Endless Possibilities with Linking Pillows | Lynne Cimino | Skillshare

Endless Possibilities with Linking Pillows

Lynne Cimino, Open Your Eyes Bedding

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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Hello from Lynne, owner of Open Your Eyes Bedding

    • 2. Knot Throw Pillow Tutorial

    • 3. Sew your own linking pillows

    • 4. Our Story

    • 5. Designing with Linking Pillows, What's Coming Next!

    • 6. Linking Pillows Class Project

    • 7. Bloopers


About This Class

This class was created to introduce a new product for our store Open Your Eyes Bedding (dot) com

Even though we sell Linking Pillow Cases, we will teach you here how to sew your own set.  

If you can sew a straight line, you can make these.  No zippers or closures so they are super easy to make and take just 10 minutes each.

I start the class with a fun knot pillow tutorial, a very simple project you can make for your home from just two linking pillow cases. 

I have included a slide show of how we built our own straw bale home, explaining why I chose to make my own mattresses and furnishings versus buying commercially made + my reasons for starting  OpenYourEyesBedding.com

Then things will get a bit crazy!  I will share a time lapse video of a more complicated, knot linking pillow project that can make a very thick cushioned surface of almost any size from a dozen linking pillow cases.  

By adding more knots, this project can grow in width and length.  This fun video is just an introduction to the possibilities of Linking Pillows, and no tutorial is included as we are saving that for our next class.

We hope to find unusual natural fillings to use for each class.  This first class we chose a fiber fill made from recycled plastic soda bottles which can be purchased here (the recommended amount is one-half pound per linking pillow). 

I encourage you to watch the HBO documentary Toxic Hot Seat as part of this class: