End Diabetes Forever | John McCauley | Skillshare
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    • Introduction

    • Type 2 Overview

    • Declaring War

    • Not today

    • Advertising

    • Flavor

    • Investing in food

    • Trigger foods

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    • Your Greatest Asset

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About This Class

Be sure to watch the first free course in this series called You CAN End Type 2 Diabetes With Food. If you watched those videos you know what's possible and in this free course you'll learn more about how to do it. If you have friends or family members that are suffering from or on their way to developing heart disease and diabetes from eating bad food, you might suggest they watch these videos also.

It's hard being the only one and your family or group to change because you will get pressure from the others who want to stay the same in their comfort zone. What it comes to diabetes it is not a comfort zone and it will eventually be a zone of pain and you don't want to be there. Try to get those close to you to share these videos so you can discuss ideas together. The videos are free, fairly short and not technical so share the link above with those you care about





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John McCauley

Former Type 2 Diabetic

Being Irish, I learned early all of the four essential food groups: alcohol, sugar, fat, and caffeine. We learned sayings like, friends don't let friends exercise. I believed a balanced meal was a cookie in each hand. Maybe you grew up the same way. I was shocked when In my early 30s I was told I had diabetes. I had seen members of my family go blind, lose limbs and eventually die from it, so I said "I'm not going down that road."

I ended my type 2 diabetes with food. I've been free of...

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