End to end presentations - Part 3 - Post event | Fernando Rodriguez | Skillshare

End to end presentations - Part 3 - Post event

Fernando Rodriguez

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3 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Minute sending

    • 2. Follow-up on action items

    • 3. Asking for feedback


About This Class

This course wil provide you a holistic explanation of why it is important to present well. Despite common thinking, it is not just speaking well or having nice facts to show. You need to craft an almost theatrical experience for your audience to be receptive to your message.

This third and last part, is the most important part of a presentation, because comprises the objectives that we are looking forward to comply. This section will guide you on how to follow up and keep everyone accountable.





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Fernando is a seasoned IT professional with 15 years of experience.

He Has worked as Technical Support, Product Owner, Project Manager and Program Manager for several different types of projects, across many disparate industries.

His professional experience has been enriched with the many trips he had to do, working from Czech Republic to Brazil and many cities within the US. Worked for the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and then decided to move to the banking industry, s...

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