a line? If person is leaning to the right side and doing technique, it will be still up. If a person is leaning to the left side and doing the technique, it will be still higher. If person is sitting on the edge, back off the segment, the stroke will come above the navel. If person is sticking forward like that, it is on the chest and above. So we don't want that. Suppose should first check your pelvic. See the pelvic is neutral and align not up nor down. Both sit bone are equally taking the wheat and then heart is lifted. Chin is barrel slightly down and person is doing for the technique. Stroke will happily below the navel. It mean it is right when the stroke is coming here, right just just the one inches below the navel or two inches below the navel. Why do these in India? This sport has been regarded as understand. Understand? I'm in Sanskrit word it means this is the spark. According to yogis were all the nineties. They have said 72,000 nineties. You can look into it the all channels off the body off the Bronner meat here below the navel. And the naval has to influence with Kabbalah. Poppy. Why? Because naval is the center of ill. We were attached to our mother when we were in the room. So through that naval, the life has entered through me. And according to your geek understanding and Chinese philosophy, they also call this center Dan team and the Japanese call it hara, which is below the navel. So basically the life force energy is there. So if Coppola but is happening up over there not you're not really influencing your life force there. So when the stroke is happening here properly, actually that life force is spreading through all the channels in your body. So if the stroke is not happening there, you are not taking the right benefit off it and might If chest is rounding poster is wrong it will not happen there. So your poster has to be straight, upright and then rips should not move with the technique. Some story. You will see what I have seen. They will do like that not right just has to be upright and it is not moving. So the entire play is happening on the abdominal muscles. That has to be of you. That is the point has to be noticed. And sometimes students are doing this technique and their facial expressions are like the face is getting tense. No, they have to. Baby, the facial muscle will be completely relaxed. So these things you are aware now let's go for the further thing. 8. Don't make this mistake with your throat!: many student I have found. Then they're doing this technique, you know, they are taking the voice out off the throat. Oh, my God. One of the most disturbing factor for the human nervous system, especially for the throat. So how they do it? Just listen to it whenever they do. Kabbalah. But this is happening. It you can hear that voice. So this is the wrong technique. Now, here they're wise. What I'm going to do right now, it is like you're blowing the nose from the forehead. Now listen to this. Listen to this. Yeah, This is wrong. The right is when the voice is happening, nestle through the nose and it is like you're blowing the nose so you can try to blow the nose for five times. So this has to happen in Kabbalah variety. No, listen to it. Listen to this, Okay? And now you're aware about it, so make sure whenever you are doing a Nestle sound is happening. Okay? Now, another point is, some people really tends their tongue doing it like No, Make sure your tongue, the route off the trunk, the route off the tongue is really relaxed. So your throat muscles should not really work hard in it. Sometimes I do like like too much emphasizes on the throat and facial muscle. Look, the force is coming from your belly from your navel from your source off life and then this point. So watch here this point. At this point, they're connecting. Not this and this. So this two points are so we are trying. So the whole energy from here should move to that center off. Clarity at this point in yoga has been regard as a center off clarity. So we're influenced things. But the force is coming from the naval from your life so that things have to be paid attention a lot. Another thing is when the students are having their arms, if they're too close like this, the chest will be active. More so when the elbows are a little side here. So there is a space between available. Then the real stalk is happening on that abdomen. Reason below the navel area. So make sure when you're doing it bodies align. Your elbows are not too close to the body like that. Like this either you can take them a little apart if you're touching the ground. Or if they're on the knee here than slightly space between the elbow and that I'm Fatiha. So once you are here now look at me how I'm doing So whenever a person start now, listen to the technique. Whenever a person start, start with inhalations. I'm going to inhale and then stop and whenever to finish, finish with eggs. Elation. Start with inhalation. Finished with eggs. Elation. Pay attention to these things. 9. The right speed and duration for your practice: the right speed off. This which I will recommend all off you, which is normal for the beginner to intermediate is one second, one stroke. So if you pay attention, I'm looking at my watch and doing this technique. So one second, one stroke. And if you are empty stomach right now, that thing has to be aware again. If you're empty stomach or you have taken your food at least three hour before or 3.5 hour before then only try this technique empty stomach or there is a gap between the food and take Pete at least three or 3.5 hours. So now if your empty stomach try this with me right now, if you are aware about all these points so inhale stock, hope you got it. And one of the last thing to pay attention in this that your brain is calm and relaxed. If you're doing fast, your brain will be really tense. So whenever you do it, your brain will be relaxed and this technique that wants worsen can be reached two seconds . Sorry to stroke per second like this, but not for the beginners. It can be done only then you have achieved the basic with the right way. And when you do fast face, relax, the throat relaxed brain is relaxed. Only then at once worsen has to be pursued. That has to be paid attention. Another thing about this technique is if you're doing in in cold weather, it is really good to go for full speed, and you can go for you know you can try it one minute, two minute and if you're really good with it, three minutes. This technique can be done till five minutes. But again, you have to regard your experience. You have to regard how much you can do easily. Like what? My meaning by this, that when I'm saying a person can do easily like if a person is feeling dizzy, it mean it has to stop. Maybe over oxygenation has happened, and this is not the time to continue. Stop. We eat and then go for that about it. And that better. If brain is feeling tense and inside his feeling, really not comfortable, it means stop. If back pain or stomach muscles start getting cramp, it means stop. So you have to regard you're limiting it all the ways. There are yogis. There are people who can go for two minutes, three minutes, four minute, five minute easily. But there are people who are not, so we have to slowly, slowly reach to that point. So if the cold weather I have said that you can go for the video, it it will create heat in the body. Good cleansing. But if there is summer hard, rather, then it has to be practiced less. I would suggest that for the beginner is good to start 10 strokes, then relax for 4 to 5 breath, then 10 stroke relaxed for toe fi breath and 10 stroke again. So this is big news. Then you can Concrete's 20 20 20 then increase tidy Thai de 30 then increased 40 40 40 unless you reach 60 60 63 times. Now you are able to go for one minute, two minutes, three minutes easily. But as I'm saying, if the summer weather is there and the weather is really humid, it's better to have 30 30 30 or, if you really want 60 60 60 more than enough don't do more than that in summer weather, but do much in cold weather, then it has a really energizing the fact on the whole system there. So I'm sure you are clear about all these points. 10. Powerful effects on the mind: now One more thing, especially as you are going further into this technique. What is happening, like when we are breathing? Actually, we are not giving time to ever mind to think like so we're creating cap between other thoughts and in that gap, meditation exist. So this technique is leading you further there also. So when you're doing it and you finish with eggs elation after eggs, elation in died Juan stages Maybe not in the starting after eggs elation, you will find that there is a natural pause between the exhilaration and inhalation. Like you have eggs ill. Your body will not feel like to take the brat inside. Maybe for 20 seconds, 30 seconds. But it is happening by itself. You're not creating it. That is the very beautiful point to observe. Like when, like I'm going to do this technique so you will see it. I'm starting with inhalation and there is a natural pause which is created by the technique that your breath is not moving inside for a couple of seconds. It can be longer. Also, stay attentive toe that point because in that point we cross the boundary off thought and emotions which is mentally in yoga and we stayed there and you will find clarity a silence happening within you. And that is the taste off meditation which this technique is preparing you for to enter into that silence space and more. You goingto this techniques, you will find it. Those gaps are getting longer and longer and you are coming home. What my meaning by coming home, this bodies of her home and thought emotions always influenced by outside. So it's always outside. There is some object and our attention is there, and attention has been never toe the subject subject mean, mean my body, my breath by inside. So when this technique is preparing you to come home, it means you are you will more stated in the body with the body. And when you are in the body, you add in home that that is the fruit off. A couple of happy you settled Vidin, your home not moving anywhere outside off this home. And slowly, slowly you get the taste off it through this technique and then you stay with it within you . Com Quiet. Other name. If you want to call it present, you feel your own presence without the language. Without the world without anything happening inside, just a stillness. That's the fruit off, Capella 11. Let's do it together: So let's do it together right now. I'm going to do it one minute. So if you're sitting in a nice position hard lifted chin slightly down, whole body relaxed elbow way. Inhale stock. Continue while you're continuing. Just pay attention to my voice that the stroke is happening on the naval or below the navel . Your chest is not moving. Keep continuing. Your brain is relaxed. Your tongue, your teeth. They relax. There is a ease within the body. Continue and keeping attention to your voice. Is it on the throat? Stories on the nose on the forehead continue at the same time. See that your chest has very limited movement. You are not moving your chest much good. Continue. And your eggs. Elation is active. Inhalation is passive without any noise is just soft in by itself. Eggs, Elation. Had the effort keep going. Now in the next desolation, stop and look with him. If your breath is stopped for a while, let it be there. Stop outside like the whole birds. The touch off the wind. My own presence is so clear, normal dreaming Slowly you can open your eyes if you're closing and you're already open then look at me. So this is couple a happy If you're taking care of these things, my dear Coppola mean had and population shine, your body will shine, Have your soul will shine in the silence off your inner The fruit off Joy and celebration will grow beautiful And this is what this technique for I must say My dear friends. Thank you. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for joining me. Keep laughing. Keep dancing. Keep celebrating your life. No, no list. 12. Go into your own practice and have your own experience with it: Congratulations. My dear friends. My dear students, you have understood this couple a party. You have going to the depth of this couple a body with me. But now it is the time. Whatever I'm saying, toe, bring it to your own body and see how you feel with it. What you find within yourself with it. I will say Don't believe on me. Because whole pattern off the world is believed believe But I am saying is yoga has no pattern of believe. I am saying it to you. I'm giving it to you. You practice it and know it. It should not be just knowledge for you. It must become experience for you and might. In your experience you find something more valuable and beautiful for you. Like whenever. Like there are two scuba divers who are going into the sea diving one. Find beautiful things and one find another beautiful things. Different colors, different scenes. Same thing you and me are scuba divers were diving into this couple a party. I have given my experience to you. But might you will find something more beautiful than me with your own experience. And I will encourage you to go into it and never forget were This technique is leading you . This technique is leading you towards your own inner silence. And if silence is not happening inside by itself I'm not saying that you are forcing the silence on you. This technique silence become natural phenomena with you. Until that don't stop your journey off yoga. And remember my words. This silence is not forced. The silence is not just fighting with the mind. This silence happening while going deeper into the technique and whatever is happening in the mind, your thought and emotion becoming witness to them like you're not fighting with it. Through this technique, you will find that witnessing your thought and emotion will become easy. What is my meaning? By witnessing when you close your eyes and you look inside what thought is going on? Ah, you see, uh, I'm thinking this it mean you become witness and you see what are you feeling? I'm feeling this. So who is this? Who is watching the port and feeling is the witness. So this couple a happy is helping you to establish Toby farm into the witness. Until that don't stop your journey and I've issue all the best in your your gig Journey and I pray to existence that this couple of happy can become endure. We didn't you to your own self. I enjoy, uh, thank you. Thank you for your friends Think.